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 I wasn't baiting them, but he tried to cheat me!

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 02, 2007 1:10 am Reply with quoteBack to top

So I was on craigslist trying to find a phone for cheap, I emailed this guy who offered awesome prices for the phone I want. This guy goes by the name of "Sam Timmons" ([email protected]). The below contains part of our conversation:

Sam: Yse it comes with the mem card. 200 per unit. Located in Alberta however i do ship and accept Certapay as its a safe method of online payment. Thank you.

Me: You are saying that each brand new unlocked Sony Ericsson W810i costs $200 CDN, and it comes with all the works from Sony?? (1GB memory card, factory warranty..etc)
If my phone is D.O.A. can I send it back?
Thanks for your time,

Sam: Yes theres 30 days refund/exchange with me. Correct thats exaclty what im saying. WIth shipping your grand total is $215. Thank you.


Me: Besides Certapay, do you accept any other payment forms that provide more security to the buyers (ie. Me)?


Sam: I dont take anything else as i find certapay is the safest. it provides security for you because you are sending moeny from your canadian account directly to mine. As it takes 2 pieces of gov issued Id to open a bank account in Canada in the case of fraud i would be traced immediately and charged with fraud. All you would have to do is report me to your local bank and PD.

by this time I know he is a scum-bag

Me: Actually I just found out that I'll be going to Alberta next week… where is your store located I'll just do a local pick up

Sam: Im not a store i do private sales if you noticed i dont charge tax etc. The deal would have to be done online as i do this as a side business etc. Im just outside of Edmonton btw what part of alberta are you going to ?

Me: Well there are really a few things in Alberta that I wanna go see, I am going to check out West Edmonton Mall.

Maybe we can do a local cash exchange?
Sorry online deals only. I would have to pay taxes etc if i were to start doing local pick ups etc because then im clasified as a store.

on my last email, I basically said "OK since you insisted I will need your account # and information, can you please fill out some information on the word document I attached". Inside the document was 2 gay men sucking off each other, and I wrote "FUCK YOU NIGERIAN SCAMMER, ONLINE ONLY MY ASS".

It makes me angry that some people tries to exploit others like this... and I am certain that there are many people who actually got tricked. Why can't these people just go out and earn a honest living?
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