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 Mr. Lung and the Vanishing Banks

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 11, 2014 7:44 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Dedicated to the wonderful fake bank killers and account closers, who made this bait so much easier and more fun!

Fake bank sites: 5
Accounts reported: 6 (new record from a single lad!)
Phone calls from lad to maga: 40? I lost track
Length: ~2 months

The Players:

– Chinese banker with a delightful British-African accent. Roxy, who spells names phonetically when she can’t pronounce them, promptly dubbed him Mr. Lung.

– Banker at Zur1ch Private Bank/Private Zur1ch Bank (it varies). Roxy calls her Mrs. Sin.

Dustin Smith – Banker at Zur1ch Private Bank who entered the scene after Mrs. Sin gets fired.

– The maga, a friendly and helpful secretary who’s heard of the deprivations of the horrible Chinese government and wants nothing more than to help Mr. Lung escape with his family to the US. Really she does.

February 13

Lazy lad’s initial format:
I will give you more exclusive and confidential info upon your affirmatory response.

sorry mr lung, i think u sent this to the wrong email address

Mr. Lung wrote:
Thanks again for your response.
I will like to reiterate here that this is a very serious matter and never to be associated with scam. [Heaven forbid!]
All I require from you is your sincere cooperation, diligence and most of all, your TRUST... The processes will be well explained from start to finish and I will be here to guide your every move. The only reason I CANNOT pull this off on my own is as a result of my position and last name. You will agree with me that this is a once in a life time opportunity that one needs to embrace. I do understand the need for you to be a bit skeptical but you must also bear in mind that there are a lot of situations in life that arises. Without an original, you can't have a fake. [Love the lad logic...]
The internet is very porous these days I know Africans, Europeans and even Americans are involved in a lot of hacking and so on.... then again, I want you to be rest assured that you will have no regrets whatsoever and all the legal processes will be prodded to ensure that none of us gets into trouble with the law.
I do really look forward to doing this business with you to a successful completion.
Please give me this helping hand that will change the lives of my generation forever.

Roxy still doesn't get it.

sorry mr lung, i still dont know what your talking about, what business?

The lad then launches into a series of scripts that take nearly two weeks. Lad won't send the next step until I reply, but he never reads the replies. Toward the end, I rambled about aliens and purple people eaters, and he never batted an eye.

I won't reproduce the long and boring emails here, but basically Mr. Lung goes to a lot of trouble to procure fake documents proving Roxy is the next of kin to sainted Alfred. He travels all over, takes out a loan, mortgages his house, blah blah etc etc.

February 26

We have contact from the bank! They want ID and proof of address. Roxy ignores it and sends Mr. Lung the investment suggestions he asked for.

mr lung, i talked to my friend and he gave me a big tip for investment, have u ever heard of epaper?
it is the next big thing and will change communication is a big way, if u want to invest, my friend said u could get in on the ground floor

Lad refuses to be deterred, though he is reading Roxy's replies now. Finally, Roxy replies to the bank. She can't send anything the lad requests because she doesn't have a scanner. She has to choose a type of bank account? How confusing. Everything has to be repeated several times, and everything the bank sends must be forwarded to Mr. Lung (because helpful!)

March 2

At last we get to the fee.

Mrs. Sin wrote:
We received your email and the completed online account opening form for the platinum account. [No he didn't. He gave up Very Happy ]In order to facilitate the release of your inheritance funds,you are required to effect the initial deposit fee of £799.00 / $1,336.60 USD to the accounts officer in our affiliate bank in USA as per your request in your previous message to this office .

Along comes Closed lad accounts #1 and fake bank site #1

Mrs. Sin wrote:
Thank you for banking with Private Zurich Bank. We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship between our organization and your good-self. [Well, I don't know about mutually beneficial, but my good-self is already benefiting!]

Mr. Lung makes the mistake of asking Roxy to multitask. He wants a list of hotels where he can stay when he comes to visit. Roxy forgets to send the fee but she sends a comprehensive list of hotels (because still helpful!)

Three days later... Oh, you need the fee? Okay, no problem! But...the bank says they need a routing number. (The lad forgot Laughing ) Hmm, tried to send the money. The bank won't accept it.

Western Union? Sure! Oops, they are under a federal probe. They can't send that much overseas right now.

Closed lad accounts #2 wanders into the sty.

And then poor Roxy comes down with the flu.

March 9

Mr. Lung wrote:
So sorry about your flu , i do hope you are feeling much better now ?

I feel so much better now that i have heard from you and i will be praying for your quick recovery and please do make sure you do not over work your self and get plenty of rest .

I also have good news for you as my contact in the bank informed me that the Bank's website has been fully restored and you will now be able to access the accout without any trouble .

Funny...Roxy can't see the bank site. Bank site #2 falls to the site killers. Roxy complains to Mr. Lung and the bank.

Mr. Lung wrote:
Sorry for only getting back to you partner as i went for over night prayers in my local church and only came back this morning . [This comes back to bite the lad when Roxy spends 45 minutes on the phone with him trying to understand how he can be Christian in godless China.]

As soon as i got your message , i immediately reached my contact to find out what exactly is going on and he informed me that everything was fine and even sent me the same link that was sent to you and i checked from my computer a while ago and it is working just fine.

I think you internet provider might be blocking some websites or your firewall , you might have to check the privacy/ security settings on your computer and also clear your cache and i believe it will work for you.

Please do the needful and please let me know the best time to reach you today , as we really do need to have a verbal conversation as i need to explain to you how this works.

Mrs. Sin wrote:
We are in receipt of message to the office and we are sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused you ,but i can guarantee you from experience that your ISP( internet service provider ) might be the reason you are not able to access our fine bank as everything is working fine and with no dis-respect intended , you are the only customer who is having this problem . [I'm the only one? That's great to hear!]

Followed by....

Mrs. Sin wrote:
This message is to notify you that your link to register an online bank with our bank has expired and will not be valid anymore

Meanwhile, Roxy transfers the money as requested. Odd delays seem to be happening.

Mrs. Sin wrote:
We are still unable to verify your payment for the activation of your premium account with our esteemed bank .

Kindly inform your bank of this , in order for them to check out why the transfer to our local receiving agent in your region is being delayed .

March 15

Hmm, I guess they must have received their money. I have an account with their bank now!

Mrs. Sin wrote:
We are delighted to inform you that our I.T department has managed to establish contact with your ISP and everything regarding your inability to login has been sorted out.

Feel free to access your account and confirm the deposit by clicking on the ''Account Login'' link below

How odd. After reporting fake bank site #3 to the site killers, Roxy couldn't access her account. She's getting suspicious of these troubles. Can she just transfer the money to her bank account?

For a fee, of course.

Mrs. Sin wrote:
Your funds transfer has been stopped due to a pending payment of your COT Charges ( Cost Of Transfer ) which was placed on your online account with Private Zurich Bank .

You COT charges has been calculated by the billing department to the sum of $14,119.48 , which is the 0.001% of the amount of total amount ( $ 14,119,480.23 ) you initiated which is transit

Find details of the accountant due to confirm payment for the procurement of your COT code .

Well hello, Closed lad accounts #3

That's too much money for Roxy to pay. She can only scrape together $11,000. We'll have to work something out with the bank! After many, many emails....

March 17

I receive a lovely St. Patrick's Day gift when the lad messes up and emails Roxy as Mr. Lung from Mrs. Sin's email.

Mrs. Sin wrote:
Just go ahead and sort your part
Our friend in the bank will sort the balance
Do you understand .
Sent from my BlackBerry

Roxy panics. The bank isn't supposed to know about Mr. Lung!!! The lad is forced to think fast on a phone call. He actually comes up with a relatively clever explanation: all along, he's said he has an insider in the bank helping. He finally "admits" that the inside is Mrs. Sin.

Roxy tries to send the payment. It's rejected because the name on the account is incorrect (thanks Google!). The bank sends a corrected name. Then the lad baits himself by sending the wrong bank account Laughing

Mrs. Sin wrote:
Our receiving account officer who is suppose to confirm you payment just informed me that the money is on pending because of the error in the account number .

Lad is scrambling to keep his maga now, because everything is going wrong so close to getting the money. The bank apologizes profusely. So does Mr. Lung. Mr. Lung promises to bring clothes and shoes from China for Roxy, and the bank works hard getting fake bank site #4 up and running (KAPOW goes the fake site killers).

In the meantime, Roxy receives a warning from the FBI that she's under investigation! She forwards the message (a format from another lad) to Mr. Lung with additional panic, and he spends the weekend trying to calm her down. He sends her a link to Scamwarners Laughing and a copy of the email headers showing the spoofed address (like Roxy can understand that....)

March 24

The payment is refused by the receiving bank again. I wonder what happened? Can Mrs. Sin tell me?

Mrs. Sin wrote:
Upon receipt of your email i had to contact our receiving agent in your region who confirmed that the account was been audited for the end of the 1st quarter of this year 2014 hence they had to refused your payment to avoid any delay being made while trying to confirm your payment which might only be possible after 31st March 2014 .

In order to expedite the generation of your COT code needed to complete your transfer to your local bank in your region without further delay , we will have to send you a new processed payment invoice to that effect that will be able to confirm your payment without any further delay .

The new account receiving details are as follows

Nice to see you, Closed lad accounts #4. Fake site #5 pops up as well, but not for long!

Oops, it looks like all those rejected transfers caught the attention of the authorities.

i guess i should have called my bank first, they said my account is froze for suspicious activity for the next 72 hrs and the california bank regulater has to look at it, they said its suspicious to have that much money be returned two times and so the law says they have to make it froze and report it

72 hours passes sloooowwwlllyyy for the lad. And then, even worse news!

o dear mr lung, im really scared to tell u this because i dont know what to do, i call the bank like you ask and the bank said the account i tried to send the money to was doing some thing not legal and so there taking the money in my account as evidense i dont know what to do now the bank investigaters are taking the money for there investigation all of it and they said i have to get a new bank account and i might never get my money back at all and now there investigating me to

Mr. Lung wrote:
Do you have another account ?
Oh my God, this cannot be happening .

no i only have that bank account, i can open a new one but all my money is froze in the old one, please call me and tell me what to do, ill take an early lunch so we can talk

Phone call ensues, with lad expending great effort talking down the panicked Roxy. At last, she's calm and ready to help some more. She agrees to speak with her boss and borrow some money from him, since she can't get a bank loan with her account under investigation.

Mr. Lung wrote:
Thank you very much for the telephone call , i really do appreciate the manner in which you have handled this issue.
Kindly keep me posted.

Then Roxy gets sick. (I actually do get the flu at this point and miss several days of work and baiting.)

March 25

I suspect that the original lad gets tired of me at this point and passes me off to other lads, because suddenly we're back on script!

New lad doesn't do well off script.

u can call anytime today and ill try to answer, my throat is sore so i probably sound funny lol, i forgot whats a processed payment invoice?

(New) Mr. Lung wrote:
Remittance advice

what does this mean?

(New) Mr. Lung wrote:
Payment instruction.
What is it you do not understand right now.
I honestly do not like the way you are handling this project.

i just didnt understand those words u were using, im not very good at banking stuff like i told u, why r u being so rude with me? u never called me this weekend even though i waited, im doing the best i can

Bank lad has stopped responding because the fake bank killers managed to kill the email domain as well (yay!), but apparently the lads aren't communicating well. New Mr. Lung continues to ask Roxy to email the bank, and the bank never replies.

Finally, New Mr. Lung gets angry and sends Closed lad accounts #5 himself, some messed up mix of a bank account in Colombia with an intermediate US account. Roxy has no idea what he's talking about.

im confuse, r we switching bank finally? that would be good because i dont think the zurich bank is very good, however do they still have the money? how will we get the money to the bank in columbia?

(New) Mr. Lung wrote:

Tsk. New lad has no patience. He never calls, either. I suspect the old lad is not interested in making calls on behalf of the new lad.

(New) Mr. Lung wrote:
When are you paying the money ?
And have you heard from Yvonne ?
Keep me posted.

i dont want to pay the money until i talk to u, the bank instructions are confusing and have two bank accounts, also i havent heard from mrs sin for over a week even though i emailed her several time, u never called yesterday either, is everything ok?

Lad goes silent for several days.

April 6

Lad sends a long, whining email about how he was evicted from his home and is now living with his mean father-in-law. Also, he invents an excuse why Mrs. Sin disappeared.

(New) Mr. Lung wrote:
I feel very sad especially because of my previous insider at the bank. This young woman is just a very greedy soul! Knowing the magnitude of this project, she still went ahead to involve herself in some foolish and very high risk scheme within his Financial Institution! Unfortunately for her, she's been suspended for now. sHe is the cause of all our problems.

Yes, yes she is. Roxy never trusted the bank from the beginning!

so we lost all the money? how can u get out with ur family then? and what about the loan i took out?

(New) Mr. Lung wrote:
Not we did not lost our money
A new banker will be appointed to you and contacting you anytime .

Wow, what a relief. I'd hate to have all that money disappear.

Lad finally convinces the original Mr. Lung to call Roxy, but his heart isn't in it. He sounds like he has the flu and he's very unenthusiastic. Most of the calls were rather boring, but I'm posting this one because his tone of voice is hilarious. Lad is sad, poor sad lad!


Mr. Smith, the new bank contact, emails Roxy and introduces himself. He is eager to help Roxy submit the fee, and sends Closed lad accounts #6. Roxy wants to see her money though.

mr smith, since all the problems with mrs sin, im worried about the money in my account, what is the bank website for the usa?

Mr. Smith replies with a blank format.

Mr. Smith wrote:
Thank you for contact the Private Zur1ch Bank

Thank you for banking with Private Zur1ch Bank. We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship between our organization and your good-self.

thank u to, but u didnt answer my question, what is your website?


Roxy's very nervous now. She emails Mr. Lung her concerns.

i talk to my boss today and he said he can loan me the extra money but he wants to be sure he can get his money back, im really nervous about the bank though since i still cant access there site, i think they might be trying to rip u off and steal ur money
lots of things has gone with this and dont want u and ur family to get hurted, i didnt trust mrs sin and i dont trust this new guy either, he doesnt sound like a real person because he repeats himself all the time, r u sure the money is safe?

(New) Mr. Lung wrote:

i told u mr lung, im worried about the bank stealing ur money, i dont want anything bad to happen to u or ur family, i cant check to see if the money is ok because the bank site is down

(New) Mr. Lung wrote:


Laughing Laughing Laughing

i read a news story about the china goverment today and it said they kidnap people and put them in jail and then put other people in their place, it makes me wonder, are you really mr lung? u dont sound the same to me, u wont answer my questions and u yell a lot and mr lung never did that
i think ur somebody pretending to be mr lung, if u did something bad to him i hope something bad happen to u!!! he has a wife and kids who need him and all he wants to do is give them a better life, why do u have to be such a bad goverment to ur people??

(New) Mr. Lung wrote:
Good morning Roxy,
I just received your message.
This is Mr Leung , how do you want me to prove it to you.
Get back to me asap.

when we talk on the phone about u coming to los angeles, u mentioned something u wanted to see, what did u tell me u wanted to see? if ur the real mr lung u will know this

As I suspected, the new lad has no record of our phone conversations and no idea what the old lad said. If old lad even remembers a conversation with a maga from last month, new lad might be able to get the information from him, but I doubt it.

I suspect the bait is dead at this point, but if Roxy doesn't hear back, she'll poke the lad and offer to bribe the evil Chinese government to release Mr. Lung and his family.


Porky, Petunia, & progeny:
Closed lad accounts Closed lad accounts
Closed lad accounts x23


Safari Mr. Cheater, Lagos to SH Accra

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This is a nice read! Great job!


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