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 The scammer that just would not learn.

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PostPosted: Sat May 01, 2004 3:12 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

This is a fairly short scam. I was working on three other mugu's at the time, so I didn't really have time for this dummy.

ATTN: Dear, Doctor sbaitso

Due to my careful search for an honest, reliable and incere business partner, I got your contact from the internet and I ask if you can be trusted not to break an agreement? Still, it took me time to make up my mind to contact you and to offer you this proposal of mine of which my whole life depends on.

Dear, my name is PAUL E .CAMARA the son of one business man from Sierra Leone, late MR. TIMOTHY CAMARA, I am 22 years old and presently residing in DAKAR-SENEGAL in West Africa under political asylum.

My mother happens to be a nurse whom the late CAMARA had an affair with during his life style as a play boy, and the affair resulted to my birth, but it was unfortunate that the late CAMARA did not marry my mother legally and as a kind of settlement, for my mother and I, my mother ANTOINETTE deposited the sum of seven million five Hundred thousand USD cash ($ 7.5 million us dollars cash) for my life inheritance. My mother stashed these sum of money and deposited it in a company and my name appears as the next of kin.

After my father was killed by his body guard earlier last two year 2002, and my mother died also earlier last year just two months after my father's death, and at the age of 22 years old, I am left with this huge sum of money, and I need a partner who will help me transfer this money oversea for immediate investment as I have made up my mind to invest in your country.

Your compensation for your immediate assistance is 5% of the total money as soon as it arrives your country while 2% will be for any local and international expences that will occure during the transfer.

I will like truth and honesty to be our watchword in this business.

Yours sincerely,
Paul Etienne Camara.

Please you can contact me with this email address,[email protected] you can call me with this telephone number. 00221 573 33 87. Thanks.

Mind you, this idiot didn't do a blind carbon copy. Instead, he just e-mailed his entier frikkin spam list in the "To:' header. Of course, I hit "reply all" and let them knwo what was going on. Now, to Paulie, I replied;

I'm a pathological liar.

He actually replied to me!

Thanks for your mail, But you can still help me out.


What the hell?

I know you did not just e-mail me after I explicity e-mailed everyone you tried to scam this round warning them of your intents.

Seriously, dude, unless you want some serious abuse, stop e-mailing me.

You'd think they would learn, no?

Thanks for your mail, Well I just need you to know
that I am serious, I am not just here to joke with
you, but here for business.


I then received another e-amil not two seconds later.

Hello Dr. Sbaitso,

Thanks for your mail and let me also thank you for taking the pain and time to write back, but lest I forget, how are you? I hope you are doing fine, thank God if that is true. I have to let you know that this transaction is legal, and I will like you to know that I am serious.

As I did say in my previous mail, I am Paul E Camara, the son of Late Mr & Mrs Timothy Camara who was before his death a business man and the Chairman of the Sierra-Leonine Diamond Co-operation, before his death,
he worked with the co-operation for about ten years and he acquired a lot of money (the sum of seven million five Hundred thousand USD cash $ 7.5 million us dollars cash)by which means I can't really tell, but based of the cases of embezzlements in Africa, he has to put the money away in a foreign account in a Security and Finance Company in a neighbouring country (Senegal) of which I was made the beneficiary and next of kin being the son, but on the other hand I didn't know about this not until shortly before her death, she called me together with my father's lawyer and told us everything and she ordered my father's lawyer to hand over all the documents covering the money to me and then she asked me to call the finance company to verify and I did and they confirmed it to me that it's true, so she told me to take good and proper care of the money that she and my father worked for all their life anod I didn't even know what I was doing I was just asking questions and just doing what I was doing and then I saw an email address and I wrote it and I prayed over it before I went back to send it to you, I don't know any one any where and anything here, and I can't keep this money here or take it back to Sierra-Leone, so that is why I am looking for some one who is trustworthy, everything is based on trust and the ear of God.

Because if you ear God you would never betray some one if you do, you will surely receive your retribution, if not now but surely later, so that is how I came about you and that is why I am asking you to help me, they money reaches into your account, you would send me a letter of invitation to join you over there. And as I am sending you this message I have all the documents of this consignment from the security company where this consignment is been deposited here with me, as soon as I am ok with you, I will send them to you, so that you can contact the security company for more information on how to transfer the consignment to your country. And I will like you to call me with this telephone number 00221 57 333 87, you can call me any time, and I will like you to give me your direct telephone and fax number where I can contact you and to send you all the documents too.

I have to stop now till I hear from you.
Thanks and God bless.
Best Regards,
Paul Camara.

Now, being a good christian boy for 18 years of my life ... actually, going to catholic school up until college, my sense of "God" has been ... tainted. So, I replied in the best way that I thought possible.

Dearest Paul,

I'm sorry for the harsh tones i my last few e-mails. It's just that ... well
... I'm gay. A homosexual, and I have very deep, personal, and intimate
feelings for you. And, I tried to hide them, but I just can't! I need to
shout out to the world that I love you, Paul.

THAT stopped the barrage of e-mails Smile
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