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 My strip club falls through due to lack of funding

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PostPosted: Fri May 26, 2006 10:48 am Reply with quoteBack to top

FROM TOURE KOULIBALI. ABIDJAN-COTE D'IVOIRE WEST AFRICA Dear in the lord, I know that this letter may or may not come to you as a surprise.I decide to write to you.I am Toure Koulibali 19yrs old the first Son of MOHAMED KOULIBALI the former Bodygaurd of the Late General Gueil Robert, The Ex-President of Ivory coast. In the cause of the COUP That hapened in my country,My father and my family was assasinated by The new Gorvernment. Right now I am left alone in the world of my own since the sudden assasination of my father and my family. Before the death of my father,he gave some document to Revrend father in our church to keep for him as usual,in my present,and he disclosed to me about the deposit 12.5million USD and some killos of gold in a trunk box which he deposited with a private security company as a family treasure. After his death, the rev father called me and handover the documents to me, going through the documents I understand that the Box was deposited into two different places one here in Abidjan and the other one in Europe. Now because of the recent political crisis and blood shed in my country,so i dont want to experience set back again so I wish to transfer these box containing the fund in the security company abroad and enter into a business venture as this country (Cte d' Ivoire)is not yet at peace, My country has witness all sort of political unrest ranging from ethnic clash which resulted to killing of innocents and strangers people are living in fears as the country is no longer that peaceful nation as it was before, due to this reason that I have decided to contact you, to assist me to lift this consignment out of the country. Please I need your assistance. Now permit me to ask these few questions as my guadian:- 1. Can you honestly help me as your Son? 2. Can I completely trust you? 3. What percentage of the total amount in question will be good for you after the money is transfer to your country? 4.Can you help me to come over to your country and further my educational carrier? 5.Can you asure me of the confidentiality of this transaction,So that when coming in to your country there would not be focus of attention. Waiting for your urgent reply and God bless you in advance.You can reach me with this my private e-mail address for more details. Thanks and God bless. Toure Koulibali

Dear Toure, I'm not sure how you got my email address but I don't think I can help you. I am a strip club owner, so unless you wish to open a strip club for me in Abidjan I don't think there is much for us to talk about. Rgds, Andy Mann CEO Peppermint Hippos Strip Clubs

Dear Andy Mann, Thank you for your mail , the Strip Club that you mention is a good business , it is not many here in Abidjan , there are about two of them , the owner's are making it here . I will be glad to work with you towards that venture since you have the experience. Thanks very much but i will also like you to advice me what to do, i am waiting for your urgent reply . Best regards Toure Koulibali.

Dear Toure, Am I to understand that you wish to setup a club for me in Abidjan? There is a considerable amount of work involved in setting up a strip club from nothing. I should know, I now have 15 successful clubs running here in the USA. You would need to find suitable premises and girls of course. There is investment required, although I would provide that once premises and workers are found. We would need to agree a business plan to ensure our costs are covered and a healthy profit is made. Please let me know if you wish to proceed, and we can work on a plan. Rgds, Andy Mann

Dear Andy Thanks for your message I really want to work with you on this regard Concerning premises, there good premises for rent here. The location is a good sites where whites and tourist frequent. We can start by renting the place. I ask my girl friend to look out for smart,beautiful gilrs who will be willing to work, you can beleive this,she called me after 2hours and told me that about 7pretty young girls of about 19-22 have shown interest. I beleive we will make it big if we start. I will make enquiries about the building for rent,the cost etc You will definitely read from me later. I will like you to visit here,so that we walk around together and you see things for yourself. I am prepared to assist in opening other branches in all west african countries. I expect your message TOURE

Dear Toure, I am pleased with the initiative you have shown so far, you will go far in this business. I want to move quickly on this project, here is what we need to proceed: 1 - Photographs of the premises, both internal and external. These are needed so I can have the signage designed and shipped to you. Corporate branding and image is important to the success of this business. (obviously I will need an address to ship to) 2 - Rental agreements and prices. Once I am happy with the premises and costs I will send a cheque to secure the property for our use. 3 - Photographs of the girls. Obviously these are the most important part of the club. I will need photographs of the girls you have found (nude obviously - the last thing we need are shy girls). I have attached example audition photos of some of my girls to give you an idea of what is required. Please have a sign with the club's name on a sign in view for legal reasons, and get all of the angles - the last thing we need to do is hire a girl with a nasty scar we didn't spot. Once we have an agreement in principal, and we have a premises and girls to start the club, I will arrange to travel over to give you an overview of the business structure. I will bring my lawyer to go over the various contracts. You'll need to give me your account details so you can be paid etc. this is all pretty standard stuff. I look forward to hearing from you, Andy Mann

Dear Andy Thanks for your message and the guide line. I will go for the building today and other detailed requirements you stated in your mail. Concerning the girls, we will start full recruiting them when we have fully install the club. Before any one is recruited,her nude picture will be sent to you for approval I am aware that we don't need shy girls for this Job. We will select pretty girls ,slim and not ruburst for this job. More information will be sent to you later Thanks TOURE

Dear Andy Sorry for my late response I have been working seriously to make sure we get a nice place to situate the club. I received various proposals from building agents, I visited most of them but did not like the environment. I received a better and bigger offer today, I will be visiting the place this afternoon and will give you the picture and detail much later. Meanwhile, I work also on the girls, please see the pictures sent to me by 3 good girls who are ready to work for us. They are only waiting for us to start or hire a place,then they will bring in other girls.As i told you earlier,before any girl is recruited,i will send her pictures to you for approval. These are samples of the type of girls we will recruit for the job, good , beautiful and smart looking girls. Their age is between 18-22. When I conclude with the building today, I will furnish you with the picture and cost,may be the tenancy agreement too. Although there are ordinary night clubs for sale also ,we can convert same to strip clubs, but the cost is too high, we have to start by renting a place. I guess your weekend will be excellent today I hope to hear from you Cheers Toure

Dear Toure, There is no need to apologize, I am sure that you have been working very hard to find a suitable premises. If you need guidance, send me photos of the various establishments and I will give you my thoughts. Do you have a lawyer that can draft the rental agreement? I notice that the photos you sent of the girls weren't in the correct postures, and 2 of the sets appear to be portfolio photos. I know that models prefer to send their portfolio photos, but it is important that we see them "in the rough". Gather all the girls you have found together, and take the photos showing front, back and both sides while they're standing up. Also, please remember to have a sign showing in the photo with "Peppermint Hippos" clearly written on it. This is required for all girls that I employ. I have to fly to California tomorrow to visit a new club that I've just opened, but I will have access to my email account, so please keep me updated and let me have the required photos as soon as you can. Andy

Dear Andy Thank you so much for your message On the girls, most of them wants to see our establishment before they will come in and snapped the naked pictures as we want.They want to see and come to our club. They only sent those pictures and show there full interest to work for us.Please, i will advice we concentrate immediately on renting the apartment and use may be a room in the apartment as an office to receive and snap the girls the way we want. As i said earlier,before any gilr will be employed,you have to see and certify her quality before we recruit. I visited about 4 houses ,they were good,but i insisted on seeing the owners of the building so that i negociate directly with them. The owners were not around, i booked appointment to meet with them today, after our meeting i will inform you accordingly and then snapp and send the pictures to you. I don't have a lawyer, it is important you hire one here,he will help us in all documentations.He may even get the apartment easily for us,because most of the house owners give their houses to lawyers to manage. A friend gave me the contact of a reputable lawyer here,he said that his name is GALA ABU and his e-mail address is : [email protected] His telephone number is +225-08-18-43-39, please call him and discuss with him to help us acquire the house and have the tenancy agreement written. I will update you with information after our meeting this evening,but meanwhile call the lawyer please. Thanks TOURE

Dear Toure, I appreciate what you are saying, it is understandable. Let us find a building first then, and show the girls where they will be working. Once they see the quality of the environment they should be more willing. It is important to note, that until I can be sure of the quality of the girls, I will make no financial investment into our deal. Setting up a club can cost in excess of $1m and naturally I don't take the spending of this much money lightly. I know from experience that without the right girls, a club will fail, and I do not want to risk my money. Please send me over the tenancy agreement for my perusal. It may be possible for my lawyer to execute the transaction from the US, otherwise I will look into employing one over there. I forgot to include the model release for for you in my last email. The girls should complete this when they have their photos taken for legal reasons. (I am too business minded, sometimes I forget the small legalities!) Best Regards, Andy

Dear Andy Thank you so much for your message I am working round the clock to ensure that i get the best for our program. I visited the houses and had a meeting with 2 of the owners. They are willing to give us the houses,but i don't like so much the environment,this is why i did not care to snap them. The one i have my eye on is big and the environment is superb,the owner travelled and will be back today's evening. I will meet with him by tomorrow morning,after which i will write you. I told you that it is important that we rent the place,may be start preliminary work there and then solicite for the girls. Beleive me,they will troupe in, pretty and young,it is then they will snap any kind of picture we want them to snap. If they are not sure of the existence of the club or office,they may not be willing to cooperate. They may think that we want to use their pictures for something else,please understand the situation. We don't have to spend the amount you mentioned on the club, we need to rent the place,start up on a smaller scale,as we go along we can build a very powerful club then invest much on it. I beleive this is the best way to start a business in a new environment.They club will succeed powerfully,but we have to start with a lower investment. On the lawyer,i beleive it is a better to hire a lawyer on the ground here,who will represent us in renting the house and protecting the investment legally. This will be a more difficult work for your lawyer from America,because this is a french country ver far from him. While i expect your message, my special regards to everyone around you. Yours truly TOURE

Dear Toure, How did things go with the house you liked? Do we have a house to work with? I am waiting to hear from you. Andy

Hello Andy The owner of the house came back only yesterday,i discussed with him , he has accepted to give us the house under contract. He said that we should bring our lawyer to sign the contract with him. The contract will have to be for 3years renewable . The house is good, we have to do some work inside, breaking it and expanding same to form a big dancing floor and big space for guest. I will take the photographer there today to snap the house. Andy, i wish you will come down here,so that you know Abidjan , how lively and groovy the town is. Well, when we start,you have to make out time to visit,it is important. Did you write the lawyer? Please we need him now to sign the contract on our behalf.You know here is a french country , all documents will be in french,the lawyer will help to interpret the contract content to you in english You will hear from me later in the day Remain blessed

Dear Andy I could not write you yesterday,because i had'nt information. I was able to snap the building today after discussions with the owner. The building is situated in a very nice area of the town called bietry,it is an exclusive area where most people spend their evenings daily. The first picture is the entrance to the building,with a parking in front of it. The second picture is the whole building with a good dwarf wall for protection.The third picture is the road leading to the building.The building is a duplex comprising of 4 large rooms on the ground floor and another 4 large rooms upstairs. It has seat out behind for relaxation.The compound is very large,when we rent the place,we have to break up the rooms to form a big dancing floor down stairs,the rooms up may serve as VIP section.We have to work on the house to the taste you will propose.The photo 4 is one of the rooms,i ask them to dress it, so that you will know it is a room,The rooms are quite large. The owner has agreed to rent it out to us for a period of 3years renewable. The cost is $1500 a month, in the local currency it is 800,000 cfa per month.The 3 years is equal to $54,000. The fee for the lawyer in charge of the house is $1350. This is the detail i received from the owner of the house. We await for your decission to conclude arrangement with the owner. His lawyer needs to write out the agreement,but before then we need to receive your go ahead order. Expecting your message and phone number please. You will need to forward a copy of your driving license or passport this will be in the file with the lawyer. I hope to receive your message today please, i don't want us to loose the house it is strategically located for the business. Thanks TOURE

Dear Toure, This is wonderful news, the premises looks perfect. It will need the proper signage of course, but I'm sure it will make a fantastic venue. We must ensure we attract wealthy clientele. Please go ahead and rent the building, and source some local signmakers who can make the signage to my exact specifications. How much will it cost to knock through the walls a make a decent dance area? We can start this work as soon as we have our staff arranged. I look forward to hearing from you. Rgds, Andy

Dear Andy Thanks for your message I am happy you like the building, it is situated in a decent area with wealthy people around. Most of them want good time, i beleive we will make it very big. I have made inquiries on the construction of dance floor of a moderate size.This will cost about $5500 labour and materials. Please you have to arrange and send in money immediately so that i sign the contract and rent the place immediately. I await for your message to collect an account from the owner of the house and send to you. While i expect to receive yours today i remain, Yours truly TOURE

Dear Toure, Please go ahead and pay for the lease. Once we have all of our business arrangements in place I will of course refund you for your expenses. The sooner we get the premises, the sooner we can back to interviewing for girls, and the sooner we will be making a profit. Can you also send me the rental agreement so I can go over it and make sure that it is OK? Did you find someone to make the signage yet? Rgds, Andy

Dear Andy Thank you for your message It is important that i let you know that i don't have this money to pay for the rentage of the house. The money my father left for me before his death is still concealed in the box where he kept it. The protocol of the security company is too much,i have not been able to meet up with their demand,this is why i have not retrieved the box from them. Remember, i wanted you to help me retrieve this,but you advice that we should go into stripe club which i see as a very good and perfect idea. I wanted you to come down here,rent the place and we start up immediately. Or you get a lawyer to do this for us, honestly,i don't have the money to rent the house,you have to do that. I want to work for you as i work,i will make some savings to help me pay off demurrage charges on my father's consignment and retrieve it from the company. The demurrage cost is very high,from their last calculation it comes to $23000, this is what is blocking me,otherwise,i would have payed for the house and get things arranged for us to start. I guess my explanations is comprehensive Remain blessed

Dear Toure, I understand what you're saying, but it leaves us with a slight problem. Without money we cannot rent the house to start the club, but without girls on file, I cannot release the money to rent the house! You must know that I am a business man, as are my shareholders, and I must see the quality of the product before I invest any money in a deal. I implore you to convince the girls to provide the required photographs - these will enable me to release the funds required to start our new business. I am leaving for a brief trip to Brazil in about 4 hours, but I await your response. Rgds, Andy

Dear Andy Thanks for your mail I don't know why you decided that my effort should be in vain I thought we are working towards getting this club esterblished here, but the content of your mail has giving me food for thought. We agreed that we need to have the office,then the girls will come in,but suddenly you have turn around this agreement. Are you after girls pictures,or you want to do business and make money? Do you beleive that as big as Abidjan that is regarded and called second paris, we can get girls more beautiful than whatever you have over there in America. I sent you few pictures,which shows the type of product we can get from here. Instead of working towards renting the club as we initially agreed upon, you are after girls pictures. I wish you will come down here and see the good time and social life in place. You cannot tell me that it is grls pictures that will make you release money,this is incredible,you are not communicating with a daft I have put in a lot of energy and money to get things organised here,you have only succeeded in frustrating my good intention. Please let me know how serious you are with this program,otherwise i will forget same Regards TOURE

Dear Toure, Do not be upset, your efforts have not been in vain. We have made good progress on our new venture, but there are procedures that simply must be followed. I would not buy a shop to sell goods without seeing the quality of the goods I planned to sell first, and I will not invest in a new club without having the girls photos on my books first. Remember this is a business we are setting up, we are creating a new strip club, do not be childish about a few nude photographs. Use your initiative and convince the girls to pose as required - if they are too shy then they are not the girls for us. I am incredibly serious about this venture - remember, this is how I make my living, and I live very well. Once we have the photos (and the completed model release forms I sent you), I will send you money to pay the girls and to secure the house. I will need the address of your nearest western union or moneygram office. I hope to hear back from you shortly. Andy

Dear Andy Thanks for your mail I have made series of effort to get some good girls , but all of them requires money before they will take this kind of picture. They said that we don't have any existing club,therefore nothing proves that we are serious with the business i am proposing to them. They require money to take the photographs, please send in about $500 by western union today, to enable me pay the girls and have them take the photographs as you desire. This is very important please Send it through my name KOULIBALI TOURE, Address: AVE. 41, Rue;23 LOT 278 COCODY ABIDJAN COTE D'IVOIRE. I am waiting urgently please ,so that we get things started immediately. Remain blessed TOURE

Dear Toure, I chuckled to myself a little as I read your email, because I have dealt with girls like this so many times before! It is important that you show no weakness in front of the girls - they must respect you from the start, otherwise they will be trouble. These girls know that they will be lucky to get a job with us, but they will always try to get the upper hand, it is their nature. Tell the girls that they must provide the photos first, and will be paid later - do not give them any money up front! All girls will be paid, even if they are not offered a job, but only afterwards. This helps the selection process, as only girls who are serious will apply. I have spoken to a company who will transfer the money to you by western union, and they have asked for the address of your local western union office (where you will pick the money up), can you provide this to me? You seem to have given me your address instead...? Rgds, Andy

Dear Andy Thanks for your mail I will abide by your instructions The address of the western union here is: WESTERN UNION, Siege social, Blvd de Giscard d'esteine ABIDJAN COTE D'IVOIRE. Do not forget to give me the transfer details ,that is the control number,senders name and address,amount sent etc. Expecting your message PATRICK TOURE

Dear Toure, I am still waiting, are there more problems? Andy

Hello Andy Thanks for your mail Please i am still waiting for the money from you so that i can attract the gilrs to take the picture Without the money,they are not willing to take any picture. This is the situation. We don't have office nothing to show any seriousness,so the girls are not willing to cooperate. They said,either i pay and have what i want or i should forget it. Expecting your news

Toure, This is not acceptable, you know the situation. If you are not capable of managing a few girls, then how am I to trust you to run the club? I need someone strong who can deal with difficult people, yet you cannot even get simple photographs? This is a standard part of any strip club operation, I will not deviate from standard procedures. If you are not capable of this then the deal is off. I was willing to take some risk and invest money with you for this club, but if you cannot do such simple things, I will not waste my money. There are plenty of other people in Abidjan who will be willing to work with me. I wait for your response. Sincerely, Andy Mann

Thank you for your time Bye

l will like you to now that am not a protitude at frist

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After all that "hard work", he just dropped it? ungratefull mugu!

don't argue with an idiot, he will bring you down to his level and beat you through experience.
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You won't believe this coincidence. I am considering opening another strip club and would like to see the pictures! m'lad [Don't send them directly to this monastery, I don't think Brother Celibatus wants us to have any more pictures in our cells.]

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