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 An interesting IM

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Sat May 20, 2006 6:38 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I posted this previously on a now-defunct blog, but here it is for all of you to enjoy:

I've heard of the infamous Nigerian scam letters, but a Nigerian scam IM? This guys IMs me with the offer, I try to blow him off, but he seems impenitrable to negative comments. Here's how it went (almost unaltered) Enjoy.

hondralahjiahmad2005: Good Day My Good Follower,Its My pleasure to meet you online ,dont be surprise for receiving this my mail,My name is Engr. Funsho Moses K,I am the financial controller of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) I and my colleagues are ministry officials in charge of offshore remittance in this Corporation (NNPC). We are seeking your assistance to transfer of Forty Two Million(US$42,000,000.00) to your account for further private investment.If you can help us We promise to offer you 50% ($21 million us dollas) for your assistance and help.we would appreciate if you help us in this can view my profile and also view my website() for my personal me immediately([email protected] if you are interested to help us.
flacitybug: kiss my ass
hondralahjiahmad2005: ??
flacitybug: Quit your scamming and get a real job
hondralahjiahmad2005: how do u mean??
flacitybug: Do you guys think this is the first time we've heard this tale?
hondralahjiahmad2005: i dont understand what you are talking about
flacitybug: Whoever you are, this is the oldest trick in the book
hondralahjiahmad2005: plz
hondralahjiahmad2005: see my profile
flacitybug: This "I have 50%" for you
flacitybug: IT'S BULLSHIT!
flacitybug: I have seen similar "offers" for years
flacitybug: How is it that Nigeria has all this money sitting around?
hondralahjiahmad2005: ?
hondralahjiahmad2005: it's an oil rich country so what do you expect
flacitybug: If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you're more in the dark than the people you're trying to scam
hondralahjiahmad2005: ?
flacitybug: so what would you need from me so I can get my $21 million?
hondralahjiahmad2005: notting
hondralahjiahmad2005: brother
flacitybug: nothing?
flacitybug: ok, go ahead and send it
hondralahjiahmad2005: ok
hondralahjiahmad2005: you will have to open an account in wellsfargo bank
hondralahjiahmad2005: so that i can sedn to you your processing fee
flacitybug: you just said i don't have to do anything
flacitybug: now you say i have to open an account
hondralahjiahmad2005: for the processing and immediate release of the money
hondralahjiahmad2005: to you
flacitybug: do i have to deposit a certain amount into the account?
hondralahjiahmad2005: i mean you dont have send moneyu
hondralahjiahmad2005: no
hondralahjiahmad2005: just open an accont with thebank
flacitybug: well i already have an account there
hondralahjiahmad2005: ook
hondralahjiahmad2005: good
hondralahjiahmad2005: can i have your account info?
flacitybug: when can i expect the funds?
hondralahjiahmad2005: so that i can have the money wired into your account
hondralahjiahmad2005: immediately
flacitybug: acct # 03456223294
hondralahjiahmad2005: i have your account deatils of your account in wellsfargo bank
hondralahjiahmad2005: in the next five hours the money will be wired into your account
flacitybug: that's all?
flacitybug: what about your part?
hondralahjiahmad2005: i will help you process all necessary documents needed for this
flacitybug: when?
hondralahjiahmad2005: immediately i have your full account deatils were i can wire the processing fee
flacitybug: fee?
hondralahjiahmad2005: and as soon as i have it i will begin immediately
hondralahjiahmad2005: yes
hondralahjiahmad2005: i will send you the fee
hondralahjiahmad2005: and you will send it for processing of the money
flacitybug: i thought you were going to send $21 million
hondralahjiahmad2005: yes
hondralahjiahmad2005: that is when i have processed the money and released to you
flacitybug: ok
hondralahjiahmad2005: ook
hondralahjiahmad2005: i will need all info that i need to make sure this money gets to you
flacitybug: what info do you need?
flacitybug: I gave you the account number
hondralahjiahmad2005: yes
hondralahjiahmad2005: but that is not all i need?
flacitybug: so what do you need?
hondralahjiahmad2005: the account name?
flacitybug: Frank Weisenheimer
flacitybug: anything else?
hondralahjiahmad2005: [My Real Name - he got it off my profile]??
hondralahjiahmad2005: why use this
flacitybug: This isn't my computer
hondralahjiahmad2005: plz
hondralahjiahmad2005: be very sure of what you are telingme
hondralahjiahmad2005: so that i dont loose my money
flacitybug: I wouldn't dream of telling you anything that wasn't true
flacitybug: I am staying at [My Real Name]'s house
hondralahjiahmad2005: ok
hondralahjiahmad2005: the money will be wired in the next five hours
hondralahjiahmad2005: ook
flacitybug: ok
hondralahjiahmad2005: ok
hondralahjiahmad2005: can u call me now
hondralahjiahmad2005: ?
flacitybug: there is no phone here, maybe i can call in one hour
hondralahjiahmad2005: ok
hondralahjiahmad2005: 234-803-581-8460
hondralahjiahmad2005: if you call i will know am working with you
hondralahjiahmad2005: and wire the money to you immedaitely
flacitybug: ok. very good. i will wall within the hour
hondralahjiahmad2005: ook
hondralahjiahmad2005: that will ook

I just ended it there. I was not just wasting his time, but also my own. Very Happy
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PostPosted: Sat May 20, 2006 7:21 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

flacitybug wrote:
II've heard of the infamous Nigerian scam letters, but a Nigerian scam IM?

Yep, Nigerians and other scammers use IM a lot, if you go to the Yahoo chatrooms, especially the business rooms, you will get numerous scammers hitting you with standard 419 scam formats.

We have had a lot of fun baiting on IM Laughing

Your IM lad used to own this address, might still do, google it:

[email protected]


Flacitybug, I see from your IM chat that the scammer has your real name from your profile, baiting with email addresses that give your real personal details is not a good idea, it's far easier to set up a new Yahoo account with fake details and use that to bait on YIM, you need to remain anonymous at all times, these are dangerous people!

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