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 i'm such a bad liely!

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 29, 2006 5:00 am Reply with quoteBack to top

ok, this was a yahoo scammer. let me know what you think of my work. i'm not exactly a veteran scambaiter, but i've been screwing with people my whole life so i'm a bit of a natural! haha anyways my thoughts are placed in brackets

roomysmith_007: hello
roomysmith_007: are you there
roomysmith_007: how are you doing today
jim palumbo: good, you?
roomysmith_007: who are you and where are you from?
jim palumbo: you're the one who messaged me
jim palumbo: who are you?
roomysmith_007: am shantel by name .....
jim palumbo: ok...
roomysmith_007: i was bron in georgia in us ..
jim palumbo: from iowa?
roomysmith_007: but now in afriacn for a comptition ...
roomysmith_007: so where are you from .. also ?
jim palumbo: i'm from pittsburgh
jim palumbo: lemme guess nigeria, right?
roomysmith_007: yes this is my frist time of been in that country .. i dont like that country.
roomysmith_007: what country the you say you came from again
jim palumbo: u.s.
roomysmith_007: okay cool ?
jim palumbo: yes, it is
roomysmith_007: so what the you really do for living for now as a man .. can you tell me something about your self ?
jim palumbo: i work for the fbi
roomysmith_007: really ?
jim palumbo: ye[
jim palumbo: yes
roomysmith_007: why are you lieing to me have check your profle b4 i talke to yo
jim palumbo: i wouldnt lie to you
jim palumbo: thats what i do
roomysmith_007: why ?
jim palumbo: because thats my job
jim palumbo: i work for the fbi
roomysmith_007: than you are a liely if i should say
jim palumbo: no, i work for the fbi
jim palumbo: and i havent updated my profile on here since i was 16 years old
jim palumbo: so dont accuse me of lying to you
jim palumbo: i have worked for the u.s. government for a little over a year now
jim palumbo: and they pay me very very well
roomysmith_007: so why are you now lieing that you work for the fbi
jim palumbo: i'm not lying about that
jim palumbo: i do work for the fbi
roomysmith_007: okay cool ?
roomysmith_007: so are you marreid with kid for now
jim palumbo: no
jim palumbo: i'm not married
roomysmith_007: how old are you than ??
jim palumbo: 22
roomysmith_007: so what are you now doing online than
jim palumbo: just talking to some friends from fbi academy
roomysmith_007: that what
jim palumbo: havent heard from them since we graduated
roomysmith_007: i see
roomysmith_007: so what the you really want form me now
jim palumbo: i dont want anything from you, you messaged me
jim palumbo: the question is what do you want from me?
roomysmith_007: okay
jim palumbo: well? what is it?
roomysmith_007: let be friend than i messagerd you becos am looking for a husband and you are a kid so i can date you
jim palumbo: you can date me?
roomysmith_007: no
jim palumbo: or do you mean cant
roomysmith_007: you are a kid
jim palumbo: ok
jim palumbo: are you trying to get out of nigeria?
roomysmith_007: you sound funny
jim palumbo: how old are you? do you have any pictures of you?
roomysmith_007: i can only take you as my friend the you have anything you can do for me to show me you can date me
roomysmith_007: that is me ..
roomysmith_007: am 29 in year ..
roomysmith_007: the you see am not your meet
roomysmith_007: so what can you do for me now to have me as your gf tell me
jim palumbo: you want to be my girlfriend?
jim palumbo: well i could send you a couple thousand dollars to get you out of nigeria'
jim palumbo: would you like that?
roomysmith_007: i dont need your money kay
roomysmith_007: the you have mony
jim palumbo: you dont? then why are you still there?
jim palumbo: you told me you wanted to leave
roomysmith_007: since you are mad at me
roomysmith_007: when did i say that tell me liely \
jim palumbo: i'm not mad at you
roomysmith_007: so why are you liely than
jim palumbo: i like you
jim palumbo: what do you mean liely?
jim palumbo: do you think i'm lying to you?
jim palumbo: i'm not a liar
roomysmith_007: you can send me money you dont have money
jim palumbo: i have millions of dollars
jim palumbo: my family is very very rich
roomysmith_007: fuck you and your money
jim palumbo: ok
jim palumbo: i really think you're getting the wrong idea here
jim palumbo: you're telling me i dont have any, but i do
jim palumbo: you said you hate it in nigeria and want to leave so i told you i could help you leave there
jim palumbo: isnt that what you want?
roomysmith_007: have you help your self b4 you want to help somebody tell me
jim palumbo: i already helped myself, i'm fine
roomysmith_007: how much the you have in your account tell me
jim palumbo: about 18 million dollars
jim palumbo: thats not including all my assets like my cars and house and company
roomysmith_007: lielyyyyyy
jim palumbo: no, i inherited it from my dad
roomysmith_007: the you have a company
jim palumbo: and thats not how you say liar
jim palumbo: i own a company and make money from it
roomysmith_007: but you told me that you are fbi
jim palumbo: but i dont run it. i work for the fbi
jim palumbo: the company was my dads and when he died i inherited it
jim palumbo: but i dont deal with it. i hired someone else to take care of it
roomysmith_007: what is the name of the company tell me
jim palumbo: its a construction corporation
jim palumbo: thats all the info you get about it now
roomysmith_007: ohhhh
jim palumbo: its based in pennsylvania
roomysmith_007: you lie too much ..
jim palumbo: look, if you gonna sit there and call me a liar i dont need to talk to you
jim palumbo: you messaged me
jim palumbo: i dont care if you believe me or not
jim palumbo: but this is my life and this is what i do for a job
jim palumbo: i'm only trying to help you
roomysmith_007: can i see you now
jim palumbo: so if you dont like it then dont message me
jim palumbo: see me?
jim palumbo: like a picture of me?
roomysmith_007: byeee also the you think i have your time
jim palumbo: huh?
jim palumbo: i'm sorry, some things i cant understand
jim palumbo: but here's my picture
jim palumbo: do you want it?
roomysmith_007: yes
jim palumbo: thats me
jim palumbo: like it"?
roomysmith_007: are you a girl or a boy
roomysmith_007: you look like a girl
jim palumbo: hahaha i'm a guy
jim palumbo: notice the side burns?
roomysmith_007: fine ..
roomysmith_007: I'm yesmith [i though she said she was shantel?] (29yrs old), 5'6 1/2 who is genuinely a nice lady, I am a lady of a mix parents,single and of a good parentage, Friends would probaly describe me as being an Angel,funny, open minded, morals, talkative, loyal, outgoing, caring, giving, strong minded, honest, easy to talk to ~ with a very happy and gentle demeanor
jim palumbo: very nice
roomysmith_007: thanx
roomysmith_007: you just have a litter promble but you dont know
jim palumbo: thats another picture of me
jim palumbo: whats the problem?
roomysmith_007: let me tell you your promble now
roomysmith_007: you talke to much
jim palumbo: haha i talk to much?
roomysmith_007: yes ..
jim palumbo: i just gotta be defensive because i'm being accused of lying by you
roomysmith_007: i know you are trying to called me a scam but you dont know how to say it
jim palumbo: i didnt say that
roomysmith_007: i dont came from poor family if you dont know
roomysmith_007: dont think that all lady on nex are scams
roomysmith_007: okay
roomysmith_007: you said that you want to send me money how much the you want to send me tell me
roomysmith_007: if i said that you should send me money can you do that
jim palumbo: how much do you need?
roomysmith_007: i dont need your money okay am just telling you now
roomysmith_007: okay
roomysmith_007: send me 300 doll
roomysmith_007: i want to know if you can really do that
roomysmith_007: what is your promble
jim palumbo: i dont have a promble
roomysmith_007: okay fine
jim palumbo: but yeah....if you needed me to, i'm a nice guy
jim palumbo: and i'm very generous
jim palumbo: i would do that for you if you wanted
roomysmith_007: if you know you are rich send me 300 doll than i will send you 600 doll to tell you that i dont came form a poor family
roomysmith_007: are you going to do that or not
jim palumbo: well not if you really dont need it
jim palumbo: i believe you
roomysmith_007: i need 300 now i want to used it to but food at home
jim palumbo: you dont need to do that for me
roomysmith_007: so are you going to do that or not
jim palumbo: i dont need your money
jim palumbo: i just thought you needed it because you said you hated it there and all that
roomy smith: i see
roomy smith: so are you going to send it or not just to buy some food at home
jim palumbo: i thought you said you didnt need it
roomy smith: than i said i need it now
jim palumbo: you liely to me?
roomy smith: not that i lie to you
roomy smith: i just want to know if you are going to send it or not that is why
jim palumbo: ok, what is your address? i'll mail it tonight
roomy smith: i said you should do that but i need money for now to but food at home
roomy smith: the you want to send the money online
jim palumbo: i cant send it online
jim palumbo: only to an address
jim palumbo: i dont have a credit card or anything
roomy smith: okay
jim palumbo: i can get one if you want
roomy smith: try and get it than
roomy smith: can i have your number now
jim palumbo: you want to call me?
roomy smith: main be i can give you a call tomorrow i just wish to hear your voice
jim palumbo: ok, its 4***88026 [my friend johnney's number]
roomy smith: is that the moblie number
jim palumbo: so do you want to be my girlfriend now?
jim palumbo: yes, its mobile
roomy smith: i want the moblie number
jim palumbo: that is my moblie number
roomy smith: okay cool
roomy smith: can you send the money tomorrow than
jim palumbo: i'll see what i can do
jim palumbo: i'm sure i can
roomy smith: okay cool
jim palumbo: so you'll be my girlfriend now?
roomy smith: have add you
roomy smith: you should have know you are my friend now
jim palumbo: but maybe we can be together someday?
roomy smith: but dont think all lady you peopel meet on nex is scams
jim palumbo: oh i know
jim palumbo: and i know you're not
roomy smith: so what is the name than
jim palumbo: my name is jim
roomy smith: am shantel by name
roomy smith: becos i will call you tomorrow and ask if you have send the money
jim palumbo: ok, i'll make sure i send it
jim palumbo: what if i send 3,000 dollars instead
jim palumbo: would you use some of it to fly here and see me?
roomy smith: how
roomy smith: the you think that can take there
roomy smith: since you are playing with me
jim palumbo: i'm not playing with you'
jim palumbo: i'd really like to meet you
jim palumbo: you seem like a really amazing girl
jim palumbo: i like you
roomy smith: is that why you now said i should that i come to you
jim palumbo: if i send you 3,000 dollars would you come to me
roomy smith: the you think sometime when you talke
jim palumbo: that should take care of plane tickets, it'd be like a vacation
roomy smith: no i can used that to come over to the state
roomy smith: not time to talke about that
jim palumbo: ok
jim palumbo: thats ok then
jim palumbo: anyways, i guess i'll talk to you tomorrow
jim palumbo: i'll still send 3,000 if you want
roomy smith: hold one let me send you the infroamtion to send the money
jim palumbo: ok
roomy smith: where are you going b4
roomy smith: or can you call me
jim palumbo: i can call you
jim palumbo: whats your number?
roomy smith: 2348056060473
jim palumbo: ok, i'll call tomorrow before i send it
jim palumbo: so are you sure you couldnt marry someone like me?
roomy smith: that is my number you can call me anytime you like ..
jim palumbo: because i would like to get married too
roomy smith: what the you want your friend to say when they do that somebody you are dateing is oldly than you ?
jim palumbo: they wont care
roomy smith: let you send the money i will know if you are really or not
jim palumbo: ok
jim palumbo: i like girls that dont shave their arm pits, though
roomy smith: so what is my name again
jim palumbo: if i send it, would you do that for me?
roomy smith: hold one
jim palumbo: your name is shantel
roomy smith: fine ..
roomy smith: where did i came from
jim palumbo: georgia, right?
roomy smith: where in georgia ..
jim palumbo: you never told me where
roomy smith: why the you put right that mean you are not sure
jim palumbo: no, i'm sure thats what you said
roomy smith: i can see you a lie
jim palumbo: why am i a lie? and why do you keep saying that!
roomy smith: you can,t send the money i just tryed you now
jim palumbo: what do you mean?
roomy smith: byeee you are not really
jim palumbo: i think you're mistaken
roomy smith: and have trust you b4 but you fuckup
roomy smith: how
jim palumbo: no, you're wrong, i'm not lying
jim palumbo: i not liely [haha]
jim palumbo: what do you mean you tried me?
jim palumbo: you tried to call me?
roomy smith: okay okay
roomy smith: what time are you there now
jim palumbo: 11:24 pm
roomy smith: and why can,t you send the money today what happend
jim palumbo: i dont have a credit card, i have to go through my bank and its closed this time of night
roomy smith: hold on let me wirrten this infromaionout now
roomy smith: watin for me online i will be back now
jim palumbo: you're not liely are you? [liely, i love it]
roomy smith: hello
roomy smith: am back now ....
jim palumbo: hi
roomy smith: are you there with me now
jim palumbo: only in spirit [i'm really having fun now!]
roomy smith: what are you doing b4
jim palumbo: i'm baking bread
roomy smith: i can see you are busy talking to someone else
roomy smith: how ?
jim palumbo: with an oven and flour and yeast
jim palumbo: ok, mail it to me, do you want my address?
roomy smith: can you get your pen and papa to wirrten it down
jim palumbo: my home address?
jim palumbo: sure, what is it
roomy smith: becos you are going to send the money to me tomorrow hope you know that
roomy smith: Name-----------Cherise Clement. [i thought her name was shantel? once again!]
Address--------Plot 101 B Close,2nd Ave.,Festac Town,
23401 Lagos,Nigeria
jim palumbo: yes, i am going to send it, or i will feel your wrath
roomy smith: that is the infroamtion you are going to used and send the money okay
jim palumbo: ok, i'll talk to you tomorrow
jim palumbo: have fun using my money
roomy smith: i can mail it to you anymore since you have it now
jim palumbo: i'm sure you'll enjoy it more than i will
roomy smith: becos had
jim palumbo: is that nigerian for goodbye?
roomy smith: why the you say that i will enjoy your money morethan you
jim palumbo: because i dont enjoy it
roomy smith: is that nigerian for goodbye? what the you mean by this world
jim palumbo: who knows whats up with the world today, its pretty crazy isnt it?
jim palumbo: everyone seems to be a theif now. its really sad
roomy smith: you have not answer my question hope you know that
jim palumbo: i am on acid right now listening to pink floyd's dark side of the moon
jim palumbo: lsd!
jim palumbo: have you ever done lsd?
roomy smith: i dont understand you anymorer [i'm surprised i understood one fucking thing he/she said! and she's gonna bitch now?]
jim palumbo: acid, it makes you hallucinate
jim palumbo: and see purple dragons
jim palumbo: its good for listening to pink floyd, do you like them?
roomy smith: i dont know than
jim palumbo: you should do lsd and listen to them, it doesnt work without the lsd
roomy smith: i just have to go and sleep now
jim palumbo: ok, i'm gonna eat some more acid
roomy smith: are you going to send the money or not
jim palumbo: yes
jim palumbo: i promise
jim palumbo: have a good night sweetheart
roomy smith: dont calle me that name again okay
jim palumbo: and if you get a chance, listen to pink floyd and take a few hits of acid sometime
jim palumbo: ok, i'm sorry
jim palumbo: its the acid talking
roomy smith: byeee now
jim palumbo: bye!
roomy smith: can i see the infroamion now
roomy smith: show me
jim palumbo: what, your contact info?
jim palumbo: i have it written down
jim palumbo: have a good night
jim palumbo: goodbye!
roomy smith: show me okay
jim palumbo: oh by the way, you just wasted all your time SCAMMER!
roomy smith: that is what i ask you
jim palumbo: go get a real job
roomy smith: thanx
jim palumbo: and learn to speak english better
jim palumbo: that might help you next time
roomy smith: byeee tha
roomy smith: you try
jim palumbo: ok, i'll work on that
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