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 My First Shot at a Mugu

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Crazy Cannuk

PostPosted: Fri Apr 16, 2004 4:03 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I think I was a little too Anxious with this one but the 3 I have going now will be better! I don't know how to insert the pictures but his are in the trophy room holding the sign that says "Paul Rimlicker", it was supposed to read "Anil Rimlicker" but he screwed up. The Picture of "Me" was Lyle Lovett and Gretchen was played by some internet picture of a truely cute girl from the neck up. Problem is she's wearing a swimsuit and has the chest of a 12 year old boy and more hair from the waist down than a Greek wrestler.

FROM : Master Kone Ibrahim
Please do respond in my personal email account for security reason ([email protected])

Dearest One,

With regard to your reputation and co-worshipper of God who will not disappoint me nor deny me in faith, I am directing this letter of assistance to you. I am
Master Kone Ibrahim the son of Mr Christopher Ibrahim from Republic of Zimbabwe really in dear need to get somebody who will safe guard the interest of me and my treasure. Briefly, my father Mr Christopher Ibrahim was a Gold and Cocoa merchant who based in Abidjan CŰte díIvoire and had a branch office in Accra Ghana.
My father was a wealthy Gold/Cocoa merchant who has business in many countries in Europe, America and Asian countries. According to my father, my own mother died when I was about six years of age which means that I did not even know my mother very well.
The story is that my father Mr Christopher was poisoned to death by his business associates about some months ago, and he died in a private hospital here in Abidjan. But when he was about to die, he called me beside his sick bed and told me that he deposited the sum of Ten Million seven hundred thousand United State Dollars (USD10.7M) in a security firm here in Abidjan CŰte díIvoire, this money was kept for me his only son. Right now I am here in Abidjan, the commercial city of Cote d'Ivoire in West Africa.
My problem now is that since my father has been poisoned to death by his business associates, I donít even trust any other person here again and to this
effect, I do contact you. Right now, I want you to help me in the following ways:

1) I want you to help me retrive this money from the security firm and then provide a bank account where this amount here (USD10.7M) can be transferred.

2) You are going to be the manager of this fund and also my personal guardian until I finished my studies as I'm just 22 years of age.

3) You are going to procure admission for me to continue my studies in one of the known university in your country.

4) That you must prepare immediately to make a working visit to Abidjan here so that me and you can see each other and we can then do the transfer of the fund to
your account at the same time and I will go back with you to your country for the fund investment.

5) You are going to receive 20% of the total sum for your assitance to me.

I appreciate if you consider my condition and help me,and I am willing to proceed with you as soon as I haveyour response through my personal email address :([email protected])

Thanks for your understanding

Master Kone Ibrahim

Mon, 22Mar 2004
Dear Kone
OK is someone just messing with me or is this a for real opportunity? .I have spent most my life working on oil rigs in the arctic and have saved quite a good chunk of change for an early retirement but what your offerring would set me up so that I wouldn't have to go back up on them damn rigs ever again. So what do you want me to do to get this money? How much is 20% of US$38 million and what is US$10.7M in Canadian dollars? I live way up in Northern Canada so I have to travell long distances for stuff all the time so I could just as well fly to where you're from and pick up that money in person, is it reel warm there? It's reel cold here so I would kinda like to make a vacation out of it. Do they make Beer in your cuntry, I like beer and if I'm on vacation in a hot place it's nice to drink beer, do you like beer, do they sell Labbatts Blue or Blue Lite there, have you ever drank Canadian beer?. I've spent so much time working towards a comfortable retirement that I've never taken the time to visit a warm country before, what are the women like there, do they like Canadian guys, I've never been with a dark lady but we do have some eskimo women around here and some of them are kind of dark but I don't know if that counts. Some friends of mine have gone to Jamaica and they say that once you go black you never go back, is that true, why? OK then, before I go crazy counting my chickens before they've hatched, send me some travel details and instructions for anything else I will need to help you out there little buddy. By the way does the "Master" mean your some kind of royalty?

Your new pal,

Dear Brother Anil,
I received your mail with joy and gladness knowing fully well that you will devote your mind energy and resources to assist me retrive this money from the security company for investment in your country.Brother really what I proposed to you is a very serious matter which needs urgent attention therefore after reading your mail I have no doubt in my mind that you will not do anything to hurt my feelings or to sit on my money when I come over to your country and my promise to you is that I will never let you down on anything we agreed upon as I will be relying on your knowledge for the investment of this money because I will like to continue my education when I come over to your country. Brother from your mail I can understand that you are well knowledgeble in business world and that you are a hard working person and this gives me more courage that you will be able to manage any investment we may go into very well so I want you to begin now to to search for any profitable venture in your country taking into consideration the amount at our disposal because I will like us to start investing this money immediately I step my foot into your country because this money is the last hope of my life. Right now,all you have to do immediately is to make an urgent preparation to come down to this country COTE D'IVOIRE so that both of us will go to the security company where this money was deposited by my late father and retrive it and then open an account with your name in on,e of the prime Banks here for onward transfer of this money to your country before we can move together back to your country.I beleive that your presence here will strenghten me spritually and morrally because I you are now like my father and the only one I trusted for the investment of this money.It is really warm over here and I hope that you will enjoy the atmospheric condintion when you come over here as the weather condition is quite duifferent from what obtains in your country as you explained,also there are a lot of Beer companies in this country so any type of drink is available in this country also the most interesting is the night life whit most of the Beer joints presenting life band entertainment and beautiful young,ebony black girls dancing to the rethm of the music.Brother,I beleive that this country have the most beautiful black ladies in this world and I hope that you will be convinced when you arrives here and see things for yourself.Finally,all I want you to do now is to buy your ticket to this country immediately and confirm that to me,then I will send to you the informations and details of a very nice hotel to enable you make reservations for the time you will stay here before we will go back together to Canada,Please and please the greatest thing you will do to me now is to make sure that you keep this transaction very secret,I will not like because of your state of mind with regard to this money and travelling to Africa begin to tell your friends about this transaction,I am saying this because I know that my future is on this money and anything that will make me loose this money should be avoided.I hope you will understand me and make this transaction absolute confidential.I thank you for your understanding and please send your phone and fax numbers to me in your next mail for a more secured communications and please call me immediately you receive this mail on my private telephone line for us to have some good oral discussions.00225-0774-0825.
NB.Like you asked 20% of $38mUSD is $7.6mUSD while $10.7mUSD is $14.2096CAD
Best Regards,
Kone Ibrahim.

Tue, 23Mar 2004
Hey There Little Buddy!
I'm gettin really amped with this deal! My shift change schedule will have me off the rig and on a flight into Edmonton Alberta Friday March 26th. I will try to make flight arrangements to your country on the internet this week before I fly to Edmonton. I won't be able to fly out of Edmonton to your place until Tuesday the 29th at the earliest cause I wont be able to do any banking or anything until Monday cause I wont arrive in Edmonton until late Friday and none of the banks or anything are open on the weekends and the oil rig company I work for automatically diposits my pay in the bank in Edmonton. I'm glad that you think I'm a smart businessman but I'm really just a working kind of guy but I do watch my money closely cause I've worked so hard for it all my life and now this chance falls in my lap and I won't have to work like a dog ever again. There are some pretty good schools you could sign up to go to in Edmonton too, do you play hockey? If your any good at hockey you could get a scholarship and then it wouldn't cost much. I think I'm going to go see a game while I'm in Edmonton. Hockey is the best game in th world. How many hockey arenas are in your town? I think every town in Canada pretty much has at least one rink or arena. Is hockey very popular in your country? Hey you know what? maybe I can coach a hockey team for your country when I don't have to work any more, I was a damn good player when I was younger and I have my level 5 coaching certificate too. Hey do you think that my hockey will impress the girls in the beer joints? Could you send me some pictures of the girls partying? The only black people I've ever seen other than the eskimos, and I'm still not sure if they really count, is George larocque who used to play for the Edmonton Oilers and Jerome Iginla who plays for Calgary Flames. Are you related to them, are their relatives from your country? Well it's just about time for me to go on shift so I'll have to shut it down til later. Oh ya you wanted some phone numbers, well being that I work on oilrigs and I only come out for a week at a time I don't bother with a phone but I do have an answering service to get messages the number is 1-530-348-7050 that's how you dial it here but I don't know how you dial it from your country. The oilrig company has a fax machine in the office but I don't know if it would be very smart to fax to them, someone might steel it or something. Their fax number is 1-623-321-7498 if you think it would be Ok to fax stuff anyways. Hey I just had an idea, could you take a picture of yourself with some of the hot girls from the beer joint and e-mail it to me so I know who I will be meeting when I get there? And hold a sign that says "We're Anil Rimlicker's" so I know its you guys for reel. Well I better move my ass so I'm not late for my shift. Talk to you later little buddy. God I love this internet stuff, just a couple of years ago the only way to keep in touch on an oilrig was short wave radio. now with satellite links and stuff we got high speed internet at almost the north pole, unbelievable eh little buddy!

Your Pal,

Dear Anil,
I thank you for your mail and your readiness to fly down to this country to enable us go together to the security company and retrive this money for onward transfer into your country.Honestly I am very very proud of you and I promise to do my best possible to make you as happy as you did not expect to be as soon as you step your foot in this great Africa nation.Please carefully make your travel arrangement and inform me as well so that we can immediately book for your hotel reservation in one of the best hotel in town. Please make sure that as you are making your traveling plans do not disclose to anybody whatsoever your real mission in Africa for security reason.I can understand your plans for my education when I come over to your country and I really appriciate that as this informs you that your are the right person to deal with also about the game of hockey,evethough I am not a hockey player I love the game very much and I hope that you will teach me more when I come over to your country.Mainly here in African people love foot ball more than any other games. Really,I would have loved to send to you the picture but it is very very unafrican to snap picture of people without their consent on what the picture is being used for so please and please do bear with me,just have a little patient for you will still have a whole lot of these girls when you come down to this country.Like you explained I think it is quite safe to always comunicate with you on the internet because I will not like to use you office phone or fax to contact you just to make sure that nobody kwons about this transaction as you know that we have to maintain the secret and keep this transaction to ourselves only.Thanks very much for your understanding and copration and always keep in touch with me with regards to your travelling arrangement so that together we will succsessfully finalise this arrangement.Please call me immediately you receive this mail.

Best Regards,
Kone Ibrahim.

Wed 24Mar 2004
Hey There Little Buddy,
Wow is it quite the chore to try and get a flight booked to your side of the world. I've never been outside of Canada before so that makes things a whole bunch harder to do but with the help of my buddies here on the rig who have experience travelling I'm sure I'll get it done. Boy are the guys ever curious why I all of a sudden want to quit my job and fly off to Africa. A couple of them think I found me some mail order bride and they been bugging me that I better watch out for the HIVs. They say that thats a big problem over there and it's as common as a cough is here, is that true? I don't want to get over there and have someone sneezing HIVs on me, everyone back here would think I was a fag or something if I come down with a case of the HIVs. I'm kinda gettin nervous about going there if you guys have an epidemic of that fag disease, do they make people there get a tatoo if they have the HIVs? By the way I don't think you understood what kind of picture I wanted, I ain't no pervert or freek, I don't expect you to be taking some kind of kinky pictures or shit just a picture of you with the some girls and holding a sign with my whole name on it so I'll know who you are and what the girls over there look like but make sure you don't take a picture with girls who got HIVs cause I don't want you catchin it either. Then if I got a picture of you I'll know who you are when you pick me up at the airport. By the way so far it looks like the way they got flights setup you got to stay there for like 2 weeks before you can fly back, whys that? Whats there to do there for that long? I like fishing and hunting and playing hockey and snowmobiling and skiing so can you check into that and see if I can do some of that while I'm there? and camping too. Hey my one buddy was saying that your near where disney filmed Alladin, have you ever met him and Jasmin, Jasmin is one hot chick, do the women there always wear that kind of cloths it almost looks like you can see through it if the light is right. You gotta send me some pictures of the women there I'm real curious to know what to expect. Do you think if I should bring some gifts like beads and beaver pelts or something else it would help me out with the ladies? Kind of get a little lonely working out here on these drill rigs and it sure would be nice to meet a good women I could settle down with. I only get a week off at a time from work and I'm on it for 2 weeks at a shot so it's hard to make anything last very long when I do meet a girl so if I'm going to Africa I might as well make like a Roman. One of my buddys showed me a picture of a black lady (I think it was a lady) and she had like wooden plates in her lips, that ain't real is it? That's pretty damn scary if it is and I don't want to meet any of those cause that would make it a bitch to try and kiss her or get a blowjob so you better send me some picture of you with some girls so I will know for sure that they don't have them big lip inserts. Well I'm going to try and get my plane tickets done today then I'll send you the times and stuff so you can book me a hotel room and know when to pick me up. What kind of car do you got? I like cars especially 1960 muscle cars, when I get this money I'm buying a 69 Mustang and a porsche. Well I got to go now I'll talk to you tomorrow. You know what I better buy one of them laptops or when I leave the rig I won't be able to send you notes when I leave the rig! Well there's another thing I got to add to my to-do list. Boy this is getting harder and more complicated, good thing you and my buddies know stuff cause I couldn't do this alone. By the way is Lufthansa a good airplane, that's the one my foreman told me to take over there.
Talk to you later,
Anil Rimlicker

Dear Sir,
Please understand that you are telling too much people concerning your coming over to Africa from you mail.I told you at the begining that this transaction require utmost confidentlity but from your utterances and the things you are saying it seems to me that you are making jest of the whole episode.I am really confused because in your mail you are not focused at all and you seem to be the type that talks too much.
Please if you are really interested in assisting me let us be serious and face the matter squarely because this money is all I have and will not like anything that will make me loose this money and put my future in danger.I look forward to receiving your flight schedule and I also caution you to please and please keep this transaction secret for our security and security of this money.
Kone Ibrahim.

Fri, 26Mar 2004
Hey Little Buddy,
Calm down now, I don't understand what your saying here I havn't been telling anyone about our deal. Like I said before I've never done any travelling or anything like this before and I've never had any good luck as far as winning a prize in a raffle or nothing and now it's like I won a lottery and I'm going to get to see a whole bunch of the world all at the same time so I'm real excited. At the same time I don't know very much about you, your country and the people who live there except for what some of the guys here tell me so thats why I guess I ask so many questions but don't make fun of me for it you make me feel stupid when you say that stuff and it really hurts my feelings, I'm really a very quiet person who doesn't have many friends cause all I've done my whole life since dropping out of highschool when I was 16 is work on drill rigs. And then you say you don't think I'm serious, well that really burns my but especially after I spent like $5000 cdn to but a non-refundable seat sale ticket to your country, thats right I bought my ticket yesterday and I leave next week and cause it was on sale I can't even return it for refund and I'm so mad right now after what you have accused me of that I would almost consider quitting this deal if I hadn't already told my boss that I'm quitting my job. And to top shit off I was just on E-Bay buying some gifts for you and the Beer Joint girls, I ordered one of those Mini DVD/TV things, a couple of Game Boy SPs, a couple MP3 Players and some really cool OAKLEY sunglasses. And now you don't think I'm serious and think that I'll fuck this deal up really really pisses me off . I fly off the rig in 6 hours and I don't know when I'll next be checking my e-mail cause I don't have a computer in my apartment in Edmonton, I was going to buy one of this little laptop jobs on the weekend but I'm not sure now. I'm going to attach a copy of my flight schedule and numbers to prove I'm serious but then you have to prove your serious by sending me a picture of you holding a sign with my whole name on it "Anil Rimlicker" so I will be able to recognise you when you pick me up at th airport. I need this proof by monday so I can know that everything is OK cause your change of attitude is making me nervous and this is a big trip and change in my life.Don't let me down little Buddy cause I really want to be your partner in this deal but I need to be a little more comfirtable now before I get n the plane.

Your Pal
PS; I didn't know if the attachment of the flight reservation worked so I copied the other text confirmation thing too.

Dear Brother,

I received your mail and the flight ticket you attached in the mail.Really, Brother it is never my intention to hurt your feelings knowing fully well that we are going into a life time relationship and that I am soley relying on you for the investment of this money in your country.I am only trying to be cautious by advicing you not to let anybody know about this transaction for our security and the security of our money.Please if I have offended you in my mail ,I ask for your forgiveness and I hope you will understand me,that's why we are becoming one family soon.
Brother,I understand your feelings and the excitement for visting Africa for the first time,nevertheless I would not want this to make you to be unmindful of the security and confidentiality we are to maintain for the succsessful conclusion of this transaction.Futhermore,Brother I will like you to know that you need to open an account here when you come over here so that immediately we retrive the consignment from the security company we will go together to the Bank and lodge the money so that the money will be transfered to your country before we will move together back to Canada.

Also Brother,I want you to know that the most important of all is that we are going to pay for the storage charges of this consignment at the security company because the part payment made by my late father have expired for some time now and we are having an outstanding storage charge of $18,600 (Eighteen thousand six hundred dollars) so please endevour to come with this money and also with the money for opening an account where we will lodge this money after retriving it from the security company,also I will like to advice you to buy some gift items as you said already but not for any other person but for the management and staff of the security company so as to enable them attend to us with urgency when you arrive.

Finally,by monday I will be sending to you my picture with the inscription of your name so as to enable you know who you are dealing with and who you will meet when you comes and please endevour to send your picture also because this is the picture I will use to identify you at the airport.Also by moday I will also be sending to you the contact information of a nice hotel near the security company office for you to book for your reservation.

I thank you for your understanding and streight forwardness and zeal to assist me finalise this transaction for our good and good of our children yet unborn.

Best Regards,
Kone Ibrahim.

Mon 29Mar, 2004
Apology accepted Little Buddy,
Well I finally bought a computer this morning, it's one of those portable notebook computers with wireless internet cause it would have took too long to get cable hooked up to my apartment and this way I can take it with me, it's real cool wait till you see it. Why don't you think I should buy the beer joint girls any presents? If I bring the security company guys some reel cool stuff do you think they'll give us a break on the rent charges? Is the $18,600 Canadian or US dollars cause all my savings are locked into investment accounts and I usually only keep about $30,000 in my chequing account and the airplane ticket cost me $4,789.23 (Canadian), the notebook computer was $3600, all the gifts so far have cost me $6,200 and there are sure to be some other costs before I leave so I only have about $15,000 left in my account. Will these guys take payments cause my paycheck will be deposited on the 1st of April and it will be for about $7,500 but sometimes it's a couple days late and in another weeks time they're supposed to deposit my vacation pay and it should be $15,000 so that would work out if they will take payments. By the way you still ain't sent me the picture of you holding the sign with my name, I don't want to be landing at the Accra airport not knowing who's picking me up cause if I don't get that picture I don't think I'll get on the plane. How long a drive will it be from Accra to the Motel, will we see lions and elephants and stuff? How much does it cost to party there and do all of the girls there dress like Jasmine in the movie Aladdin? I'm going to send you a picture of me to show the beer joint girls and then they won't be scared to let you take pictures of them to send me OK. Oh ya I also bought the new suit I'm wearing in the picture, it cost a lot too, do you think I should bring some sexy cloths for the beer joint girls as gifts instead of game boys and stuff? OK so answer me soon and send your picture so I can feel safe and get on the plane cause I will have to leave soon.
Your Pal,

kone ibrahim <[email protected]> wrote:
Dear Brother,
Please hold me excused because I am just trying to snap and send to you my new picture so that you can be able to recoganise me immediately you arrives. Please note that I am presently satying in Abidjan,the commercial city of COTE D'IVOIRE (FOMERLY KNOWN AS IVOARY COAST IN WEST AFRICA) and not GHANA so please make haste and rebook your flight designation to Abidjan so that I can be able to receive you at the airport.I am happy that you confirm to me that the money for the charges are complete so that we will not have any hindrance whatsover in finalising with the security company.Finally,I will unfailingly send to you today the picture as you requested with the hotel information here in Abidjan and as you asked the security company is just very near to the hotel as I cannot be able to measure the distance.
Thanks and bless you.
Kone Ibrahim.

Wed, 31 Mar 200411:21:11 Ė0800(PST)
Little Buddy,
Are you kidding me?! I've just landed in Toronto and in about 3 hours I'm supposed to get on the plane to Germany and you want me to try and change my flight to Abidjan instead of Accra and you still havn't even sent me your picture with the sign and the beer joint girls. I told you when I booked it that it was a sale ticket and was non-refundable. I'm sure you can figure out a way to pick me up in Accra, how far is it? I'm travelling thousands of mile to help you out with all this cash the least you can do is travell a little ways to pick me up. Have you even booked me a motel room yet? I want one that's ocean front if there is such a thing available. Well it doesn't matter now anyways cause if you havn't sent your picture before the next flight leaves I'm staying in Toronto. This really sucks little buddy, you got my hopes up so high then you left me hanging, I'm so pissed off right now I'm going to go find a bar and start drinking. You better come up with something quick cause I'm not very happy.


Dear Brother Anil,
I am very sorry if I am a bit late in sending the pictures to you,this is because I want to give you my most recent picture so that you will be able to recognise me on arrival.However herein attached is my photo with your name so that you can know me quite well.As you said that your filght is already booked for Ghana,there is no problem about that as I will come over to Ghana to meet you immediately you inform me of your arrival,it is good a thing that the security company has an affiliate office in Ghana and they assured me that they will immediately transfer the consignment to their office in Ghana so that we can claim it at their office in Ghana. The arrangement is that I will give your picture to the security company so that immediately you arrive in Ghana and contact them through their telephone number which I will send to you by tommorow after I have made sure that the consignment is transfered to their office in Ghana by tommorow,the only thing you have to do is to call the security company affiliate office in Ghana and they will come and pick you up at the airport with your picture and to make assurance doubly sure that they are the right person to pick you up,I will also give them this my picture which I attached in this mail with your name so that you will actually know that they are for me.MAKE NO MISTAKE THAT ANY PERSON WITHOUT THIS MY PICTURE WITH YOUR NAME ON THE POSTER IS NOT FROM ME AND THE SECURITY COMPANY. Note also that the security company will take care of your accomodation and the stuffs until I come over from Abidjan. I thank you for your zeal and efforts and may God protect and guide you until you arrive safetly in Ghana.
Kone Ibrahim.

Wed 31 Mar 2004
Hey there Kone,
Wow talk about lucky, while I was sitting in the bar wondering if you were going to send me the stuff I met a real friendly black lady and we started talking, I had already had quite a bit to drink and I was telling her about where I was going, don't worry I didn't tell her about our deal. So the next thing you know she takes me to a motel room right here at the airport and woohoo talk about an experience, she rode me like a bicycle if you know what I mean. She even let me have a picture of her thing, I'm attaching it for you. Then when we were done she told me I owed her $500, well holey shit I didn't know she was a hooker, but now I know what my buddies meant about doing it with black chicks, I can't wait to go out on the town with you to the beer joint girls. Anyways she made me just about miss my flight, luckily when I got back to the gate there's a 2 1/2hour delay on the plane from Toronto to Germany. The only problem now is that I may not make the connection in Frankfurt but the airline says they'll get me to Accra one way or another. I'll let you know what happens when I get to Frankfurt. And make sure they put my real name on the sign, you wrote Paul but on my identification and airline tickets i'm registered as Anil. So make sure that whoever meets me at the Accra has a sign that says Anil not Paul and what about the motel send me confirmation that you have made a reservation and I will check my e-mail in Frankfurt. See you tomorrow night little Buddy and make sure to bring some beer joint girls I can't wait.

Dear Anil,
I received your mail and heard your story with the black girl.Really,maybe that is how girls over there behaves because I am not familiar with their antics. I will be expecting to hear from you immediately you get to frankfurt and I want to assure you doubly that the security company always have a standby hotel reservation in five star hotels around for their customers so please be rest assured that your accomodation and the stuffs are well taken care of,also I have heard what you said about the inscription concerning your name for the security company official that will receive you at the airport, of course they will use an inscription bearing Anil with your picture but my picture which they will present to you to assure that they are the security company official from me this my picture which I sent to you in my last mail .I thank you for your efforts and wait urgently to receive you by tommorow night.
Bless you Anil,
Kone Ibrahim.

Thu, 1 Apr 2004
Hey There Little Buddy,
I can't believe what has happened to me on this trip, it's almost enough to make me give up and go home but I know I must continue so I can help you out. Yesterday while I was waiting for my flight that black lady I met in the bar showed up again, this time she had a friend with her and the friend was a big blonde girl who said she was going to be the stewardess on my flight to Frankfurt. So we had a drink and then they asked me if I was interested in being with both of them over at the motel, well I told them that there was no way I was going to pay them because my friend in Africa said that wasnít how black ladies should act but she said it would be free. I told her I didnít want to be late for my flight but the blonde girl showed me her pager and said that the pilot would page her when it was time to board the plane so I didnít have to worry. So just to be safe this time I locked my computer and identification and stuff in a security box at the airport and went with them to the motel. Boy did I have fun but after about 30 minutes I couldnít do it any more, well then the stewardess had some blue bills and she told me that they were Viagra and that it would make me hard again and last longer so I took them. Well they must have been some kind of sleeping pills cause thatís the last thing I remember until I woke up today cause the maid was shaking me so she could clean the room. Well I donít think that the blonde was a stewardess at all cause they took all of my cash, almost $4,500 and the motel manager says I canít call the police because itís against the law to hire prostitutes. Well it was a good thing that I left most the travelers checks in the security box with my computer $7500 but my other problem is that the other $7,500 worth of travelers checks is in my suitcase and cause I had already checked in for the flight it left on the plane to Frankfurt. The customer service people at Lufthansa are real friendly and said that they were going to try and catch my suitcase in Frankfurt but if they missed them I said that you could pick them up in Accra and keep them safe until I get there, Itís a red and black duffle bag with wheels and a handle. I will still be able to use the return portion of my travel tickets but I have to buy new tickets to get there. I can get a flight right to Abidjan on Air France it leaves Friday but I have to wait in France til Sunday nite and then I get to Abidjan Monday morning or I can go on Lufthansa Friday afternoon to Frankfurt but all the flights from Frankfurt to Accra are filled until Monday and I have to wait on standby for a flight to Accra cause there are no seats available on Saturday or Sunday. But if I go to Frankfurt and my suitcase was stopped there I can pick it up. What do you think I should do? Either way it doesnít look like I will be there till Monday. Iím so sorry I listened to those girls and have screwed things up. Do you think the security company will let us pick up the money for only the $15,000 or will I have to wait till my vacation pay has been deposited? Iím really, really sorry about this little buddy itís just Iíve never traveled before and I must be too trusting and these big city people must spot that and take advantage of guys like me. Tell me what to do cause Iím so scared and confused and my head hurts real bad.

Your Pal Anil

Fri 2 Apr 2004
Little Buddy,
Where are you at little buddy, I've made new travel arrangements through Frankfurt because they held my suitcase there. I fly out on Lufthansa Flight LH471 at 17:20 and arrive in Frankfurt tomorrow morning at 7:55 I will get the flight number and times to Accra when I land in Germany. I'm going to check on an Air France Flight because the lady from Lufthansa says they have flights to Abidjan( Oh ya she told me that Lufthansa don't fly there thatís why I was going to Accra but Air France does). I will still have to fly out of Accra on the way home though so can you figure out how to get me there. Have you get stuff planned for us to do while I'm there cause I don't go home until Tuesday April 13th. The lady from the Lufthansa customer service desk was real nice and she took me shopping for clothes and then we went out for supper at the CN Tower, man is that place ever tall, you'll have to see it when you come over. And right next door is the Sky dome, it's roof opens up when it's sunny, is it ever cool. Then she let me stay at her place last night, but I made sure we didn't do any sex stuff and I never took any pills or anything. She doesn't work until 2pm this afternoon so I'm going to the airport with her to catch my flight and she's calling a friend of hers in Frankfurt to take care of me when I get there and she used her employee discount to book my flight so it wouldn't cost me so much. I think I'm going to buy her a new car when I get rich cause she's just got a shitty little Yugo that barely runs. I think you'll really like her when you come here, and she's very pretty too. Well send me a note so I know you're OK and that these travel arrangements are alright and then I will let you know what time I arrive in Accra or Abidjan.
Your Pal,

Dear Brother Anil,
I thank you for your zeal to be here by monday night.I am very greatful and every arrangement will be made to receive you at the airport with the security company management immeditely you arrives.I want you to call me on phone immediately you arrive so us to talk and also you can call me now for more discussions.
Kone Ibrahim.

Sat 3 Apr 2004
Hey There Little Buddy,
I'm here in Frankfurt and Olga's friend is HOT, one thing though these german girls are sure hairy! It kind of turns a guy off when the girls got mor hair on her legs than I do. She says we're going to a beach someplace then we're going out to party for the nite. Sounds like fun to me. All the Germans I've met so far really like Canadians so I think I'm going to get lucky tonite. How come you're not meeting me at the Airport, I'm flying into Abidjan so you'll be right there. It kind of makes me nervous not knowing who will be picking me up or which motel I'm going to be staying at. Can you have the security company e-mail me a picture of the guy who's going to be picking me up holding a sign that says my name "ANIL RIMLICKER" so I won't be scared. Gretchen, that the girl here says that you really should do that for me and that she wouldn't go any further until she felt comfortable. But I trust you little Buddy and know that you will do everything you can to make me feel safe. Send me a picture. Talk to you later, I'm headed for the beach with Gretchen.
Your Pal,

Sat 3 Apr 2004
Hey Little Buddy,
I'm in France awaiting my connection, but I still don't know who's picking me up and you never gave me your phone number in your last e-mails and I must have deleted the first ones that had it. I'm real nervous about leaving the airport with anyone who doesn't look like the picture you sent me. I'll be checking my e-mail if my internet works in Abidjan when I get there but if I haven't heard from you and you don't meet me I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Oh by the way I bought an engagement ring for Gretchen so I've only got a little over $10,000 left, will the security company take an IOU for the rest until we open the trunk? I won't be staying as long cause I want to get back to Germany to meet Gretchen's family. We're going to be married in the Swiss alps and spend the summer back packing around Europe. I know it all happened fast but I really think she loves me for me and not the money. I'm attaching a picture of her at the beach and I won't need you to introduce me to any of the Beer Joint girls now. Now make sure you send me a note before I land in Abidjan.

Your Pal,

Mon 5 Apr 2004
Kone,What the hell is going on, why weren't you at the airport. I've taken a shuttle to a motel and will wait to hear from you. I don't like this, you said you would make all the arrangements and now I'm sitting here alone. E-mail me right away!

kone ibrahim <[email protected]> wrote:
Dear Anil,
Please call me immediately on 07740825 and if you are outside cote d' ivoire you will have to add 00225 a country code.

Tue 6 Apr 2004
paul rimlicker <[email protected]> wrote:
Hť vous perdant Ítes vous ŗ effrayť pour rťpondre ? Ainsi pourquoi avez-vous paniquť et est-ce que peau comme un rat par le passť je suis arrivť dans votre ville ?

Wed 14 Apr 2004
Dear stupid man,
How are you today hope you are fine. can you bring some work for us to make money with you so that you will benefit from old money their collected from you ago, if you are interested in deal please get back to me as soon as possible best. Look for the poeple you know that has money in your country as soon as get this you have 50 percentage.
I waiting for your coopretion.

Thu 15 Apr 2004
Hey There Little Stupid Buddy,
How the fxxk are you doing little MUGU? Me and Gretchen are having a blast backpacking around Europe, are you still living in your little Mud Hut and sleeping on a bed of Elephant dung? Thinking of you often, (every time I shit).Take care and good luck. If you need advice on anything I'm just an e-mail away. Crazy Cannuk PS. I never have to worry about money again, Gretchen helped out some poor widowed lady in Lome Togo and she gave her 25% of 125,000,000,000.00 USD. Talk about luckyImage[img][/img]

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Welcome to the board Crazy Cannuk. Good first bait. Got offered to be a mugu accomplice already... You could keep this bait going if you pretend to be his accomplice, quite a few people on the board do that. Then the "victims" you refer to the mugu are all actually scambaiters. Just don't fall to the darkside....


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hate iggy, awesome bait there cannuk. keep them coming. leave it to a canadian to work hockey into a bait Laughing

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