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 My first bait!

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A. Nalwartz
Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 16, 2004 7:58 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Paul writes:

[email protected]

TEL-27 8 2363 9393
FAX- 27 8 3714 2467


Zimbabwe formerly Rhodesia under the colonial rule gained independence in
1981 under the nationalist struggle for independence led by Mr. Robert Mugabe
and late Joshua Nkomo. Under the white rule and since independence the minority
whites that owned most of the farmlands in Zimbabwe have dominated agriculture.
The aborigines believe that they are still slaves in their own land if they
continue to work the lands for their white masters even after independence.
Robert Mugabe as the black Moses who led his people to freedom has vowed
to revoke ownership of the white owned farms and redistribute the lands
to the landless blacks. This move he said is necessary to redress the imbalance
of the colonial era. For the struggle to be meaningful the whites must give
up their lands, which was part of the struggle for freedom. To affect this
initiative the government has amended its land acquisition laws and policies
months ago, which gave about 3000 white Zimbabwean farmers a 45-day quit
notice to leave their lands to the government.

My family and I are caught up in this web of land politics, which also led
to the death of our father. We have seen reforms after reforms by the government
of Mugabe and we are fed up with it. Our economy is in shambles and it is
just not profitable and safe enough for us to remain in Zimbabwe. We have
decided to relocate our farm to Swaziland, a neighboring country, where
we have acquired lands. Our capital base is in South Africa where we are
temporarily living pending such time logistics would be ready for full-scale
operation in Swaziland. Bearing in mind that some African Presidents and
their government are playing ?Russian Roulette? over the Zimbabwean land
crisis, every effort has begun in earnest to move our capital base to a
stable country where it can be safer, hence contacting you.

With a capital base of U.S$28.7 Million, there is a great deal of secrecy
involved to avoid the piercing eyes and smelling noses of the government
of Zimbabwe and their agents. We are therefore contacting you so you can
use a magnificent business technique to transfer this family financial treasure
out of South Africa. This money is presently deposited confidentially with
a Security Company here in South Africa. We mapped out 25% of the gross
sum as due commission for your expected honest assistance in executing the
successful transfer of this money out of South Africa, for our family investments.

Please, call us or fax us immediately if you are interested, so we can discuss
further while we hold this correspondence in the strictest confidence, which
it requires. God bless you.

please view the web site of what happen to us in Zimbabwe by B.B.C news,

Yours truly
Paul Bedford

(For the family)

I reply with

From "Adam Nalwartz" <[email protected]> Date Thu, 15 Apr 2004 2:51 PM
To [email protected]
Subject Re: message from mr Bedford


I would love to help you, please reply with more information.

A. Nalwartz,
VP, CEO, Hegav Mee A. Nalwartz, Inc.

He replies

From "Paul Bedford" <[email protected]> Date Fri, 16 Apr 2004 12:23 AM
To [email protected]
Subject DETAILS[1]
ATTN: MR Adam Nalwartz
FROM: MR Paul Bedford

Adam Nalwartz,

Greetings from our family! First I must assure you
that this transsaction is 100% risk free, I must thank
you for giving kind attention to the investment
proposal, which I sent to you on behalf of our family.
In fact, this is a legitimate business assistance we
have brought to you with the best of intentions.
Actually, our family does not know you before, but we
believe that a business relationship of this nature
will link both families permanently together because
we do not have any knowledge of foreign investments,
hence our resolve to contact you for this noble
transaction. We live in South Africa as asylum seekers
and because of this money. We want to transfer and
invest this money in your country.

We can only trust you more based on your business
knowledge, expertise and willingness to assist us
honestly and to guide us on how to invest this
money wisely and profitably, in a lucrative area of
your countrys commerce. We believe that your country
is good forinvestments, that was why we
decided to get in touch with you, in as much as we
have not seen each other physically and or
face-to-face. Kindly understand the mutual benefits,
our family attached to this. You have to educate us on
the investment opportunities available in your
country, including the government taxation
laws and the host government tax by-laws, as the case
may be, to foreign investors.

AND DEED OF TRUST] would be signed between you and our
family, to further guarantee us that this money must
be safe under your custody pending when we shall come
over to meet you, for sharing based on the agreed
percentage ratios and to start the execution of our
proposed family investments, with your assistance and

Please, indicate your willingness and readiness to
engage into this important investment agreement with
our family. Also, indicate your acceptance of the
share commission [percentage], which our family
offered to you, for your expected honest assistance
and cooperation with our family.

Meanwhile, we are currently considering investing in:

[1] Agriculture and Agro-Allied Industries
[2] Equities (stocks, bonds and shares)
[3] Real Estates Development

These are our family pre-investment plan(s), which we
have been working upon before we contacted you for
assistance. If these three major categorical
areas of investments are not profitable in your
country, please, let us know immediately and then
advise us on the more profitable areas that we must
direct this money to, in order to maximize profits.
Because we are not citizens of your country, we must
follow your advice and guidelines in order
to achieve the desired success with this money, as
this money remains the last resource of livelihood .
Please, be honest with us, as we do not want to
mismanage this money. We want to relyon you for the
establishment of this money in profitable areas of
business, in the stable economy of your country.

Please, you must also remain very confidential
about this transaction until this money is secured out
of the Security Company. Meanwhile, this money is
still at the Security Company, in a metal
chest, where it was smartly disguised, documented and
deposited as a consignment containing pre-history
African artifacts to avoid any suspicion
and security implications from government authorities
here. The Security Company is not aware that the real
contents of the deposited consignment are cash-money.

More details on the best way forward will be arranged
between you and our family when you confirm the
receipt of this subject. Expecting your urgent
response. Thanks and God bless you for accepting to
work with our family.

Yours truly,

Paul Bedford
(For the family)

Now I just replied with

From "Adam Nalwartz" <[email protected]> Date Fri, 16 Apr 2004 12:44 AM
To "Paul Bedford" <[email protected]>
Subject Re: DETAILS[1]


Dear Paul,

I hope that you don't mind me calling you Paul, but as
we communicate more and get this organized, I feel that
we should become more comfortable with each other, and
treat each other with respect. Treat each other like

I am glad that you chose my company to help you out.As
you may or may not know, we specialize in helping
people invest wisely, and we often deal with foreign

What we do is take the money that you want to invest,
and as good will for you choosing us we give you an
extra 2% of the total you give us for extra investments.
The extra 2% is optional, because it also increases the
percentage we gather from the money you gain from your
investments, but in our opinion it's worth it, and it
shows our clients that we care about them, and want them
to succeed.

Re: Your investments. Equities and real estate in this
area are at an all-time low, and are expected to rise
within the next two months VERY RAPIDLY. We are advising
our clients to invest, and depending on how much they
have, we are helping them choose which stocks will be
the most profitable.

I am a very trusting person. I have to be trusting
with the job I have. I trust and believe as a
Christian that you are a good man, and I look
forward to doing business with you.

A. Nalwartz,
VP, CEO, Hegav Mee A. Nalwartz, Inc.

Thoughts? Ideas?

Also, for the photoshop pros, I have a picture that I'd like to use as me, but it needs something that I'm not skilled enough to add (facial hair). PM me if you think you can help.

-=A sane man from a mad world, a mad man from a sane world, and a chimp. Coming this summer: Chimp Over a Barrel=-
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