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 maybe a very creativ 419 story

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 15, 2004 12:06 am Reply with quoteBack to top

One Day i got this mail, which sounds very realistic due to the land crises in simbabwe are for real.

Dear Stefan,I recieved and thank you for your response to mymail.Suffice to inform you that i have been in long searchof someone bearing Stefan as a surname.This Project requires your utmost transparency and i urgeyou to treat it as such.In that light if you know you cannot assist do state so plainly and i will discontinuefurther correspondence with you.Be that as it may,if youare not interested i urge you to keep this transactionsecret even if you can not assist me.I have decided tocontact you for reasons which will become evident as idisseminate the information to you.On the 23rd of may 2003,i was contacted by an official of aland and agriculture bank in south africa.This contactbecame neccesary because of the bank account of a latefriend of mine Mr [XXX], which has becomeunoperational for close to four years .I became the lastresort of contact after the bank had incessantly tried tocontact the family of the late account owner.I wastherefore contacted because i once was a co signatory to anaccount in that bank with my late friend.As a colleague inthe farming industry we shared this account for somebusiness transaction in the past.I was made to understand by the bank official who contactedme that the case was especially difficult for them becausemy friend did not state in his bank documents his next ofkin.And as he did not state his next of kin any immediatefamily relative can be regarded as the next of kin by thebank.Upon this contact from the bank, i therefore broughtto their notice the fact my late friend was killed in theland crisis in zimbabwe,which caused white farmers like tobe dispalced from their farm land,losing everything.I wrotealot of articles on the bbc news on this issue ,trying totell the world of the crisis in zimbabwe.Alot of humanright violations at this time led to the death and maimingof many white farmers.Also i made the official understandthat my friend was not a natural citizen of zimbabwe likemany of us.Hewas said to have migrated with his wife from Europe some time in early 1970"s and as such tracing hisfamily would be practically impossible.He lost his wife in1996 and to the best of my knowledge and of all they had noissues.Upon hearing this and after several discussions with thebank official who happens to be a director in the treasurydepartment of the bank,we finally came to an agreement.Hesaid that since i am the only known link of the bank inthis issue and as such they are relying on me to provide a blood relative of thedeceased.He adviced that i do not let the bank know thatthe there are no traceable families to the deceased,elsethe bank will strike off the debt and retain the money. Hetherefore adviced me to officially tell the bank that iwill assist them in locating any member of the family ofthe deceased,which i have already done. He has adviced that look for someone we can trust,who hasno known business or casual relationship with the deceasedand who has no link with zimbabwe since the bank is alreadyaware of the fact that the deceased has no families inzimbabwe hence the long search.This is why i have contacted you to solicit for yourassistance in this mutually benefittingtransaction as you share the same surname with the deceasedbecause if nothing is done this amount of moneybelonging to my late friend would all be lost because hehas no family,insteadof that to happen i have taken thepain to look for you and get you into this deal instead ofthis money getting lost.I can assure you that alllegalities will be observed in this transaction .The bank official who is a part of this deal has assured methat he will use his influence in the bank to speedy up thetransaction from the bank and make sure that the funds inthe account are transfered to whoever agrees to stand asthe relative of the deceased.He will also make sure youface no problems with the bank but he should not on anyground be linked to this transactio openly as this is asecret arrangement.I have taken the liberty to contact youbecause i know for a fact that you are a responsible person and as such can be trusted not toelope with this funds at the end of the day.I urge you to give this proposal its neccesaryconsideration and get back to me as soon as possiblebecause time is of the essence in thistransaction.Immediately i hear from i will bring you into aclearer picture of the whole transaction with the outlinedprocedures you are to follow. You have nothing to fear as this transaction is 100% riskfree. We will discuss other issues when i hear from you.
I expect your prompt response.
Thank you for youranticipated co-operation.
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 15, 2004 12:17 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I'm afraid there isn't much that's new in the Lad story 'inventory'. Wink

This angle has been used before, but don't let that put you off from having some fun.

Welcome aboard. Very Happy

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