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 Margarita Alekseeva, Kazan, Russian Romance Scammer

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 03, 2006 1:12 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Birthdate: March, seventh, 1979
using [email protected] (current)
[email protected], [email protected]

IPWHOIS from IP in header indicates Mari el

Thank you for your letter for me XXXXX . I am very glad and
slightly excited. It so is unusual to me to read the letter on the
screen of the monitor. I even yet completely believe in it:). But it
is the truth! Now in my personal electronic box there is a letter! I
was not sure that I shall receive your letter and now it is very
pleasant for me to understand that you have written to me. Is it means
that you has shown any interest to me?Smile? Likely you are not simple so
have written to me XXXX ?Smile? I now smile. Thank you for this
pleasure. I want to hope that this my letter will present you a smile
and any interest for you too. I so for a long time did not write the
letter. Likely my last letter was still when I went to school. I
remember that I had the girlfriend. I have got acquainted with her in
children's pioneer camp. We were very amicable. And when we have left
from camp that we some time wrote each other letters. It was
interesting and cheerful children's time but then all this has somehow
disappeared:) . Therefore I at all do not know that I should and can
write to you in this letter:). Likely to you it is now ridiculous?Smile.
The girl has decided to get acquainted through the Internet and does
not know what to write:)! To me it is slightly ridiculous too:)! Why
you have decided that you are old for me? I think that a difference
not in the age of and it not so it is important for me but if it is
very important for you inform me about it? Likely for the beginning I
should tell about myself slightly. I girl which live in Russia. Likely
you know Russia?Smile? At us the huge country. To me twenty six years. I
was born March, seventh, 1979. I hope not so old for such
relations?Smile! Likely on a photo I look not on 25?Smile. I would like to
find out your opinion. My friends and familiar speak that I look on
19:)! Really it so?! It is necessary to finish to praise myself:)SmileSmile.
Now I want to tell to you slightly about my life. I live in city Kazan
which in republic Tatarstan. I love my city. Recently at us the
grandiose holiday was. To our city was executed 1000. I rent one room
in an apartment and I live there. And where you live? Likely in your
country each person has an apartment or the house? I work in a small
but cosy beauty salon. I am the master of female beauty. But I can
think up something for men too:) . I think that I universal master as
I love my work and want to help people to become more attractive and
charming. Though I think that the basic beauty of the person is in him
soul. And what you think of it XXXX ? I do not know how to tell
about my family but I want to tell you that I have my most loved aunt.
She has two children. They are which remarkable children and I very
much like them . They have very kind and good father. He is my uncle.
He remarkable person. Likely you have question about my mum and daddy.
If you do not object that I shall not write about it in this letter.
But if you want to find out about it that I can write to you about my
family more in detail in the following letter. If we shall continue
our relations:)SmileSmile. I hope that our relations will not be limited to
one letter?Smile . I think that we have the pleasant beginning and the
future will be much better. I can write that I beautiful, attractive,
clever, kind, truthful and something else... But I shall not do it
(though have already did:)). Such I !Smile! And if truthfully - I am the
girl. In the world many girls similar to me but I think that in each
person there is an individual pearl and secret. Probably I can show
you it and you can see and open secret:). I look at the monitor and I
see that I am capable and I can write something:). Likely now your
turn is a little to tell about itself? I shall wait your following
letter XXXXX . You know correspondence with you for me as a
fantastic adventure. I hope that it will have only the pleasant
moments and fine ideas. And maybe something more?Smile? Likely you have
noticed that I have sense of humor. I love humor you see laughter and
smiles are a source of fine mood so also happiness. But in each joke
there is a truth:)SmileSmile! At the end of my letter I want to wish you
XXXX fine mood, a lot of smiles and kind dreams. It was very
pleasant for me to carry out nice time with you:). I very much wait
your letter. My friendly (it at present) smile for you! Margarita.

Again I see yours letter XXXX and now my excitement not such
strong. I to begin to get used to this unusual correspondence and now
it seems to me that in it there is no such difficulty:). Certainly all
the same it is a little somehow not on itself. I remember earlier when
I went to school I the computer science sat at a lesson and us learned
as to use the computer. We so diligently all listened also to all
wrote down in a writing-book. And now years I computer absolutely for
other purposes after was so much use, both this purpose correspondence
and search of that of the man which likely too searches for the
woman:).I very well remember the school young years. When at a lesson
of the literature the teacher forced to teach us a poem at great
writer A.S. Puchkin:

I remember strange instant,
Before me you were,
As a fleeting image,
As the genius of pure beauty.

As these words and as this remarkable writer and the poet beautifully
wrote are pleasant:). What you to think of it Sylvester? I have sent
you a photo which I have made in the childhood. I such small on this
photo:). She was made in a kindergarten. Likely you too in the
childhood went to a kindergarten. I so was not pleasant like to a
kindergarten I cried and shouted that I shall not go but my parents of
me all the same sent in a kindergarten. And they acted truly. I think
Sylvester what to go to the child in a kindergarten it is necessary
you see at him there is a new review to an environment. He finds out
new things about which did not know at him the outlook to a reality in
which he extends lives. The child finds out new people and he has a
friend. On it a photo I am completely not similar to myself as years I
very much will change as well as all people vary. I am right? Though
some spoke me that I am very similar to the girl from the youth. You
have photos from your childhood? I have written to you in my the first
letter slightly about myself and volume where I live where I work. I
in it letter want to tell to you about the family not much. I think
that you need to know about mine family. Certainly it is not so
pleasant for me to recollect that there was with mine a family. But I
think it very important for our correspondence you see we should find
out each other. I was born December, 7, 1979 in the country Russia
city of Kazan. My mother and father unfortunately were lost also to me
very difficultly to you about it to speak. Likely you enter into my
position and I not can frequently about them to speak. When I
recollect them at me to occur tears on eyelashes and at me on soul the
heavy cargo lays. I recollect about them always. I think of them and I
want that they were with me but it is a pity that it is impossible to
return the past and impossible to change anything. My mother told to
me about that as she has got acquainted with my father:). Their
meeting has taken place very interestingly:) . They have met when mine
of mine scold there were 23 years and to the father of 26 years. My
mother studied and has received the diploma of the technologist of the
food-processing industry at the Kazan state technological university.
It is deciphered as "KGTU." it is very prestigious university and to
us to Kazan many students from different cities to study in this fine
and multi-faculty university go. My father worked as the builder and
he built a room for the teacher at this university. He has seen my
mother and they have liked each other and then after a while they
married. Then they have decided to make the child and this child
appeared ISmile . My father has died in a road accident to me at all a
hunt about it to speak but you should know it. He was brought down
with other automobile and the driver was drunk. And my father at once
has died not having reached up to hospital. When my mother about it
has found out from her there was a heart attack and at her heart has
stopped. And she was lost. I was taken away to itself by my aunt she
to me in the beginning of nothing spoke. She simply spoke that my
mother and father have left on rest for other city and soon will
arrive but they and have not arrived. I became more adult and then I
have understood also to me the aunt has told that they were lost. I to
cry and there were no a house two weeks. I did not trust that I have
remained one without parents. I thought that it is simply terrible
dream but it there was not a terrible dream and a reality. My mother a
name Svetlana and a name father Michael. My mother and father were
born in Kazan. And my aunt is the sister of mine mother she lives in
130 kilometer from Kazan in a village. Mine the aunt a name Lyudmila
and the name of my uncle is her husband Vladimir. I all time when my
parents have died a vein and was brought up at them. Then I have left
to Kazan studied at the Kazan state university as the economist and
have finished and have received the diploma. But the economist
unfortunately I not can to begin and now I work in a beauty salon.
That they me have brought up thank the big my aunt and the uncle. Now
I want to create the family and itself I want to care of myself and at
me it seems turns out. I think that you in detail read a small history
about mine family and you have much found out about me and mine
family. Do not take offence that I so few to write to you about the
family simply to me very difficultly to write about the parents to me
very difficultly them to recollect. My dear you speak that you rough
but at the same time very lovely if love someone. I simply think that
you very lovely simply to you are necessary to love someone and that
your love was near to you. I think that in soul you very lovely and
gentle. Certainly likely what I also was interesting to you. Likely I
also little bit modest but I simply want to find only thing the man
and to give him all love and tenderness. Certainly to me would like to
write to you more often but I do not manage to use the working
computer to write to you. It is a pity that my chief very strict and
if he to find out that I I use my computer that it will correspond
likely very malicious from it. I would not like that me have seen as I
to sit in an operating time and to be engaged in correspondence. You
to be used the computer or the worker? It is a pity that it is
necessary to finish my small history and as may it will turn out so me
may see and then there will be very bad circumstances and I can not
write to you more. I now to finish to write and speak you good-bye.
With hope for your fast answer I shall wait for yours letter and
sincere recognitions from life. Do not overlook to write to me as you
likely are very glad that at you the good and fair girlfriend from
Russia Margarita has appeared. It is very pleasant for me that at me
the new friend from other country will appear. As it is very tempting
and it is very interesting to find out about the friend the friend.



Hi my love xxxxxow your affairs?Smile today fine weather at us.
And with it I am very glad with you to share. Weather was very fine.
Me so to attract on street in such weather!SmileSmile today in the morning
of me to wake a bell of the phone of my fellow worker. I so would not
like to rise but when I have risen and have taken a tube of the phone.
Who was certainly interesting to me of me in it to wake. It was very
pleasant when I to hear her voice by the phone. Having wished to me
good morning also has asked me that I today shall do . I for today did
not have any plans as I shall have a rest and carry out this day. My
colleague has told me that that today they are going to be rolled from
mountain on sledge. It was certainly very interesting to me. You see I
from the childhood was not rolled. Also has decided to go and have a
rest together with them. I with to be kept back how and when we to
meet. After that I to take a shower and have had breakfast. Whether I
do not know I have gorged on today in the morning?Smile but it was very
fast!SmileSmile . There was I at a stop at the end of city. Simply I did not
know where this hill to be. When I have met her that she of me to ask
where my sledge?Smile. To me was so not dexterously that I myself to
forget sledge:)Smile We have joked of her and have decided to buy for me
sledge. We long did not begin to choose and have bought that that was
pleasant to me. After that we send on mountain. But today day off. And
on mountain was many people. It is possible to tell not only children
were rolled but also adults. For the first time to me it was terrible
also my colleague to me has told that that it is not necessary to be
afraid of it. You see I only in the childhood was rolled. She to calm
me and has told that that all will be normal only that I was not
afraid. Might not imagine as I to be lowered from this mountain. It
was very cheerful also to me it was pleasant. But these sensations
which simply were to not transfer in a word. Was so cheerfully and
ridiculously. After that first time I began to be rolled together with
the others. Day of all the day we were rolled. Even adults were rolled
from this mountain. But to evening we have gone home. To me was
pleasantly cheerful to lead this sunday. I am very grateful to the
colleague for that that she has given me to recollect my childhood.
Whether my dear certainly it is interesting to me to find out from you
were at you such days. Somebody from your friends to invite you on
such?Smile. Certainly to me you today also are interesting how to lead
the day off?Smile. After that I to look at myself that I seem as a
snowball!SmileSmile. I long had to stir up from myself snow. Therefore that
it was difficult. Certainly I to come back home in the evening and
have changed clothes. My sun xxx I sit in the Internet of cafe
and I write you it letter. certainly to me it was pleasant to spend
today. I certainly would not like it to write you but it is time me.
Simply at me time comes to an end. I think that you liked that that I
to write to you in letter. my dear xxxxx!!! I shall wait from you
letter. write to me as you have carried out this day!. Yours

Good evening my interesting XXXXX! How your affairs? How your
mood? At me good mood. You see I see yours letter and me it to please.
XXXX I think it incorrectly when the person writes to other
person small letter. you see it incorrectly. I like to write big
letter though I even do not have computer of a house. It is very
pleasant and interesting to me when I write the person about myself.
About the interesting histories and the interesting moments in life.
And very much it is pleasant to me if the person reciprocates. I think
that to you also pleasantly when the person concerns to you
reciprocity. I try to write to you big and interesting letter but I do
not know they like you whether or not:)? It is pleasant to you when I
write big letter? Or it is pleasant to you if I shall write to you
small letter?Smile Certainly I think that is pleasant to you when I treat
you yours faithfully and to write to you more about myself. You see I
want to find out you more to find out about that as you live in this
life. And I shall tell to you about that as I live and about all the
I am very glad that you and your friend to go to a beauty salon.
I hope that your friend to remain is pleased after visiting? XXXX

I want to tell to you slightly about the photo which I to you I have
sent in letter. think that it will be very interesting to you to find
out about this photo. This photo I has made in the summer this year. I
went to the aunt and the uncle on days off. I try to visit more often
the relatives. I very much love the the aunt and the uncle. You see
they my nearest relatives. My aunt began for me mother. And my uncle
began for me as father. I think that you understand me? You see they
grew and brought up me from the smallest age. I very much thank the
aunt and the uncle for it. Once when I to them to go with me by the
opposite side the girl sat. She looked on years 20. I has decided to
get acquainted with her and we have got into conversation with her.
She has told to me about herself and I too have told to her about
myself. At her very bad childhood. To her too was not lucky in the
childhood. Her parents have left one and she lived in a boarding
school till 18 years. Then she has arrived to study to Kazan as the
lawyer. But she not can to find work on her speciality. And she lived
in any village I even any more do not remember. She works in this
village as the seller in grocery shop. I have advised her to go to
Kazan both to find there work and to live in Kazan. I at all do not
know where she lives and that with her. It was very good girl. I very
much would like to meet her sometime. She would be for me the good
girlfriend:). I am very glad that I have such good friend as you.
Though you and so are far from me and we not can so it is easy to
meet. It is very pleasant for me to divide with you the interesting
moments in life and it is very interesting to me to listen about your
life. I think that you liked my small history about that as I went to
the aunt and about that where this photo was made?Smile XXX It is a
pity to me it is necessary to finish the small letter. I hope you in
anything have not afflicted and on the contrary only have cheered up
you. I at all do not know on what phrase to finish the letter devoted
for you my lovely friend. I have written to you today and have told to
you a little more on myself. I think that we shall find out each other
and to write each other. I want to wish you all good and good luck in
all. Beautiful to you of dreams XXX. Up to the following letter.


Hello XXXXX! Good evening! How your affairs XXXX How your
mood? Today I again have come in the Internet of cafe XXXX to
write to you the letter to you. I think to you like to read my
letters. I very much am interested in you you to me am very
interesting. I want to know about you all if certainly you will write
to me about you:). Today at me at work was so many clients XXXX.
I so am tired but I had forces to come in the Internet of cafe to
write to you the letter XXX. Because I know that you wait for it
I too always I wait your letters. Excuse me that I not can each day to
come in the Internet of cafe. I simply do not have time and I very
much late come from work and very much I get tired. Likely you
understand me XXXXX. XXXX I have sent you very beautiful
photo a bear. You liked this bear which on a photo? I so love animals
Sylvester. I very strongly love animals and I think that with them is
impossible to act poorly. I want to tell to you XXXX where I have
made this photo I think to you it very interestingly. It is a photo I
has made in the summer 2004 when to us to Kazan there came a circus
and I went on this performance. The circus passed open-air covered
with any material that people which have not paid money and have not
bought the ticket not can to look this performance. And when I to go
to buy the ticket I have seen this beautiful bear. It beautiful!!!! It
has very much liked me also I I have decided to make its photo has
asked persons which photographed in a circus fly into a rage that he
has photographed to me this bear. I have paid to him of money and he
has made to me it is a photo. I at all to not go to look a circus:) .
I so liked this bear that I sat about it 2 hours. To me was it so it
is a pity. It was in a circuit it so is insulting and it is a pity. It
is impossible so to act with defenceless animals. If I would have
opportunity I has exempted all an animal that they lived at themselves
in a nature in a wood instead of in a cage. You see they such
defenceless. And they too want to live. People should protect a nature
and respect laws which the God has created. The god has created people
and animals, plants, insects, a bacterium and microbes and all that is
at us in the world and I think that we should not prevent to live to
all that is in a nature and that the God has created. All should be in
the places. You with me agree? I think to you my history about a photo
which I has liked you has sent. Simply I wanted to share with you
small wash even with an interesting history and that that I think of
animals. XXXXX I try to write to you all most interesting moments
in my life. I write you the history of life and I think that it very
important in ours with you to correspondence. I think that it is
necessary for us to find out about each other in the maximal
opportunity. You with me agree? XXX My interesting so it is
pleasant for me to tell to you about itself to listen and read and and
find out about you. But I should leave XXXX. Excuse me for such
small letter simply I today I write from the Internet of cafe and
while I do not have opportunities to write to you from work. XXXX
I should finish the small letter. I think that my letter was pleasant
to you and I have not afflicted you with the letter but only have on
the contrary given to you mood. XXXX I wish you pleasant and
beautiful dreams and successful to you of day. Up to the following
letter my interesting XXXXX. Margarita.

And thank you for your interesting letter, Margarita, where I had to 'x' out the name of my 'cartoon character' 15 times!
If you only could understand the name of the character you are writing, you would understand you TRULY love animals!


She enclosed a picture of a bear, chained to a wall, muzzled.....maybe a public park,or as she mentioned...a circus.

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