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PostPosted: Sun Feb 20, 2005 4:03 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Logged into yahoo small business chat said I wanted to invest and we were off.

mohammed_abubakar2 (12:04:44): hello
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:04:47): asl?
XXXX (12:04:51): hiya
XXXX (12:04:57): what is asl?
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:05:0Cool: asl?
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:05:15): location?
XXXX (12:05:27): ahh, location
XXXX (12:05:31): uk
XXXX (12:05:40): you
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:05:44): m or f?
XXXX (12:05:53): what about you
XXXX (12:05:55): m
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:05:57): male
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:05:59): 45
XXXX (12:06:06): where from
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:06:07): i am dr idris suleman
XXXX (12:06:17): Good morning dr
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:06:30): i am the chairman of the fedral contracts commission,nigeria
XXXX (12:06:34): what are you looking for
XXXX (12:06:36): right
XXXX (12:06:46): and
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:06:5Cool: who are you?
XXXX (12:07:11): John Smith, why?
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:07:42): mr smith will you be willing to invest in a profitable deal?
XXXX (12:08:06): yes, what business is it in
XXXX (12:08:21): excuse me, I need to go to the toilet
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:08:25): ok
XXXX (12:12:1Cool: why are you so impatient - am i allowed to use the shitter
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:12:49): sorry
XXXX (12:12:59): right, where were we
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:13:03): so will you like to see my proposal?
XXXX (12:13:14): give me some details
XXXX (12:13:49): wait a sec, someone at the door
XXXX (12:15:04): Well, what are the details
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:15:30): hello
XXXX (12:15:52): yes, i am waiting
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:16:31): pls can you give ur email so i can send details?
XXXX (12:16:49): give me a brief description now
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:17:1Cool: i reall do not have the time to
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:17:31): i am not into spam
XXXX (12:17:34): then try and be breif
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:17:45): if you are interested give email
XXXX (12:17:57): what are you afriad of
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:18:12): nothing
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:18:1Cool: just busy
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:18:24): email?
XXXX (12:18:25): and I am not?
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:18:34): i know you are
XXXX (12:18:42): do you think I just sit around here to waste my time?
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:18:47): no
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:19:01): you see this deal is profitable
XXXX (12:19:02): then why do you think that your time is more valuable than mine
XXXX (12:19:13): tell me what the bloody deal is
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:19:24): it involves alot of money which we can make to become ours
XXXX (12:19:36): okay, i'm listening
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:19:3Cool: it is not bloody
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:19:45): pls do not be rude
XXXX (12:20:01): you insult me and then you ask me not to be rude
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:20:09): i am sorrry
XXXX (12:20:17): so you should be
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:20:22): if i have insulted you inany way
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:20:27): i apologise
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:20:34): but pls do not be rude
XXXX (12:20:36): what is the deal
XXXX (12:20:54): do not tell me how to behave, do you understand me
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:21:10): like i said it involves money you and i can make ours
XXXX (12:21:31): what is the deal, what is involved
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:21:4Cool: not much
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:21:57): just your cooperation
XXXX (12:22:21): yes???
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:22:39): pls give email and i will forward details
XXXX (12:23:09): tell me about the details now, why won't you just type the details now
XXXX (12:23:31): or are you just wasting my time
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:24:04): no
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:24:1Cool: but you no be cooperateful
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:24:34): this deal is seroius
XXXX (12:24:47): i don't like giving my private address to strangers because the last time i did that it cost me bloody thousands to clean up the mess
XXXX (12:24:59): so you are saying that I am a joke?
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:25:06): sorry about that
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:25:10): no
XXXX (12:25:13): no, explain yourself
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:25:21): bit pls trust me
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:25:25): no spam
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:25:30): promise
XXXX (12:25:35): trust is an expensive commodity
XXXX (12:25:49): especially when you are being so bloody secretive
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:25:55): i know
XXXX (12:26:06): this is like talking with the fucking russian secret services again
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:26:07): but secretive for a reason
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:26:16): i am sorry
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:26:24): but pls trust me
XXXX (12:26:32): why
XXXX (12:27:02): what is the deal
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:27:1Cool: ok
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:27:52): the deal involve the transfer of a sum of money into ur acc which you will hold intrust for me
XXXX (12:28:13): right
XXXX (12:28:24): and why do you need to do this?
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:28:46): because the money is not mine currently
XXXX (12:29:00): Can you explain is not your currently?
XXXX (12:29:07): are you an armed robber
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:29:19): the money belong to the goverment
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:29:30): i am trying to claim it
XXXX (12:29:42): ahh, you are trying to steal it
XXXX (12:29:45): I see now
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:30:04): are you interested?
XXXX (12:30:05): I see why the need for secrecy
XXXX (12:30:24): yes, i have a large sum of money that could be expanded shall we say
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:30:54): before i go on
XXXX (12:30:59): right
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:31:13): let me say that i do not expect you invest inthis deal
XXXX (12:31:32): you know nothing about me, so do not judge me
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:31:44): ok
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:31:52): are you interested
XXXX (12:32:29): I need more details before I can risk any deal outside of the main pharmaceutical business
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:32:43): ok
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:32:55): pls give email and i will send details
XXXX (12:33:41): GIVE ME MORE DETAIls of this business
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:33:50): email?
XXXX (12:34:32): e-mails can be traced, this can't I don't need the police or secret services sniffing around because of some idiot I met on the net
XXXX (12:35:01): is your mail secure?
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:35:37): i head the contract review commission of nigeria,and with my position as chairman i will make it look like you are a representative of one of the companies the goverment is owing
XXXX (12:35:5Cool: okaY what else, sounds good
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:35:5Cool: yes my mail is secure
XXXX (12:36:13): how secure?
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:36:1Cool: then i will process documents to that effect
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:36:27): very secure
XXXX (12:36:35): How do you know?
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:37:03): bassed on this documents iyou will be issued a certficate of claim
XXXX (12:37:15): okay, what documents are we looking for
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:37:2Cool: whish will be forwarded to the minster of finance
XXXX (12:37:47): right, will you supply me with the correct information
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:37:49): do not worry i can arrenge all the documents
XXXX (12:38:21): okay, what is the timescale
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:38:43): the minster will based on the certificate of calim authorize the cental bank to transfer the money inro your acc
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:38:56): timescale?
XXXX (12:38:5Cool: how long are we talking about
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:39:00): 2 weeks
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:39:39): are you interested?
XXXX (12:40:02): right, I am expecting a shipment of merchandise in two weeks from Columbia, but this is manageable
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:40:14): interested?
XXXX (12:40:29): yes
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:40:36): ok
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:40:54): then send your personal details to my email
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:41:10): [email protected]
XXXX (12:41:22): why the different name
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:41:29): so i can start processing the documents inyour name
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:42:14): the email is in my sons name for security reasons
XXXX (12:42:34): that name doesn't sound anything like someone related to you
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:42:44): i know
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:42:52): i want it like that
XXXX (12:43:06): how can it be in your son's name then?
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:43:19): pls sir trust me
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:43:25): i am serious
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:43:40): will you send details?
XXXX (12:43:56): yes, but how do I know I can trust you
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:44:57): i assure you
XXXX (12:45:02): how
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:45:06): i give my word
XXXX (12:45:31): the last person who gave their word to me, broke it you don't want to know what happened to them
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:45:42): ok
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:45:4Cool: ur age pls?
XXXX (12:45:5Cool: what evidence can you give me of who you are
XXXX (12:46:13): what does my age have to do with the price of beans
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:46:19): what do you want?
XXXX (12:46:36): what can you provide
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:46:42): any thing
XXXX (12:47:06): i usually rewquire application forms from new employees
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:47:13): so?
XXXX (12:48:00): their addresses, of themselves and family and photo identification that is recognisable to me alone
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:48:01): hello
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:48:14): ok
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:48:19): address?
XXXX (12:48:24): can you supply them
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:48:24): photo?
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:48:2Cool: yes
XXXX (12:48:32): what do you suggest
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:48:53): give email and i will send all you asked
XXXX (12:49:27): I ask for a personalised photo, so I know who I am dealing with.
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:49:34): ok
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:49:45): email?
XXXX (12:50:05): give me a second I will give you my personal e-mail.
XXXX (12:50:33): only special contacts get this
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:50:40): ok
XXXX (12:51:39): [email protected]
XXXX (12:52:00): I need to know that the photo is of you, can you suggest something
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:52:03): thank you
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:52:14): yes
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:52:20): i am short
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:52:27): dark skinned
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:52:34): no beard
XXXX (12:52:42): so is half of my family, and that doesn't tell me anything bloody thing
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:52:55): what do you want to know?
XXXX (12:53:15): how can I be sure that it is you?
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:53:57): you cantact an associate of mine inthe uk to confirm
XXXX (12:54:14): who
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:54:29): an old business associate
XXXX (12:54:34): why
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:54:5Cool: so you can find out if i am credible
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:55:17): i can give you refrences
XXXX (12:55:24): wait, i have a call
mohammed_abubakar2 (12:55:2Cool: ok
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:00:21): hello
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:05:42): pls check your email
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:05:54): i have sent you more details
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:08:36): hello
XXXX (13:15:42): hello
XXXX (13:15:54): still talking on phone
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:17:43): ok
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:20:23): hello
XXXX (13:22:0Cool: look, i am still on the phone
XXXX (13:22:37): if you want to talk to these people, carry on
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:22:5Cool: i am sorry
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:23:03): i am waiting
XXXX (13:23:13): i am busy
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:23:41): and i am waiting
XXXX (13:24:52): my business is of life and death, you can wait
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:25:00): ok
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:25:0Cool: check your box asap
XXXX (13:25:51): dont give orders
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:26:50): ok
XXXX (13:28:04): What the hell was that email?
XXXX (13:28:13): it doesn't tell me anything
XXXX (13:28:22): are you playing games
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:28:27): i know i send another soon
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:28:31): no
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:28:35): no games
XXXX (13:28:37): do you think I am here to waste my time on this crap
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:28:39): pls
XXXX (13:28:51): For crying out loud
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:28:55): pls calm down
XXXX (13:28:59): what are you playing at
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:29:12): i will send you all you want to see
XXXX (13:29:26): I finished a phone conversation with the most dAngerous men in colombia for that shit
XXXX (13:29:54): here I am taking the bloody risk of getting some sicarios after me and you send that shit
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:29:57): really
XXXX (13:30:09): who the fuck do you think you are
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:30:09): pls calm down
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:30:16): a no body
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:30:33): pls i don't even knpw who you are
XXXX (13:30:37): yeah, when they put a bomb under my arse I will tell them abou5t you
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:30:4Cool: i am sorry
XXXX (13:30:53): then you will know the fucking problems I have,
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:30:53): calm down
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:31:00): ok
XXXX (13:31:07): bloody hell, is this a joke to you
XXXX (13:31:19): is this a game
XXXX (13:31:25): who are you
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:31:47): hello
XXXX (13:31:54): what
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:32:02): are you still interested in this deal?
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:32:13): yes or no
XXXX (13:32:42): I do not know enough about this bloody deal to give you an answer if you give me proper details and not that bullshit, then i can tell you
XXXX (13:33:2Cool: what happened to the identification
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:33:41): i will send ok
XXXX (13:33:56): what photo are you going to send to me
XXXX (13:34:22): don't give me the crap of short, dark skinned and without a beard as that describes my bloody mother
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:36:06): what do you want
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:36:26): drivers licence?
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:37:14): passport?
XXXX (13:37:26): No, that could be of anyone, will you take a photograph of yourself holding your clearly visible driving licence or passport.
XXXX (13:37:49): I want to see that the person holding it is the person in the ID
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:38:10): sure
XXXX (13:38:35): No funny business
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:38:46): no funny biz
XXXX (13:38:4Cool: when will you send it
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:38:51): promise
XXXX (13:38:59): what do you mean no funny biz
XXXX (13:39:17): what are you saying
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:39:26): i mean i will not try an thing funny
XXXX (13:39:34): you had better not
XXXX (13:40:07): when will you send it
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:40:30): tommorrow or next?
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:40:42): i have to take pic
XXXX (13:40:45): you had better not be wasting my time
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:40:4Cool: then send
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:40:55): i'm not
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:41:04): i will do all you asked
XXXX (13:41:09): what about the other documents
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:42:1Cool: it will take a while to process
XXXX (13:42:24): how long
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:42:30): so just give me a few days
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:42:31): ok?
XXXX (13:42:37): why will it take so long
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:42:41): 5 days?
XXXX (13:42:49): answer the question
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:42:54): that is not long
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:43:22): bcos of offiacal protocols
XXXX (13:43:29): what protocols
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:44:11): official ones
XXXX (13:44:34): what are they, I know what protocols are what do you need to do
XXXX (13:44:39): do you think I am stupid
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:44:43): no
XXXX (13:44:5Cool: then why give the bloody stupid answers
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:45:05): you see this involves alot
XXXX (13:45:29): if you had given me more information, I would see that wouldn't i
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:45:30): i have to consullt with a lot of goverment officials
XXXX (13:45:36): who
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:45:53): the fedral minister of finance
XXXX (13:45:59): and
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:46:17): the givernor of the central bank of nigeria
XXXX (13:46:23): yes
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:46:43): also a lot of department directors
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:46:47): you see
XXXX (13:46:52): how well do you know these people
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:47:14): i know the minister personally
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:47:26): but the rest on an official lavel
XXXX (13:47:27): how do you know him personally
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:47:3Cool: we are both muslims
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:47:52): and we aworship together
XXXX (13:48:02): oh, that is good. I am a catholic so therefore that means I know the pope
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:48:13): and we come from the same part of the country
XXXX (13:48:17): are you trying to be funny
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:48:23): no
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:48:32): he is my personal friend
XXXX (13:48:44): how do you know he is not going to throw you in jail and hunt me down
XXXX (13:48:5Cool: how is he your personaly friend
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:49:36): he will not because he is my accomplice
XXXX (13:49:47): give me details
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:50:24): you see i have to offer him a bribe for him to authorize the transfer to your acc
XXXX (13:50:39): right, so you will buy him
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:51:52): yes
XXXX (13:52:01): how much
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:52:43): quite much
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:52:47): about
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:53:03): 150,000 euros
XXXX (13:53:12): how much is that in dollars
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:53:36): about 100,000
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:53:46): or there about
XXXX (13:53:53): You are a financial director, right?
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:54:1Cool: no
XXXX (13:54:26): what is your job again
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:54:35): i am the head of a key govt parastatsl
XXXX (13:54:53): what is a parastatsl
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:54:59): the commission i head is charged with
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:55:14): investigating and validating
XXXX (13:55:29): do you have any financial knowledge
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:55:31): claims made by contactractors
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:55:43): yes
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:55:53): i am educated
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:56:0Cool: i stdied economics i
XXXX (13:56:15): tell what the amount would be in Russian Roubles, Brazilian escudoes and Colombian Bolivar
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:56:46): sorry i do not have the current exchange rates off hand
XXXX (13:56:53): can you find out
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:57:15): sure but not now
XXXX (13:57:23): when can you tell me
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:57:29): i will send along with pic
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:57:33): ok?
XXXX (13:57:34): when
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:57:46): day after tomorow
XXXX (13:57:5Cool: do not forget it
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:58:07): ok
XXXX (13:58:17): have to take a call
mohammed_abubakar2 (13:58:23): so pls can you tell me if you interested now?
XXXX (14:00:57): yes I am interested
XXXX (14:01:11): how long have you been in your job
XXXX (14:03:06): well
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:04:10): i have been here for 2 years
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:04:54): but before my current appointment i was an assistant director with the finance ministry
XXXX (14:04:54): yes
XXXX (14:05:04): which city are you based in
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:05:15): abuja
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:05:19): and aba
XXXX (14:05:24): what is that place like
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:06:16): it is undeverloped
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:06:21): but rich
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:06:30): a lot of crude oil
XXXX (14:06:31): what are the restuarants like
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:08:06): ok
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:08:09): just ok
XXXX (14:08:42): a month ago some business associates came over from Cali and I took them to a place in London
XXXX (14:08:57): bueatiful food, bloody expensive but lovely
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:08:59): and?
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:09:06): really?
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:09:25): i hope to meet you at the end of our transaction
XXXX (14:09:31): it cost 200 per person and the wine was 1000 a bottle
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:09:37): will you treat me same?
XXXX (14:09:50): bloody excellent food, my associates were impressed
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:09:57): sure
XXXX (14:10:01): if you do not fuck this thing up, yes
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:10:14): i promise i won;t
XXXX (14:10:31): good
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:10:42): do you know how much our deal is worth?
XXXX (14:10:59): no, but it had better give a good return
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:11:1Cool: it is worth about fifteen million euros
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:11:24): small?
XXXX (14:11:25): so
XXXX (14:11:31): yes it is small
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:11:31): ok?
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:11:35): ok
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:11:4Cool: but let us start with this
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:11:56): more after this one
XXXX (14:11:59): should we meet
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:12:06): sure
XXXX (14:12:10): when
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:12:17): but after the trabsfer
XXXX (14:12:23): fine
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:12:29): when i come to get my share
XXXX (14:12:37): where will that be?
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:12:47): 2 weeks time
XXXX (14:12:52): where not when
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:13:06): my share is 70%
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:13:10): in london
XXXX (14:13:19): why is your share so much
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:13:27): youn keep 30%
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:13:35): ok?
XXXX (14:13:37): no
XXXX (14:13:44): 30% is too small
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:13:55): what do you want?
XXXX (14:14:02): 50
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:14:06): no
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:14:07): 40
XXXX (14:14:15): why not, it isn't your money
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:14:23): ok
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:14:31): 50/50
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:14:34): ok?
XXXX (14:14:44): okay, that sounds better
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:14:4Cool: ok
XXXX (14:14:5Cool: can I ask you something
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:15:03): now pls can i trust you with my share?
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:15:11): go on pls
XXXX (14:15:19): are you a good muslim?
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:15:25): maybe
XXXX (14:15:36): how maybe, don't you believe
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:15:36): depends on why you are asking
XXXX (14:15:47): because I want to know if I can trust you
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:15:4Cool: i believe in allah
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:16:02): yes you can trust me
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:16:10): can i trust you?
XXXX (14:16:13): what do you do as a good muslim
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:16:34): i keep to tenants of islam
XXXX (14:16:35): if the cartel can trust me I don't see why you can't
XXXX (14:16:41): How often
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:16:4Cool: as decreed by prophet mohammed
XXXX (14:16:54): what are they
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:17:09): very many
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:17:15): are you muslim?
XXXX (14:17:25): no I am a catholic, a very bad one
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:17:32): well
XXXX (14:17:41): what do you mean well
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:17:50): god always forgives us so do not worry
XXXX (14:17:57): not my god
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:18:03): we will
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:18:09): god will
XXXX (14:18:1Cool: as said, not my god
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:18:22): ok
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:18:37): but ask him
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:18:43): to forgive
XXXX (14:18:59): I asked my priest and he said that i would burn in hell for my sins
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:19:11): really/
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:19:16): too bad
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:19:35): i will ask my god for forgiveness after my deals
XXXX (14:19:46): does he answer you
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:19:47): he will forgive
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:19:55): i assure you
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:20:14): hello
XXXX (14:20:19): what does he say to you
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:20:35): thats btw me and him
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:20:37): ok
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:20:43): now sir
XXXX (14:20:55): do you know, I sometimes doubt if I will ever wash the blood off my hands
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:20:59): are willing to invest in this deal
XXXX (14:21:04): how much
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:21:15): i do not know for now
XXXX (14:21:34): I bet you do know about t=what I am talking
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:21:36): but i will communicate with you in due course
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:22:02): ok?
XXXX (14:22:12): it is always there, no matter how much you wash, you can never get clean
XXXX (14:22:22): it is always there
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:22:22): i understand
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:22:26): ok
XXXX (14:22:27): do you
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:22:40): can you call me?
XXXX (14:22:59): on what number
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:23:12): 2348038041476
XXXX (14:23:20): is that a land line
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:23:32): no
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:23:36): cell
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:23:52): cellphone
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:23:59): can you call?
XXXX (14:24:05): why don't you have a land line
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:24:19): i do have a land line
XXXX (14:24:25): what is that number
XXXX (14:24:37): cell phones are easy to tap
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:24:3Cool: but i do not use for security reasons
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:24:46): it is traceable
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:24:56): not in nigeria
XXXX (14:25:04): what sort of cheap and nasty equipment do you use
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:25:15): can you call?
XXXX (14:25:16): I use a crambling divice
XXXX (14:25:22): #yes
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:25:23): wow
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:25:29): call now pls
XXXX (14:25:42): not quite now,
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:25:47): when?
XXXX (14:25:53): tomorrow
XXXX (14:26:12): I have to make sure I am alone
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:26:13): ok
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:26:20): no prb
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:26:2Cool: what time
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:26:29): ?
XXXX (14:26:47): it depends on what time I can make sure there is no one listening in
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:26:56): ok
XXXX (14:27:09): Could you take with an associate of mine?
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:27:1Cool: i will send all as discussed earlier
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:27:25): yes
XXXX (14:27:40): okay, can you call her?
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:27:52): no
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:27:5Cool: let her call me pls
XXXX (14:27:5Cool: why not
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:28:16): better for her to call
XXXX (14:28:19): why
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:28:5Cool: security
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:29:00): pls
XXXX (14:29:06): you do not trust me
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:29:07): beter to call
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:29:13): i trust you
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:29:21): just let her call
XXXX (14:29:24): then why do you not trust my associate
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:29:42): i trust her but let her call
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:29:45): ok?
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:29:53): i will talk to her
XXXX (14:29:56): if you trust her, why don't you call her
XXXX (14:30:0Cool: Are you playing with me, luring me into a trap
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:30:15): no
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:30:29): you see
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:30:43): income call is impossible to trace
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:30:52): but out going
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:30:57): is possible
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:31:01): you se?
XXXX (14:31:06): then it should be safe to you if you making the incoming call to my associate
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:31:27): no unsafe bcos here that is outgoing
XXXX (14:31:2Cool: or do you think that you can send me and mine to prison
XXXX (14:31:31): is that it
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:31:36): no
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:31:4Cool: i do not want to go eigther
XXXX (14:32:01): if you betray me i will hunt you down
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:32:04): so better for her to call pls
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:32:09): ok
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:32:17): i will not betray you
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:32:30): ok?
XXXX (14:32:35): no it is not okay, I will take the risks and you will laugh your arse off with half of the money
XXXX (14:32:45): for what, for fuck all
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:32:51): no
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:33:04): 50/50 is a good deal for you
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:33:09): ok?
XXXX (14:33:33): not if I end up doing 30 years in prison because of your fuck ups
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:33:47): no fuck ups
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:33:53): i promise
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:34:05): i will like to see you pic too
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:34:23): possible?
XXXX (14:34:47): Yes of course it is posbbile
XXXX (14:34:56): who do you think I am
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:35:00): ok
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:35:07): send to my email
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:35:09): ok?
XXXX (14:35:12): when
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:35:27): anytime that suits you
XXXX (14:35:55): how do I know you will not betray me
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:36:03): i will not
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:36:14): we have to trust each other
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:36:32): how do i know you will not betray me too?
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:36:43): ok?
XXXX (14:37:03): are you saying that I am a betrayer and traitor, is that what you think
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:37:11): no
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:37:26): i am saying we should trust each other
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:37:33): ok?
XXXX (14:37:54): Another question, why should I trust you
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:38:11): bcos i am trusting you too
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:38:15): ok?
XXXX (14:38:23): that is not good enough
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:38:2Cool: let just trust each other
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:38:47): are you saying i am a traitor/
XXXX (14:38:54): I trust my associates because we know that we can and will kill to ensure our safety, I want you to know that
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:39:16): well believe me i can kill too
XXXX (14:39:25): In short, yes you are a traitor unless you would not be stealing from your government, who employ you
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:39:26): so do not mess with me
XXXX (14:39:43): do not make me laugh little boy
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:39:51): yes i will betray my country
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:40:07): bcos i am not the only one doing it
XXXX (14:40:10): If you betray your country but you want me to trust you
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:40:43): yes bcos you will hunt me if i betray u
XXXX (14:40:54): hey, i have no cares about my country, fuck em. I am not asking to be trusted because you need me more than I need you
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:40:56): my country will not hunt me
XXXX (14:41:24): what kind of a shithole country do you live in
XXXX (14:41:57): I guess then you are not worth anything
XXXX (14:42:36): well, are you too scared
XXXX (14:42:49): or do you want to run to mummy
XXXX (14:44:17): you are scared
XXXX (14:44:45):
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:44:54): hello
XXXX (14:44:57): yes
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:45:06): are you still with me on this?
XXXX (14:45:20): you were the one who disappeared not me, get on with it.
XXXX (14:45:43): Can I ask you a question
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:45:51): so are you still interested?
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:45:56): go on
XXXX (14:46:21): If I wasn't interested I would not be wasting my time talking to you
XXXX (14:46:51): Do you think that Nigeria has potential as a market for a certain variety of pharmaceutical products?
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:48:04): yes i think so
XXXX (14:48:29): What would be the market place opposition?
XXXX (14:48:42): You know competition
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:48:43): very little
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:48:59): vitually no opposition at all
XXXX (14:49:06): The possibilities of establishing a distribution network are???
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:49:13): but the markat is big
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:49:25): for what commodity?
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:49:2Cool: coc?
XXXX (14:49:32): how many drug addicts are there per thousand of the population
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:49:33): coke?
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:49:40): alot
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:49:43): junkies
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:49:4Cool: heroine
XXXX (14:49:50): coke and crack
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:49:52): coke
XXXX (14:50:09): what ever can be brought into the country
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:50:15): yes
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:50:22): no good security
XXXX (14:50:2Cool: what is the market leader?
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:50:39): no major leader
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:50:45): just small timers
XXXX (14:50:49): what drug sells the most
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:50:54): coke
XXXX (14:51:09): how much per gram bag
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:51:19): i cant tell
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:51:25): i am not a junkie
XXXX (14:51:27): why not
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:51:37): but i can find out
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:51:45): if you want
XXXX (14:51:50): niether am I, yet I know the prices in six different countries
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:52:04): bcos you are a big dealer
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:52:15): a bid one1
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:52:23): big
XXXX (14:52:24): I have the backing of some Columbian friends
XXXX (14:52:39): from Cali and Medillin
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:52:5Cool: wow!
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:53:10): so pls back to ur deal
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:53:21): u will call me tomorow?
XXXX (14:53:2Cool: I thought we had agreed that
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:53:32): ok
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:53:43): you see i have to go now
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:53:5Cool: i will send all u asked to ur email
XXXX (14:54:36): okay, send it as you agreed or I will not be very happy
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:54:43): ok
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:55:03): remember you will have to invest some cash
XXXX (14:55:20): No problem, it will be Columbian, is that okay?
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:55:47): why not dollars?
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:56:12): or euro?
XXXX (14:56:39): The money will be coming from Columbia one hundred dollar bills, completely untraceable
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:56:46): ok
XXXX (14:56:53): My friends will invest as well
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:57:17): you will send after you recieve my pic and documents?
XXXX (14:57:42): The ball will start rolling after I am satisfied with your picture
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:57:4Cool: ok
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:57:54): i have to go now
XXXX (14:58:16): Don't forget I must be able to see you in the photo and see the ID photo too.
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:58:19): pls add me on your list
XXXX (14:58:26): I will
XXXX (14:58:35): add me to yours
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:58:41): ok
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:58:45): done that
XXXX (14:58:51): what is the weather like there
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:59:02): hot
XXXX (14:59:0Cool: is there anyone else near you
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:59:22): no
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:59:26): i'm alone
XXXX (14:59:26): where are you
mohammed_abubakar2 (14:59:31): at home
XXXX (14:59:44): what is your address, I am curious
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:00:0Cool: i live in both abuja
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:00:11): and aba
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:00:21): abuja is were i work
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:00:3Cool: but my family live in aba
XXXX (15:00:42): what is your house like, are you watched
XXXX (15:00:47): are you followed
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:00:59): no
XXXX (15:01:01): do you have anyone watching you
XXXX (15:01:10): how can you tell
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:01:25): nigeria is not a security concious country
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:01:30): i know
XXXX (15:01:41): what about the security forces
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:01:42): i have connection in the police
XXXX (15:01:4Cool: what connection
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:01:51): and militery
XXXX (15:01:53): where does he live
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:02:06): i know a lot of senior officials
XXXX (15:02:10): who
XXXX (15:02:12): where
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:02:25): i know an army general
XXXX (15:02:31): which army general
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:02:34): in lagos
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:02:50): general j.k olushaola
XXXX (15:02:53): what good is he if you are in abuja and he is lagos
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:03:05): commander of the 10 battalion ,lagos
XXXX (15:03:10): what is he, army air force secret police
XXXX (15:03:15): or navy
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:03:21): he has contacts in abuja
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:03:29): army
XXXX (15:03:35): how secure are these contacts
XXXX (15:04:0Cool: how do you know he will not betray you
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:04:35): he will not
XXXX (15:04:45): how do you know this
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:05:06): bcos he is my wife's uncle
XXXX (15:05:1Cool: can he be trusted
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:05:1Cool: pls keep my secrets pls
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:05:31): yes i trust him with my life
XXXX (15:05:43): has he helped you in the past
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:05:49): yes
XXXX (15:05:55): what did he do
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:06:01): he saved my life
XXXX (15:06:07): how
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:06:16): when the military was in power
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:06:2Cool: i was a political activist then
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:06:43): there was a plot to assa sinate me
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:06:50): he leaked it
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:07:03): and for that i am forever in his debt
XXXX (15:07:13): what side were you on
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:07:24): democracy
XXXX (15:07:42): and yet you want to steal from them now
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:07:4Cool: yes
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:07:53): biz is biz
XXXX (15:08:00): how can you reconcile the two
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:08:05): i cant
XXXX (15:08:10): why
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:08:13): i do not need to
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:08:1Cool: bix is biz
XXXX (15:08:29): sp you wanted democracy so you could steal
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:08:35): well?
XXXX (15:08:42): answer the question
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:08:45): life is just like that
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:08:57): are you judging me now?
XXXX (15:09:16): I know I am a criminal, but I never get involved in the how we should live crap
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:09:31): ok
XXXX (15:09:36): How does allah reconcile your abuse of trust
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:09:37): i apologize
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:09:53): pls lets just talk biz
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:09:55): ok?
XXXX (15:10:23): As I said, I now that I am a criminal living off misery and making a lot of misery.
XXXX (15:10:55): but I don't claim to be a godfearing person and you do. Will your god help you steal
XXXX (15:11:15): I need to know what sort of scum I am dealing with
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:12:20): the sort of scum who will be too scared to betray you
XXXX (15:13:0Cool: re you sure, because if you can steal from your employers and yet you claim to be a good muslim
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:13:21): i have to go now,i will exepect your call tomorow
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:13:31): i am noy a good muslim
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:13:36): noy
XXXX (15:13:41): you said you were
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:13:41): not
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:13:45): no
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:13:49): i am not
XXXX (15:14:01): I may not be able to call but I will expect what you promised
XXXX (15:14:0Cool: Why did you lie to me
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:14:19): but being criminal does not mean you will not be dishonorabe
XXXX (15:14:29): Why did you lie to me
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:14:35): pls
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:14:40): bear with me
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:14:52): i am a criminal just like you
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:14:55): ok?
XXXX (15:15:12): hw are you a criminal just like me?
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:15:40): well i want to steal from the goverment that i work for
XXXX (15:15:56): if you want that, why I should trust you
XXXX (15:16:05): anyway send what you promised
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:16:05): that makes me criminial
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:16:11): ok
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:16:16): i will send
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:16:19): ok?
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:16:24): will you acll?
XXXX (15:16:32): if I am not satisfied I will not be happy
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:16:39): ok
XXXX (15:16:46): Maybe not tomorrow, but send that stuff
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:16:53): i promise you will be satisfied
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:16:5Cool: ok
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:17:06): i will send
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:17:11): bye
XXXX (15:17:11): do so
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:17:20): your name?
XXXX (15:17:35): John Smith, what is your name
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:17:50): DR IDRIS SULEMAN
XXXX (15:18:02): Just remember what I said
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:18:04): A PLEASURE TO MEET YOU
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:18:10): NO PRB
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:18:15): I REMEMBER
XXXX (15:18:26): likewise, I do like meeting and chatting with scum
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:18:43): OK
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:18:46): BYE
XXXX (15:18:55): why the caps lock
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:19:16): sorry
XXXX (15:19:27): why do you use the caps lock so much
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:19:45): nothing really
XXXX (15:19:47): it is like you are shouting
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:19:52): just that
XXXX (15:19:54): I do not like shouting
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:19:56): sorry
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:20:00): ok
XXXX (15:20:13): why are you apolgising so much
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:20:3Cool: it is in my nature
XXXX (15:20:53): it is annoying, you do not want me to be annoyed
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:20:59): i like to be in good terms with poeple
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:21:03): ok
XXXX (15:21:15): and yet you steal? Good arn't you
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:21:1Cool: do not worry i will stop apologising
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:21:25): ok?
XXXX (15:21:33): yes you have my permission
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:21:3Cool: ok
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:21:49): do you still have my tel:
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:21:54): no:
XXXX (15:22:00): just to be sure give it to me again
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:22:13): 2348038041476
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:22:29): got it?
XXXX (15:22:31): why is that different from the first time you gave it to me?
XXXX (15:22:42): what is the country code for Benin
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:22:45): no it is the same
XXXX (15:22:51): alright
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:23:02): ok?
XXXX (15:23:16): yes, but what is the country code for Benin
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:23:55): no idea
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:23:5Cool: sorry
XXXX (15:24:16): if you say sorry one more time I will hunt you down and shoot you
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:24:23): ok
XXXX (15:24:4Cool: How am I to phone up benin if you do not know the country code
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:25:04): i am not in benin
XXXX (15:25:12): where are you from then
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:25:12): i am in nigeria
XXXX (15:25:22): what is the country code for nigeria
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:25:2Cool: 234
XXXX (15:25:44): so if I dial 234 that should get me Nigeria
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:25:54): yes
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:26:11): my no:2340838041476
XXXX (15:26:3Cool: what is your house number, how will I know I am speaking to you
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:26:50): just ask for me
XXXX (15:27:02): how can I be sure that I am talking to you
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:27:04): idris suleman
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:27:22): i am the only one who can pick this phone
XXXX (15:27:26): why
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:27:45): bcos it is solely for biz pyrposes
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:27:53): purposes
XXXX (15:27:57): what about your employees
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:28:02): no
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:28:06): only me
XXXX (15:28:07): do they not answer your phone
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:28:11): can pick it
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:28:13): ok?
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:28:22): no there do not
XXXX (15:28:26): you can't be that important if you do not have a secretary
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:28:30): not this phone
XXXX (15:28:44): how can you deliver on this deal if you are not important
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:28:59): i do have a secretary
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:29:09): but for officail biz
XXXX (15:29:13): why do you answer the phone
XXXX (15:29:29): Is it tapped, will some one be listening into it
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:29:32): this deal is confidential
XXXX (15:29:34): will it be recorded
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:29:39): no
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:29:44): it is secure
XXXX (15:29:51): who do I know that you are not under investigation
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:30:05): i am not
XXXX (15:30:13): how can you tell
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:30:25): if i were i will nknow
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:30:39): my contact will inform me
XXXX (15:30:40): how will you know? do the police tell you?
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:30:46): yes
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:30:54): my contacts nthere
XXXX (15:31:07): Not very good police are they
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:31:12): no
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:31:17): some good
XXXX (15:31:19): not much use
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:31:21): some bad
XXXX (15:31:32): how can you trust them then if they are bad as you say
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:31:32): no security
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:32:00): i can trust them
XXXX (15:32:05): why
XXXX (15:32:41): how much do you pay them
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:32:44): i know them for a long tome
XXXX (15:33:01): where did you meet them
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:33:02): they have never given me reason to distrust
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:33:30): some while in police custody during my activist days
XXXX (15:33:54): What did you give them in police custordy
XXXX (15:34:3Cool: did you take it up the arse?
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:34:45): come on
XXXX (15:34:50): yes
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:34:53): i have to go now
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:34:57): bye
XXXX (15:34:59): why the rush
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:35:13): i need to go some where now
XXXX (15:35:26): where are you going
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:35:40): an appointment
XXXX (15:35:44): with who
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:35:53): an associate
XXXX (15:35:56): who
XXXX (15:36:02): is it about the business
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:36:10): no
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:36:2Cool: personal
XXXX (15:36:35): what is it about, I need to know if you are telling me the truth
XXXX (15:36:52): Ahh, personal. I hope he treats you properly
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:36:54): pls i said it was personal
XXXX (15:37:0Cool: gives you flowers and that
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:37:17): come on
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:37:21): bye
XXXX (15:37:37): okay, I will call you
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:37:42): ok
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:37:45): bye
XXXX (15:37:45): what time
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:37:57): tommorow
XXXX (15:38:02): what time tomorrow
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:38:23): 10 am
XXXX (15:38:31): What time zone are you in
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:38:44): same with the uk
XXXX (15:39:01): okay, is that 10 am in the morning or 10 am at night
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:39:17): morning
XXXX (15:39:32): you will be there to answer the phone
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:39:37): yes
XXXX (15:39:42): good
XXXX (15:39:47): I will I know it is you
XXXX (15:39:52): how
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:39:54): yes
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:40:0Cool: say cali
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:40:19): and if i say london
XXXX (15:40:24): why Cali, may that be obvious
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:40:26): you know it is me
XXXX (15:40:30): yes what about london
XXXX (15:40:41): can you explain your choice
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:40:50): no
XXXX (15:40:57): why
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:40:5Cool: you can change it
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:41:02): ok
XXXX (15:41:05): to what
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:41:14): you say scum
XXXX (15:41:20): right
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:41:21): and i say trash
XXXX (15:41:27): ok
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:41:46): ok
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:41:49): bye
XXXX (15:41:54): one more thing
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:41:59): yes?
XXXX (15:42:2Cool: enjoy your personal meeting and don't forget something
XXXX (15:42:53): it is very important
XXXX (15:43:22): keep your legs crossed
XXXX (15:43:2Cool: bye
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:44:17): ok
mohammed_abubakar2 (15:44:19): bye

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