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 NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! (a Cammy bait)

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Common Street Thawth Vergabon

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 14, 2019 10:36 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Almost exactly a year after Cammy baited a Lad pretending to be a US Army officer who ended up confessing that he was a scammer (see, another one appeared, for a similar outcome.

Things I learned about the US Army
You can be sent on active service to a Third World country even if you’re chronically ill.
If your chronic illness becomes a life-threatening sickness while you’re in that Third World country, you are at the mercy of local doctors.
Your unit is expected to chip in for medical expenses (it’s good to be popular and well-liked).
The “medical centre” is often crowded, even if the unit is not in a war zone.

The Scammer
Jordan James, aka Henry Jordan James, aka Alex Benson, who started off as a US Army Colonel but then transformed into something utterly contemptible.

The Baiter
Camille White

I’ve only included the opening emails – and there’s a lot of chat!
Any comments are at the end of each extract in bold; some notable comments are bolded also.

5 December 2015
How are you young lady am jordan james I'd love to chat with you and share some vital information with you...

5 December 2015
How are you young lady am jordan james I'd love to chat with you and share some vital information with on yahoo [email protected], facebook henry jordan james

5 December 2015
How are you young lady am jordan james I'd love to chat with you and share some vital information with on yahoo [email protected], facebook henry jordan james, you might wondering how I got your adress, well I got it from your male friend in kenya and I guess you worship frejya the goddess of love try reply to know you more and share a lot with you thanks...

Well that was an eye-opener! I wonder what else he knows?

5 December 2015
O HAI Henry James
Do go on, I'm interested...

Okay I was busy before but camille can I have your facebook, watsaap or your yahoo for more conversation?

Hey Henry, I don't use facebook (it's for wankers) - and you've got my yahoo, you're writing to me, dewd, plus I accepted your chat invite, so let's chat if you're game!

5 December 2015
Lad: Hello
Lad: Am here
Lad: Am jordan james
Lad: <ding>
Cammy:‎ O HAI
Cammy:‎ But hang on, isn't your name Henry?
Lad: Yes I am henry jordan james
Lad: Why??
Lad: its my email adress reflecting
Lad: On my profile
Cammy:‎ So why is your chat name alex benson?
Lad: My email address
Lad: How are you?
Cammy:‎ Confused. What should I call you?
Lad: Jordan james
Cammy:‎ So I should call you Jordan?
Lad: I have change it as you can see
Lad: Yes
Lad: What about you??
Cammy:‎ You can call me Cammy.
Lad: I got your email from your male friend
Lad: I'd love to know about you
Cammy:‎ What do you know already?
Lad: I had you are cool lady that cares about heart and you always make life worth living
Lad: That mean you are lovely
Lad: And also you are a model
Lad: Okay
Cammy:‎ Sounds kewl.
Lad: Okay
Lad: Well....
Cammy:‎ Go on...
Lad: What are you doing now
Cammy:‎ Chatting to you.
Lad: I need you
Cammy:‎ O RLY?
Lad: Yes seriously
Cammy:‎ I get that a lot.
Lad: It took days to get your contact
Lad: I'd love to have you as my queen
Lad: Hope am not rudy
Cammy:‎ Yeah, I get that a lot too.
Lad: Can you tell me more about you
Cammy:‎ I think you need to open up a little too.
Lad: I need your love
Cammy:‎ That's not what I meant.
Lad: Am serious
Lad: What do you mean
Cammy:‎ I don't know anything about you except your name.
Lad: Yes I know sorry
Cammy:‎ Oblige me.
Lad: Am jordan a colonel in US army am seperated long ago and I need love in my life
Lad: I have been to many country of the world
Lad: That's brief about me
Cammy:‎ Oh well, that's something.
Cammy:‎ My brother is a captain in the Australian Army.
Lad: Wow that's cool
Lad: Am on deployement
Lad: Now
Lad: Am in africe
Cammy:‎ What's the US Army doing there?
Cammy:‎ Actually I shouldn't ask, sorry.
Lad: No you are free
Cammy:‎ I don't ask Roscoe about his postings. It's become a habit.
Lad: We talk later I have to resume duty now
Cammy:‎ Oh, OK.
Cammy:‎ Take care now.
Lad: Peace keeping
Cammy:‎ Kewl.
Lad: Okay
Cammy:‎ Roscoe's done that too. You're in good company there.

Dunno what he means by the “male friend” who told him about Cammy!
A bit later, the chat resumes…

Lad: Hello baby
Lad: How are you?
Lad: Am here
Cammy:‎ I saw that.
Lad: Am just through with the meeting
Cammy:‎ OK
Cammy:‎ So, where were we?
Lad: I'd love to spend the rest of my life with you baby
Cammy:‎ Umm,,, right... I need to ask something.
Cammy:‎ How long would the rest of your life be?
Cammy:‎ (Assuming you're not KWOAS somewhere)
Lad: My life is in your hand baby
Cammy:‎ Huh?
Lad: Yeah I mean it
Lad: I wanna spend my life with you
Cammy:‎ I don't know what you mean by that.
Lad: In your hand
Cammy:‎ You speak in riddles.
Lad: Oh
Lad: coming
Lad: Well
Cammy:‎ Um, go on.
Cammy:‎ Go on, please
Cammy:‎ Did I say something wrong?
Lad: No baby kinda busy
Cammy:‎ OK
Lad: Will you be my love??
Lad: Let me have your pix
Lad: Please
Cammy:‎ I'd like to see yours first. By Freyja's law, I can't deal with anyone ugly or deformed.
Lad: Can you see that??
Cammy:‎ Huh?
Lad: I upload my pix now
Cammy:‎ Where?
Lad: My profile
Cammy:‎ Where?
Lad: Before I can say anything
Cammy:‎ Where's your profile?
Lad: Maybe I should forward it to your mail
Cammy:‎ Better idea.
Lad: Okay
Lad: Am trying but the network is bad
Cammy:‎ Bugger.
Cammy:‎ Got something.
Lad: Okay
Lad: I have send some
Cammy:‎ Which one is you?
Lad: First by left
Cammy:‎ I can't see your face.
Cammy:‎ Nice smile, though.
Lad: I have send another one
Lad: Only me
Cammy:‎ It's too small!
Lad: Okay
Lad: Can I have one of you??
Cammy:‎ I'll have to find one from my portfolio.
Lad: Okay
Cammy:‎ Later, though - it's after 2330 and I'm off to bed.

KWOAS – Killed While On Active Service; it’s not a real acronym.
Next day…

Lad: Hello
Lad: <ding>
Cammy:‎ Why do you do that <ding>?
Lad: Because I need you baby
Cammy:‎ Huh?
Cammy:‎ Americans are different!
Lad: Yes baby
Lad: Don't you like that??
Cammy:‎ Let's not be too hasty.
Lad: Okay
Lad: You said you would send your pix to me baby
Lad: Can I have one?
Lad: I want to ask what do you do
Cammy:‎ Hang on just a minute, I only got out of bed half an hour ago.
Lad: Okay
Lad: What do you wanna do now??
Cammy:‎ Sorry, what?
Lad: What do you do for leaving
Cammy:‎ I'm a photomodel.
Lad: Oh that's cool I lovethat
Cammy:‎ No surprise there.
Lad: Baby will you be honest to me?? As I am
Cammy:‎ I don't know how to take that.
Lad: Why??
Cammy:‎ Sounds like you think that I'm normally dishonest.
Lad: No baby
Lad: I don't know anything about you
Lad: But I'd love to know much about you
Cammy:‎ That's the way things are. When you first meet someone, that person is a stranger.
Cammy:‎ I chose two pix to send you, but I'm having second thoughts now.
Lad: Okay baby I can't wait
Cammy:‎ Not so fast there sport - are you going to be nice?
Lad: Yes baby
Lad: I choose because I need you
Cammy:‎ Good, just as long as you stay that way.
Cammy:‎ Sent
Lad: Okay
Cammy:‎ You're with the infantry, right?
Lad: Yes baby
Lad: You so cute
Cammy:‎ I know <g>
Lad: What are you gotta do today
Cammy:‎ Not a lot planned... swimming, aerobics, gym work, some sex in between times, just another day you know?
Lad: Do you love sex
Lad: Baby I wanna know
Lad: <ding>
Cammy:‎ Calm down!
Cammy:‎ New rule - you do that <ding> again, I don't reply for ten minutes.
Lad: Okay
Lad: Sorry
Cammy:‎ And yes, I love sex. I give worship to Freyja via sex.
Lad: Wow
Lad: I love sex tho
Lad: What will you do if there's no sex?
Cammy:‎ That can't happen. Not for me, anyway.
Lad: And what can you do to have sex
Cammy:‎ For you, sadly, that's always an issue.
Cammy:‎ Huh? LOL!!!!!!!!!
Lad: Can you give give everything for love?
Lad: I mean sex
Lad: I love to have sex everytime
Cammy:‎ Well, yeah, you're a guy, so of course you'd be happy to fuck your life away. I thought you'd have discipline and self-control.
Lad: Yeah baby
Lad: Not to sex
Cammy:‎ No discipline and self-control? That's bad every which way.
Lad: To just only one lady
Lad: That's you
Lad: I'd love to fuck you hard
Lad: Anytime you are ready
Cammy:‎ You have forgotten something.
Lad: What?
Lad: Not at all
Cammy:‎ We're on different continents. That's a biggie.
Lad: Can't you come to me??
Lad: Mind you am on deployment now
Lad: I travel everywhere
Cammy:‎ You're on active service, which might be a little problem.
Cammy:‎ And you go where Uncle Stan tells you.
Lad: I am in africa now baby
Lad: For peace keeping
Cammy:‎ I can read!!!!!!!!!!!1!1
Lad: Am very close to you
Cammy:‎ No you're not close to me.
Lad: Am in Nigeria baby
Cammy:‎ So?
Lad: I will surely come to you if you want
Cammy:‎ But you can't just walk away from your duty!‎ And you're NOT close to me!
Lad: I will get leave baby
Lad: Soon
Cammy:‎ Why did you say that you're close to me?
Lad: Because I can come anytime
Cammy:‎ So... you think that I'm near to you because you can come anytime?
Lad: Yes
Cammy:‎ ** blink blink **
Cammy:‎ WTF???
Lad: Distance is nothing
Lad: What???
Cammy:‎ What distance are you thinking of?
Lad: Btw you and i
Lad: Is nothing
Cammy:‎ OK, time to cut to the chase... where do you think I am?
Lad: Kenya ofcourse
Cammy:‎ Why 'of course'?
Lad: Your friend told me
Cammy:‎ Which friend?
Lad: That's how I know freyja
Lad: A male friend
Lad: He was once deployed to kenya
Cammy:‎ So? I don't live there.
Lad: Where do you live baby
Cammy:‎ Australia.
Lad: Oh that's cool
Cammy:‎ I've been to Kenya for a photoshoot-holiday.
Lad: Sound good
Lad: I love that
Lad: Okay
Lad: Upload your picture on your profile
Cammy:‎ Why? I like things just as they are.
Lad: I want that
Lad: Can you do it for me?
Cammy:‎ I could, but I don't see why.
Lad: Baby I need it
Lad: I wanna see you here
Cammy:‎ Don't be That Guy, okay?
Lad: Which guy?
Cammy:‎ The kind of Control Freak Guy that I really, really can't stand.
Lad: Okay
Lad: Am sorry
Lad: That's cool
Lad: If you insist
Cammy:‎ I certainly do!
Lad: What can you say about me since we met
Lad: Do like my company??
Cammy:‎ I haven't met them yet,
Lad: Okay
Lad: Thanks
Lad: [emoticon for love]
Lad: [emoticon for angel]
Cammy:‎ FFS, emoticons... I hate them!
Lad: Why??
Cammy:‎ Do I need a reason?!?!?
Lad: Yes
Lad: Its a normal thing
Cammy:‎ If you don't know what to say, using a stupid little animated picture is so fucking lazy.
Lad: Thanks
Lad: Okay
Cammy:‎ Just so you know.
Lad: Yes
Cammy:‎ I have things I should be doing.
Cammy:‎ Ciao!

What gave him the idea that Cammy’s in Kenya?
Next morning….

Lad:‎ Hello
Lad:‎ Have I offend you??
Lad:‎ Am sorry
Lad:‎ I have missed you
Cammy:‎ Huh?
Lad:‎ How are you??
Cammy:‎ Wondering what that bit was about offending me.
Lad:‎ Okay
Lad:‎ When you just log out with anger
Cammy:‎ Huh?
Lad:‎ Well how are you today??
Cammy:‎ Pretty good.
Lad:‎ I have missed your chat
Lad:‎ What are you doing now??
Cammy:‎ Chatting to you.
Lad:‎ Good can still be my lady??
Cammy:‎ Also, getting dressed and primping a bit.
Lad:‎ I need a beautiful girl like you
Lad:‎ How I wish am there to stripe you off
Lad:‎ On bed
Lad:‎ Kiss you
Lad:‎ Suck your hot pussy
Lad:‎ And.....
Cammy:‎ Stop that.
Cammy:‎ Now!
Lad:‎ Now yes
Lad:‎ You so sweet
Cammy:‎ I mean it!
Lad:‎ I need my body on your body
Cammy:‎ I don't want that cybersex shit! Do you understand me?
Lad:‎ No baby
Lad:‎ Good to hear
Lad:‎ Tell me
Cammy:‎ When I tell to stop that cybersex shit, you don't understand? How can you not understand?
Lad:‎ Okay I have heard you
Lad:‎ Why??
Cammy:‎ Better!
Lad:‎ Do you hate that??
Lad:‎ Am lonely here
Cammy:‎ You must be kept busy.
Lad:‎ Yes but no one to touch my body here
Cammy:‎ You should be used to that by now.
Lad:‎ Can I ask you something??
Lad:‎ Yes I do
Lad:‎ Hello
Lad:‎ Seems you are busy
Cammy:‎ I'm waiting for you to ask your question.
Lad:‎ I said do you have any love now?
Cammy:‎ You didn't ask that before.
Lad:‎ Am just asking
Cammy:‎ I noticed.
Cammy:‎ I have fuck-buddies, of course, and I'm steady with my photographer – her name is Sophie.
Lad:‎ Okay
Lad:‎ Wow
Cammy:‎ Well, you asked...
Cammy:‎ But as for being in love, not presently.
Lad:‎ Do you have anyone with you over there?
Cammy:‎ Sophie, but she's still asleep.
Lad:‎ Oh lesbian? Am sorry
Cammy:‎ No, bisexual.
Lad:‎ But can we still be together?
Cammy:‎ Maybe. Anyway, time for breakfast. CYA!

I took a chance with Cammy’s bisexuality, but as you’ll see, it didn’t cause any problems.

Next up; US Army medical services have really gone bad!

Son of a bitch!!! Your dead!!! Everything about your stinking poor life is dead!!! Get off my way you son of a bitch mother ....a man without father bastard....your dead Ok

May you never se the end of the year, May you sick and die in JESUS NAME AMEN.

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Popcorn time again!

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We resume later that same day. At one point I quoted the Lad; that's bit's in italics.

Lad:‎ Hiya
Cammy:‎ G'day.
Lad:‎ How ya day
Cammy:‎ It was good.
Lad:‎ Its morning good morning
Cammy:‎ It's 1918 here, and still broad daylight.
Lad:‎ I forgot to ask you something yesterday
Cammy:‎ O RLY? Do tell.
Lad:‎ Can you still engage in straigth affair
Cammy:‎ I told you I'm bisexual.
Lad:‎ Well
Lad:‎ I mean can you still date male
Lad:‎ also will love to worship freyja with you
Cammy:‎ I thought you had to be a born-again Christian to be an officer in the American Army.
Lad:‎ <ding>
Lad:‎ I'd love to meet you
Cammy:‎ Ten minutes, starting now.
Lad:‎ To worship freyja??
Cammy:‎ OK, ten minutes is up.
Cammy:‎ Now, I told you that if you did that stupid <ding> that I'd stop chatting for ten minutes.
Lad:‎ What's the hell is this
Lad:‎ Why will you be treating me
Lad:‎ If you stop chatting what would that be??
Lad:‎ Am just try to be good to you
Cammy:‎ That <ding> looks stupid. It doesn't even do anything.
Lad:‎ Hello
Cammy:‎ Yes?
Lad:‎ Go ahead
Cammy:‎ With what?
Lad:‎ What will you offer me
Cammy:‎ What the fuck are you on about? Why would I offer you anything?
Lad:‎ Then why are you shouting
Lad:‎ Harrasing
Cammy:‎ Shouting? Harrassing? OMFG what?!?!?
Lad:‎ You are talking to me anyhow
Lad:‎ No manner
Lad:‎ Nothing
Cammy:‎ You ask me silly questions and I just didn't get you at all.
Lad:‎ So you have to abuse me on that?
Lad:‎ That's bad
Lad:‎ I like you that's I message you
Cammy:‎ I don't hold back. You wrote "What will you offer me" and I had no idea why you said that
Lad:‎ Okay
Lad:‎ I don't think you believe in love
Cammy:‎ And what makes you an expert in matters of the heart?
Lad:‎ What are you taking for?
Lad:‎ And think I will find some like me
Lad:‎ To love and care about
Cammy:‎ By Freyja's tears, you are so fickle!
Lad:‎ I don't know
Lad:‎ I believe in bible
Lad:‎ The only jesus that died for my sin
Lad:‎ Because I feel like human
Lad:‎ That why I love all neighbour as myself
Cammy:‎ In that case, you won't be worshipping Freyja with me.
Lad:‎ Have you heard he died for your sin and resurated in three days
Cammy:‎ Don't try to convert me.
Lad:‎ I am not
Lad:‎ But the truth Is bitter
Lad:‎ You the truth and the truth will set you free
Cammy:‎ I don't need to be set free.
Lad:‎ Well jesus love you
Lad:‎ He only want you
Lad:‎ But if you insist then there is hell and hell
Cammy:‎ No, I'll be in Sessrumnir with Freyja.
Lad:‎ That's cool
Cammy:‎ Yahweh has no power over me.
Lad:‎ Heaven is for christ
Lad:‎ Then you enjoy freedom
Cammy:‎ Don't waste your time. Yahweh and Yeshua are not for me.
Lad:‎ Why?
Lad:‎ In christ
Cammy:‎ I made my choice and I do not follow the Hebrew God.
Lad:‎ And he said you repent and stop committing sin old things are pass away and you become new
Lad:‎ Well its not hebrew God it the maker of heaven and earth
Lad:‎ And if you don't follow him you are walking towards destruction
Cammy:‎ Oh, please. The Maker of all things is not a god, The Maker is above all the gods. The gods are what we made, including your Yahweh.
Lad:‎ Oh God is the father, jesus is the son, holy spirit is the power they are three in one
Lad:‎ Oh
Lad:‎ His name yahweh
Lad:‎ You even know the truth
Cammy:‎ So I know the name Yahweh – big deal.
Lad:‎ But God gave you the beauty
Lad:‎ Okay
Cammy:‎ I also know about Zoroaster, Ahura, Al'lah, Shiva, Kali, Isis, Osiris, Skadhi, and Hela.
Lad:‎ When you have these three you are safe
Cammy:‎ My looks came from my mother's side.
Lad:‎ Hmmmm
Lad:‎ Who is the maker of your mother
Cammy:‎ Through Freyja, I became even more beautiful.
Lad:‎ Ignorance
Cammy:‎ You know nothing, Jordan James.
Lad:‎ Well I know christ he's enough for me
Lad:‎ What's the difference between magic and miracle
Cammy:‎ Miracles happen. Magic is a myth.
Lad:‎ Who own miracle
Cammy:‎ Miracles happen. No-one has sole authority over them.
Lad:‎ Its from king of king the lord of lord
Cammy:‎ Yahweh did nothing for me.
Cammy:‎ Ever.
Lad:‎ Magic is from small God
Lad:‎ Oh just try him
Cammy:‎ Magic doesn't exist.
Lad:‎ You don't know him that's why
Lad:‎ Magic happen go to indian
Cammy:‎ That's not magic, that's trickery.
Lad:‎ That's magic my lady
Lad:‎ Real one
Lad:‎ I have witness it
Cammy:‎ No such thing.
Cammy:‎ And if you believe in magic... LOL

Lad:‎ I believe in miracle
Lad:‎ Jesus is enough for me
Lad:‎ Just shout jesus you see new thing in your life
Cammy:‎ So do you believe in magic or not?
Lad:‎ No
Cammy:‎ I don't want new things in my life.
Lad:‎ I don't
Cammy:‎ Lad:‎ Magic happen go to indian Cammy:‎ That's not magic, that's trickery. Lad:‎ That's magic my lady Lad:‎ Real one Lad:‎ I have witness it
Cammy:‎ Remember that?
Lad:‎ Why
Cammy:‎ You said that you believed in magic - next minute you don't.
Lad:‎ I travelled down to indian and isaw that
Cammy:‎ You saw stage magic!
Lad:‎ Don't misunderstant me
Lad:‎ Yes
Lad:‎ I can never believe in that
Cammy:‎ Prestidigitation... legerdemain... not real magical powers. Fakery, like Uri Geller.
Lad:‎ Okay
Lad:‎ But jesus loves you
Cammy:‎ Doesn't mean I owe anything back.
Lad:‎ Okay
Lad:‎ Do you have any kid?
Cammy:‎ No.
Cammy:‎ One day...
Lad:‎ I never said I believe magic
Lad:‎ That's good
Lad:‎ How old are you?
Cammy:‎ whatever.
Cammy:‎ 26.
Lad:‎ That's why you fucking all
Cammy:‎ Because I'm 26?
Lad:‎ You are reported that you love snatching husband
Lad:‎ Yes
Cammy:‎ You lost me there.
Lad:‎ Serious
Lad:‎ I was told
Cammy:‎ O RLY?
Lad:‎ To be careful
Lad:‎ Some are planning to hurt you
Cammy:‎ Let them try.
Lad:‎ That's why I mail you
Cammy:‎ Why so long?
Lad:‎ Just telling you
Lad:‎ But you so nice
Lad:‎ I have a big problem now
Lad:‎ I need serious help
Cammy:‎ I'm so nice???
Lad:‎ Yeah
Cammy:‎ I don't know what to say.
Lad:‎ Will you help me?
Lad:‎ That's information I wanna tell you
Lad:‎ I can't access my bank here
Lad:‎ So I need some money
Lad:‎ I will pay you back
Lad:‎ Can you??
Lad:‎ Am just putting you to test
Lad:‎ I need your help
Cammy:‎ Why would you need money?
Lad:‎ I can't access my bank and my drug and fruit are finished
Cammy:‎ Your what?
Lad:‎ My bank account
Lad:‎ Am not in the state now
Lad:‎ On deployment
Cammy:‎ I meant your "drug and fruit".
Lad:‎ Yes
Lad:‎ Am an usher patient
Lad:‎ I must eat fruit always
Cammy:‎ Please, no slang!
Lad:‎ According to my doctor
Lad:‎ What??
Lad:‎ Can't you believe me??
Cammy:‎ I'm confused by your slang.
Cammy:‎ I don't know what an usher patient is.
Lad:‎ Oh
Lad:‎ I have lung problem
Cammy:‎ Oh no... smoking, right?
Lad:‎ Stomach pains
Lad:‎ Yes
Lad:‎ And alcohol
Cammy:‎ So who's treating you?
Lad:‎ I have a private doctor here
Cammy:‎ So you're a heavy smoker and an alcoholic.
Lad:‎ The company pay part of my bill
Cammy:‎ Why go to a private doctor? Doesn't the Army have much better care than some third-world pill-roller?
Lad:‎ I need my life
Cammy:‎ Huh?
Lad:‎ <ding>
Cammy:‎ I told you not to do that!!!!!!!!!
Lad:‎ Okay sorry
Lad:‎ So you hate that?
Cammy:‎ The Army owes you duty of care.
Lad:‎ Its long ago
Lad:‎ I know but if you can help me try
Cammy:‎ Long ago? I thought you were on deployment!
Lad:‎ Hello
Lad:‎ Can you understand me I mean it started before I was deployed
Cammy:‎ So?
Cammy:‎ The American Army must be very different to the Australian!
Cammy:‎ Why didn't you get medevaced?
Lad:‎ I was not concious of it then
Lad:‎ Atleast you worship the godess of love
Lad:‎ And I can't access by bank that's why
Cammy:‎ But you are now!
Lad:‎ Yes
Cammy:‎ Worshipping Freyja doesn't make me able to make sense out of something I don't really understand.
Lad:‎ Why?
Cammy:‎ If I knew why, I'd know why!
Cammy:‎ What did your superiors say when you went sick?
Lad:‎ He said I should contact the army health centre
Lad:‎ But its congested
Lad:‎ I don't gamble with my life
Cammy:‎ Seeing a third world doctor is gambling with your life!
Lad:‎ Its killing me now
Cammy:‎ But if I send money, who will be treating you?
Lad:‎ Him
Cammy:‎ The third world doctor?
Lad:‎ Or I go to the state hospital
Lad:‎ But that will cost me money
Lad:‎ He's professional
Cammy:‎ Anything like that will cost money. And if he's no professional, then I may as well be sending flowers!
Lad:‎ Okay
Lad:‎ I have to get private doctor
Lad:‎ Thanks
Cammy:‎ I thought he was a private doctor.
Lad:‎ Yes
Cammy:‎ Don't confuse me!
Lad:‎ More money
Lad:‎ Hello
Lad:‎ How will you send the money?
Cammy:‎ Hold on there sport!
Lad:‎ Okay
Cammy:‎ You never said how much.
Lad:‎ Yes
Cammy:‎ So...
Lad:‎ Have any amount
Lad:‎ Continious
Lad:‎ How much can you afford?
Lad:‎ But here they work with government then own a clinic
Cammy:‎ I can afford a fuckload, but you have to tell me. I don't second guess, ever.
Lad:‎ I spend 300$ every months here
Lad:‎ How
Cammy:‎ How long have you been there?
Lad:‎ Third month
Lad:‎ Any amount you can afford its doesn't
Lad:‎ Now
Cammy:‎ I could afford thousands - tens of thousands! But I don't second guess!
Lad:‎ Okay
Cammy:‎ You've been there three months. How much do you owe?
Lad:‎ 600$ now
Lad:‎ Just wanna pay for new one
Cammy:‎ Right! So that "any amount you can afford" was drivel!
Lad:‎ Okay
Lad:‎ Then 2000$ is okay
Lad:‎ Can you help with 2000$?
Cammy:‎ That's enough for six months.
Lad:‎ Yes
Lad:‎ Its okay
Cammy:‎ From what you've told me, you have lung cancer and stomach cancer, and that is not okay.
Lad:‎ Its okay
Lad:‎ We are just meeting
Cammy:‎ So you don't want my help after all?
Lad:‎ And if I need more I will you know
Lad:‎ I still
Cammy:‎ FINE!
Lad:‎ But do this first
Cammy:‎ Don't confuse me!
Lad:‎ I will apreciate it
Cammy:‎ My confusion? Weird.
Lad:‎ Oh sorry
Lad:‎ When would that be?
Lad:‎ When will you send it?
Cammy:‎ Um, well, there is the matter of HOW, dude...
Lad:‎ I think western union
Cammy:‎ Isn't that unsafe?
Lad:‎ Yes
Lad:‎ Of bank transfer
Cammy:‎ I thought you said you couldn't get to your bank!!!!!!
Lad:‎ But I would prefer western union since I can't access my bank
Cammy:‎ How would you make it to a Western Union? And you'd be an easy mark for muggers.
Lad:‎ Its easy
Lad:‎ Just send it to the adress I will send to you
Lad:‎ Do I send the adress now
Cammy:‎ Well, it's 2148, so nothing to be done now.
Lad:‎ When will you?
Lad:‎ Or I should then when you send it you message me
Cammy:‎ You may be sick but you don't have the right to be pushy!
Lad:‎ Okay
Lad:‎ What are you gonna do now
Cammy:‎ For you, nothing, since I can't at the moment.
Lad:‎ I mean maybe I should send the address then later you send it
Cammy:‎ Just give me that address before you forget.
Lad:‎ Okay thanks
Lad:‎ I wanna get it
Lad:‎ Now wait
Cammy:‎ What happened to "please"?
Lad:‎ I have been able to get the address
Lad:‎ This the address
Lad:‎ Anthony williams james, address no 14 alagbaka akure ondo state Nigeria
Lad:‎ Can you see that?
Lad:‎ Thanks
Cammy:‎ I may take my time.
Lad:‎ How
Cammy:‎ I don't like being patronised.
Lad:‎ Okay
Lad:‎ I will be expecting it
Cammy:‎ Entitlement much?
Lad:‎ Hello
Lad:‎ How?
Lad:‎ Hello talk to me
Cammy:‎ "I will be expecting it"
Cammy:‎ Which brings me to another topic...
Lad:‎ Okay
Cammy:‎ Let me spell this out. You tell me that you're on deployment on Nigeria for peace keeping and you send me pictures that show you in uniform and full health.
Lad:‎ Which topic is that?
Cammy:‎ This topic, numb-nuts!
Cammy:‎ You try to talk dirty to me. But all of a sudden you tell me that you're being treated for lung and stomach cancer and that you're a chain smoking alcoholic.
Lad:‎ Am confused
Cammy:‎ How?
Lad:‎ That was when I was strong
Cammy:‎ I'm only reporting what you told me.
Cammy:‎ You misled me.
Lad:‎ Now I am sick now
Lad:‎ Reporting?
Cammy:‎ You've been sick for three months.
Lad:‎ But I can still Work with it
Cammy:‎ You emailed me four days ago.
Cammy:‎ Not three months.
Lad:‎ Yes
Lad:‎ That was my old picture
Lad:‎ Trust me
Lad:‎ I didn't sent my three day pictures to you
Cammy:‎ You've been dishonest.
Lad:‎ Am sick actually
Lad:‎ How
Cammy:‎ Concealing the facts from me.
Lad:‎ Am sorry
Cammy:‎ O RLY?
Lad:‎ You so nice
Lad:‎ I think
Lad:‎ Never meant to be dishonest
Cammy:‎ Oh, dishonesty by accident!
Lad:‎ Okay
Lad:‎ If you really wanna help me try
Lad:‎ I will appreciate it
Cammy:‎ Tell me the full story.
Lad:‎ It started in Nigeria
Lad:‎ I am deployed to Nigeria last three month
Lad:‎ Before the deployment my sickness was not too serious
Lad:‎ When I got to Nigeria my body system change maybe because of the weather
Lad:‎ Then I discover I have stomach pain
Lad:‎ Then I move to see the company doctor he told me it is usher
Lad:‎ Then turn to cancer
Cammy:‎ What's usher?
Lad:‎ I have no choice than to protect my life
Lad:‎ I started spending money on my health
Cammy:‎ So why didn't the company do anything for you?
Lad:‎ That's 200
Cammy:‎ 200 what?
Lad:‎ Later they can't afford my bill with my payment
Lad:‎ So they stoped
Lad:‎ That's why I got private doctor
Cammy:‎ I had no idea that the American Army was short of money.
Lad:‎ 200$
Cammy:‎ Your point being?
Lad:‎ I have a lot in my bank but I don't have access to that
Lad:‎ Here
Lad:‎ Yes I have money
Lad:‎ In my bank account
Lad:‎ I can't get through my bank manager here
Cammy:‎ That’s not what I meant.
Cammy:‎ You're telling me that the Army ran out of money.
Lad:‎ No
Lad:‎ No access to my money
Cammy:‎ "Later they can't afford my bill with my payment" That's what you told me!
Lad:‎ Just stop all this question my lady
Cammy:‎ And no-one in your company was willing to help you?
Lad:‎ They paid part of my first bill
Cammy:‎ That was it?
Lad:‎ No. One
Lad:‎ They have tried
Cammy:‎ Tried what?
Lad:‎ Helping me
Cammy:‎ You weren't a good officer. The company must hate you. And if the Army cuts you loose...
Lad:‎ They have tried to their peak
Cammy:‎ Oh come on!
Lad:‎ My fruit and other
Cammy:‎ They barely lifted a finger!
Cammy:‎ Fruit? FFS!
Lad:‎ Yes
Cammy:‎ You call that help? I call it rubbing salt in the wound.
Cammy:‎ Well, I should be going. You all take care now.

Well, a lot happened there! The Christian outrage wasn’t unexpected, but the bit about magic in India came out of nowhere.
The depiction of the US Army’s medical practices actually made me laugh out loud.

Next up: confession time! And out of the blue, a familiar name appears...

Son of a bitch!!! Your dead!!! Everything about your stinking poor life is dead!!! Get off my way you son of a bitch mother ....a man without father bastard....your dead Ok

May you never se the end of the year, May you sick and die in JESUS NAME AMEN.

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^^^ LOL, what an moron!

Your idiot doesn't have much imagination, and his lies are completely ridiculous.
I don't think he was a very successful scammer. Laughing Laughing Laughing

Let the lads come to me!

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What the dickens is 'usher' when it's at home? LOL

I like the way Cammy is told off for asking too many questions, as if she's expected to take all his arrant nonsense at his word and pay up, even though he's making no sense whatsoever.

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We resume the next day.

Lad: Hello
Lad: How are you??
Lad: I have missed your chat
Lad: How is your work today

Same day, evening

Lad: Hello are you there?
Cammy:‎ Yes, I am
Lad: How are you?
Cammy:‎ I'm fine
Lad: That's good to hear
Lad: I have missed your chat
Lad: How is your work going?
Cammy:‎ Well, you weren't on line.
Cammy:‎ You call it work - some folk wouldn't call it that.
Lad: Yes I was a lil busy
Lad: Oh
Lad: Its work
Cammy:‎ A lot of my "work" is staying in good shape.
Lad: What are going to do today
Lad: Hello did you got the address I sent to you?
Cammy:‎ More of the same - swimming and aerobics and hanging out with my gal pals.
Lad: Okay
Cammy:‎ You bet your ass it's okay!
Lad: Okay
Cammy:‎ Okay!
Lad: Thanks for your concern baby
Lad: You are so nice
Lad: I have not seen a creature like you
Lad: Shows you are caring
Cammy:‎ A "creature"???
Cammy:‎ A creature is an animal!
Lad: That's military slang baby
Lad: All civilian are good
Cammy:‎ Roscoe wouldn't agree with you.
Lad: Okay
Lad: Well.....
Lad: Baby do you realy wanna help me??
Cammy:‎ I've heard stories about civilians he's had to deal with - everything from sleazebags to criminal psychopaths. But back to you, then...
Lad: Okay
Lad: Or....
Cammy:‎ Hang on! I've got something to say! If what you're saying is true, the American Army is being run by complete idiots and fuckwits. I know that isn't true. So where does that leave you?
Lad: That means you can't believe me
Cammy:‎ Exactly.
Lad: Because you wanna help??
Lad: No
Lad: No don't worry okay!
Cammy:‎ Tell me the truth please.
Lad: I think I will be okay when I have access to my bank
Cammy:‎ I would help you, but only if you're honest with me.
Lad: All I told you is the truth
Lad: I can't lie by telling you I have cancer
Lad: Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!
Lad: So if you wanna help do it
Cammy:‎ The American Army doesn't send dangerously sick men on deployment, or dump its men into the "care" of third world "doctors". They look after their own.
Lad: Can't you understand me??
Cammy:‎ Yes, I understand you. That's the sad part.
Lad: I told you it wasn't serious when I left home
Lad: What else do you want me to say
Lad: Or do you wanna know more than my service?
Cammy:‎ If you got sick on deployment, they'd send you home. Simples!
Lad: I am not injured at work
Cammy:‎ So the fuck what? They've still got duty of care.
Lad: I have only internal problem
Lad: And its doesn't disturb me always
Cammy:‎ You have two separate cancers!
Lad: Okay
Cammy:‎ By Skadhi's bow, that isn't just some "internal problem!"
Lad: Am only treating it from getting worse
Lad: You don't understand at all
Cammy:‎ If you can't do your duty, they'd send you home.
Lad: Its usher but it will lead to cancer
Cammy:‎ You're not with American Army.
Lad: If care is not taken
Lad: Okay
Cammy:‎ You're one of those contractors like Blackwater. A mercenary. That would make sense.
Lad: That's your assumption
Lad: Am an american army member
Cammy:‎ You're in an American Army that doesn't make sense.
Lad: You might not believe me
Cammy:‎ I don't.
Lad: That doesn't make me to deny my profession
Lad: I love america
Lad: I love my work
Lad: So if you can't help lemme know
Cammy:‎ Roscoe cross-trained with the American Army. He told me that their medical services are second to none. If you need my help as you say you do, then you aren't with the American Army.
Lad: This is not american okay
Lad: This is africa
Lad: I am on deployment
Lad: So
Lad: That's the thing are here
Lad: Way
Lad: So why all these?
Cammy:‎ It doesn't matter a flying fuck where you are! Don't take me for a fool!
Lad: No
Lad: Okay
Cammy:‎ "This is africa"! So the fuck what?
Lad: I have heard you
Cammy:‎ Then don't fuck with me!
Lad: They lack facilities
Cammy:‎ So the fuck what? Do you think that being blonde means that I'm stupid?
Lad: Hey do you wanna help or you stop all these
Lad: Just be careful
Cammy:‎ Grow a brain!
Lad:‎ Why all these
Lad:‎ But you are messing me up
Lad:‎ You so kind I guess
Lad:‎ Hello
Cammy:‎ I'm not messing you up.

I think that by “usher” the Lad meant ulcer.
A couple of hours later…

Cammy: I logged off because it was late and you'd left me wondering what was real.

Next day…

Cammy: OK, I'm here, so tell me!
Cammy: Or are you afraid?
Lad: Hello
Lad: I lied to you
Lad: Are you there?
Lad: I am a little bit afraid
Lad: I am not in US army
Lad: Am sorry I was busy then
Cammy: So, tell me the truth.
Lad: No
Lad: I am an african
Lad: No parents
Lad: No job
Cammy: What do you mean "No"?
Cammy: I asked for the truth and you said "No".
Lad: I mean am from africa
Lad: I don't have parent
Cammy: Do you know what the truth is?
Lad: I am poor
Lad: Yes I do
Lad: So I lied to you
Lad: That am a soldier
Cammy: And that you're American.
Lad: <ding>
Lad: I downloaded some pics and send them to you
Lad: Am just a poor boy searching for work
Lad: Yes
Cammy: I told you what would happen if you did that <ding>
Lad: So am sorry
Cammy: Ten minutes, starting now.
Lad: For being lieing
Lad: I am a good looking guy
Lad: But no money
Lad: And I need a job baby
Lad: I don't know maybe you can help me
Lad: But I stayed with the US deployed army
Lad: Hello
Lad: Are you there?
Lad: Hansome
Lad: Talk to me
Cammy: Ten minutes are up.
Cammy: "But I stayed with the US deployed army"
Cammy: DON'T FUCKING LIE TO ME!!!!!!!! You're not with the American Army.
Lad: Yes
Lad: I am not
Cammy: Right...
Cammy: So what do you do for a living? And how old are you?
Lad: I am a student too
Lad: Undergraduate
Cammy: How old are you?
Lad: Why are you doing this?
Cammy: I don't want to have to ask again.
Lad: I am 28
Cammy: I'm doing this because I want the truth.
Lad: Okay
Lad: 28
Lad: How old are you too
Cammy: I'm 26.
Lad: Daily job
Cammy: And I am asking the questions, not you!!!!!
Lad: Okay
Cammy: I'm not the one who told lies!
Lad: I know
Cammy: Have you ever had a job?
Lad: Am sorry
Lad: No
Lad: I didn't
Lad: Haven't
Cammy: So how do you live, then? Are you a con man?
Lad: I do daily work
Lad: I am paid pay day
Lad: Not always
Cammy: What do you mean by "daily work"?
Lad: I help people at work
Lad: And I am paid daily
Lad: But not always
Cammy: "I lied to you because I was told to do so" - who told you to lie to me?
Lad: He said the white doesn't like the black
Cammy: Who said that?
Lad: His name is jerry
Lad: On facebook
Cammy: Did you ever meet him?
Lad: No
Lad: Online only
Cammy: Did he tell you that I'm racist?
Lad: Its a friend I met online
Lad: No
Lad: He didn't
Lad: That I should lie to you
Cammy: And rip me off.
Lad: Jerry

Some explanation is required here. There were some emails exchanged after the first batch, but they and the originals are missing (no idea how that happened). Among those emails were several showing that Our Jordan had been sending out scripts purporting to be Shabango Bush, Robert Walker and… Michelle Obama (I’ll post some surviving screen grabs when File Manager is working again).

Cammy: Did he tell you to send me emails in the name MRS MICHELLE OBAMA?
Lad: What??
Lad: Who's mrs michelle obama
Lad: But he said generally that the white hate the black
Cammy: Well, he's full of shit. And so are you!
Cammy: "Who's mrs michelle obama" - do you think I'd believe you for even a second?
Lad: I am telling you the truth
Lad: Not for any reason but to clear my conscience
Lad: Am sorry
Cammy: You have heard of Barack Obama, right?
Lad: Yes
Lad: President
Cammy: And he is...?
Lad: USA president
Cammy: Michelle Obama is the First Lady.
Lad: Yes
Cammy: So you did know?!
Lad: Yes
Cammy: So why did you ask me who she is?
Lad: What happen to her
Cammy: Nothing. You wrote to me in her name.
Lad: Okay
Lad: I wrote to you personally
Cammy: Four emails mixed in with the ones you wrote as Jordan James.
Lad: Not mine okay
Cammy: I told you not to lie to me.
Lad: Why are you shouting?
Cammy: I'm not shouting at all.
Lad: Am not lieing okay
Lad: I didn't use her name at all
Cammy: You sent the Michelle Obama emails.
Lad: May you are seeing double
Lad: Bye thanks
Cammy: They're in the same email trail as your other messages. You can't keep denying that.
Cammy: Why are you doing that?
Lad: Who are you??
Lad: Hun??
Lad: Stop harrasing me
Cammy: Oh please, that's so lame.
Lad: Is because I told you the truth??
Lad: That's bad
Lad: Its only alex_benson
Cammy: If you did tell me truth, you also told lies.
Lad: You have to check your email
Lad: Do not implicate me
Lad: I just check now
Cammy: Let's see...
Cammy: Any moment now...
Cammy: Check your email. I sent you a screen copy of the email trail.
Lad: Not my email
Cammy: Did you receive it? Or is it just denial?
Lad: Can't open it
Lad: See what??
Cammy: It's a JPEG. You open it.
Lad: But I am not the one
Lad: Okay
Cammy: So what's the explanation?
Lad: I am using public computer in school
Cammy: And?
Lad: And then gomer is everywhere
Cammy: Huh?
Lad: I am using our school public computer
Lad: Mistake migth erupt okay
Cammy: Gomer is everywhere??? What does that mean?
Lad: Hacker
Lad: Might have hacked my account
Cammy: Is that some local slang?
Lad: Maybe its the school computer okay
Cammy: Hmm, well, maybe...
Cammy: Viruses and other crap are why I never use cybercafe or library computers.
Lad: Okay
Lad: Hello
Lad: What are you doing now
Cammy: Let's get back to this Jerry dude.
Lad: Thanks for your understanding
Cammy: Did he tell you what to do, exactly? Or did he just say, you go and trick white people into giving you money? I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt - for now.
Lad: Enough
Lad: I can't tell you anything anymore
Lad: You can't help me
Lad: That's it
Lad: Am out
Lad: Don't talk to me again
Cammy: I was just being nice and now you're chucking a wobbly. Why do I even bother to care?
Lad: Thanks for being my friend
Cammy: Make up your mind!
Lad: You don't have anything to offer okay
Lad: You are hurting me
Lad: You are just making me to feel sad
Cammy: Are you bipolar?
Cammy: You offended me. I've got a right to be angry.
Cammy: I've calmed down. Don't rile me up again.
Lad: If I may ask
Lad: What do you do
Cammy: I told you, I think. I'm a photomodel.
Lad: Becauese you have know everything about me
Cammy: You're 28 and a student surviving day to day... not sure exactly where you are.
Cammy: You know my age and what I do for a living, plus you have my real pix.
Lad: Am in Nigeria
Cammy: Which part?
Lad: You can't know
Cammy: O RLY? Why?
Lad: Which part do you know in Nigeria
Lad: Am sorry for I lied to you
Cammy: I only ever heard of Lagos.
Lad: Hmmmmmm
Lad: You
Lad: Where are you from
Lad: Am from kogi state
Cammy: Originally? Bermagui. It's a small town on the New South Wales coast.
Lad: Where's that?
Cammy: I just told you.
Lad: You are working for someone
Lad: That's cool
Cammy: It's in Australia. Which I had told you is where I am!
Lad: I think I should go now
Lad: I have tell the truth about me
Lad: Okay
Cammy: You said you wanted help, but you'd rather walk away?
Lad: Are you an agent?
Cammy: An agent? Of what?
Lad: Am afraid
Cammy: OMFG
Lad: I doubt
Lad: You
Cammy: Pot, meet kettle...
Lad: I need you truly
Cammy: But you doubt me
Lad: But you are not ready to trust me anymore
Cammy: That isn't my fault!
Lad: And love without trust can't last
Cammy: I know that!
Lad: Am even afraid to meet you
Lad: You might get me arrested when you see me
Cammy: What the fuck?
Lad: I am afraid of you baby
Lad: I have lied to you
Cammy: When you say "see me", you mean face to face?
Lad: Yes
Lad: So I don't think you can love me
Cammy: Well, that wouldn't happen here. You'd never make it to Australia. You couldn't afford it, and even if you got here, you'd run up against Border Security.
Lad: Okay can you call me on my mobile to know you are real
Lad: I have messed myself up
Lad: Because I have lied
Cammy: Why is it up to me to prove that I'm real?
Lad: I know just that I can't afford international calls
Lad: Maybe you can call me
Lad: Hello
Cammy: I'm here.
Lad: So I don't know what to do
Lad: Call me?
Cammy: I can't.
Lad: Why?
Lad: I mean face to face
Lad: Can you?
Cammy: I'm 85% hearing impaired from childhood rubella because my stupid deadbeat father refused to let me be vaccinated.
Lad: Am sorry
Cammy: Thanx
Lad: Are you only on yahoo?
Cammy: There's a gmail account I use to write to and chat with Roscoe, but only for that.
Lad: Who's roscoe
Lad: Okay
Lad: What are using to chat?
Lad: Phone or computer
Cammy: Computer, natch.
Lad: Okay
Lad: Okay
Cammy: Okay!
Lad: Then how can we meet
Cammy: I don't know.
Lad: Can you still help me??
Lad: So that I can find my way to you
Cammy: That's a big ask.
Lad: Tell me baby
Cammy: Huh?
Cammy: Tell you what?
Lad: I said can you still help?
Cammy: It's possible. You need to gain my full trust.
Lad: Yes I know
Lad: But presently I need money baby
Lad: that's it
Lad: How
Cammy: How what?
Lad: Maybe I can start a business of my own
Lad: That was why I asked for 2000 then
Cammy: Risky one! You’ve got no experience,
Lad: I have business I can do here
Cammy: That's not what you said. It was all about living day to day.
Lad: Yes but I need business of my own
Lad: Baby
Lad: What's a big ask
Lad: Hello
Cammy: I thought it was clear.
Lad: When will you do that?
Cammy: Do what?
Lad: Send me some money
Lad: Am tired of working under people
Cammy: One - it's 2229 here.
Cammy: Two - how?
Cammy: Three - why exactly?
Cammy: You have some ground to make up!
Lad: I told you I need money because am poor
Lad: It
Lad: Help me
Cammy: Like I said...
Lad: And I gave address then
Cammy: No, not by Western Union or anything like it.
Cammy: I'm logging off soon. I need to think.
Lad: Or can I give you my account for a transfer
Cammy: Good night.

I wasn’t expecting the confession. I also wasn’t expecting Gomer to show up out of the blue. Take a collective bow, Gomerboiz!
Next up; the Lad reveals his secret dream of success... and begs some more.

Son of a bitch!!! Your dead!!! Everything about your stinking poor life is dead!!! Get off my way you son of a bitch mother ....a man without father bastard....your dead Ok

May you never se the end of the year, May you sick and die in JESUS NAME AMEN.

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MorganleFay wrote:
What the dickens is 'usher' when it's at home? LOL

My guess is he means ulcer.

The last word is mine.

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^ That's what I thought too.

We resume the next day.

Lad: Hey
Lad: How are you?
Cammy: Puzzled about why you simply went away.
Cammy: Again.
Lad: Because are gambling with m
Cammy: Huh?
Lad: Yes
Lad: Talk to you later am sick here
Cammy: I thought you couldn't afford to gamble. But it's your life and your choice.
Lad: Later okay
Lad: I can't talk
Cammy: OK
Lad: Please am sory
Lad:‎ What do you say

Xmas Day

Lad:‎ Hello
Lad:‎ How are u?
Lad:‎ Hope you are good
Cammy:‎ I'm fine!!!!!
Lad:‎ Miss you
Lad:‎ How's everything
Lad:‎ What are you doing now?
Cammy:‎ Chatting to you.
Cammy:‎ Duh.
Lad:‎ Oh okay
Lad:‎ That's lovely
Lad:‎ What's your real name?
Cammy:‎ What a stupid question.
Lad:‎ Why??
Lad:‎ Can't I know your name
Lad:‎ You are too temperamental
Lad:‎ Its bad
Cammy:‎ You know my name.
Lad:‎ I don't know your name
Lad:‎ I just know your email
Cammy:‎ You know I'm Camille White.
Lad:‎ That's email address dear
Cammy:‎ It's my name. I told you that before.
Lad:‎ And you don't call my question stupid okay
Lad:‎ I give you all the respect you deserve
Lad:‎ So you give me mine
Lad:‎ Am a man

Lad:‎ Okay
Cammy:‎ I'm sure you are.
Cammy:‎ Respect? What did you do to earn my respect?
Lad:‎ How can I earn your respectwhen you are always strict
Lad:‎ And what have you done when I always respect you
Cammy:‎ You lied to me. It was a big lie.
Lad:‎ And I said am sorry
Lad:‎ And confessed to you
Lad:‎ Or do you hate sinner?
Lad:‎ After confession you love sinner
Lad:‎ Or did you forced me to tell you the truth?
Cammy:‎ After confession you love sinner? What a load of bullcrap!
Lad:‎ Well!!
Lad:‎ I don't about your religion
Lad:‎ That's what my religion tought
Cammy:‎ It's got fuck all to do with religion.
Lad:‎ Okay
Lad:‎ Just forget about that
Lad:‎ How can we meet
Lad:‎ I'd love to see you
Lad:‎ Where are you now
Cammy:‎ Thousands of kays from where you are, and that's a good thing.
Lad:‎ Okay
Lad:‎ How I wish am in where you are now
Cammy:‎ O RLY?
Lad:‎ Yes
Lad:‎ Am serious
Lad:‎ I firstly lied to have you but I finally flop
Lad:‎ But now am ready to go all destination with you
Cammy: But I never invited you.
Lad:‎ Am waiting for your invitation
Cammy: Why would I invite you?
Lad:‎ What have I done
Cammy:‎ Apart from lying your ass off?
Lad:‎ Oh funny
Cammy: And again, why would I invite you?
Lad:‎ Am releasing my new album soon
Lad:‎ I want you to be feature

Cammy: Album?
Lad:‎ Yes
Cammy: Huh?
Lad:‎ Serious
Lad:‎ I sing in my country
Lad:‎ Hip hop
Cammy: I HATE hip hop.
Lad:‎ What do u like
Cammy: I see the pictures of hip hop stars in baggy pants trying to look like pimps... I read the lyrics, and it's shit. I feel the same about heavy metal.
Lad:‎ Oh
Cammy: Jerkwads trying to look cool.
Lad:‎ We rock the city presently
Cammy: They look like idiots.
Lad:‎ Oh
Lad:‎ Not all
Cammy: What city?
Lad:‎ Do like jazzy
Cammy: I don't do any music.
Lad:‎ Portharcort nigeria
Cammy: Looking for the bigtime, huh?
Lad:‎ Yeah
Lad:‎ That's what I need money for
Cammy: Uh huh...
Lad:‎ But soon hustle continue
Cammy: Hustle?
Lad:‎ Yes musical hustle
Cammy:‎ Is there a big time in Nigeria?

Lad: Hiya
Lad: Yes
Cammy: Yes to what?
Lad: Big time in nigeria
Lad: Why are you so strict on me
Cammy: Huh?
Lad: You always act mad on me
Lad: Why?
Lad: But I have apologise to you
Cammy: I was only wondering why you said "yes".
Lad: Ok
Lad: But you asked
Cammy: What did I ask?
Lad: Is there a big time in Nigeria?
Cammy: Oh, that.
Lad: Yes
Lad: You have forgotten
Cammy: The reason I asked was that one of my gal pals went to the US and is working for a recording company.

After the baits involving Hitlanta I thought, why not?

Lad: Sure we have it here
Cammy: You have what there?
Lad: Nigeria
Lad: Big time
Lad: That's how I record my songs
Cammy: FFS... I was saying that because you talk about the big time there, but the real big time is in America.
Lad: I know
Lad: But we also ours here
Cammy: Well, I know someone in America who's in the music business.
Lad: Okay
Lad: Can you link us together?
Cammy: I'll drop her a line. Would it be OK to give your email address?
Lad: Yes thanks
Cammy: Kewl.
Lad: Now I know are awesome to have as friend
Lad: What time is it over there?
Cammy: Over here? 2256
Lad: Okay its 1350 here
Lad: So you are on bed already
Cammy: No, I'm still up.
Lad: Okay
Lad: How is your work?
Cammy: It's good as always.
Lad: That's good to here
Lad: Please I don't want us to have any clash anymore
Lad: I want your caring chat
Cammy: Not for much longer tonight.
Cammy: I'm feeling hot!
Lad: Wow
Lad: How can stripe you off
Lad: Are you alone?

Lad: Hoya
Lad: Hiya
Lad: How are you??
Lad: Hello
Lad: Hello
Lad: How are you talk to me
Cammy:‎ Not sure what you mean.
Lad: Okay good nigth it night here
Lad: I wanna sleep
Cammy:‎ Was that it?
Lad: What??
Lad: What do you mean?
Lad: I can't understand you
Lad: Talk to me
Cammy:‎ You came, you said very little, you went away.
Lad: Am sorry
Lad: Was tired
Cammy:‎ It happens.
Lad: Yeah
Lad: I overstressd myself today
Cammy:‎ O RLY?
Lad: Yes
Lad: Just have to relaxed
Lad: So what's your time there
Lad: Aren't going to help me anymore?
Cammy:‎ 1429 here
Lad: Okay
Lad: My albulm is coming out and I don't. Have money with me
Lad: Help me
Cammy:‎ You should have plenty of money soon then.
Lad: Yes but without spending money on it can't come out
Lad: So I need some money to release it and market it
Cammy:‎ What about the rest of your click?
Lad: That's why I told you I need money
Lad: Everything is about money here
Cammy:‎ I said... What about the rest of your click?
Lad: They have nothing to offer
Lad: Please help me
Cammy:‎ It's for all of you, right?
Lad: I won't be an ingrate
Lad: I am the band leader
Lad: So I will pay them after all
Lad: Its for only me
Cammy:‎ So you bring out this album and you didn't make sure you could afford to?
Lad: I have spend all I have on it
Cammy:‎ That's why I sent your details to my gal pal Darla.
Lad: How was it?
Lad: What did he say?
Lad: About me
Lad: I have not seen his mail
Lad: Still you can still help even with anything
Cammy:‎ "What did he say?" I said "My gal pal Darla" and you think Darla is a guy?
Lad: Who's he?
Cammy:‎ Oh FFS!
Lad: Or she
Cammy:‎ Do you understand "gal pal"?
Lad: Your boo?
Cammy:‎ Huh?
Lad: Of friend
Lad: Yuh
Lad: Do you still have my address?
Cammy:‎ Of course.
Lad: then send some money to friend please
Lad: Don't let me lose the album
Cammy:‎ Your timing sux!
Lad: How?
Lad: Tell me
Lad: Or you don't wanna help me anymore
Cammy:‎ I can't do anything on New Years' Eve. Or New Year's Day. Or Sunday.
Lad: Okay
Lad: So when can you do it
Cammy:‎ I'll have to give Darla the hurry-up. This is up her alley.
Lad: And how can I meet her
Lad: Since am far away
Lad: That's why money is involved
Lad: So that I can traveled down
Cammy:‎ That's for you two to work out.
Cammy:‎ I don't like hip hop
Lad: Okay
Lad: That why I said when will you send the money so that I can get in contact with hime
Cammy:‎ But that sort of thing is her bread and butter.
Cammy:‎ Oh fuck... DARLA IS A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lad: Her sorry
Lad: Okay
Lad: How much can you send?
Cammy:‎ Why do you always ask me that?
Lad: Just to know maybe I will still have to work harder to get more money
Cammy:‎ Working harder is good.
Lad: Maybe it migth not be enough
Cammy:‎ My brother has this quote from some Russian general that goes "Hard training, easy combat; easy training, hard combat".
Lad: When you send it send me the details so that I can cash it
Cammy:‎ I know it sounds military, but as he put it, nothing is ever truly easy.
Lad: Yes
Cammy:‎ I know I got lucky. But I can't be a photomodel for all my life.
Lad: I believe you
Cammy:‎ That's why I'm making sure that I've got enough to live well all my life.
Lad: That's good
Lad: That's why I am investing into music
Lad: So that I can earn my leaving
Cammy:‎ Music is fickle. One day cock of the walk; next day a feather duster.
Lad: For the rest of my life
Cammy:‎ Beauty never goes out of style.
Lad: That's what people love here
Lad: Once you are in music industry here you are rich
Lad: Please I waiting to have the money
Lad: Thanks a lot
Lad: When are you sending it?
Lad: Tell me please
Cammy:‎ Hang on a bit.
Lad: Okay
Cammy:‎ Email from Roscoe! He’s coming to visit! YAYAYYYYYYYY!
Lad: Okay
Lad: Is that why you ask me to hold on?
Cammy:‎ I just got his email. He's got leave from Swanbourne.
Lad: Okay
Lad: That's good
Lad: You don't answer what I ask you
Cammy:‎ Huh?
Lad: I said when are you sending the money?
Cammy:‎ Gotta go talk with AJ, plans to change and all that. CYA.

Lad: Talk to me
Cammy:‎ I try to but you go away when I reply.
Lad: Okay
Lad: How are you now
Cammy:‎ Oh, so you're here now!
Cammy:‎ Windows will never seize!
Lad: Am here
Cammy:‎ I noticed...
Lad: How long will promise me
Lad: And not fulfilling it
Cammy:‎ Sorry, what?
Lad: The money I ask from you baby please help me
Cammy:‎ I didn't make a promise.
Lad: Ok
Lad: But am begging for it
Lad: Help me
Cammy:‎ That's right, BEGGING.
Cammy:‎ That's just pathetic.
Lad: Yes
Cammy:‎ I gave your details to Darla because of your hip hop. I may hate hip hop but at least that's something you're trying to make work.
Lad: I know you can do more than that
Lad: Yes
Lad: But I will still need some money
Lad: And this darla I don't know her
Lad: I have not meet her
Cammy:‎ So? Meeting new people is fun.
Cammy:‎ "I know you can do more than that" - I'm lost for words.
Lad: It means you are can help me
Cammy:‎ O RLY?
Lad: Yes
Lad: You said you can help with 10 thousand then
Lad: When I ask for 2
Cammy:‎ I never said that!
Lad: So you can't help me okay
Cammy:‎ I didn't say that either.
Lad: Then what will you do now
Lad: Let me know
Lad: What can you do
Cammy:‎ Why are you so pathetic? Every time we chat it all comes back to sending you money.
Lad: Because I need the money
Cammy:‎ You tried to rip me off, remember?
Lad: And if you can do that I won't ask for money from you in my life
Lad: My music career is capsizing
Cammy:‎ $2000 would be like a year's pay over there. $10000 - well, you do the maths.
Lad: Somehow
Lad: But this is musical business
Cammy:‎ You should have planned things.
Lad: It consume more money
Lad: Before you have fame
Cammy:‎ Like I said - you should have made plans.
Lad: I do
Lad: That's the best for me
Lad: But remember that things did not go according to plans
Cammy:‎ But you didn't plan properly if you ran out of money.
Cammy:‎ Any good plan has backups in case of trouble. That's something Roscoe taught me.
Lad: Okay
Lad: Maybe if I started again I'd plan well
Lad: And properly
Lad: So am still looking up to you for help
Lad: My address is with you
Lad: Its over to you if you really wanna help me
Cammy:‎ I did you a favour by sending your details to Darla.
Cammy:‎ I'll be blunt. You tried to deceive me. That favour is more than you deserve.
Lad: Thanks its ok
Lad: You going to the past
Lad: Thanks
Lad: I have apologise
Lad: Shows you don't have anything to offer me
Lad: Keep your money
Lad: I don't want anymore
Cammy:‎ "I have apologise" - words are cheap!
Cammy:‎ You thinks that wipes out what you did?
Lad: I don't need your help anymore
Cammy:‎ Does it make up for your lies?
Lad: Thanks
Lad: But I wasn't forced to tell you the truth
Lad: And you didn't forced me
Lad: I told you sincerely
Lad: Because I don't wanna lie to you anymore.
Lad: Thanks for all you have done to me
Lad: I will secure help from another friend thanks
Lad: Bye
Cammy:‎ You gave up lying because you knew I'd seen through you.

AFAIK the Lad did contact Darla, but nothing came of it, sadly (I didn't want to get anyone's hopes up). Seems he was plain lazy, not that you'd be surprised to hear that.

Next up; the end game - the Lad tries to discuss economics and Cammy tells a cautionary tale while confusing soundfiles with submachineguns.

Son of a bitch!!! Your dead!!! Everything about your stinking poor life is dead!!! Get off my way you son of a bitch mother ....a man without father bastard....your dead Ok

May you never se the end of the year, May you sick and die in JESUS NAME AMEN.

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I once had an 'ulcer' lad - he used to message in the middle of the night: 'Oooh ahhh - I'm in so much pain, I'm dying, you have to help me.'

Edited to correct stupid predictive text

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I don't have clear dates on the chat transcripts, but I'd guess that a couple of days had passed before the chat resumed.

Cammy:‎ If you've stopped chucking hissy-fits... Have you heard from Darla yet?
Lad: No
Lad: I haven't
Lad: Thanks
Cammy:‎ She said she'd emailed you. Is your address the same?
Lad: Okay let me check
Lad: No any email
Cammy:‎ You checked spam as well?
Lad: No
Lad: Hello
Lad: I can't see anything
Lad: And even if I see her email how will I meet her
Cammy:‎ That's for you two to work out.
Lad: I can't meet her its gonna be hard
Lad: I don't have the money to travel abroad okay
Lad: Its not easy here
Lad: I can't afford to travel abroad
Cammy:‎ You are so negative.
Lad: How?
Lad: Its my fault am telling the reality
Lad: Not
Lad: That's me I don't have any money that's why I am begging
Lad: So let me be like this
Lad: Thanks for your effort
Lad: So thank you for everything
Cammy:‎ Just talk with Darla when she gets in touch.
Lad: May freyja the God of love stand by you
Cammy:‎ There's always a chance.
Cammy:‎ And She does. I know this.
Lad: Okay I believe you
Lad: What's the email address you give her?
Lad: Because its [email protected]
Cammy:‎ The one you wrote to me with - which is [email protected]. See?
Lad: Ok
Lad: Thanks
Lad: Or can you give me her email address?
Cammy:‎ I'll give her another nudge.

Lad: Hello
Lad: Friend
Lad: How are you?
Cammy:‎ I'm fine.
Lad: That's good
Lad: Darla sent a message to me on yahoo
Cammy:‎ O RLY?
Cammy:‎ Do tell!
Lad: Yeah
Lad: Okay
Lad: So how are we gonna go about it?
Cammy:‎ Huh?
Cammy:‎ What about Darla's message?
Lad: I'm confused on what to send
Lad: She said I should send my details across
Cammy:‎ Why don't you?
Lad: I will
Lad: But still working on the details
Lad: So what are you doing now?
Cammy:‎ Let's get this settled first.
Lad: Okay
Lad: I will send all the details but my phone is faulty now
Lad: And I can't send mail on my yahoo
Cammy:‎ Huh?
Cammy:‎ Of course you can send mail on Yahoo! By Freyja's golden tears - you sent me emails!
Lad: But my phone is faulty
Lad: Yes
Lad: But my phone is faulty now
Lad: I will try cafe
Cammy:‎ Cybercafe? Friend? What are you sending?
Lad: My demo
Lad: My name
Cammy:‎ A demo?
Lad: My location
Lad: Yes
Lad: Musical demo
Lad: My recorded songs
Cammy:‎ Woah! No jive?
Lad: That's what we call demo here
Lad: What??
Cammy:‎ It's called a demo here too...
Lad: Okay
Lad: Thanks for your understanding
Cammy:‎ So what now?
Lad: How??
Lad: Can't understand you baby
Cammy:‎ Huh?
Lad: What do you mean
Lad: So what now?
Lad: What are you doing?
Lad: Hello
Cammy:‎ Chatting to you!
Lad: Okay
Lad: What's the time there
Cammy:‎ 2028
Lad: After my success will you still consider to be my girl?
Cammy:‎ What do you mean "still consider"?
Lad: Will you forget all my wrong and be my love?
Cammy:‎ Overlook, maybe. Be your love... don't think so,
Lad: Okay
Lad: Why don't you think so?
Cammy:‎ Intuition.
Lad: Okay
Lad: But platonic
Cammy:‎ Freyja made me wise in matters of the heart.
Lad: Okay thanks to treyja
Lad: But can't hurt anyone
Lad: Can I have your mobile number?
Cammy:‎ Freyja loves and blesses those who love Her,
Lad: Ok
Lad: Can I have your mobile number?
Cammy:‎ I don't have a mobile, By Hela's frozen teeth - I don't use phones! Don't tell me you forgot?
Lad: Okay
Lad: Can you record your voice and send it to me here?
Cammy:‎ Why?
Lad: Just wanna hear your voice
Cammy:‎ If you can't send a demo, you won't be able to receive an MP5!
Lad: Okay
Lad: I have heard you
Cammy:‎ Not yet you haven't.
Cammy:‎ Oops, gotta go - late dinner.

An MP5 is a submachinegun, not a sound file, just so you know.
Next day…

Lad: Hello friend
Cammy:‎ Hi
Lad: How are you?
Lad: Being a while we chat
Lad: Missed u
Cammy:‎ You weren't around.
Lad: Okay
Lad: How is your work doing?
Lad: Hope you didn't forget me?
Lad: About darlas stuff
Cammy:‎ You call it work but trust me, most people would really laugh at the idea of what I do being called 'work'.
Lad: Oh its a work baby
Cammy:‎ What they don't understand is how much I put into keeping fit, healthy and beautiful.
Lad: Anything you do to living is work
Cammy:‎ LOL
Lad: Yes
Lad: I love who so ever is hardworking
Lad: People migth laugh at you but stay focus
Lad: That's all about life
Lad: How is life to you today?
Cammy:‎ Not the best, actually - dunno how, but I have an upset stomach. I don't think it's anything I ate because I only had a toasted cheese sandwich yesterday evening.
Cammy:‎ The tantra last night was as good as always though.
Lad: Good to hear that but am sad about your stomach pains how are you going about it now
Lad: Have you consult your doctor?
Cammy:‎ Go to the doctor? Dewd, it's just the runs. Nothing to lose sleep over.
Lad: Okay
Lad: I don't see you feeling pains
Lad: Because you are so important to me
Lad: No one can do all you are doing to me
Lad: Despite the fact that I have messed myself up
Cammy:‎ Well, you're being candid, which is good.
Cammy:‎ BIAB
Lad: Thanks but firstly I lied I know discover I don't need that to you then I opened up
Lad: I guess now you are the best friend I have ever
Lad: I pray we last forever
Lad: Hello
Cammy:‎ Nothing lasts forever.
Lad: I know
Lad: But friendship makes life lovely
Cammy:‎ "And with strange aeons even Death may die.”
Lad: Yes baby
Lad: Thanks I love all quote
Lad: You sound to be degree holder
Lad: In english study
Cammy:‎ Huh?
Lad: Yuh
Cammy:‎ I can quote H. P. Lovecraft and suddenly I have degrees?
Lad: Seriously its seems to be always like phd holder baby
Lad: Can't imagine how sound you are
Lad: But can you be my platonic friend
Cammy:‎ So I'm good with languages. I totally suck at maths and I don't get science at all.
Lad: Besause I don't wanna losse you
Lad: Yes you are
Lad: I told you I study economics here
Lad: And am good at math
Cammy:‎ Economics? Ha! If economics is so good to study, how come no-one can ever get it right?
Lad: Its a hard course because ceteris paribus
Lad: Meaning all things being equal
Lad: Its a wide course baby
Cammy:‎ Economists are wankers - all they're good at is making excuses for why their advice sucks and their plans never work.
Lad: No baby
Lad: You guess wrong
Lad: We decide how the economy proceed
Cammy:‎ LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cammy:‎ Economists have no fucking idea!
Lad: Lolz
Lad: We are social scientist
Lad: Remember
Cammy:‎ Take our last Treasurer (please!)
Lad: We have all ideas
Lad: What?
Cammy:‎ I bet he was the only Armenian who knew nothing about money.
Lad: He's daft and dull
Lad: He can't proof himself
Lad: If I should be I will surprise you
Cammy:‎ So you know about Joe Hockey? I'm surprised!
Lad: Yes
Cammy:‎ O RLY?
Lad: Ofcourse
Lad: Yes
Cammy:‎ Oh come on - why would you know about him?
Lad: I mean an economics man who define the final accepted definition
Lad: Not your man
Lad: Lionel robison
Cammy:‎ And who in Freyja's name is "Lionel robison"?
Lad: Baby please I wanna ask you something?
Lad: I don't know
Lad: Hello
Cammy:‎ You mentioned him!
Lad: Can you help me with anything please
Lad: Am broke here
Lad: Please my condition
Lad: As friend
Lad: Our economy is bad
Lad: Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cammy:‎ I've been begged for money a few times and regretted giving it.
Lad: I know but you know I'm your friend and if am okay here I won't be begging
Lad: But my life is not worth telling people here
Cammy:‎ Friends (so-called) have begged me for money.
Lad: Anything baby no matter how token
Lad: Please I will apreciate it
Cammy:‎ One so-called boyfriend took me for over a thousand back when I was eighteen. Turned out he was gambling it all away.
Lad: Yes people teaches people attitude
Cammy:‎ It came to a head the day when I finally refused any more loans - he slapped me around and grabbed my handbag.
Lad: Bad
Lad: Don't judge everyone with your experience
Lad: If you do you won't help
Lad: I am living poor life and I don't wanna do shit here please
Cammy:‎ Just as he was leaving, Roscoe - my brother - turned up. He saw me standing there crying with a bloody nose and a black eye, and then he broke Robbo's wrists and fingers before kicking him (literally) out into the street. Roscoe is one major hardass.
Lad: Okay
Lad: I understand
Lad: But you can still help
Lad: Its okay
Cammy:‎ Only if I choose to.
Lad: Because I don't want you to see it as pestering you
Lad: Okay
Lad: You are my best friend here
Lad: Even though I don't know you I believe you okay
Cammy:‎ Don't try to guilt-trip me. I have my rules and I live by those rules.
Lad: Okay
Lad: I'm not doing any shit
Cammy:‎ Damn' right!
Lad: Don't worry I'm just telling you how I am
Lad: Am fuckingly poor
Lad: But I still survive
Lad: Its late here
Lad: I have to sleep now
Lad: Thanks
Lad: Later
Cammy:‎ CYA

Lad: Hello
Lad: Am sorry am far from you
Lad: How are you?
Cammy:‎ Fine, mostly.
Lad: Ok
Lad: Missed you
Lad: Thinking to meet you my life
Cammy:‎ Up to you
Lad: How is it up to me?
Cammy:‎ You have to come to Australia
Lad: I told I don't have money to fly over that's the issue on ground
Cammy:‎ Or maybe Paris? We're planning to go there sometime soon.
Lad: I'd have be on my way immediately
Lad: And you refuse to help
Lad: I don't just know how I can explain to you
Cammy:‎ You call it "help" but I call it "begging"
Cammy:‎ As usual
Lad: That's what you will say I know
Cammy:‎ Big question is, why would I want you to come here?
Lad: Even though if I begg for that's not bad
Lad: That's it
Lad: Because you hate me
Cammy:‎ It's pitiful
Cammy:‎ And I don't hate you.
Lad: Its pitiful that what?
Cammy:‎ That you just keep begging. You could, like, do something to earn a living?
Lad: Thanks
Lad: I don't begg all but you
Lad: I think you are my friend
Lad: But don't worry
Lad: We are together
Cammy:‎ No friend of mine begs the way you do.
Lad: Can't do without you even though you can't help me
Lad: Am sorry
Lad: Wish you all the best
Lad: How is your day going
Cammy:‎ Pretty good
Lad: That's good to hear
Lad: I know you always pissed whenever I beg for money
Lad: And am sorry for that
Lad: Its not my fault
Lad: Its the situation of our economy
Cammy:‎ It's always someone else's fault.
Cammy:‎ Nothing you can do - society is to blame, huh?
Lad: Okay
Lad: Thanks for understanding
Cammy:‎ That was sarcasm
Lad: What are you doing now
Cammy:‎ Chatting
Lad: Ok
Lad: Alaye
Lad: Hmmmmm
Cammy:‎ "Alaye"?
Lad: Hello
Lad: That's you
Lad: Meaning friend
Cammy:‎ I prefer English
Lad: Ol
Lad: Ok
Lad: But one day I will meet you
Lad: How old do you call yourself dear?
Cammy:‎ Huh?
Lad: Age
Cammy:‎ What sort of half-assed question was that?
Lad: Tell
Lad: Me
Lad: We are friend
Lad: You are not a stranger
Cammy:‎ YMMV
Lad: Meaning
Cammy:‎ We may not see eye to eye.
Lad: Ok
Lad: And so?
Cammy:‎ Probably because I'm only 167 in flats.
Lad: Ok
Cammy:‎ And 55 kilos
Lad: Good
Cammy:‎ O RLY?
Lad: Yes
Lad: Don't wory
Lad: Am hot
Lad: Thinking to make love
Cammy:‎ *Yawn*
Lad: Yes
Lad: No one here
Lad: I need sex now
Cammy:‎ Nothing I can do.
Lad: Can you send your nude here to me
Cammy:‎ Get your own stroke pix
Lad: Do you want it?
Cammy:‎ Huh?
Cammy:‎ Are you being a wanker?

Cammy:‎ Long time
Lad: Not see
Lad: Missed the Berger
Cammy:‎ Berger? You eat baby food?
Lad: I mean beg boy
Cammy:‎ Huh?
Lad: You know I'm a poor boy
Lad: That's always beg
Cammy:‎ Oh, yeah.
Lad: Yes that's the poor boy
Lad: How are you rich lady
Lad: Missed your chat
Lad: Are you busy?
Lad: Why are you not chatting
Cammy:‎ I started off poor thanx to my bludging deadbeat hateful whinging self-pitying piece of shit father. But I got better.
Lad: Thanks rich lady that can't help her fellow human being
Cammy:‎ I choose who I help. Puerile shame-games won't work on me.
Lad: Okay
Lad: Go ahead
Lad: I have found help
Cammy:‎ Kewl
Lad: I don't need you anymore
Cammy:‎ KEWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lad: Hahahahahahhaahahahahaha
Lad: Liar
Lad: Fake
Cammy:‎ Snit, snit, snit, kiddie boy
Lad: Yeah
Lad: Gerara here
Cammy:‎ English please

Lad: Hello
Lad: Goodmorning
Lad: Its morning here
Cammy:‎ It's evening here.
Lad: Okay
Lad: How are you
Lad: You got pissed yesterday
Lad: Over my action
Cammy:‎ Not really
Lad: Okay
Lad: Am sorry
Cammy:‎ You don't have to apologise
Lad: People complian over my begging attitude
Lad: So thanks for your understanding
Cammy:‎ Oh, OK
Lad: Yes
Lad: But can you still help with token?
Lad: If its 200
Lad: Its something here
Lad: You know that
Lad: Can you?
Lad: Don't get mad over this
Cammy:‎ If you keep on begging, you'll never be able to do anything for yourself.
Lad: Yes I know
Lad: But still givers never lack
Lad: I believe you have helped some
Lad: But its hard for you to help me
Lad: Hello
Cammy:‎ I don't think you're listening.
Lad: To what?
Cammy:‎ Me!
Lad: I do
Lad: So tell me
Cammy:‎ If you keep on begging, you'll never be able to do anything for yourself.
Lad: Ok
Lad: Av heard you
Lad: Am only begging from you
Cammy:‎ No difference! Begging is begging! And I've never done that!
Lad: Okay
Lad: Thanks
Lad: Its because of my condition that's why
Lad: Seems you wanna make jest of me
Cammy:‎ I am being serious!
Lad: My condition cause all these
Lad: Don't worry
Lad: I won't beg from you anymore
Lad: Whenever I ask for help you will always have some excuse not to help me
Cammy:‎ There is only one REASON. It's not an excuse; it's a REASON.

That's all folks! And just as well - I was getting sick of the Lad's passive-aggressive whining.

Thanx for reading.

Son of a bitch!!! Your dead!!! Everything about your stinking poor life is dead!!! Get off my way you son of a bitch mother ....a man without father bastard....your dead Ok

May you never se the end of the year, May you sick and die in JESUS NAME AMEN.

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And he just exited stage left at this point? LOL
Nice work, Yastreb.
Thank you and Cammy for sharing Very Happy

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I mentioned earlier that the Lad blundered by sending emails to Cammy that showed up in the same email trail as his Jordan James messages. Here are two screen shots to show what happened.



The original emails were somehow lost, possibly because of Yahoo's dropping of the chat option also deleting the emails from that account.

Son of a bitch!!! Your dead!!! Everything about your stinking poor life is dead!!! Get off my way you son of a bitch mother ....a man without father bastard....your dead Ok

May you never se the end of the year, May you sick and die in JESUS NAME AMEN.

United Kingdom x5 Spain New Zealand Senegal Ghana x2 Benin Closed lad accounts x 246
Safari x 5 - Oyenka Chidinma Lagos-Cotonou; Dickyboi Lagos-Accra; Femmy Lagos-Porto Novo; "Woody" Accra-Singapore; Henry Philip Abuja-Natitingou w/MG & DSW
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