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 A patronising rant

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 9:04 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

So, I have been baiting this Lad in a dying widow scam, I have been through the usual stuff of passing my details to the tame barista who has recently asked me to contact the bank to arrange paperwork. This I duly did but I had received no response. I had already communicated this to the barista when I received this.
Attention Please

How are you doing today?

I don’t really think you know the value and importance of this transaction and the communication value, I have been the one calling and sending reminder email of what is the development, The Importance of Business Communication, Effective business communication is the art of sharing information in a positive and helpful fashion.

Whether this information is being conveyed to bank or client, it is important that the best method and atmosphere is created when sharing the information to whom it may concerned.

Personal life or professional, the importance of communication cannot be neglected. In personal life, it saves you from creating misunderstandings. Professionally, you realize its importance when even the smallest task goes wrong because of ineffective or no communication. But, before we jump into the topic of what is the importance of business communication, we first understand the whole concept of communication.

so, communication is when there is an exchange of information. This is done either by writing, speaking or using other forms of communication mediums.

It almost always has three things: 2 people and a medium through which they are exchanging information. At this point I need to know what is going on, what is the situation of things, your communication with the bank and way forward to the conclusion of this transaction.

You patronising twat! Deserving of a slap.
I quite agree with you about the importance of communication. So perhaps you may wish to COMMUNICATE with the bank to ask why they do not COMMUNICATE with me after I COMMUNICATED with them by email 4 days ago. When you find out, please COMMUNICATE the answer to me. Are we understood?

I cant see these Lads being organised enough to close a deal! Rolling Eyes

Closed lad accounts x34


Sand Timer Luckless One 9/13 - 10/14

You are a completely lier, you don't respect the word of your mount, no one can trust a man like you, I do not believe you not to talk of trust.

I don't know what kind of person are you, I gave you simple instruction you will use to send the money but you failed very much. You have given your money to another person entirely and you now think you are smart or what?

God Punish You And Your Generation For Stressing My Hustle .
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