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 The Legend of Mrs. Isabella Caromel

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 07, 2016 1:09 am Reply with quoteBack to top

(Mods feel free to move this wherever. I'm not 100% sure this is the right forum...just not into the trash, please :X )

This is my first bait and with the help of my mentor T, I think it has become very successful for a first-time baiter like me! He has helped me out through all of these months and I wouldn't have been able to get it this far without him.

This bait started in November 2015, it's the generic death-of-a-client bait with Western Union involved.

The characters!

Victim - Katie Mahoney, a deaf, middle-aged single woman living in the UK. Katie has a boy named Timmy. Katie's text will always be in normal black.

Lad's character 1: Mrs. Isabella Caromel - Our very unfortunate, rich woman who is looking to do some investments for charity

before she dies. Spoiler: Something happened and she died. I'm still crying about it to this day.

Lad's Character 2: Dr. Faith Okoro - The lawyer who is trying to collect his precious $2,000 for a death certificate for Isabella.

Lad's character 3: Dr. John Barrister - A priest who is trying to work with Mr. Okoro to get the money.

All lad text will be in dark red.

Mentor / chopper: Tururut. He's a great mentor and I'm glad he helped me out on this. Props to T! I'll put his messages in blue.

So the bait begins. On 11/14/15 I get this uncalled-for shit in my inbox:

Greetings to you in the name of our heavenly God. This mail
might come to you as a surprise and the temptation to ignore it could
come into your mind, but please, consider it as a Divine Wish of God
and accept it with a deep sense of humility
. My Name is Isabella
Caromel; I escaped tsunami disaster some time ago which affected my
spinal cord, my ear drum and claim my entire family, my husband and two
sons. It might shock you to know, I was eventually disabled as a
result of catastrophe that struck me. Perhaps I’m now on a
wheelchair after all form of treatment and to no avail. Because of my present
condition I finally decided to give a better life to the poor in the
society, since it has determine medically that I have only about a
few months to live, according to medical experts.

It is my legacy to build charity organizations for the less
privilege since my health has finally confirmed deteriorated. In my
present condition this project cannot be executed by me alone due to
my ailment, so therefore I need your candid voluntarily support
to execute the project to make this dream a reality. I have
decided to invest my $10.6M USD to help the less privileged
therefore you are chosen from my heart to help receive the funds from where it
was kept secretly to build charity organizations for the less
privilege to have some better life.

Please I will appreciate if you can indicate interest to
help actualize this last dream. Therefore also include your
contact telephone/fax numbers, including personal details to be
forward to the deposited firm for onward communication on how to transfer
the funds to you. I will also provide you the legal documents that
will enable you claim the funds, and if you are willing and ready to
assist, please e-mail me at <snip> without
delay as

I need to hear from you soon.

Remain blessed,

Mrs. Isabella Caromel

Katie replies:

Isabella, I'm really sorry to hear about your disability. I agree that helping the less fortunate is a
very good thing to do with the money that you have now so I will help you in any way I can. I am deaf so I do not have a
telephone. What can I do to help you out?

Dear beloveth,

Thank you for your email and I am really grateful for your understanding and readiness to execute this project. All that we

required now to move forward is to provide me with your detail information’s requested by my bank as my beneficiary to

transfer the funds to you to commence my dream project. Pls do not forget the instructions that the funds should be utilize to

help the less privileged because that is my last dream before joining the bosom of lord almighty. I understand your condition

as you rightly explain but the phone number is also important because the bank will always like to communicate with you on

phone,but not me because I am also deaf.

My beloveth I will be waiting for your details information before I compile them and send to the deposited bank to contact you

for the transfer. While waiting for your details information I will also be searching for the certificate of deposit to send

to you, alongside with a letter of authorization written and signed by me to guide you as my beneficiary to receive the funds.

Once again I appreciate you for your readiness I also pray God should empower you and give you wisdom to handle the dream

project successful.

Here are your detail information’s the bank requested from me,

1. Your Full Names
2. Bank Details
3. Residential or Office Address
4. Scan Copy of Identification
5. Occupation and Position Occupied
6. Direct Phone Number

I shall be waiting to hear from you.

Remain blessed
Mrs. Isabella Caromel

1. Your Full Names - Katie Mahoney
2. Bank Details - ummmmm do you really really need this?
3. Residential or Office Address - <snip, I used the address of some random empty house>
4. Scan Copy of Identification - im not sure how to do this, Im sorry. how would I do this, send it to you in the mail?
5. Occupation and Position Occupied - Im a secretary right now at a modeling company
6. Direct Phone Number - I am deaf so I do not have a phone...

Isabella really seems to want that bank account.


Pls I have told you to provide the bank details which is very important and also a scan copy of your identification otherwise

the bank will not accept working with you without such information’s that is what I told you. However you have said you are a

deaf person you cannot make use of phone and that has already been understood. Pls provide the remaining relevant requirement

that is stated below.

1. Bank Details
2. Scan Copy of Identification

I shall be waiting to hear from you.

Unfortunately for Isabella, the Thanksgiving holiday was coming up! Oh noez, AND Katie needs to make a bank account? After a

few boring back and forth emails, Katie finally makes a bank account about a week and a half later.


Hi Isabella, I'm sorry for not getting back to you quicker. I've been with my family for Thanksgiving and just got back today.

My bank details:

Bank Name: Bank of Vandelay
Acct Name: Katie Mahoney
Acct number: 2898084022833

I cant get the ID just yet but I'll get it to you as fast as I can. Is there any more info you need from me?

Without missing a beat, Isbella emails this the same day:

Dear beloved Katie,

Thank you so much I was wondering why I can't hear from you. Although the only info remaining is the scan copy of your

identification before I can compile them and send to the deposited bank to contact you.

1. Scan Copy of Identification

I shall be waiting to hear from you.

ok I'll do that as quick as I can...I don't actually have a scanner so we might have to wait a while until my son gets

back from his mini Christmas vacation. It's an old scanner but it should work. I'll tell my son about your unfortunate

I was wondering how freaked out Isabella would get for this but I don't think she even noticed lol and

it's the Christmas season so I will definitely help you and get the scan done when I see him.

Unfortunately Katie is not good with computers, and even worse, Timmy is on Christmas vacation!

Hi Isabella. I just got a remittance notification today about the deal. Now it looks like I just have to scan my

driver's license and a few other things...Im really not sure how to do this. How do I get a picture of it into an email

attachment? Im sorry that Im not better at these things. My son would easily be able to do this but he's on holiday vacation

in the US right now.

Dear beloved Katie,

My beloveth please I really don't know if you have gone
through to send the requirement to the bank? If you still
cannot do it I will advise you to compile your bank details
and send to them and put into writing and ask them to be
patient when your son return back you will send it to them
as you don't know how to attach.

At least I believe if you can send them the bank details and
put into writing telling them why you could not send the
identification the bank will understand and be doing the
transfer to you while they remain patiently till your son
will come to help send to them.

Please I came back with this suggestion because I don't
want delay to the transfer especially because of my critical
health condition. I want you to follow my instructions and
get back to me with success update.

The next day Katie gets this, with some fake documents attached (I didn't even send an ID card. It must have magically scanned

itself and sent itself to Isabella :O):

Dear beloved Katie,

My beloveth I saw your email and I am happy at last you have sent all the requirements to the bank. Please here are the two

documents of the funds that legally place you as my appointed beneficiary,you just have to also send to the bank when they

requested for them.

My beloveth I have been praying for you everyday to succeed and able to actualize my dream project.

However I will be glad to get subsequent update from you.

Remain blessed
Mrs. Isabella Caromel

It's now up to Katie to send the documents to the bank.

Dear beloved Katie,

My beloveth please just after I read your previous email that you have finally succeeded sending those requirements to the

bank,behold I am so shocked to received email also from the bank threatening to cancel the transaction since my beneficiary

refuse to comply with their rules.

Please to the best of my knowledge I have never received such an email from this bank before and as I speak this is the first

time I have ever received such a tough email from the bank and for the importance of the transaction I was so frightening and

my ill health has increased.

Please you just have to contact them and amend this issues because my heart is biting so fast and that can only calm down

until you communicate with them and get back to me.

I am waiting to hear from you.

Remain blessed
Mrs. Isabella Caromel

Things aren't going too well at the bank, though. They're not getting back to Katie about this very important deal.

ok thank you for your patience, Isabella! I'm waiting on a reply
from the bank....I think I sent it correctly and asked them
that if it wasn't done right to please let me know.

A week later the bank transfer fails:

Isabella this is very strange! I am sure that I sent the transfer! I
did it on Thursday night after I got back home from work! Is
there something I can do to make sure the transfer went
through? I didn't get a confirmation email back from
them, maybe it just didn't go through? Please let me
know what I have to do.

Dear beloved Katie,

My beloveth please I have told you that to avoid delays you just have to send them only your bank details that is required for

the funds transfer and thereafter if your son return back he will help you send the scan copy of identification to them.

Please I earlier told you to send them your bank details and wrote below to inform them that once your son return back from

the state you will ask him to help you send the attachment since you don’t know how to do it.

Please that is what you should do right now as soon as you get my email. Because we just have to avoid delay and you should do

that and get back to me for update.

Remain blessed
Mrs. Isabella Caromel

12/17: Katie tries again. The clock is ticking for Christmas (busy) time!

Isabella I am sorry for not getting back to you
lately.....I've had a problem with my bank account,
somebody started writing bad checks to my account and they
were actually going through! So the bank account I have now
was closed to avoid more people sending bad checks. This is
also why I wasnt able to reply to you lately.

I am waiting on my bank to get me a new bank account,
it's very unfortunate the timing of all of this. :/.
I'll give you a tip: do NOT order checks through the
mail because they might get stolen from you! ask your bank
for them and do not let your checkbook ever get

Anyway, I think we can get this done faster if perhaps
you could provide your bank account info so that I could
send the funds directly to you.
Gimme some bacon! I know this is backwards to
what we were originally planning but I'm in a very bad
situation right now and my bank is putting my account
"on lock" so that any money taken away from it has
to be signed by me for it to go through. So I think this
would be best if we could use yours or someone else's
bank account for this. Is this at all possible? I'm
sorry for this inconvenience but I'm really in a bad
position right now.....

Dear beloved Katie,

My beloveth I really don't understand how you can use my account. The funds are in the bank which is already contacting you

but not providing them with all they required from you. My bank is even not sending you checks ,what they need do is to

transfer the funds bank to bank and not checks. My best advice to you is that you can open a fresh account specially for the

funds just incase you are afraid to give out your personal account. I must tell you that I'm really not too happy with the

delays and setback the transfer and my dream project has suffered.
Please take this project serious and move fast for

anything required to make the transfer successful. As I speak with you now the bank management are angry with the slow

paste of the transfer .

Please be serious with this project and open communication with the bank because they are angry they could not heard from you.

Remain blessed
Mrs. Isabella Caromel

Phase 2: January 7, 2016. (Or is it still phase 1? I don't know phases)

After the big Christmas vacation stall, it appears the above was Isabella's last message. Sad

John Barrister enters the stage:

Attn: Katie Mahoney,

Please I am contacting you urgently and I expected you to respond back swiftly. My client (Late Mrs. Isabella Caromel) had

once made you a beneficiary to the sum of ($10.6M USD), Anyway she left a message before she died. She stated categorically on

her last TESTAMENT (WILL) that the ($10.6M USD) with a bank that was supposed to transferred
to your nominated bank

account, which was intercepted by another bank, should be trace and transfer to you as the beneficiary, and finally I just

located the funds with the bank where it was kept hidden.

I followed up immediately the moment the funds was located and the bank authority told me to provide proof, such as

certificate of deposit and any authorization letter by Late Mrs. Isabella Caromel that qualified you as the beneficiary of the

funds, otherwise they have no reason discussing with me without such proof. Perhaps all I need is your readiness to stand as

the legal beneficiary to the fund; hence I will get the required documents to present as proof if only you give me the support

I need from you. As you already know, Mrs. Isabella Caromel was the only surviving family; she lost all her family members

during the Tsunami incident. She has no relation whom will make claim of the funds except you as the beneficiary. What I want

from you right now is for us to work together to claim the funds and share among ourselves. Therefore 70% go for you the

beneficiary of the funds, while we set aside 10% for any expenses that will incur during the
transaction, then 20% for me as her attorney whom initiated the idea.
If you are satisfied with my Proposal kindly get

back to me to furnish you with details of the bank for further communication. I have finally discovered the bank holding your

funds but the bank only require a substantial proof to release the funds on transfer to you.

I will be waiting to hear from you soon.

Yours Sincerely
John Smith Esq

5 days later:

Oh my gosh, she passed away?? I'm upset to hear that, may she rest in peace!!! Sad

I guess thats why I didnt hear from her lately, I thought for a moment that's what happened but wanted to
be positive.

I will work with you for the funds. What exactly do you need me to do? Yes you may keep 20%, that seems fair.

Attn: Katie Mahoney,

It’s a pleasure seeing your email despite the fact that you responded lately. The bank has requested for certificate of

deposit, copy of death certificate and affidavit letter of authorization indicating you as the beneficiary. Out of these

documents mentioned, she vehemently told me before her death that such as certificate of deposit including a letter of

authorization signed by her person was already sent to you which you will always provide for me when needed. As for death

certificate I have to travel to her country where she died and obtain it from the hospital.

Right now I will like you to forward the two documents in your care to me, thereafter I will put a comprehensive contact email

to the hospital to request for the death certificate. If peradventure you cannot lay hands on such documents anymore kindly

get me informing and I will provide for the bank copies of such documents she kept in my care and I will head to court to

sworn affidavit declaring you as the beneficiary to the funds. First of all I need your response to my email while I will also

be sending email across to the hospital requesting for the death certificate urgently because at this point it’s quite

important to help secured the funds out for you.

Yours Sincerely
John Smith Esq.

Unfortunately, Katie's son got sick. Fate is just not in it for Katie these past few months.

Hi John, I'm sorry I didnt get to you quicker.
I've had a lot going on with my son, he is very sick.
Can you tell me exactly how she died? How is her family
handling all of this?

I don't think she sent me any documents, actually.
Do you have the names of them? I deleted some of her emails
but if you have the form name I might be able to find it on
my computer.

Attn: Katie Mahoney,

Thank you for sharing the same views with me. Obviously Late Mrs. Isabella Caromel use to be very nice as you also said, I

wish you know her in person you would’ve known her for kindness endowment. Since I have already putting plans on ground with

the church hospital doctor, and I will be traveling to meet them soon as they are expecting me, it will be better for you

to send the money straight to one of the church hospital doctor that is handling this issue. It will hasten the entire process

as they will get everything ready down for me. If you can do that it will ease me and fast track the exercise too as my own is

to get their and pick up and return back to face with the bank for the funds to be release for transfer to you. Therefore send

the money via western union or moneygram directly to the church doctor hospital because the $2000 is for issuance of the death

certificate and also to do some outstanding clearance. As for my traveling expenses I have already taking care of it because I

will be leaving soon.

I already spoken with the church hospital doctor handling it and he gave me a receiving names for you to send the money, and

this how he gave me the info to send for you.

Here is it below.

NAME: <snip>

As soon as you send it kindly send the receiving control information’s to my email to forward to him. By Thursday 21st

January I will be going to meet with them to finalize and return back to face the bank.
Here is the certificate of deposit

in my care and I will get to the court to sworn affidavit, and all of these documents are what will lead me to the bank to

release the funds for transfer to you as her beneficiary.

Yours Sincerely
John Smith Esq.

Its very sad to hear about Ms. Caromel, I didnt know
her personally but she was very kind over email. At least
she died in a church! Thats a very dignified place to

So you need the $2000 for just the plane trip there? Do
you have a bank account that I can send it to? Thats
probably the fastest way for us to get this done right now
and Im guessing this has to be done quickly. I looked
through my emails and didnt actually find the documents. do
you happen to have any copies?

It's now the 20th of January, John should have landed by now.

Hi John. My son is extremely sick right now, we
actually had to take him to the doctor's again yesterday
and I've been working as well so please excuse my

So it looks like I have to send money through Western
union or something to your colleague in Nigeria. How excatly
does moneygram work? I haven't used one before and
don't know of any that are near me. Please help me find
one and Ill make sure to make a trip there as soon as I can.
thank you for your help!

Attn: Katie Mahoney,

Please can you forgive my manners, because I thought your son health condition has been fully normalized. How is your son

doing right now and what is the cause of ailment? Like you said I should help you find moneygram and western union. I think

everywhere in the world western union and moneygram are located in supper markets, and shopping malls they are easier to

locate, or you can ask questions in your area they will show you many.

Again to send money through western union or moneygram is very simple and easier. Try to ask from shopping malls and supper

near you and you will get moneygram or western union, to send money. Just get in there they will be the one to

attend to you, help you send the money very simple. Please I will be in court today to sworn affidavit obtain it and what will

be left is the death certificate. You just have to help this situation and ensure you send the money to the church hospital

doctor to get the document down for me and once I get their by tomorrow my own is just to do clearance and get the death

, added to the legal documents secured in court then I proceed to meet with the bank authority to get the funds


Please I am working on this issue seriously and tomorrow is my schedule day with the church hospital doctor and I will be

embarking on my trip by tomorrow Thursday 21sth. Once you send the money via either of the platform, western union or

moneygram to that names, they will give you control numbers and text questions and answer which you will send to me to forward

to the doctor for pick up.

Once again accept my sympathy for your son’s ailment also extends my greetings to him too and I will be meeting with you

people once the transaction is done.

Yours Sincerely
John Smith Esq.

The very same day, Dr. Faith Okoro makes his debut:

Attention: Katie Mahoney,

I am a SURGICAL DOCTOR from THE SYNAGOGUE CHURCH OF ALL NATIONS (SCOAN) healing school hospital head quarter in Nigeria. I got

your contact email from your late sister, Isabella Caromel’s lawyer to open line of communication with you as we are expecting

him, Barr. John Smith to Nigeria today by 10:15 PM, his flight landing time. He however formerly pre-informed me about your

payment of $2000 for DEATH CERTIFICATE and CLEARANCE which a receiving name has been given to him for you for the payment

which we are yet to receive. It’s of this note I decided to contact you to draw your attention for the need to provide us

with the $2000 swiftly as we are expecting Barr. John Smith to Nigeria today and hopefully by tomorrow our protocol officers

will convene him to our office to carry out his duty responsibility to secure the certificate.

Please I will be looking forward to your swift response or if possible the payment. And if there is need to communicate with

me for more details feel free to reach me on my direct mobile line below.

Dr. Faith Okoro

January 21st: John Barrister takes his flight.

Attn: Katie Mahoney,

How is the condition of your son, I hope is stable. This is to inform you that I will be leaving for airport in few minutes

from now. Since I have not heard from you for the payment the church hospital doctor, Dr. Faith Okoro by name has contacted

requested for your email to contact you and I gave it to him. I am informing you just incase he contacted you so that you

won’t find it strange.

As for me I will be leaving for Nigeria in few minutes time and if the payment is done I will expect the control numbers to

my email.

Yours Sincerely
John Smith Esq.

It would be a shame if he arrived and the payment wasn't made yet. Well the thing is Katie's son isn't doing all too well....

Hi John. My son is extremely sick right now, we
actually had to take him to the doctor's again yesterday
and I've been working as well so please excuse my

So it looks like I have to send money through Western
union or something to your colleague in Nigeria. How excatly
does moneygram work? I haven't used one before and
don't know of any that are near me. Please help me find
one and Ill make sure to make a trip there as soon as I can.
thank you for your help!

Attn: Katie Mahoney,

This is quite strange Katie Mahoney, as I have not heard from you at this critical moment even as I already arrived here

Nigeria. I just woke up very early this morning 4:43 AM Nigeria time contact you and in 5 to 6 hours time the church protocol

officers will be coming to lead me to the church hospital to meet with the team of medical practitioner.

What is going on, even as you know what is at stake? Please can you respond to my email or if possible you give me your

contact phone number to have communication access to you directly in person.

Yours Sincerely
John Smith Esq.

He then sends me like 3 other emails telling me how important this all is. It hasn't even been 3 days yet! What an impatient

man. Finally on the 24th, Katie sends this:

John I am VERY sorry for not getting back to you
lately. My son is not doing well at all and we had to take
him to a hospital. This is why I wasnt able to contact you
yet. Im still in the hospital with him right now. I'm
sorry that you had to stay there in Nigeria for so long and
I hope you're safe now! are you in a hotel or something
right now?

Yesterday I looked around for a Moneygram station and
the one closest to me is no longer in service. I'm gonna
go out soon to look for western union. Again I'm very
sorry that I couldn't do this sooner but my son is my #1
priority and he needs me right now so I couldnt do this
transaction as fast as I really wanted to. I'm still a
little bothered by Isabella passing away and I do want to
make things right so that she can rest easy in Heaven.

Is there any info that I need to have when I get into
the western union office? I know Ill probably need your name
and address. Please give me any info that Ill need to tell
the clerk there so that we can get this payment done

The next day:

Attn: Katie Mahoney,

Thank you for your email and my heart goes down for you in your son illness. I am still shocked that he has been

hospitalised,however I will put him in prayers here. obviously I lodge in a hotel and everybody including the team of doctors

are wondering whether their is a disconnection of communication with both of us that is why you are not responding to emails

as I have arrived here or maybe you are not really well informed that I will be here on that date.

well I am still here but planing to go back very soon. I think as for the informations you mentioned to send money I have

already gotten the informations you needed from the doctor direct which I already sent to you. incase you need me to re-send

it here are the informations,

NAME: <snip>
ADDRESS: <snip but of course it's in Nigeria>

Another thing again that baffles me are for you talking about searching for western union or moneygram. All these things are

circulated everywhere that one should not be searching for or wasting time to do transactions. Please send this money to the

doctor lets get this document done and move further to release the funds from the bank to transfer for you. Please as for your

son everything will be fine. I look forward to your action swiftly.

Yours Sincerely
John Smith Esq.

January 27, 2016: Long story short at this point: John and Dr. Faith Okoro are baffled that the process is taking a few more

days than normal while Katie's son is in the hospital. Katie tells Mr. Okoro that Lyme Disease is the culprit of the illness.

Mr. Okoro sends this, straight off a Wikipedia or WebMD page, probably LOL:

Really Lyme disease? The Lyme disease is also known as Lyme borreliosis, is an infectious disease caused by bacteria of the Borrelia type. The most common sign of infection is an expanding area of redness, known as erythema migrans, that begins at the site of a tick bite about a week after it has occurred. The rash is typically neither itchy nor painful. About 25% of infected people do not develop a rash. Other early symptoms may include fever, headache, and feeling tired. If untreated, symptoms may include loss of the ability to move one or both sides of the face, joint pains, and severe headaches with neck stiffness, or heart palpitations, among others. Months to years later, repeated episodes of joint pain and swelling may occur. Occasionally, people develop shooting pains or tingling in their arms and legs. Despite appropriate treatment, about 10 to 20% of infected people also develop joint pains, have memory problems, and feel tired much of the time. The medications used to treat Lyme disease are: Doxycycline for adults and children older than 8 years old. Cefuroxime and Amoxicillin for adults, younger children, and women who are nursing or breast-feeding.

As for your question about Barrister John Smith I am sure he will have with him already two way ticket, but just by assumption because he only told me that staying here without achieving why he came here will deter other things waiting for him to attend to in his country of practice.

Because according to him he has footed many traveling and other responsibility by himself (he's talking about John)

leading him to discovering of a diverted funds immediately as late Mrs. Isabella Caromel called his attention when we

discovered medically she can’t make it to life. As the diverted funds was discovered from the company it was deposited

hiding, it was found that somebody brought the funds for deposit, then he challenge it with litigation and now two contestant

standing for the said funds but to ascertain true beneficiary of the funds the company demanded they should provide specific

documents to ascertain the real beneficiary of the funds. Perhaps as the company demanded for specific documents for

clarification of real beneficiary of the funds prompted him going places sourcing for all legal documents of the funds and

also very importantly is now the death certificate which is eventually holding the exercise keeping him spending and wasting

much time here while other issues are waiting for his urgent attention.

So therefore asking if Barrister John Smith already knows what to sign, I will say yes he does knows all to be signed because

he will need to sign some clearance before the death certificate can be issued to him. And I am sure you know the importance

of a death certificate especially to issues like this that involves arguments of who is a real beneficiary to some funds.

Whatever legal documents he has with him without this death certificate he will not wine the case. To what I’ve heard from

Barrister John Smith in detail, Late Mrs. Isabella Caromel has already made you beneficiary to the said funds for a purpose

and the purpose itself Late Mrs. Isabella Caromel really capitalized on it before she passed on. Right now if Barrister John

Smith should waste all these money and return back without getting what he’s here for do you think he will not drop this

pursuit of the funds in question. Although I understand your point that your son is ill and he needs you beside him, but

again you still need to give this issue also a priority and take just little time out to send the $2000 and let Barrister John

Smith be done with what he came here for to proceed for the funds as he envisaged. Although I expected you to have known all

these because he’s working for you. And if you were not aware before now you can get back to ask questions.

All the same we are still praying for your son.

A few days later:

Attn: Katie Mahoney,

Katie Mahoney good morning, and how is your son doing has he been discharged from the hospital? Meanwhile Dr. Faith Okoro just

told me the cause of your son illness and describes it as LYME DISEASE. Then I asked him questions about the illness he told

me some things but said it will be treated easily and your son will get out of the hospital in as much is the LYME DISEASE.

I am sure you got my previous email, I just have to take that decision because I have many duties in my office waiting for my

attention by now because some of my clients has been sending me emails asking for my attention. I came here because of the

urgency of the requirements, also because we have already been discussing and you assured me of the need to get the funds that

is why I came here. But if I had known that you are not ready yet I shouldn’t have wasted time and finances coming down here.

But never the less I just have to return back by Monday 1st as I already proposed.

Yours Sincerely
John Smith Esq.

January 31, 2016: Katie's son is getting better.

Hi Mr Okoro, Im sorry for the delay in all of this. I found a Western Union office today and was told

that I had to come back later because of a "authentication problem". Now I already gave them John's name and destination that

he gave me, it was on a piece of paper in my purse. WU will be calling me tomorrow to confirm the payment, please let John

know to keep a look out.

My son is doing a little better lately, thank you very much for your prayers for him, it really means a lot to me. Smile

Attention: Katie Mahoney,

It’s a good news to hear that your son is really getting better, I told you we are praying for him and he will be out and

strong. Remember I told you Barrister John Smith will be leaving later at night today to his destination. I want you to

understand that we have allowed Barrister John Smith to carry out clearance since he will be returning back today and what is

left now is for you to send the $2000 to me to get the Death Certificate and forward to him.

Ever before Barrister John Smith came to Nigeria he has already contacted me for information’s to receive the $2000 you are

sending so that the payment will come direct to me to hasten up things before he arrived here, but it’s unfortunate that it

still did not went that way. So therefore below is the reconfirmation of the information I gave to him for you to send the

money and not sending to his name.

Here are the names I personally gave to him,

NAME: <snip, same guy as before>
ADDRESS: <snip, still the same Nigerian address>

Please send money from Western Union or Moneygram is as easier as anything. It doesn’t give any difficult challenges your own

is to go their unit and the attendant will attend to help you send the money and give you the information’s that will be

sending here to receive the money ,that is all.

However I will be waiting for you.

Dr. Faith Okoro

The next day:

Attn: Katie Mahoney,

Katie Mahoney, in 2 minutes shortly I will be leaving my hotel room as my flight is 10:20 PM. I am returning back because I

found that I just wasted my time and finances, I have to return back because I eventually saw that you are not showing

seriousness to the transaction and at least I have done my part as Late Mrs. Isabella Caromel instructed and she will see all

my effort.

Dr. Faith Okoro narrated your email to me then I told him if you send the money to him he should prepare the death certificate

and send to me as I have already done the clearance.

Thanks I wish you all the best.

Yours Sincerely
John Smith Esq.

Katie sends this to Dr. Okoro. She has finally made the payment!...she thinks.

Hi Dr. Okoro thank you for your patience and good wishes for Timmy. John is probably really upset with me right now

that i couldnt get the payment to him before he left and I do feel bad about that, its really unfortunate. I was at the

western union today and made the payment though! Im sorry it has taken so long but now I think we can move on. the number

the clerk gave me is 12G84. please let me know when you get the payment!

Without missing a beat, Mr. Okoro sends this, looks like he didn't catch the number.

Attention: Katie Mahoney,

The number you gave is not the MTCN TEN DIGIT CONTROLE NUMBERS (12G84). Please comprehensively in details these are

informations to be requested from the western union and make available for me to receive the money.

They are as follows:

1. Provide me the names fill in the form as SENDER NAMES.

These are the very vital informations you need to provide for me to receive the money. In reality at this point I can now say

this is obviously going too delayed, I expect the importance of your pursuit should be made priority just to ensure fulfilment

of Late Mrs. Isabella Caromel's dream legacy project as Barrister John Smith has rightly narrated to me so far.

Dr. Faith Okoro

He then sends this:

Attention: Katie Mahoney,

I think I can now begin to see some sense to Barrister John Smith complains over your unseriousness with an important issues

of this nature. Because if you had sent me $2000 as you rightly claimed what is now difficult in sending the correct

informations to receive the money rather you decided to sent some figures that are not legible.

if eventually what you are doing here is to make mockery of the whole exercise I will be so disappointed and I think this will

be my very last email to you as I will not interfere in this issues anymore, perhaps if you realize the importance of what is

trendy I am here to serve you people by providing my services if you people eventually paid for it. In final submission I

really don't see why you are not standing by your word which is suppose to be your bond as sincerity really matters most in

everything we are doing on earth.

Dr. Faith Okoro

I AM taking this seriously Mr Okoro, please have some patience. I was at the Western Union today.

Sender name: Katie Mahoney
MTCN: this is kinda hard to read but I think it's 1722001939. I pulled the numbers straight out of my ass
question and answer: They didnt give me one.
Sender address: <snip, a NEW empty house address. This will come into importance later>

Attention: Katie Mahoney,

Katie Mahoney, the MTCN (1722001939 ) is very wrong so therefore,my simple instruction is the western union payment slip

should be scan and send to me. Otherwise if the western union payment slip cannot be sent to me I will not send my colleague

for the money anymore.

Otherwise I will stand to doubt the integrity and credibility of your payment because the money you claimed to have sent since

(02.03.16 12:50 AM) till now we still have not made any headway.

Dr. Faith Okoro

Feb. 10, 2016, a day after the last email:

Attention: Katie Mahoney,

Katie Mahoney, Please it really baffles me and should I start by believing that you are just bamboozling me by telling me you

have sent me money. I ask again why because I can’t really imagine you just woke up one day and said to me that you have sent

me the $2000 but sent me some unsubstantiated figures without receiving information’s. And before you sent that fake

information’s again took you almost one week.

Now I asked you to forward me the western union payment slip and I can see again that this will even take you two weeks to do

that. All this drama shows that the money you sent before I can receive the money it will take up to one month.
Pls I am still waiting for the western union payment slip.
I hope you will not make me believe the speculations of

Barrister John Smith.

Dr. Faith Okoro

John emails a wordy email to Katie the next day. However Katie's son is still sick.

Hi John, I just replied back to Dr. Okoro and explained
to him what was going on. I assured him that I will be
getting this $2000 to your team as quickly as I can but
please bear with me here because my son is my #1 priority
right now and he needs me. I have already found a western
union that should be open at a time that I can get to it so
when I get the chance I will definitely get over there and
get things moving with Isabella's situation. I said this
to mr. Okoro too: I want Isabella to rest easy in Heaven,
she deserves it so please just give me a little more time so
that I can make that western union trip. I already wrote
down the name and address for who to send it to, its in my
purse right now so I wont lose it.

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding
and I will try to move this along as quickly as I can.

Attn: Katie Mahoney,

Katie Mahoney good day, I am contacting you because of the revelation of emails forwarded to me by Dr. Faith Okoror in many of

your email conversation with him and your insinuation that you sent the required $2000 which by fact doesn’t existed anywhere.

When he forwarded to me I replied to tell him it’s one of those things I noticed about you when I told him before I left

Africa , if you are not interested in pursuit of the funds I expected you to inform me but rather allowing me wasting my hard

earned money coming down to Africa.

This kind of character displaying to both of us doesn’t project sincerity of you. If you are not interested in pursuit of

these funds you should’ve let us know instead of deceiving us. As for me I have long lay to rest the pursuit of the funds why

because you never display what Late Mrs. Isabella Caromel said about you. I hope your son is fine and out of the hospital?

Kindly help me say to him, despite the fact I will not be meeting him as I expected before.

Yours Sincerely
John Smith Esq.

February 18, 2016: After lots of stalling, Katie's son is finally getting much better and is almost cured! But Dr. Okoro and

John seem to be on their last nerves.

Hi Dr. Okoro. I know youre probably very upset and impatient with me right now, but I have good news! Timmy has

recovered and I am so relieved right now. It took us a lot of time to get him out of the hospital with bills, recovery time

and keeping him healthy at home, but now I think we can get down to business much quicker!

I am serious about this business but you have to understand that this is my son that I had to work with and he comes before

everything. But please know that now I will have more time to help you and make Caromel proud.
Now onto business, my friend. Im not sure what you mean by "what they will pay here in our local currency, because all of them

are written in western union form in your care". Wouldnt WU just convert it to your currency?

I also have some bad news.....I'm having a hard time finding the western union receipt that I had with me so I can't verify

the MTCN for you. I'm gonna go tomorrow to WU to see what they can do to help out. This wont be like last time, I know where

this WU is and when it's open and I don't have to go to the hospital after work to check on Timmy so I'll be able to go there


Attention: Katie Mahoney,

Good news indeed, I am also happy for you that finally your son Timmy has come out of the hospital confirmed perfectly

fine. Just as you said we can obviously get down to business of the day that was long outstanding. As regards to the money you

sent I obviously sent a proxy to receive the funds only to get their and the bank confirmed that the MTCN and payment was fake

and nothing emerge.
You just mentioned here that everything is in the form in my care. To further counter that statement I

don’t have any western union form in my care rather it was what I was asking you to scan and send to me instead of writing out

information’s you claim they are hard to see clearly. However I will state clearly below all that you should provide for me

once you have sorted out issues with the bank. And as for the local currency I also asked you to write out, the reasons being

that when you are sent a western union or moneygram and you went to the bank to receive it, while filling the form here a

local currency and the foreign currency they sent to you needs to be written correctly as it’s in the form otherwise if those

things are not written correctly they will deny attending to you.

The info is as follows:

1. Provide me the names fill in the form as SENDER NAMES.
5. AMOUNT SENT in foreign currency

These are the very vital information’s you need to provide for me to receive the money. Once again I must say I am happy to

hear your son good news and now we just need to get this done and let everyone move further for other necessary matters ahead.

Meanwhile you just need to be responding to emails quickly that will put every one in a right position at that time. Because

your response to emails very lately doesn’t encourage.

Dr. Faith Okoro


Hi Mr. Okoro, I'm still looking for the receipt now. But I can tell you some of the info: 1. Katie Mahoney. 3. There was

definitely no question and answer that they gave me. 4. <new empty house address in the UK>. £1395.28

After several lengthy emails between Katie and Dr. Okoro, he doesn't believe that peoples' addresses change. Katie moved

recently and so her house address is different, but Dr. Okoro thinks she is 'bamboozling'. Perhaps this was a rookie mistake I

made on my part, switching up the address. Anyway, Katie is trying to convince Dr. Okoro that the payment was indeed sent,

since she cannot get her money back from WU.

Madam I think I told you, to go back to western union and
take your money and stop worrying me. Obviously better still
send the money to your lawyer Barrister John Smith, it's
even him I know and not you it's as simple as that so
kindly give me a break okay.

Dr. Faith Okoro

Katie isn't all too happy about this. She sent $2000 and now Dr. Okoro doesn't seem to be picking it up!

Mr Okoro you said a lot of times these past few weeks that
this is important work and that we must act quickly. I have
done my part of the transaction and now you have to do
yours. go GET the damn payment so we can continue with this!
I have $2000 floating out there waiting for you to pick
it up and now you're not even going to go to WU to pick
it up? I'm gonna let John know about this, maybe he can
go get it instead of you because you're not holding up
your end of the deal here.

Katie forwards Dr. Okoro's message to John Barrister in a blind rage and includes this message:

take a look at the email he just sent me today. he is acting very
uncooperative. I tried to get my money today and they told
me the transfer was completed so I really don't know
what's going on right now. All i know is he's not
being very helpful. What do we do?

The next day Katie got mad and sent another email to John asking for help:

Hi John.

can you talk to Mr Okoro please? I sent him the $2000 WU
payment and now he's acting like a bugger and not
picking up the payment. Maybe I can send it to you instead?
I really dont know why Okoro is getting so upset, I changed
my address during the past month and now he thinks Im not
sending the money?

Attn: Katie Mahoney,

Pls if you are sincere to Dr. Faith Okoro why won't he go and pick up the $2000 when the funds is to be use in their office to

provide me some documents.

He has not said anything wrong if you know you sent him money follow the instructions given to you.

Yours Faithfully
John Smith Esq

Katie replies:

John I DID send the payment, that's the issue here. I went to Western union again today and after another difficult

talk with the clerk (because I can't hear) they told me that the money was sent and that theres nothing they can do. This is

£1400 being transferred and I am not too happy with Dr Okoro because now that I sent the payment and its received, he is

telling me to stop emailing him. I'm being honest here, this is a lot of money John! Please try to figure this out for me. I

have done my part....

Phase 3 - March 1, 2016

However, there's a chopper on the loose...queue T, the dolla choppa. T sends this to Dr. Okoro:




well i read your email and i couldn't really understand what you are trying to explain. however i will

advice you read again and re-send it.

Dr. Faith Okoro




Let's hope Dr. Okoro and Gomer get along....
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Good job keeping that lad tied up for months!

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you are a fake people so do not ever write to me again.
Am mad at you right now ... Am tired of your questions ... Am sick and tire you and your bank
Nigerian pig . go swallow a grenade idiot. Boko Haram will solve your problem idiot .
you are big fool by send a fake payment information and never you contact me again asshole .
your passgae bearing your ATM CATD ... Ant Terrorist Certificate ... legal verterbrate ... expartiate your meaning ... gets to your dwaignted address ... successful ofghw transfer
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Nice work JayCee! I know it's early, but I wonder if you might have a Sand Timer from this lad in your future. Very Happy

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broda i think this lad be well well vex when he dey figure his dolla get chopped.oooooooooooo

Very Happy



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ooooooooooooooooo maga I chop your dolla hahahahahahahahahahaha

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Hooray for currency confusion!

Attn: Katie Mahoney,
Madam for just few days now you have mentioned different figures as the money you sent to Dr. Faith Okoro. Remember subsequently Dr. Faith Okoro has kept me updated. Below here I stated those conflicting figures you claimed to have sent.

2. £1395.28
3. £1400

Please in a very simple sincerity and understanding which will move us forward, I stand to tell you to go ahead and send the required $2000 to Dr. Faith Okoro and stop all these things you are doing. One common character we should know credible people with is sincerity in everything you are doing. Provide the western union payment slip you cannot. Then go to western union to get your money back you cannot. Then ask the western union official to provide you receivers details slip to trace where the money was received from and I can promise you if such money obviously existed Dr. Faith Okoro will trace and make arrest.

just take one option out of them and get back. But to be honest with you,I know vividly that you did not sent any money but just trying to create confusion. Because Dr. Faith Okoro cannot receive the money and not render services that is required of him, never because he has nothing to gain by doing that. So therefore Katie Mahoney ask the western union official to provide you prove to show that someone has received the money so that Dr. Faith Okoro will get the police to trace it.

Yours Faithfully
John Smith Esq

Katie isn't all too happy with this. The money DID get sent, dammit! Someone DID pick that money up....

ok first off it looks like there's some confusion here. 12G84 was what I thought the MTCN was when i first got the western union slip but Dr Okoro corrected me and I looked at it again and gave him the right MTCN number. £1395.28 is the amount of USD that $2000 is which is why I sent £1395.28 in the western union transaction and £1400 is just a roundup that I did when I was writing one of my emails.

John you need to talk to Dr Okoro and do some investigating because he must have the money. Western Union is positive that the transfer went through and its very suspicious that now Dr Okoro has the money he's not talking to me. I think all that happened was we chose the wrong person to send the money to because now that Dr Okoro has the money it sounds like he just wants to run off with it instead of helping you and me with Isabella's dream. so you need to talk to him and figure out what's going on because I know I sent the money and I know somebody picked it up.

EDIT 3/10: Got this from John:

Attn: Katie Mahoney,

Madam I am contacting you based on response from Dr. Faith Okoro. Dr. Faith Okoro as I earlier told you did not received any money you sent to him and perhaps he stopped contacting you because he tried to help you and you never consent to him for all he has advice you get from western union for him so therefore he has to stop contacting till you provide him the fees to provide us required documents.

Madam I got another receivers name from him and I will ask you to send the $2000 to this current name and stop sending to the previous names. Looks like they met Gomer. Very Happy Please to avoid delays in actualizing the late woman’s dreams you have to send the $2000 to the following name and send the receiving information’s to me to send to Dr. Faith Okoro and do not send the receiving details to him direct. Because if that can be done then I will follow up the money till Dr. Faith Okoro receive the money.

NAME: <snip>

Therefore you should stop accusing Dr. Faith Okoro and blame yourself for not acting proper.Acting proper in the sense that common to provide the western union payment slip if you are sure of your payment it has been taking you so long to do that, and even till now you cannot provide it. Please go ahead and send the money to the following name and send me the receiving details and not to Dr. Faith Okoro direct.

I look forward to your action.

Yours Faithfully
John Smith Esq

Blaming Katie for the missed payment and now sending another $2000? I don't think Katie will be very happy.

John Im not the one that has to receive the money, Dr Okoro is. I sent the money to HIM a few days ago and he's supposed to pick it up.

I dont think I completely understand, you want me to send ANOTHER $2000 to a new name? what happened to the $2000 I already sent??
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From John today:


Attn: Katie Mahoney,

Madam I really don't know why you are so difficult. Madam you did not sent any money. But if you claim you sent the money, then where is the money? Dr. Faith Okroro said he sent the receiver to the bank the first time as you said you sent money he got their only to face embarrassment as the bank told him the informations are not correct.

Then he came back to inform you and before you could correct it that again took you some days. And as you came back to said you have corrected it and he sent him again it was the same embarrassment.
It was after that he now stand his grand to said if you cannot provide him with western union payment slip he will not send anybody to bank again. He told you that but you never provide that payment slip that was why he now told you not to disturb him and stop communicating with you.

A simple example again is the fact that I have also be telling you to send me the western union payment slip since you are claiming to have sent the money and you cannot provide it. In my previous email as you insisted you sent the money and western union has told you that the transfer was successful then I also asked you to get the receivers detail form from western union and also the payment slip so that I can forward to Dr. Faith Okoro to commence investigation and see how to track who receive the money and you are not co-operating but you kept saying you sent the money. If truly you sent the money how come you cannot provide payment slip and even the receivers detail form I ask you to get from the western union you cannot provide it and you kept saying you sent the money,but without evidence to show.

Madam you did not sent any money and I must reassure you that if you have actually sent the money their is no how Dr. Faith Okoro will receive it and denied. Dr. Faith Okoro is a reputable surgeon, I have met with him and spent much days with him so he is not a thief nor a poor man. Madam if you want this transaction to continue you have to send the required money to Dr. Faith Okoro otherwise we cannot move further this is where everything will end.

Yours Faithfully
John Smith Esq

And from Okoro:

Attn: Katie Mahoney,

I came up today to respond and nip in the board your accusations as Barrister John Smith has alleged your claims. I want you to remember initially you told me you sent the $2000 remember you never sent the MTCN rather you sent a figure which I really don’t understand Bitches don't know 'bout my pounds then I replied back to you asking for the MTCN and other information’s. On a more serious note before you responded to sent the MTCN it took you many days and even when you sent it then I sent JOSEPH BADMUS the receiver to the bank only for him to get their and the bank said no match found.

The young man came back to me then I wrote to inform you about it and directed you to go to western union again to make correction of MTCN and get TEX QUESTIONS AND ANSWER. And before you could again done that it took you many days, and even when you came back to sent me a corrected MTCN you categorically alleged that there is no TEX QUESTION AND ANSWER, and you cannot see the MTCN clearly but you are sure it’s the correct MTCN. I again sent JOSEPH BADMUS to the bank again and he came back with the bad news again that the bank said no match found. Since all these controversies was going on I kept asking you to send me the western union payment slip and you said you could not find it. Then after the two attempted embarrassment faced in the bank then I stand my position telling you to send me the western union payment slip and if not with it I will not send my boy to the bank again. As you failed to see reason with me and you came telling me the same thing everyday instead of doing what I asked you, then I saw it as a disturb to my peace when I have many other important things to do that was why I said to you not to contact me again.

I again gave another names MUSA OBA to Barrister John Smith because just incase you must be having problems sending to that names, because I never believed you sent the $2000, even till this moment I still don’t believe you. Because if you are claiming you sent the money then where is the money and who picked it. These are very simple but in your own case its difficult why because you never listen to advice and instructions. I am instructing you again to go back to western union and inform them that the money you sent never gets to the person you sent to, hence I instructed you to come and inform them to provide you location receivers evidence and also the payment slip and send to me I will call the local police attention to investigate and I the person that picked up the money will be arrested if truly you sent the money. But in a situation you are not taking instructions to do my bid what do you expect me to do. Mind you without the $2000 there is no how I can provide your lawyer the documents he needs to get that funds released. I believe all my complaint about you as they are written here you still have them in your folders inbox and sent messages, you can go back and check them if I lied to you.

So please if you are still insisting you sent me $2000, I am making it very clear to you that I never saw the money you sent and if I had received it there is no how I will not inform Barrister John Smith and sent him the documents he needed because I kept him updated subsequently as we are progressing.

Katie sends this to Dr. Okoro:

The word FAITH is in your name and you cant even trust me that I sent the money? Give me a little trust here, Mr. okoro! I just sent you a chunk of my damn savings money, $2000 is a lot of money for me and you're acting like it's no big deal! I will do what you said and go back to the western union again to get some more info on what happened.

I'm having faith in you, something you obviously cant do for me, and I'll believe that you didn't get the money. So yes maybe we can do something about who really did take it because the money is obviously gone and you didn't get it after I gave you the correct MTCN. I am not happy right now but I do want this transaction to go through so we can do what Isabella wants. I'll email you when I get back from western union.


Attn: Katie Mahoney,

Madam my name is obviously DR. FAITH OKORO, I want to tell you that I do have faith in you and that is why I kept given you directions what to do but you never listen to follow my instructions from the beginning. And if you also have the faith and trust in me you would’ve believed I never received the money otherwise why will I received the money then kept to myself and fail to provide what the money was meant for? And the $2000 in question doesn’t belong to me instead it’s a fee to acquire some documents and the money goes to the account of the organization I work for. We have secretaries and accountants that are managing the finances and income of the hospital, so I want you to understand that I am not directly in charge of everything. $2000 is a lot of money all over the world, so I knew the value of that amount then I should appreciate you for bringing such amount out of your pocket if assuming the funds actually gets to my care for the purpose it was meant for.

Now that you have accepted to be in western union, don’t fail to provide me the western union payment slip and receiver detail form from the western union. That receiver details form will definitely show the country, state and bank in that country where the fund was picked up. That receiver details form will reveal all details both date and time the money was picked up. Therefore I will be waiting for you to get those documents for me.

Dr. Faith Okoro

Maybe we can get the choppa and bring him to justice!

Update 3/20: Got this:

Attn: Katie Mahoney,

Madam when I said you did not sent money and you kept making frivolous excuse and false accusation now you cannot provide information’s I asked you for. How on earth can a person sent a whole lots of $2000 and the receiver does not received it and he or she cannot provide evidence that yield positive result . Can you just go and rest and stop warring me with false stories? Provide evidence that can lead to who picked up the money and you have been silent for how many days now.

Please this is what I had known from all set therefore if you don’t have anything to do kindly stop disturbing anyone with your lies that you sent money.

Dr. Faith Okoro

Kate is getting agitated with all of this.

Dr okoro you're starting to get on my nerves. I sent you $2000 and you keep calling me a liar and wont do anything without a receipt. Well here's your bloody receipt, after days of looking for a internet store to get the receitp scanned and failing to do so and now getting Timmy involved i finally got an image file with the receipt in it. Look at it and lets just get going with this deal. $2000 bloody dollars, okoro.

Im stil trying to talk to the police about who stole the first $2000 but like usual the police are useless.

I proceeded to send him a jpg file that will not open. Very Happy
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Nice choice with Lyme disease. You could use the memory loss side effect in the future. Since Katie is horrible with computers and this Western Union thing is causing great difficulty, she could enlist her son Timmy to help. Unfortunately, after a few weeks of nothing productive happening on their end, poor Timmy just can't seem to remember if he actually ever sent anything. Oh dear.
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Attn: Katie Mahoney,

Imagine you don’t even know how to tell lies. This is too childish of you, instead of doing something substantial that everyone will see as professional lies. But you are just learning how to lie and it’s even not professional at all, just too local to my liking.

Just see yourself sending me empty attachment.

Dr. Faith Okoro

From Katie:

Dear Dr No-Faith Okoro,

I sent you the attachment already and now you can't even open it? I'm looking at the image right now and it shows up fine. I'll attach it again. And please watch your tone you bugger, I'm doing everything you told me to do.

And I reattached the same image.

Closed lad accounts

"I mean you have know that the slip since to be very important ok"
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Nice work.... remember it is always the lads fault. Wink



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