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 Proof that lads HATE being chopped/outwitted

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 17, 2015 8:30 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I've been scamming a lad (claiming to be CEO of the CBN) for some while. Unfortunately he met his match in his victim's secretary (Elizabeth) who stole the Moneygrams from him. Here are the emails towards the end of the bait...

Multiple Subjects:Why have your Secretary Elizabeth not sent the Affidavit fee at all? Gram states that no payment was made by you / her at all Money ok.

Subject:Are you sure that your Secretary is not saboutaging you from receiving your overdue $35.5 million dollars Atm Card?

And then he receives the bombshell from Elizabeth she has kept the $10,700 but will send him half. The lad gets very indignent and fires this off to his victim (James) around 6 times, just so that James gets the message.

Subject - email 1 :Below was the mail your disloyal Secretary sent to Barrister DADA early yesterday morning and I am 100% sure Lawyer did not forge this ok, how do you reconcile this????

Subject - email 2 :Do not let your Secretary know that I forwarded this mail to you but find a way to collect the 10,000 GBP from her and I will send directive mails to you ok.

Forwarded email

Barrister Dude,

I have had nothing but hassle from you. I work for James Dodger not
you so get that through your stupid head.

Now about the transfers. The numbers are fake I didn't send any money
to you because you are a fraud. Maybe James is too stupid to know this
but I am not. So where does that leave us....

James has given me £10,000 to send to you which I still have. You want
$10,750 which is about £5000 and NOT £9750 as you claim (God, where
did you go to school - some shanty town in Africa no doubt). I' ll
make a deal, I' ll keep £5000 and you can have the other £5000 -how
does that sound? I won't tell James you are some stupid African
scammer and you won't tell him I wrote you this email. Is that a deal?

Lots of love, hugs and kisses.

Lizzie (Elizabeth to you).

Lad then gives me a piggie bank account, one more for the collection and advises me to fire my secretary

Dear James Dodger,

My Friend Mr. James Dodger, do you know that I am taking so much from
you because of your payment of which I am helping you more than you
are helping me? I can understand that your Secretary is controlling
you instead of you to control her and how can you agree with your
disloyal Secretary who is bent on stealing some part of the money you
gave to her if at all you are not pulling my legs? to let the sleeping
dog lie, when you get to the Bank where you want to make the transfer,
ask the Bank to send equivalent of $10,750 dollars and whatever the
equivalent can be in GBP then send it so you do not accuse me of not
telling you the right amount ok. If the equivalent is 7,300 GBP kindly
send it and send the transfer slip to me by scanned Jpeg attachment

Ho can you convince me that Money Gram can deduct any money that was
not even taken to Money Gram for payment in the first place? if the
money was taken to Money Gram and payment was made, where is the
genuine MG Reference numbers? your Secretary told the Lawyer Barrister
DADA that the Lawyer is a criminal and she did not send the 10,000 GBP
and if he agrees to receive 5,000 GBP so she can keep 5,000 GBP for
herself and no body should tell you? I will resend that mail your
Secretary sent to the Lawyer stating that she did not send any fee and
also soliciting to share the 10,000 GBP with the Lawyer while warning
the Lawyer not to inform you of this deal. I believe that when you
receive the mail, you can then understand that the write up was from
her and not from the Lawyer and I am not worried if you send the fee
or not but as far as I am concerned, your fund release is in my hands
and I am not begging you to work for your money ok.

Lastly, I carefully read your last mail yesterday where you claimed
that no matter whatever I write to you that you have a trusted
Secretary that has been working with you for 2 years but my advise to
you is not to do away with her or to sack her but I want you to
understand that she is not loyal and for you to successfully receive
your Atm of $35.5 million dollars, keep this transaction away from her
and never discuss it any more with her. Beside that she can tell you
that every body in Nigeria is a criminal and that you should forget
about your payment just to discourage and stop you from receiving your
fund and if you ever bow to such deceit then I can easily award your
payment to other beneficiary that has no such opportunity so your
Secretary can pay you the $35.5 million dollars as the ball remains on
your court either to do the needy or to forget your payment.

Mr. Godwin Emefiele,
Executive Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)

I'll spare you the full email flow. However Elizabeth has one more trick up her sleeve, she fires off an email to the lad using another account and claiming to be Howard her husband. I love taking the opportunity to insult lads and a third or fourth party is a good way to work this in to a bait. Of course the lad gets all indignent again and forwards the email to the victim
Multipe Subjects:- The mail below was sent to me just now by the husband of your disloyal and greedy Secretary who can kill you and take your money ok
Subject:Howard Doody, Husband of your dishonest Secretary speaking to me by mail, claiming they havd successfully stolen £1000 from the fee. czan you see that?
Subject:Hope you got this mail from the greedy family that wanted to kill you
and steal your wealth?
Subject;Can you say I or the Lawyer forged this mail, where do we know the name of your Secretary's husband? beware this family can kill you to steal your wealth ok.

Email body:-
Listen you piece of shit,

I'm Howie, Lizzys husband. You are giving me and my wife a lot of
grief. And why is this, because you are a fucking greedy little
scammer who wants ALL the money rather than share it. Where's the
fairness in that? Instead of 5 grand each we have to fucking well give
back £9000 to J and only keep £1000. It's all your fucking fault if
this whole thing falls through and why, because you are greedy.

Let's get one thing straight asshole. Fucking well take what is on
offer and respect the fact my wife is cleverer than you. At least she
has £1000 to her name now. And one word of warning, don't you even
fucking DARE to get my wife in trouble again. Write another email to
you know who and saying bad things about her is just not on. Learn to
adapt and be less greedy and everyone will be happier.

I hope I've made myself clear you shit bag.


Again the emails are repeated with different subject headers, pleas, warnings and entreaties to send the £8,000 (originally he wanted £10,000)

Back to main issue, kindly send £8,000 GBP to enable me pay commission to the account owner ok. - FULL EMAIL OMITTED

Unfortunately for the lad the victim knows that Elizabeth isn't married and her boyfriends name is Andy. In other words the victim realises the lad has been lying to him and faking emails from his loyal secretary and the lad realises Elizabeth faked an email from an imaginary husband to trap him. Final batch of emails follows:-

Multiple subjects (as usual):- By working with Elizabeth as your Secretary, you are at the mouth of a .lion and any thing can happen and good bye ok,.
Subject:- I am very sorry to you because Elizabeth is a perfect criminals and she will surely kill you and take all your money if she sees the opportunity ok.
Subject:- was not surprise that you are losing your $35.5 mi;llion dollars because of your Secretary but you will ever regret your mistakes forever and goodbye ok.

Email body - finally realising he has lost out to a woman more cunning than him
Dear James Dodger,

First of all, mark all that I am going to tell you tonight, with what
has happened over your $35.5 million dollars, you are in the lions den
and if I have the opportunity to know your Wife or Children, I will
tell her to make sure that the evil Secretary doe snot work with you
ok, I have never seen a smart thief like your useless Secretary who
forged such a mail using Howard as her Husband just to deceive you and
you as a foolish person has to bow down to that and I am sure you will
dearly pay for being another useless person her and if you are not
careful your Secretary will take your life and claim all you have

This is because if you are a reasonable and articulate businessman you
suppose to ask yourself... what happened, do I know your Secretary
before now? what am I fighting with he? she must have forged the mail
using Howard as her purported Husband name just to confuse, deceive
and to steal the £1,000 pounds she has stolen from a payment that was
not made and you condole such which means that the Secretary is
controlling you and not you controlling the Secretary, I have never
seen a real business man that can forfeit $35.5 million dollars for a
useless and unfaithful Secretary that is after stealing money from her
boss while assuring you that in no distant time you will see the
result.and before then it will be to late for you to ever receive your
$35.5 million dollars.

Lastly, I do not regret any help I have given to you because as the
Governor or CBN I have the powers to change your name to another
beneficiary who is ready to pay the fees and receive your $35.5
million dollars and give me my reward so nothing spoils to me. I can
only give the lawyer Barrister DADA some money to secure a
counter-affidavit from the Federal High Court and change your name to
another beneficiary since you are a useless Man that is controlled by
a useless Secretary you employed to work for you. Having preferred
your dishonest Secretary to your $35.5 million dollars, goodluck and
God bless but in no distant time you will begin to see what has
happened to you now since she has made you to be blind but recover
your £1,000 pounds because no transfer was made to me and goodbye.

Mr. Godwin Emefiele,
Executive Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)

So, victim keeps most of his money, his secretary keeps £1000, lad gets nothing and is outwitted by a superior scammer or "perfect criminals" as the lad wrote. One of my better efforts and believe me I've omitted much of the very verbose correspondence from the lad.

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