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 Frederick Pirol Dopping, my long lost millionaire relative

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Sat May 30, 2015 5:54 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Hi everyone, this is my first post and I'll get straight to the point. I received this prompt on Skype, and made an email address to continue correspondence. I assumed the character of a Reverend for the purpose.

Dear Dopping,

I have been in search of someone with this name ''DÖPPING'' and it is my pleasure to seek for your business assistance, and I want you to consider it very important. This is an opportunity I would like us to utilize very well. I am Mr. Joshua Kwabena, an officer in charge of Auditing and Accounting section with (Ghana Commercial Bank Ltd), and also a Relationship Account Officer to Dr.Frederick Pirol Dopping.

In 2007, One Late Dr.Frederick Pirol Dopping, a citizen of your country had a fixed deposit with my bank for 36 calendar months, valued US$7,400,000.00 (Seven Million, Four Hundred Thousand US Dollars) the maturity date for this deposit contract was this 16th August 2010. Sadly, Dr.Frederick Pirol Dopping was among the death victims in the Earthquake disaster that occurred on the 12th of may, 2008 in Sichuan province of China that killed thousands of people. He was in China on a business trip and that was how he met his end, I have carried out various inquiries to locate any of his clients and extended relatives but this has proved unsuccessful. Since the demise of this our customer, Dr.Frederick Pirol Dopping, who was a seasoned oil Merchant/contractor here, I have kept a close watch of the deposit records and accounts and since then nobody has come to claim the said money in this a/c as the next of kin.

I hereby write in regards to this effect to have you stand as the rightful beneficiary to Late Dr.Frederick Pirol Dopping,so that the funds will be claimed, released and transferred into your foreign bank account before my Bank declare the total funds unserviceable

I immensely request for your optimum honesty and cooperation and Let me know your mind on this, and please do treat this information as TOP SECRET. We shall go over the details once I receive your urgent response strictly through my personal email address, ([email protected]). we can as well discuss this on phone.

Anticipating your communication.
Yours sincerely, Joshua Kwabena [email protected]


Dear Mr. Kwabena,
My name is Jacob Dxxxng, and I am absolutely ecstatic to receive your message regarding the unfortunate passing of a long lost family member. To think I didn't even know that there was a professor in the family.

As I'm sure you can appreciate, this is quite a lot for me to take in, emotionally and spiritually. What, if I may ask, was his business in China? Was he working on an emergency aid mission in the province when the earthquake hit? I imagine he is a philanthropist, and a man of God. Do you also live by His holy word?
I only ask this to be sure of your intentions. It is clear to me that you were a trusted associate of Frederick, so I have no immediate concerns about the safety of this transaction, and I must stress again that I am delighted to be able to help relieve this cumbersome burden of $7,400,000 from your kind shoulders.

How do we proceed in this matter?

Yours sincerely,


Dear Jxxx Dxxxxg,

Thank you so much for your urgent and clever reply, Sir, I have digested through your questions very well and I begin from a basis of full confidence in your person and in your ideas. and your very intelligent questions, have shown me that you are truly a man of God and a well organized business person whose maturity and business experience will help us very well in actualizing this claim in the shortest possible time without complications, and I hope that this will remain the case from start to finish bringing us to assimilation at the smooth completion of the transaction.

As I stated in my proposal message to you, Late Dr. Frederick Pirol Dopping traveled to China on a business trip and his export business before the earthquake hit, Dr. Frederick Pirol Dopping has transact several businesses in China, Malaysia, Dubai Italy and Africa. He lives in Ghana for so many years, and if you must know Dr. Frederick Dopping was an oil Merchant and also a contractor here in Ghana. He did not travel to China for aid mission or working on emergency aid mission, most of his traveling is based on exporting of goods and selling to other countries. Dr. Frederick Dopping is a kind person who like to encourage the happiness of others, but he is not a philanthropist or humanitarian that donate or raising money for a good cause.

Sir, I am a simple honest banker who saw an opportunity here in my bank to become rich and I am exploiting the situation by bringing you along as the deceased relatives (next of kin) Since you bear the same last name "Dopping" as the deceased customer, to enable us claim this money that has long being in the dormant account unclaimed before my bank here will lay claim to it as an unclaimed inheritances belonging to their deceased customer, my concern in making this secret affair known to you is just because of your last name and your person as honorable, Reverend, Minister of God, and if you must know, the depositor died without heir to this inheritance fund. Although as an account officer to late Dr. Frederick Dopping, I personally keep this information secret within myself to enable my plans and ideas profitable and successful during the time of execution.

However, regarding the name Dopping, I want you to understand that what I need in this transaction is the name "Dopping" to establish the transaction and also to stand as the next of kin to late Dr. Frederick Dopping, like I said earlier, where this name Dopping was written as the next of kin is what really matters. It’s possible to establish your name as the next of kin based on the confirmed documents in my possession to backup the whole process. As matter of fact, all evidence would be based on the documentation aspect of it, so this Means, if we can provide the actual certificate of the deposit and other relevant documents related to this transaction, the Ghana Commercial Bank will not request for more evidence nor blood relatives to late Dr. Frederick Dopping, so let,s assume you are the only survived person in the family during May 12 2008 Earthquake disaster in China. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether the deceased is your relative or not, what we need to establish this transaction to a perfect completion is the name “Dopping” and that is all.

Therefore, for us to proceeds in this matter, i would like you to read the detailed message below and furnish me with the requirement to enable me start up the process.

Therefore, stay focused, positive, concentrated and optimistic as we are close to actualizing this claim and we can’t afford to lose guard on any level, so that we can finally put a smile on our faces and of our family members after a successful actualization of this fund.


Dear xxxxxxx,
Thank you so much for your urgent response to my proposal and also for the email address you sent to me, and this is to let you know that your full co-operation to execute this transaction will be highly appreciated, I will like you to stand as the foreign beneficiary/next of kin to late Dr. Frederick Dopping to have these unclaimed funds claimed and transfer into your bank account. I know you were shocked and surprised when you received my proposal. But For your information, it is very important to tell you the fact at this point, that you were not actually the true Next of Kin to the deceased person Dr. Frederick Dopping in GCB bank, but I Mr. Joshua Kwabena whom hold a good position in the bank is bringing you into this transaction because you are a foreigner so that I can use you as a relative to the deceased customer in the bank to transfer the huge amount of money out of the deceased dormant bank account before the bank will lay claim to it as an unclaimed fund of their customer.

I am freely giving you the full details of this transaction bearing it in mind that you will not betray me. I am Mr. Joshua Kwabena, an officer in charge of Auditing and Accounting Department with Ghana Commercial Bank Ltd, also the Chairman of Investigating and Auditing Department of GCB Bank. With due respect and regards, this transaction requires utmost trust and dedication from your side, since you will be receiving the funds as the next of kin to late Dr. Frederick Pirol Dopping and you shall be in control of the money, until I come over for my share. Regarding the sharing, I am under believed that my sharing ratio will be accepted to you. On smooth conclusion of this transaction, you will be entitled to 40% of the total sum as gratification, and 10% will be set aside to take care of every expenses or Tax that may arise during the execution of the transaction while 50% will be for me. I intended to use my own share of the money in building an orphanage homes and sponsoring of charity organizations and it has been my dream to have my own company instead of allowing these corrupt government officials here to claim the fund to their purse.

I am a simple honest banker who saw this great opportunity here in my bank to become rich and I am exploiting this situation by bringing you along as the deceased next of kin to enable us claim the money that has been dormant in the bank as unclaimed funds because the owner Dr. Frederick Pirol Dopping died in Earthquake disaster that occurred on the May 12, 2008 in Sichuan province of China. Personally, I keep this information secret within myself to enable my plans and ideas to be profitable and successful during the time of execution. The said amount is US$7.4million (Seven Million, four hundred thousand United States Dollars) as it may interest you to know. There is no risk involved; the transaction will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect both of us from any breach of law. And I will present you as the rightful beneficiary/next of kin to late Dr. Frederick Pirol Dopping , and as a foreigner to stand in a better position to be presented as the next of kin through documentation that might be the only proof the bank may require for identification. What I have to do is to place and configure your information in the electric banking system as the Next of Kin to late Dr. Frederick Pirol Dopping and you shall apply for the claim through the Director of foreign remittance department Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB), this is a very smooth operation.

So what I need to start up with the configuration process as the next of kin is as follows:


Meanwhile, it has been my dream to have my own company after my retirement and I believe this is the right time and the greatest opportunity. Please do remember to treat this transaction with utmost confidentiality for our own good as I'm still in Service and intend to retire from service immediately after this project. Every other vital information of the transaction will be send to you as soon as you come up with your information and then I shall send you the contact details of the department which you will contact for the release and transfer of the funds with a copy of the deposit slip and my working identity. <p> </p> Best Regards, <p> </p> Joshua Kwabena. <p> </p>


Dear Mr. Kwabena,
Please excuse the lack of urgency in my response; I would not wish you to think that I am being facetious. As a fellow businessman, and from what I am reading a fair upstanding one, I am assured that you appreciate the due consideration and introspection which must be observed in these matters, especially where new relationships and money are involved. I am absolutely committed in ensuring that this transaction is as smooth, rounded and transparent as a crystal ball.
People usually laugh at me for using that expression, but I am an enthusiastic and, I must admit, somewhat greedy collector of vintage crystal sculptures, including cultural items such as the crystal balls used by the clairvoyant, diamonds, and other carbon-based structures. It's a cripplingly expensive hobby, but fortunately I am blessed in this respect.

They say that opposites attract, and I can confirm that a spiritual man such as myself can be unequivocally attracted to material possessions - and it is in this way that your proposal is especially enticing to me. What most people would misunderstand, but unto which I know you will be sympathetic, is that it is possible to attach spiritual and sentimental value to even the most unnecessary, vapid and expensive things, and in doing so bring ourselves joy, love and inner peace.

Things have been extremely busy beyond the holy doors of my rectory. My choir boys have been misbehaving and refuse to do as they are commanded in the name of the Lord. Sometimes in life I find that people are simply not willing to co-operate with our fair and reasonable plans. However, in my limited time of rest, upon the early morning of the Sabbath, I visited my dear friend Megan. The calming surroundings of her caravan gave me time to reflect, and I allowed her to take a reading in order to determine my destiny. Do not be concerned - I told her nothing of the transaction nor of your correspondence; she merely used her considerable clairvoyance to provide me with confidence that my matters of business pertaining to this moment in time are secure and lucrative in nature.

Speaking of fair and reasonable plans, it is important that I establish the reasonable fairness (and indeed, the fair reasoning) of this transaction. It would be unfair of me to take bread from the mouths of the needy, as this would not be fitting with the narrative of the Book by which I live, so I must ask you to provide me with an absolute assurance that this man had no other beneficiaries. I hope you understand that I am absolutely relying on your commitment in the matter of the transfer that you have so generously proposed. I will be putting a deposit down on a set of vintage diamond wedding rings in the coming few days and will be relying on the success of the transaction. I am a single father with children at school and as I'm sure you can imagine, they are completely dependant on the security of my financial investments. If anything were to go wrong, my children would be the victims and I could not live with myself for betraying their trust.

In order to develop the trust in our relationship further, it is incumbent upon me to request that I see any documents and certificates that you are in possession of regarding the terminally late Frederick Dopping. I must insist that I see at least his certificate of birth and his passport. I am assured in your understanding that this is simply a gesture on your part to provide security in my heart, because you strike me as an intelligent man that knows his business well. I only wish I had such intelligence, perhaps I could have made it out of the clergy and pursued my dreams in the way that you have. Alas, I am a simple man, but I choose to devote my life to my faith and live to fulfil the needs of others, and also to acquire liquid capital.

I look forward to your correspondence,
Sincerely blessedly,


Dear Rev, Thank you for your incredible reply, and Unduly curious and inquiring documents of the late Dr.Frederick Dopping, Sir, it's my pleasure to inform you that the required deposit contract documents including the a copy of Dr. Dopping's passport are ready to send to you, but before i will that, i would like to speak with you on phone, because as it stand now, you are the only risk I’m having now, because I wouldn’t like to exposed these documents without the full confidence in your person.

Sir, sending these documents without the full confidence in your person may cause danger to this deal, because with these documents you can easily alert my bank or reveal this transaction secret to them, which is, if you’re no longer interested or decide not to carry out these plans with me. This is my fear, I have to be careful myself to avoid jeopardizing my chance of actualizing this claim. I will like to be sure of you first, before sending the documents to you.

I think you understand me now, for more information call me on this private number xxxxxxxxxx, please you can as well give your cell phone number to enable reach you directly for more business discussion. Please get back to me as soon as possible

I didn't call.
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PostPosted: Sat May 30, 2015 10:07 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Hi Dialogue-nice start!

A couple things you may want to try-there's a million excuses why your character can't use the phone. You're deaf. Your phone doesn't have international service. Phones give you brain cancer etc. Many baiters never make calls.

Also, I've edited your post. I'm pretty sure you don't want your baiting address searchable by Google. Also, we do not encourage people to post scammers phone numbers without a full header plus mails. we have had a few problems with people getting even with their exes or their bosses.

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