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 the first bait i have started and am sticking to this time

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 06, 2008 5:51 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

as the title suggests, im not going to deviate away from this one at all, unlike most of my other baits, so am going to keep track of it...

Name of lad - F4tou Usm4n
My character - Dr Longf0rd (Bsc Hons in sexual science)

Starts off with a short, straight to the point story
f4tou wrote:
I am Mrs F4tou Usm4n (Suffering Cancer ) I need

your honest assistance to transfer Usd$(15,000,000) Million

Dollars from here for donation to Church and Charity

Project. Please I reply urgently for more details.

So I say:
me wrote:

I am sorry to hear about your news. I can understand the pain you are going through right now, and I would be willing to help.
Please give me more details about your request so that we can start the process.

Now the lad decides to write the essay...
f4tou wrote:

Calvary greetings to you .As I do not need any telephone calls because of my condition, I want you personally to handle this charity project meant for helping the poor & needy ones, because distributing my inheritance to the poor & needy ones. I can only be contacted through mail in fact, if you see my condition you will shade tears for meIt should be understandable to you that my mail to you was not sent in an error, Even though I do not know you in person before, neither have i seen you before, I believe it is a divine arrangement. I contacted you because i was directed to sow this seed of faith to your care, to handle my project after my three days praying and fasting that ended few days.

Your mail means to me that you are an honest one and a truly Christian am firm in my mail to you and i am much encourage that you will never disappoint me or my God now or after, Frankly speaking, I am believing the voice of the lord that you must be a Child of God, therefore I am calling you " A BROTHER "because it is the highest title a child of God can bear since we are in the same faith.

My condition has got to the stage that my relatives are running away for me they only care for my money but I know I must accomplish my promise to God almighty. Like i told you in my previous mail to you, I am Mrs Fatou Usman a widow & a new Christian convert, suffering from long time cancer of Throat according to my doctor, my condition is too critical and i might not survive from it. I am undergoing medical treatment as a result of my ill-ness and will be going for operation by next week, here in Abidjan, the capital city of Cote D'Ivoire. Please I would like you to take this very serious, reaching out to people are in many ways, one may reach out to people with finance, evangelism or word of God, etc.

No need to talk about truth, sincerity and honest much, but let truth, sincerity and honesty is our watch word. Without wasting time, I want you to send me your full name and address including any copy of your ID card or international passport so that I will authorize the bank and issue them a letter that will officially and legally approved you as the appointed Beneficiary so that your claim to this fund will not be in doubt and immediately the authorized letter is ready, I will give you the contact of the bank so that you will instruct the bank to transfer the fund to your account for the expansion of the kingdom of God.

Please note to remove some percentage from the total amount first for your personal and the organization you have founded when you receive the fund, try to set up a kind of foundation where free drugs can be reduced at a low rate to the poor. You shall call the foundation, USM4N CHARITABLE FOUNDATION" please I do not want you to tell people about this mission because human beings are not good and they can tell you to do away with this fund but I know I might be sounding some how to you but is the fact. Take note that money is nothing and nothing we come to this world with, and nothing shall we go back with. Even a cent dollar! For instance my husband made the whole money he can make in this world but at his grave side, no single dollar was buried with him. As i am about going too, nothing will i go with, except righteousness
You should be fast because the condition of my health is not good now. I am writing this letter with assistance (Sister Joy Kennedy) who helps me, I am praying for His Holy presence will guard you and your family Amen. Please also put me in prayers for God will also bless a man like you that have faith in him.

Regard To your Family.

I dont care about her history, nor do I care that we will leave the planet without a cent dollar (if you know what a cent dollar is, put your answers on a postcard Smile )
me wrote:

Thank you for your quick reply. That is a really moving story, that is why I am more than willing to help.
Here are my details:

Name - Danny Longford
Address - 250 Market Road, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S4
Country Of Residence - UK
Telephone/Fax Number - 206-600-1723

Please find attached a copy of my passport.

Many thanks

The passport that I attached was just loads of scrambled data saved as an image, so it doesn't open. However, the lad seems to be able to open the file...
f4tou wrote:

Dearest in the Lord,

I really thank you for your mail that you have sent to me and I am delighted to see your International passport that you have sent to me for proper identification, it gives me joy and confidence that I am going to repose this huge amount of trust to a person like you with so much reputations and I pray the good Lord to strengthen you in the spirit of the inner man in doing His works. I can visualize the zeal in you to do this work of God and I assure you that with this meekness of heart that God will bless you abundantly Amen. I believe in God and I trust His majesty that he will heal me although age is no longer on my side but God will manifest Himself in my life. I take my solace from the book of Isaiah 53:4-5 "Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted. But he was wounded for our transgressions; he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed."

My mind always tells me that you are going to judiciously do the will of God with that fund but I would want you to always remember me in all your prayers and also put Sister Joy who has been assisting in your prayers also. My spirit is as strong as the rock but my body is rather weak as my body fails me all the time, so you have to be strong for me and join your faith with mine so that we will have a break through. I managed to go to the bank today to introduce you to the bank I have also authorized them to go ahead to transfer the fund to you for the work of God after meeting their modalities.

I want to inform you that this fund will be under your control towards humanitarian and charity services including the propagation of the gospel of God. I have attached the vital documents that were issued to my late husband Chief Kamson Usman when he deposited the fund with the bank and the documents are attached below.

I trust you to channel this fund accordingly. You have now been officially and legally known as the next of kin to this fund. The commissioner of oath sent a copy to the letter of authorization to Omnifiance Bank of Cote d棚voire.
You have to contact the bank Director by email and telephone it is very important that you call them so that the bank will know how serious and urgent you want the fund to be transferred to you. I shall be very pleased to know that the fund will be transferred to you now that I have authorized the bank and introduced you as the beneficiary of the fund before i will start going for my surgery operation as i do not know what my case shall be. Please instruct the bank for the transfer of this fund to your bank account.

You have to contact Youssouf Bamba by telephone as well as sending email to the bank for the transfer of the fund for the work of our Lord as soon as possible, always give me information痴 and always remember me in your daily prayers. the contact of the bank is below as

Attn: Youssouf BAMBA,
Director of Foreign Remittance
Omnifiance Bank Cote D'Ivoire
11 Avenue Joseph Anoma, Imm. SMGL, 10 etage
01 B.P. 6928 Abidjan , 01 Abidjan , Cote d棚voire .
Tel: +22521370193
Fax: +22521217825
Direct Tel: +22508560302
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

NB: Please in case of any question, remember that the depositor of the fund is my late husband: CHIEF KAMSON USMAN Account number OMN-CI: 0113261010010 Amount US$
I pray that you will discover how greatly blessed, highly favored and deeply loved you are by our Father in heaven.
In one holy love in our Lord

I hate speaking to bank managers, so time to make up an excuse or 2 for not being able to call this bank manager..

me wrote:


Thanks for your reply. Yes the money will be put to good use. I have decided already how the money is going to be used, and the moment it is in my account, it will be distributed without delay. Are there any specific charities you would like me to give the money too? Plus do I really have to call the bank as my phone does not allow me to make outgoing phone calls at the minute as there is a problem with my phone provider, so can only e-mail at the minute. Plus I have a sexually transmitted disease in my mouth so can't talk for the next 2-3 weeks.


And I'm meant to have a degree in Sexual Science?... To be continued

You shall call the foundation, USM4N CHARITABLE FOUNDATION" please I do not want you to tell people about this mission because human beings are not good and they can tell you to do away with this fund but I know I might be sounding some how to you but is the fact. Take note that money is nothing and nothing we come to this world with, and nothing shall we go back with. Even a cent dollar! - F4TU USM4N Confused

Free Pastor Frank
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 06, 2008 6:21 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

A noble attempt, but I always think that I should have the fun, so when it gets too boring or we're running around in circles I drop them. The part I like is to stall the first visit to the WU/MG or bank after that it is boring in my eyes and if I can't convert them to my game, they're gone. This time of the year I donate their money to a good cause and send them the receipt saying that a tax deduction is almost the same as money so they shouldn't complain. Twisted Evil

I don't do bling, I just do lads Evil or Very Mad
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