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 Salome Denies Christs

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 02, 2004 2:08 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Stars: Reverend Al (see home page below) & Salome the 419er

This was my first attmept using Reverend Al. This was me trying to be as long winded and as much like a tele-evangilist as possible.

The first 2 emails are missing. They were the typical mugu scam letter, my reply, him ignoring it and telling me to contact the barrister, and me sending this:


Im sorry but church regulations are something I must live my life by, as
I am the founder of my ministries. Please before I can go any farther
including contacting a lawyer, you must pick read my email I have sent you
and decide weather you are ready to become a born again into superstardom
of Jesus Christ and my ministries.

Please decide what type of member you would like to be.

Are you holy enough to host a ministry in your nation?

Rev. Al

He obviously reviewed the website!

Dear Rev. Al
May the lord bless you more abundantly for your mail to me !
infact i'm already a born again christian and i do really want to ministe
the words of God but if i'm not called by the spirit of God how then will

i go or host a ministry in my nation or for the world ?
Please advice me what to do now i want to do the will God, infact i want
to come a minister like you.
Waiting earnestly to hear from you
God bless
your servant


Greetings. You see there are many things to understand here.
The "Call of God" is not what alot of people think it is.

There is never a voice or something that says "Hey you Salome! be a minis

If you wait on this, you will be waiting forever.

The call of god is often a whisper. A desire to help people.

Do you have a desire to help people?

Is it not a miracle that you have contacted me? You have randomly sent
a cry for help into the dark, and found a ministry such as mine.

That is a calling of some kinda by itself.

I would like to tell you about my missionary trip into the phillipines.

When I traveled to the philipines the people ther welcomed me and my mini
They wanted to hear everyword I had to say. But when i asked
them to commit. they would not. I could not find
a single person who was willing to complete the neccessary steps
to become a minister.

You see my church can make you a minister quick BUT it has 3 challenges
to pass.

Why? These challenges are presented because if someone is not willing to

accept these challenges and attempt them, what will they do when SATAN or

DEMONS or Temptations

Will they simply run away? That is why our church has 3 challanges.
In my apprenticship i was told by a wise reverend "You may have a caling
from god
but it might not be what you think, sometimes its just wanting to help pe

God musn't scream, for he is God. Those who ignore his calling, and his
at salvation, will quickly be replaced by thousands more who will work
faithfully for him.

You are a good person Salome, I am willing to help you through this proce

The real question is When are you ready?


Reverend Al


Dear Reverend Al
may the lord bless you abundantly for your enlightment !!!
Now i'm ready to face every chalenge or work for the living God almighty!

so how do i go about this ?
Waiting to hear your earnest advice upon this issue.
Yours sincerely


I tried to reach you yesterday per email but I was unable to. It seems your
mailbox was full.

You say that you are ready to become a minister yourself. That's wonderful
and I'm proud of you, I'm sure you are proud yourself. As you probably
know, now you must complete the three tests of faith. These represent The
Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost. Normally you would be required to
travel to Seattle Washington to complete these but I understand your
circumstances and I have decided that it is ok if you simply photograph

The first test (The Father) is about realizing you were God's son from the
first day of your life.

You must gather AT LEAST 5 (five) people, and yourself. You must create 1
large banner or each person must hold a sign saying "Our Father touched us
when we were young!". Stating that you were touched by god, and created as
you are now. These 5 people will be the first 5 members of your
congregation. (we hope so anyways).

Make a photograph of everyone holding the sign OR standing under the
banner. It must be clear and readable. Send the photograph to me as an
attachment in my email.

Then find some place private and pray:

"My Dear father, forgive me because in my life i have sinned. I realize
that you have touched all of us, in our souls and in our hearts. Please
bring me the second challenge so that I may show my faith to the world and
be mentally prepared for the challenges of spreading your word. Please
forgive me and everyone for their sins. Give them what I want for myself.
In Jesus Name Amen"

If you have committed any sins you may confess them to me. I understand
everyone sins. I will forgive you, no matter what the sin. All confessions
stay 100% confidential.

I await your email

Reverend Al

That will be the last thing i'll do holding thing and take a photograph,
please let if you can't help stop writing me ok


I understand your concern. But do you really think that I will authorise my
church to send you $25,000 up to $75,000 for funding, when you cant take a
simple photo as part of the steps.

Listen, there is just this one photo to be taken in the steps. After that,
the remaining 2 step are simpy written. I understand though and let us
remember the quote from the bible:

"God helps those who help themselves"

Have you seen my website:

A church of this size is most definetly not going to give away so much
money without a willingness to take such a simple photograph.

Remember in my email i said "Those who do not want to hear god's call,
there are thousands who will" I belive this is the case.

I guess as you requested I will have to stop writing you, because ther are
people who are willing to complete the steps for help. It seems you are
just worried about yourself.

It is possible you are making a big mistake, but that is ok. Life is all
about mistakes.

Reverend Al

Dear Reverend Al
Thanks i can't take holding something that is a let to my generation, so
if you can't help me as you said forget it.
God bless


I hate to do this but there is one other method we have established for
security reasons, although with this method you will not be able to be a
minister, until you come to the USA in person.

There is a security deposit program. If you can make a security deposit to
the church in cash of $10 (USD) mail it to the church, we will then see
that you are serious, and mail it back to you. This shows us that you are
willing to work with us as well.

With the security deposit you are only able for the VISA and relocation to
USA assistance program. As well as some financial aid ($7,500 maximum).

Rev. Al


Rev. Al
thank you for your mail
so how do i afford this money when i've already explained my conditions
to you ?
please think about this ............

I understand your situation. But really is $10 or $5 to much? I will send
it immediately back to you. The church just must see something.

How do you afford to use the computer and the internet?

Unfortunately there is no way around one of these to options as it seems
that we have thousands of people waiting to recieve help.

I have spoken for hours with the Elders of the church, and the deacons.
They are determined not to loose your faith and determined for your
membership. We have already begun the part of putting together a package
and invitation letter for a visa to the USA if you so choose to work here
and relocate. We pray for you and your sister daily.

The elders have agreed to fund your travels or ministry up to $7,000. It is
unfortunate because i have discussed long and hard to award you more. It
seems they want to distribute funds evenly though. I feel your case is
more deserving than others.

Please understand that this requires Token of trust (in the name of the
father) and you ARE NOT loosing this money, it is returned to you the same

Upon agreeing to send $5 via post or a photograph please also include your
bank account informations. So i can put them into the paperwork and sign
them for approval.

The elders also want to know if you are intersted in arranging stay in the
USA, if so what kind of work? Also they are interested in if you are
interested in being featured on the website.

Rev. Al


Dear Rev. Al
Thank you for your mail and yours honesty.
Sincerely speaking for now i dont have any fund to send apart from the su
account fund of my late Dad which i can't access to Accept I've activate

the old account before I can get access to it.
And also I've a friend who work with local internet-Cafe and he is the on
who do help me to write you without collecting anything from me infact we
living as an Asylum without any help from a family and presently we're in

Cote d' ivoire , we dont have any relatives here we're Sierra-Leonenian.
Precisely, I do really want to come to united state to relocate my divine

mission in your great ministries at this end of time if only I?m being gr
the opportunity to uphold the activities of God.
please Rev. I'm confused over this issues i dont know what to do now to
save my life and my younger one.
Waiting your earnest advice to this issue.
God bless.



I have returned from yet another meeting with the council at the church.

Well first I should tell you about our programs. Attached you will find a
picture of our "Homes for the world" apartments. The church has a special
assistance program for people from poor parts of the world. Upon coming a
member you will recieve an offical invitation letter and a plane ticket to
seattle washington. We will the provide 100% FREE apartments. In return you
must devote 2 days per week in service to the church. We also have a work
program. We help poor people to find jobs and establish themselves in the

After hours of discussion and pleading with the church elders they have
agreed that you are eligible for both.

I explained to them the contents of your last email. They understand 100%

They asked you to pick one method cash by post OR a photograph and if you
pick the cash by post they will give you enough time to gather the funds.

You can ask friends or borrow from somebody. In the mean time we will
prepare your package and have everything ready. This will give you enough
time to gather the money. When you have gathered the money tell us and we
will send you the package when we have recieved the money.

Your package with your invitation letter will also include the money that
you sent as well, so you will get it in return. Also they ask what kind of
gifts you would like from the USA to be included in the package.

They have given you the official seal of approval for $7,500 funding today.
I have fought hard for you.

Please reply confirming your descision

Rev. Al

I sent him this photo for our "family housing":

Dear Rev. Al
May the good lord almighty rewards you and the elders of yours kindness
toward us !
Consequently, I must confess the truth that we dont have any person or fr
who will afford us this money , infact is like you dont understand my las
mail very well that we're living as an Asylum, even to complete our daily

mail is a problem for us then how i can i afford to do this ? please thin
about this very well Rev !!
Precise I'm happy that the elders has approved my decision to uphold the
activities of God.
Therefore if you're asking of my photo i can send it to you mail attachem
Waiting your urgent response
God bless you abundantly

Notice the increased enthusiam???


Blessings be to you!

I am grateful that you have accepted. I have spent many an hour discussing
your situation with the elders, and it relieves me that you will accept
our offer.

Are you sure you want to send a photo. The last time you were very unhappy
about sending a photo, but since you are not becoming a minister you dont
have to hold the sign we wanted from you then, but the elders do ask that
you send us some kind of symbol that it is actually you.

They ask you to have something that says "Jesus christ superstar
ministries", because we have not had your situation before, we will know
100% that it is you.

Sending this by email attachment is best because it will not cost you

To process your package please include your full name (and from your sister
all the informations too)
country of birth

We will send you the paperwork to fill out when we recieve your
confirmation that you wil be sending the photograph. It is a simple
questionaire for the church about yourself and your belief.

Blessings! please reply indicating your descision,
Rev. Al


Dear Al
Much of bright to recieved your mail !!!
I send our photos as soon as possible
God blees you
Salome and Cordelia


Dear Rev. Al
Good morning
I hope this meet you on well sound note !!!
precise, I've attached here one of my personal photo for your view and th
good elders.
my full name:Salome Philip
my sister full name:Cordelia Philip
Place of birth: mende district in the Northern province of Sierra Leone.
Present contact address:4697 bp Abidjan 09 Adjame Cote d'ivoire.
Waiting to hear from you
God bless

He attaches this photo:

Not at all what i asked for but Rev. Al Forgives and moves on.


Well you are a very lucky man for 2 reasons.

One is because that the elders asked you for a picture with you holding a
sign saying "Rev. Al's cyber ministries" because we recieve THOUSANDS of
photos a day and such things are easily faked, but i have talked the
elders into accepting the photo as it is. They have accepted the photo on
the hopes that this will turn out to be a good releationship between you
and the church. Is it ever possible for you to re-take the photograph?

They will continue the process and have already begun processing your
informations. There will be just some small paperwork to be done on your
side BUT this is very easy, and will only require a few signatures.

The second reason that you are very lucky is because that you have filled
the last slot for a visa. There will be no more visas given sponosored by
our church until July. You are the last one!!!!!!

Please tell me about your family and are they? do they need
assistance as well? I am very happy that you have been led by god here to

The elders have given me the permission to be begin the paperwork to
release funding into a temporary account to be used for your expenses.

Would be you be interested in being featured on our website?

I Look forward to meeting with you in the USA.

Rev. Al


Dear Rev. Al
Thank you for your mail and the acceptance of my plead but i want to be
sincere with you if i may ask you just one question ...... i hope you're
not flattering me because i do not real want to reticence my feelling fro
rather to be parpable wits with you.
Concerning your questions, i dont have any family here with except my you
sister since the unfortunate War that happened in country which make to
loose all my family, even now i've tried all my best for the pass three
years to relocate even one of my relations i couldn't get any one, so su
is life and i'll like to remind you one thing appreciate in my life i don
look forward for a compassion from any man but God almighty to show me th
way of life as to uphold His status in earnest and good faith as to gain
His eternal promises.
So i'll stop here pending when i hear from you again.
May the good lord bless you abundantly.



Nice to hear from you. I hope all is well. Please belive that I do not
intend to flatter you with anything. About the website, we ask everyone
if they would like to have an interview featured on our website, We
respect your right to remain anonymous, and most people turn us down. This
is why we always ask everyone who recieves any kind of help or advice.

I'm glad to say that the processing of your paperwork is in work. I have
check in at the elder's office today, and the have sent the whole package
down to the next departments. I belive you will be very suprised when you
find how big the church is when you arrive. Today I am very tired as I
have been at the airport all morning. We have 3 people that arrived and we
have to pick them up and show them around, and get them settled into their
new home.

Yesterday was a terrible day because I was called into a school. It seems
the local man had been abusing his 2 daughters and we had to remove them
from their parents and take them into our home. It also seems that maybe
a relic of the christian relgion has been discovered and I must look into

Please let me know of your willingness to do an interview for our website
or not, as well as the re-taking the identification photo. It will most
certainly help your case, but it is not required.

Have a wonderful day

Rev. Al

Dear Rev Al
Thank you for your concern and the willingness to uphold things of God at

this end of time and may the lord continue to reach you in all your endev
in jesus christ name Amen!!!

Consequently,i'm willing to do all your instrustions of yours interview
but if i'll be giving the opportunity to enrol in your great ministries
as to do the will of God i'll be much greatful, this because i've suffere
alots and the hands of God was upon my life who suvival me through out my

predicaments infact i've alots to say, very much eager to give great Test
which God had done in my life especially when i was in prison custody for

four years and five months !!! But how can this be granted ?.

I do think some time if is the will of God it's will surely come to pass
for the Holy scpriture says " THOUGH IT TARRY IT WILL SURELY COME TO PASS
this is my beliefe and counting and praying unto God-Almighty that He sho
not let my time to pass me by.........

I wait upon the Lord God-Aimighty

God bless


Dear Salome,

Thursdays are typicall boring days here at the ministry as not much goes

I hope that you dont mind, but i took your email immediately to the Council
of Elders. We discussed this issue for a long time....It seems the elders
like much discussion. Anyways they have agreed that you are indeed a
wonderful miracle of christ. You see nothing is perfect, but you have gone
through bad times AND now you are a changed man in christ. This means you
can share your experience with others, you can empower them to see your
mistakes so maybe they wont make them like you. They can also see that
jesus forgives, and that you are now a changed man, and even when people
make mistakes there is no reason to give up home. Some of the most
beautiful flowers are born in the desert!

The elders said that they would like you to write your story. The story of
your life, and if its ok with you, we will put it on our web page, it will
called "Salome--Witness of Forgiveness and Re-birth" or something similar
to this. Of course all of this is pending your approval, our ministry has
100% anonymity. You dont have to write anything. We dont even allow
anybody to talk to police officers or courts or lawyers about anything
said to us. So if you feel like it, please do write it.

The elders are anxious and are constantly asking me about weather you have
decided to re-take the picture so that we may have it in our faith book.
Its a book of pictures like the one we requested, we keep that to show the
hundreds of faithfull.

We have considered the ramifications of inducting you into the church as a
full minister in the states and the elders would like to know more from
you. Do you want to be a minister? Because last time you didnt want to
take the necessary steps. Or do you just want to be a regular member?

When you arive in the united states and we assign you an apartment, you
will be asked to voloutneer occasionally at the church. I hope this is not
a problem.

Awaiting your response!


Rev. Al


Show Headers

Dear Rev Al
much of bliss to read your mail !!!
Infact for long i've told you i would be please to found myself as a mini
in your great ministries but now i'm wondering you're asking me the same
question i've answer before now !!!!!!!

Precisely, on my side i've been able to organise a group of people (12)
who're willing to take the photograph according to your instrutions but
they need conviction in your ministries and most of them are demanding gi
from your you asking for wearing clothing i.e closes and mobile phone eve
if old modern, so i believe if you can do according to their demands i'l
organise at least twentyfive persons who will take these photographs acco
to your command.

As of me before i can make any commence or write-up of my experiences for

the Web I would like to be in the United-State to make an open talk with
your congregation, and perhaps i wouldn't want to retience my realistic
experience and present to you my write-up (A BOOK)while i was in prison
costudy and for the past two years now i've been longing for money for
the surgical letring and publishing and i've took the Book to serveral
publication House to publish it and give me percentage but they only want

to take advange of me and my church is local church they're financial han
this why i've decided to keep the Book pending when i get money to do it
The title of the Book is ETHICS IN PROVIDENCE .

God bless

I wait to hear from you


Dear Salome,

Sounds like some good ideas, of course i must take this to the elders as

I will take this to them now, and I will write you with the response
tonight if its not to late, if it is already to late i will write on
sunday because I must travel to another school on saturday. I have a
private meeting with the director and a parent.

I belive that they will approve your request very easily.

Expect to hear from me soon!

Reverend Al


Dear Rev
I was about to check my mail inbox this evening when I saw your two mails

you sent to me but unfortunately I mistakely delected it and I've not rea
the mails, so please restate your message or mail in order not to have bi
of communication.
Waiting to hear from you.
My sister (cordelia)send her greetings to you and the Elders of the Churc
Good night and may the lord bless



Dont worry, my messages were just confirming your requests and telling you
that i would be discussing them with the elders.

The elders said that bringing people to christ is something to be done at
all costs. If you were to become a minister by taking the photos required
you would recieve approval for funding at no more than $25,000. At your
request the elders would authorize us $2,000 more for provisions to meet
you and your members needs for clothes and mobile phones.

This descision comes after a long discusion. I told them that you are
living in a refugee camp and they must understand that you dont have the
abillity to work well or to make much money, i also gave them my word that
you are a dedicated man of the faith and that you would make a good

If you do decide to take the photos with near 25 people it would help if
you could have a banner or sign stating (Reverend Al's Cyber Ministry) or
the previous photo request. If you do send the photo please be sure and
send the following as well:

Clothing sizes and preffered brands
Mobile phone network (gsm or other) and preffered brand (nokia, siemens
Addresses to ship these items to (including names)

I would know this already but we dont often go shopping for such things
here as we are very busy and dedicated in the church.

This weekend was a very busy weekend. Again I had a meeting with a local
school director about the suspect abuse of children. It's no problem
though, because that's what our church is here for, we help others.

Please let me know if you will be taking the photo. I await further
information from you!

Rev. Al


Dear Rev Al
thank you for your mail
time without number i've agreed to take these photo and to be a minister
in your congregation with the people i told you i've gotten of which the
quite much interested in this regards, personally i done need your money
rather send all those requirements (clothing/ that is ok to conv
all this people then take the photos according to yours instructions.
Infact i can't understand the way you're taking this matter of which ever
day the said members disturbed me how far have you gone with this program
of interview for the websit even they're happy saying that many people wi
see them in the computer's creen and T.V !!!
So every thing is left for you to decide.
God bless



Ok I had a bit of trouble understanding your email. Please take the
photograph and send it to me. I will then send the mobile phones and
clothes as you requested. I am now preparing the package. I will probably
go shopping tonight.

Rev. Al


Dear Al
is like you do not understand my last to you, even after recieved this yo
mail i tried to conviced them to take the photos they refused saying that

they need some thing that will give them courage before can do any you sa
So i dont know how to tell them again to take this photos and perhaps i
can't forces them, and so if it's only like five to six phone you've or
clothings do send it down that will be enable me to tell them what to do
then we'll go and take the photos.
Waiting to hear from you
Gless bless you


Theres a problem with that! I as the founder of my ministry take
absoloutely NO salary and make no money. Everything I have is provided to
me by the ministry. I must provide a request to recieve the money, and I
have tried to request the money to buy the products you requested, the
request was turned down.

Ask your friends is there something else that I might be able to do to gain
confidence. Maybe I take a photograph myself? Maybe I write a contractual
agreement that says if i do not send the phones then the ministry must pay
some money or that we may be sued. Something similar to this?

Tomorrow I am leaving for a trip to Mexico to work with some spanish
missionaries. These are members such as yourself. I will be gone for 7
days but I belive I will be able to check my email from there without much

Rev. Al




Thank you very much.

Please do negotiate my offers with your friends. I am open to any

Rev. Al

(this is when i actually went on a trip to Estonia for vacation, alas i managed to scambait from there as well!)


Dear Al
Good morning
I dont think again i can offer your request because the so call the peopl
which you called my friend they persist not to take any photos except you

meet their needs.
So bye for now and may the lord be with you all time .



Greetings from mexico. Does this mean you are also not interested in the
VISA to the USA? Let me know if you would like me to cancel this as well.
The paperwork is still being processed.

I can make you a deal. If you can take the picture first by yourself, I can
then send the gifts. Then you can take the pictures of your congregation.
Does this sounds ok?

Please let me know if there is something i can do to make this deal more
flexible, I hate to see a dedicated person such as yourself loose this

Rev Al.


Dear Al
That is it if you can't send the gifts before the pictures forget it



It seems you are more concerned about the gifts than the church, or faith.
Being a christian does not require mobile phones or clothes. It seems you
are more concerned with self.

Rev. Al

what about you you're only concerned about pictures not to help person an
if you're really serious concerning this issue please do send a $ 100 the
i would listen to you about the pictures perhaps i dont have to take the
photos i need money to take the pictures.
So if you're really ready for the pictures send me money to make differie
Thanks and God bless


Well Salome,

I can assure you that I can find someplace on the internet that can
develope your pictures for you for less than $100. You obviously dont need
as much help as you said in your letter to me. The pictures are concering
identificaiton. You are asking my church to send almost $1,000 in "gifts"
to somebody with nothing more than a "gaurantee" written on an email. Put
yourself in my shoes. How about i ask you for something and just say "I
promise" over email. I harldy doubt anybody who knows about the world
would take my word for it.

I recieve letters like the one you sent almost everyday. this is why we
require the pictures. We recieve pictures like the one you sent in the
beginning almost with every email, and almost every single one is the
same. We have a collection of pictures that we recieve everyday. You may
see these. They are almost always the same 5 photos. There is almost
always 0% honesty in the beginning. It is rare that we get someone who is
actually willing to take the simple steps to become a member. Most are
just willing to recieve "gifts" or donations and that is all. Well the
bible says "God helps those who help themselves" You my friend, are not.

Real honest belivers are those who do not wish for "gifts" before joining.
So it is ok, as you are probably not the material we are looking for, or
your friends who want gifts are most likely also not the people we are
looking for. Our church gives out over $8,500 a day to Africa alone. There
are 10,000 people waiting in line who are seriously ready to work with us.

Please do not waste our time with another email for your "gifts" or your
greed until you confirm your willingness to work with the church and take
the steps. I do not wish to hear from you again until you are ready. If
you would like I would be more than willing to put you into contact with
several other members in africa who have done the steps. You my friend are
just concerned with "gifts". I understand now why you live in the
conditions you live in.

Rev. Al

No response but Im working on a plan. I'm wondering if showing him a photo someone else sent would help. Anyways Mission accomplished. I improved my abillity to be long-winded and also established what kind of minister I was.

and please stop sending me mails u send over 4,000 mail to one mail box just on saturday u most be very job less

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That's a first class website mate!
If you go to you can get a catchy name for it.
I reckon if you put the site on google, you'd probably be able to build up a worldwide congregation of nutters, and get huge donations every day! I don't think it's scamming if you ask religious idiots for money!

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Hey, I was baiting Salome and Cordelia too, didn't get him to send a photo, but I eventually got him to travel to Gagnoa, though he refused to visit the Mosque and demand to speak to the Catholic Minister (they rent a room there, but the muslims try to deny it)

Many a wise dog has kicked the wrong bucket

*Dear Fools,
I receive your mail and i that you for your kindness over this project of mankind

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