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 Miriam(I think I'm in love!)

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 19, 2004 2:46 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Here is my story so-far. Any ideas on how to take this a little further would be apreciated. Also, MODS, if this needs moved then I appologize in advance.

<Her bit>

Dear, Sir/Madam

It gives me great pleasure to contact you, and I do
hope this letter will not come to you as a surprise. I
am Mrs Mariam . s. Abacha, (the former Nigeria
Military president /Head of state) who died
mysteriously as a result of heart attack in the year
1998. I decided to contact you so that we can arrange
with you for favorable term of trade and possibility
of moving some family funds, to your possession.

Since the death of my husband, our family and closed
friends have not been allowed to move freely by the
present civilian government in Nigeria, because of the
enemity that existed between the late Gen. Abacha and
the present civilian president/Head of state of
Nigeria. Consequently our joint bank accounts here in
Nigeria and abroad has been frozen in a very wicked
manner, sincethe government discovered the accounts.
You may wish to know that right now our US645Million
lodged with Swiss bank in Zurich and Geneva has been
frozen since October 1999. Another huge amount of
money with a bank in Luxembourg was blocked within
April/may 2000. We also lost another US100Million
lodged with a bank in the small country of
Liechtenstein. Our account with a Brazilian bank was
frozen in 1999, another of our joint accounts in a
Germany base bank account were all frozen in 1999.
This has made our family to have lost over US$2Billion
to the government.

All these loses was mainly due to the fact that we
mistakenly operated these account with Abacha’s family
names and with our personal business names which made
it possible for them to locate our funds easily in
those bank. For partnership purpose, we decided to
contact you in confidence to inform you that we have
in our possession the certificate of the depositmade
by my late husband, which were funds that were
secretly moved out of the country. These funds involve
a total cash sum of US$14M (fourteen Million
United-state Dollars only). which were hidden, and
packaged in a two (2) metal boxes and the boxes are
presently being kept with a security deposit house as
family Treasure and the certificate of deposit of the
Treasures is in our possession and another two (2)
metal boxes are in Accra Ghana containing a total sum
of US$10M(Ten Million United States Dollars).

We are appealing for urgent assistance to move the
fund to your country/private or company bank account
or any country where you believe the fund will be
safe. Meanwhile you can decide on which of the funds
you will like to claim first so that we can know how
to arrange where WILLIAMS SMITH will meet with you for
the conclusion of the transaction. You can contact me
and my son (Mohammed Abacha) through thetelephone/fax
number above upon receipt of your responds we shall
arrange for a face-to-face meeting outside Nigeria
with my confidential secretary/family business
consultant (DR.WILLIAMS SMITH) for a successful
completion of the transaction. We have agreed to offer
you 25% of the US$24 M for your immense assistance to
us while you will hold 75% on TRUST for us as we would
like to do good business investment in your Country
and also invest in your company’s lines of

Please you are required to treat this letter as very
confidential as no other person knows about this money
except me, my son (Mohammed) your very self and
DR.WILLIAMS SMITH. Looking forward to hearing from you
as soon as possible and May God bless you as you help
us at this difficult can reach me through my alternative mails.
[email protected] or [email protected]

Yours Sincerely,



Dear Miriam,
I was surprised to say the least on recieving your letter today. I think I could be your man on this venture that you propose. I must say though that your offer of 25% is not enough and I will not accept anything less than 50% of the funds. It would be a shame for this venture not to work because I believe I'm yer man. I'm not cheap as chips you know.

Yours suctasticly,
Seymour Butts,
Director General,
Society For The Deaf And Earless (S.F.T.D.A.E).....( I stole this title.sorry!)
San Francisco,

<her bit>


FAX 234-9-2728114,TEL: 234-80-36679359

DEAR: MR Seymour Butts

I am very pleased to receive your response, requesting your assistance to transfer my funds to your country, where you can take good care of it. Your acknowledgement of my proposal interests me a lot, and I sincerely wish that our relationship would go beyond this transaction. All I need from you is dedicated honesty and sincerity of purpose, to enable me confide in you the required trust necessary for the success of this transaction. My mind has decided to trust you, and I hope that you will never disappoint me because this is the genesis of our business relationship.

Due to my past experiences in the hands of people who pretend to assist me, which I must tell you that they are liars at the end they will disappear with my money, I have decided to thread cautiously. In view of the above, I am sending herein with a copy of my international passport for identification, and a transaction agreement to guide us. I demand that you send me your passport alsothrough my fax no: 234 9 2728114. I have perfected a way to actualize my dreams with out any problems. My ideas are to make you the beneficiary of this fund with the Security Company first. They have all the necessary documents to back up this transaction, and my late husband used them while he was in office. Once this is done, you will now assume full ownership status of the funds, thereby making it impossible for my government to trace or seize it. All we need to do is to effect this change in beneficiary status to your name and then you will proceed to clear out the funds from the Finance Company in LONDON /HONG KONG /GERMANY or CANADA. For this is the only way to get this money out of this country first to avoid any problems from my Government, due to the allegation leveled against my family since this government came into power. And this can be done with the help of an Appointed Diplomats from South Africa to enable a successful movement of this money before it willbe transferred to your account.
The Finance Company has also insisted that any beneficiary of such a consignment must be present in person for personal identification before clearance and release. It is after this clearance from them that we can instruct them on the adequate banking procedures to your nominated account.
I also understand that they have strong banking connections there, where they help clients open coded accounts or private ones in tax-free havens. My whole family has been placed under severe travel restrictions, pending the outcome of their investigations into allegations of financial misappropriation against us. That is why I need your assistance to effect this transaction, as the International community is still investigating us. No one else knows of this except my son, so no one will victimize any one. My idea is that once we conclude the clearance and deposit of the consignment of US$24M, then we can proceed in the movement of the fund to yourcountry for sharing of the money. We will talk on other issue when you respond to me for security reason for I don?t know who is who. I can also arrange for a meeting with you and DR SMITH in any of this countries above for the success of this transaction.
I await your urgent response.

Best regards,



Dear Miriam,
Or shall I call you doctor, I, too, am a doctor, is'nt that an amazing coincidence! In what field of medicine do you work? Or does the restrictions on your travel not allow such business?
Well I will be glad to send you a copy of my passport when it is returned from the embassy with my new travel visa attached. I eagerly await your copy though as, like you say, I need to know I can trust you.

A meeting with your friend Mr. Smith would be possible. I am in Canada regularly and, in some cases, stay there for 2-3 days at a time.
My position as Director General for the Society For The Deaf And Earless furnishes me with many splendid perks least of all escorts, so to that end a meeting could be arranged with your Mr.Smith. Who knows I could show him a few site as I know Canada very well. Is Mr. Smith into canoeing? I love canoeing, infact I've a new canoe right now. He's a beauty, a double hander no less.

Anyway, live long and prosper my good friend, good luck and God bless,
Your trusted friend,

......... to be continued..........
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