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 This Scam is Terminated!

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 21, 2008 11:26 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

The Scammer: John Connor of the IMF

The Baiter:

Two Lads' names are referenced.
Dr Shamsudeen – a regular Lad alias; only Charles Soludo seems to turn up more often
Dr Banabas – a Lad from Togo who muscled in on another bait, claiming to be a Senior Western Union functionary

Comments are in bold. I've removed the salutations and signoffs from most of the emails. And given the name of the scammer, there is an obligatory reference to The Terminator.

At the time I had a bait overload, or I'd have given this Lad more attention.

25 October 2007
Attention: :
The Western Union Money Transfer Africa has forwarded a report or rather has reported to our office that you are not willing to receive your compensation fund, More so you have been also told by one of the agent that failure to secure your International Remittance Certificate, your fund will be transfer to a charity home, is that true?
The Western Union agent complains that you said why the IMF have not contacted you directly, well you must be aware that it is not always quit easy for us to deal with client directly except when the matters are to hard for our agent to handle and that is why we are here to handle your matter.
I have to put this question to you, have you obtain your INTERNATIONAL REMITTANCE
CERTIFICATE, if you have not I am sorry we cannot make this transfer to your account except your remittance certificate is obtain. I believe that the western union agent has discussed this matter with you.
For further enquiry and further discussion on this matter, call Mr. John Connor on this number +447045732004.
John Connor.
Hot line +447045732004.

I have no idea why Western Union Money Transfer Africa would submit any report to you about me as I've had no dealings with them.
I also don't know why you wrote to me as Dr Shamsudeen hasn't mentioned your involvement at any phase.

The “motherless baby home” line usually appears in Dead Bank Customer scams.
26 October 2007
Please we are not forcing or persuading you towards this, if you think that the report forwarded to us about you is unacceptable to your own dealings and initiation, you can as well avoid it, then the money will be transfer to the motherless baby home.
But I believe you have been a customer/client to the western union.
Be guided and have a nice day.
For further enquiry and further discussion on this matter, call Mr. John Connor on this number +447045732004.

Mr Connor,
What report? I don't know what it says, or who sent it, or anything at all about it!
Unless you give me details, I won't be able to say anything.
In answer to your second point – I've had no actual dealings with Western Union in Africa, which is the point that I'm making.
There was a Dr Banabas in Togo who wrote to me one about my "control number" – but I hadn't sent any money, so I don't know what he was on about either.

26 October 2007
So what you saying in essence are that you have never had any dealings with the western union?
If the answer is yes, I believe that the compensation money we are talking about does not belong to you?
Thank you for your information and time taking and have a nice and blessed day.

What compensation money? It has nothing to do with compensation. I have no idea what you're talking about!
Either spell out exactly what you mean, or don't bother writing to me again.

30 October 2007
Hot line +447045732004.
Attention: ,
We are writing to know the exact time that you are going to make the payment for securing your INTERNATIONAL REMITTANCE CERTIFICATE as there is no time left with us.
Please email message is very important to be treated as topmost urgent, because the board of Directors of the IMF INTERNATIONAL are worried and questioning why this compensation money is still unpaid.
Therefore we are not going to be liable for anything that will happen to your said amount of money to compensate you.
Have a nice day.

You never mentioned any gorram payment for this INTERNATIONAL REMITTANCE CERTIFICATE before.
But then again, you also said that the Western Union agent had spoken to me about it, and he definitely hadn't.
Dr Shamsudeen has told me he doesn't know who you are, and that my contract payment - NOT a compensation payment - is going ahead normally.
So you can tell your gorram board of Directors, from me, to take a hike, as I have nothing else to say to them.

30 October 2007
I am sure that if you the rules of the IMF INTERNATIONAL, you should'nt have make that statement and by the way who is Dr Shamsudeen in the first place?
I promise you when you are through with Dr Shamsudeen, you get bak to us and if you remember what I wrote to you in the first place regarding the issue that is going, you can understand why IMF is involved.
Thanks and have a nice day .

I don't give a hairy rat's butt about who you are – I'd say the same thing to any blowhard who tried to muscle in on what rightly was none of his gorram business.
And if you have anything to tell me about Doctor Shamsudeen, why don't you tell me instead of being all cagey and mysterious?
Why would someone of your standing, as you claim it, start playing peekaboo instead of speaking his mind?
For your information, Dr Shamsudeen is the Finance Minister in the Nigerian Government, and he told me, "and i do not think that you are on the right track at all, because assuming that you were on the right track your case would not have been mentioned here from UN Office here in Nigeria. I must advise you to be very very careful with SCAMMERS & IMPOSTORS and also believe that one day you would realize the truth sooner or later".
He was referring to YOU!
Anything to say?

31 October 2007
I believe that one day, your eye will open so that you will understand my language in this email message. Please do not write back till your eye open.
Bye for now.

You're some kind of con-man, like Dr Shamsudeen said. Don't bother denying it. It'll be a cold day in hell, with the devil doing downhill slalom, before I believe a word from you, scumwad.
This scam is terminated!

Son of a bitch!!! Your dead!!! Everything about your stinking poor life is dead!!! Get off my way you son of a bitch mother ....a man without father bastard....your dead Ok

May you never se the end of the year, May you sick and die in JESUS NAME AMEN.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 27, 2008 7:10 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Nice. I couldn't help but notice the name of the baiter, I swear I've seen that name somewhere before Rolling Eyes
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