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 Story of my First Trophy

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 10, 2008 10:08 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Background: I haven't been around these forums in a good while. I quit Scambaiting, effectively, after completing my first successful trophy bait. Now, here is that story...

I am in RED, lad one is in ORANGE, lad 2 is in GREEN.

My initial reply to a generic form letter:
Dear Mrs. Adewale,

I have good news! My company has agreed to provide a donation of ₤20,000. I was unaware of the U.S. $4,000 limit, so once we get to payments I will break the money up appropriately. (I am guessing with the current exchange rate of nearly 2-1, I will send about 10 installments of somewhere between $3,500 and $4,000)

Please understand, that a condition of this donation is that it must be for a charitable cause so we can claim it as a tax deduction (which means you get all the money, but the company gets a significant tax savings for making the donation). Once we receive acceptable documentation, the payment can begin immediately and be complete in a period of a few days.

My legal representation, Mr. Kimble, who approved the transfer himself, says the following would qualify as sufficient evidence under British law:
-A copy of your passport (scanned is acceptable).
-A picture of your establishment. If you do not have an establishment, please call me IMMEDIATELY so I can petition for a suitable substitute.

I apologize for any inconvenience, but making the donation tax deductible was a requirement to secure approval from my superiors on the donation, although my passionate plea on behalf of my deceased friend seemed to be very moving.

God bless!

Goodday Sir,
We received your mail with great happiness and love but sorry for what happened to your friend we sympatise with you dearly.
However thanks for what you are about to do for us now and GOD will his infinite mercies will bless you.Sir we collect our donations through Western Union Money Transfer from any person who is not in Nigeria so we beg of you to send your donation through this method.Also since it is western union we are not allowed to collect amount above $4,000, this because of fraudsters in the internet. So if you are sending any amount above the specifed amount, you send it gradually that is sending $4,000 every 4hours or everyday.
Thanks for your understanding Sir i will send you the donation form right away. you will fill it and send it us after you might have paid in the money.
Sir please we need your donation before on the 20th of December 2006 to enable fund this programme to a great success.

Mrs Faith Adewale,
Financial Coordinator,Save The Nigerian Child Programme.

She proceeds to send a page header from a legit aid organization, and a very very bad fake picture. This is, of course, horribly wrong Laughing

Mrs Adewale,

My legal team was very angry at me today! Let me repeat for you, what I asked for:

-A copy of your PASSPORT. A tiny headshot does not suffice, I need proof that girl is YOU! It could be ANYBODY in that picture.
-A picture of your establishment. I can be more understanding here, you may not HAVE a central building. In this case, please send me your non-profit ID. If you cannot find your non-profit ID, I can ask my lawyer to allow you to fill out a form proving your organization as non-profit.

First, send me a SCANNED PASSPORT COPY. Then, either provide your organization's non-profit number, or I will furnish the non-profit organization proof needed by the UK government.

Please, help me help you. This is a very generous programme and very simple requests.

Goodday sir
I saw your mail, there is no problem about that sir. i will send you immediately the picture of my establishment which NACA and also my photograph. so that the payment can begin by tomorrow.i hope you received our donation form, because that is what you are to fill and reply me.My office number is +2348076146378 call me when you have made the payment because i will call you as well this evening.

Mrs Faith Adewale
Financial Coordinator, Save The Nigerian Child Programme.

I am very disappointed in you.

I made these requests on behalf of my company's legal department. A copy of your passport, and a second piece of proof that you work for a non-profit organization. UK law is non-negotiable.

Clip art of "queen_abonime" from the "Church of the Pierced Flesh" is NOT YOU. What exactly are you trying to pull on us? I have now, in my posession, 20,000 GBP. Sitting in a case right next to my desk. I spent an hour this morning sorting them into 10 groups of 2,000 GBP for the 10 shipments. And now you fail for the second time to deliver the simple requirements for this donation to happen.

I have received several similar e-mails in recent days from charitable organizations in Nigeria, and 2 of the 3 have already sent passport scans and are filling out the necessary form. Perhaps my money is better donated there?

Attached to the following was more really bad photos...

Goodday sir
This is a charitable organisation Sir and we do not have a non-profit ID. But as for the passport, i sent you a picture of my secretary because she is the one to collect the money from the bank and also she is an official representative of the organisation,but since you insist Sir i will send you mine but it is not scanned it is just a copy of myself and my office and also our campaign programme held in 2001 with CEDPA.The reason why it is not scanned is because there is no too much time again for the programme to commence and we are working towards tiredlessly and so i will be very busy.
Thank you Sir, you have been of great help to us with your encouragement.

I sent an e-mail to my "lawyer" explaining how Mrs Faith was failing hard, and "accidentally" CC'ed her, netting this response:

Goodday Sir
i do not understand your email, i thought you asked for any passport photograph your email came to my box scattered so i was not able to pick your message properly. please Sir i am begging you i will do that right away now.
the picture i send was a picture of our previous donor that was what i thought you asked for am very sorry Sir for misunderstanding you. i will now scan my picture please do not do this to us because i have already told our director general about your effort, am very sorry Sir i will tell him to call you now.please just give us this last chance and we promise i will not fail you.

We then bat a few more e-mails around, and she fills out my setup form, but does not take the required picture. Her director (lad leader, I assume) fires her from my bait, and sends an unintelligible voicemail to my dump account where the only two words I made out were "bitch" and "stupid."

Enter Mrs. Sarah, the new lad.

Goodday Sir
I am the new financial coordinator in place of Mrs Faith Adewale, my name is Mrs Sarah Oketunji she told me this morning when we resumed office that your organisation was havng a fund to donate to us that she has almost completed the process but it is remaining the picture you asked for that since she has been removed from her office that i should continue.
Sir i will send you the picture of myself holding your verification code before this week runs out.THANKS A MILLION SIR..hope to hear from you soon.
Mrs Sarah Oketunji.

Ok, code? She disappears for over a month, then I get this...

Thank you sir
i am very happy you will get the picture by tomorrow afternoon may GOD continue to bless you abundantly.
Mrs sarah oketunji.

OMG OMG OMG PICTURE! A week goes by, and I give up hope again. Until...

Goodday sir,
i have sent you my picture carrying your verification code sir,pls sir we are have problems in collecting donations from western union, so we now use money gram.pls sir i am going to give some informations you need in sending the money. The name of our agent in the money gram office is Mr Oviasuyi Brown Osagie, so if you want to send the money use his name in filling the form to avoid long procedures.
contact me and tell me when you will start sending the donations.

SUCCESS! My first trophy:


I throw her a bone and switch gears. She passed my requirements! Her money is on the way!

Dear Mrs. Oketunji,

Glad to hear Mr. Kimble has cleared the donations as tax-deductible under UK law. We are filling out some extra paperwork on our side as you were not the original planned recipient, and we should be ready to be sending out the first payments very soon.

The total donation amount is ₤20,000. In the meantime while we prepare the payments, my boss has a personal request:

He would like a hand-written letter from one of your children your charity takes care of, so he can show it in a board meeting. I'm not supposed to tell you this , but he might use the letter to convince the board to approve more donations after this one. If you could please fax the letter to me by Friday at 07092 885 914, I believe we could secure further donations possibly within the time it will take to send all of the original donation.

I figure maybe the extra money might be enough to score a second trophy. If not, no biggie, I'll move on to another angle.

Thanks a million Sir
i will contact you by tomorrow for the first donation, remember the donation is going to be sent through money gram to Nigeria and the amount you are going to send is 2000pounds each because they do not collect amount above that range to Nigeria please sir send me the necessary requirement i need to collect this donation like the mtcn number,secret name,secret answer,name of sender, and name of receiver. the name of the reciever is mr oviasuyi brown osagie.

thanks a million
mrs sarah oketunji.

Bleh. Maybe she just wants money. But then...SURPRISE!

Goodday sir
I contacted the fax company today and they told me to send a fax message to your country is quite expensive so i decided to scan the letter and send it to you i hope your boss would see the letter written by one of our benefiaries called Tobi Courage.

Mrs Sarah Oketunji
Save The Child Programme.


After this my interest in the bait fell off. Either way, this shows decently how I scored my first trophy.

Cellphone x10 (First Kill: 1/3/07)

"Except you did not give me the right house adress if you did i will send people to kill you."
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 10, 2008 10:14 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Nice trophy, congrats Very Happy Promising them heaps of money such as donations, scholarship money, and such, is a great way to score trophies. It's also the base of many other types of trophies such as tattoos, artwork, safari's, etc. Good work Thumbs up

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 11, 2008 10:47 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Awesome! Smile Don't stop now! Keep at it!

~They will fight the rats.~
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Master Baiter

Joined: 10 Dec 2006
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 11, 2008 11:49 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

A disclaimer: I stopped baiting after this its almost a year since the last message.

WERE I to restart...any thoughts on how I should shoot for it?

Cellphone x10 (First Kill: 1/3/07)

"Except you did not give me the right house adress if you did i will send people to kill you."
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Elite Baiter

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 12, 2008 12:22 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Dunno if any of the addresses would still be up, but you could just fire an email saying your companies donation management system - or similar bollocks - had recently been updated and that you were in charge of clearing all previously unfinished claims.

Basically rip it off a scam letter.
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*** BANNED ***

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 25, 2008 6:45 am Reply with quoteBack to top

That was very interesting baited you set up there, canít wait to see the next scammer being expose, good baiting. Baiting Scammer is best way to get them expose.
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