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 Comrade J P Long, my first bait

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 07, 2008 11:18 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Hey guys, Ive been scam baiting for about a week or two, and I think ive gotten my first successful bait. I used an edited version SHIVER METIMBERS' introduction letter to the scammer.

Dear Friend,

I am Mr.Jean Piere Long, the Secretary General, (SGBB) and i know that this
letter will meet your person in surprice but i want you to bear with me
because it is as the urgency warrants.Here in my Department i discovered a
case of a dormant sum of ($4.200.000 U.S) FOUR MILLION TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND US
DOLLARS). In an account that belongs to one of our foreign customerfrom
AMERICA who died along with his entire family in November 2004 in a plane

Blah blah blah, not going to waste ur time with the rest, youve seen it all. Time for my introduction email (thanks to SHIVER)

Thank you for your email.

I am very interested in your proposition as I am always looking for further investment opportunities. However unless you are able to come to meet with me in the UK then you will have to provide me with some guaranteed proof of identity before I am prepared to proceed any further. I am afraid that a passport or other ID will NOT be suitable as I know how easily such things are forged.

I am sorry if I appear rude to you, this is not my intention, but when it comes to matters of serious business I do not have time for niceties. I am by nature a friendly and generous man, but where business is involved you will find me deliberate and serious. I am already a very wealthy man, and that is mainly because I have a “no nonsense” approach to business.

First a little information about myself and my company. My Name is Daniell Smith and I have been working in this industry for eighteen years. My company is called Vertical Flash Inc. We are a design company responsible for the design of all types of small electrical parts for cars, like radio’s, speedometers, brake lights ect ect. We have several 10year contracts with car manufacturers like AUDI, OPEL, BMW, MASERATI, and TATA. Our annual turnover is around US $84 million per year, and I employ just over 350 employees.

To return to your proposition. As I have indicated, I am very interested in your proposition, but before I would be willing to proceed or give out any private information I will require that you are able to send be some DEFINATE proof of your identity. May I suggest the following: That we use a password phrase, and then you get a new photograph of yourself holding a sign with the password written on it? That way I will know for certain that the person in the picture is you. We will use the password Phrase “KLIPDOM” as this is my mother’s name.

Please make sure the picture is LARGE AND CLEAR. Hopefully this will be attached in your next email to me. The faith of the transaction is in your hands. The faster I receive your photo the faster we can proceed. Please do not waste my time with forged photos, if I receive a fake photo business will be terminated, because then I can’t trust you.

I am happy to help you financially in this respect if needed, but first you will have to prove your identity to me. I am afraid that without proof of your identity I will be unwilling to proceed. My terms above are absolutely not negotiable.

Again, I urge you to read the above carefully before replying to this email. I do not want to appear rude but being such a busy person I cannot afford to have my time wasted by people who do not read my emails correctly. I remind you again that the Faith of this transaction is totally in your hands till I receive your photo, with a sign in your hands, with the password phrase “KLIPDOM” on.

Thank you again and my god bless you

2days later I get this, WITH AN PICTURE, wow this scammer is a n00b

Dear Comrade Smith,

I solenmly crave for your understanding over the slight delay in meeting up with requirements,it was actually due to my tight schedules.Right now, all sai has been done in line with our already made agreement.I have performed the transaction security obligatory process and hereby present my photograph taken with your mother's name "KLIPDOM" as you requested for mutuality and transparent sake and also in sustenance of trust and equity in this regard.Previously, i stated to your comprehensively that this is a high level transaction which i aim to use in establishing a long lasting business relationship with you in the nearest future and only require your support and coorporation to achieve such ambition Mr.Smith.Your capacity in terms of practical business is well pronounced in your profile which gives me the confidence and courage to partner with you towards upliftment of your company in general in terms of company expansion.

In details,I am happy to announce to you that the aforeasid fund has been remitted to Union Togolaise De Banque located in the central District of Lome,the Federale Capitale Du Togolaise Republique for safe and easy payment to you having considered the security aspect of the whole situation.I amicably settled issues with the management of Societe Generale Bank Burkina (SGBB)in Burkina Faso and transfered the money to my new base where i can be able to monitor transfer activities in the banque in close range.Besides, the Foreign Banking Operation Senior Director Mr.Esei Nwoga Chambers there is my close cousin and had carried out confidential business with me remarkably making me to develop much confidence in him in this particular business.All you need to do now is to contact him,introducing yourself as my business associate whom i told him about to claim the money(USD$15.800.000) deposited in their banque and request for transfer requirements to enhance quick transfer in your favour as the bonafide beneficaire.He will commence transfer documentation in your name immediately you get in touch with him via mail just as i had directed him.I want you to apply priority in this regard because i necessary combination of tools has been put in place waiting for your application before further transfer procedure commences in your favour.I attach to this message a copy of the fund deposit slip for your own record keep and confirmation.My picture is also attached along too.

Finally,i awaits your update as soon as you contact the concerned banque authority for more talks and i will inform the banque management right away that you will be coming forth for the claim of the deposited money as the selected fund beneficaire/recipient.In fact Mr.Smith,words cant express my gratitude to you for your concern to my proposal and i promise to make it up with you in it ok.My sincere regards to your family and company staff board.In expectation of your update after you contact the executing banque.Heres the banque contact address:

Union Togolaise De Banque(UTB)
Boulevard Du 13 Janvier BP:359
Lome Central District Togolaise Republique
Contact Person: Mr.Esel N Chambers
Banking Operation Senior Director
Email: [email protected]

Many thanks

Comrade J P Long

Check out the pic here:

Wow, got an pic after only 1email, I will keep you guys posted, on what happens next, I need to dig in the "letters" for some inspiration. Oh, "klipdom" is afrikaans for "dumbass".
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 08, 2008 3:30 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Nice work SA, can't wait to read more.

I had a feeling "Klipdom" meant something... Wink

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 08, 2008 5:24 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Nice trophy SA baiter Very Happy

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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 19 Feb 2008
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 12, 2008 3:47 pm Reply with quoteBack to top


Thank you very much for your prompt reply with your picture. This shows to me that you are indeed true, and a trustworthy person. I am ready to go on with the transaction now, what is the next step?


Dear Comrade Smith,

In brief,i was just informed by the bank management that you have been contacted with transfer requirements and your response is being awaited.Apparently, that is to say that a huge progress has been recorded so far in this promising transaction which gives me more confidence and encouragement to proceed further on it.Now that the executing bank has carried out their official duty to you Mr.Smith, i really need your undiluted consideration and immediate coorporation with the bank on their requirements, so that we can acquire the two important documents this week.I just spoke to Mr.Chambers of UTB about the need to see that we effect this transfer come next week because of its need for investment purpose scheduled by then and he assured me that as soon as the required amount of fee is paid to their bank chauffeur by tomorrow or next,the transfer has to be completed by next week definitely.He specifically pointed out to me that the fastness of this transfer depends on your punctuality in meeting up to their bank demands ok.I want you to try your possible best and offset the bill and let the success of this vital transaction be guranateed to us Mr.Smith.You are not doing it for anybody nor the bank rather you are sacrificing your resources to me as your co-partner and a close confidant .I wouldn't mind receiving your picture for more familiarity purpose.

However,it is my interest to bring to your knowledge that every dime you may spend in this crucial transfer will be much appreciated and compensated at the end of the transaction.Check and balance process will be adequately conducted to repay back any expenses made by any party in this regard ok.I am also ready to forfeit the whole amount due for transfer to your bank account to your company branch establishment in my country.Your company products has an increasing demand in my place making it my desire to have you open another branch of your company here too.The economy is competitive to a considerable point and security aspect is also perfect for foreign investors.Government policy on investment codes is also favourable to
both local and foreign investors,you can confirm this from any authoritative source.I can equally provide to you with our country's business subscription gazzette for your own study and subsequent approval ok.I humbly request for such priviledge be given to my home country to further boost her economy and as well cement our business relationship the more.Let me have a copy of the payment slip you will forward to the bank for my own record keep.Extend my regards to your family and company management in general.waiting for your update.

Yours co-partner,

J P Long.

Boooring, decide to leave it for a few days....he emails again

Dear Comrade Smith,

Without a doubt, i strongly believe your silence from me is not delibrate,i have the confidence that you are doing something serious about the payment demanded by the executing UTB bank.In a phone chat with the bank management about the situation of things in their bank in respect to the acquisition of the needeful,he made me to understand that tools are in place in their bank,the management is only waiting for the legal service and original account reactivation fee before the Attorney proceed further on the subject matter on ground ok.I learnt that the Attorney had already began his legal service to us by registering the file in the National Assessment & Accreditation Council,atleast its a sign of progress Mr.Smith.I can assure you that he has a quality service for us going by his profile and level of experience in his profession.

So,it is now agreed that the ball is now in your court to play and i humbly request you accord the maximum attention on that and wire the first payment of USD$2500 to the bank for easy pickup and onward proceedings in this regard.Send the fee and forward the pay slip to me for immediate confirmation.Mr.Smith, it will pay us good if you can go on in sending the fee and other required necessities to the bank and let us step closer to our destination in this vital transaction,my whole life is at stake in it having spent alot to safeguard it till this period.In gfact, my job is at stake beacuse of this same business and i will be satisfied to succeed in it and loose my job so that i can come over to you in your country for onward investment engagement ok.I will not forget my manners by appreciating your concern and eargerness to help me out, i simply wish you all the best of luck in your present and future endeavours Mr.Smith.I awaits to receive a copy of the pay slip you will send to the bank for my own record keep.Proceed on with the payment today due to the urgency attached to it.

Kind regards

J P long

now he is talking bout money, Im not happy, and decide to confront him. Im kinda bored as I already have a trophy, lets see how he reacts.

Sheesh $2500?! but why?

This is beginning to sound like an nigerian 419 scam, is it my friend?

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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 19 Feb 2008
Posts: 13

PostPosted: Thu Mar 13, 2008 8:28 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Something very weird happened to me. basically Im unable to access my yahoo email account. Just doesnt want to log in for some reason. I dont click on bogus links, ever, but I think my account has been hacked, or shut down.

This bait has come to an end then, im sorry.

the scammer did contact me last night and "Demanded" an apology because I compared his deal to an 419scam, haha.
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