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Nick L Cadmium
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 01, 2007 5:47 am Reply with quoteBack to top

This is the first bait I have published, mainly cos most of mine are fairly straight, and I don't push for alot of trophies. With this one I just wanted to see how lewd I could get without causing a premarital breakdown. It starts as a typical Dad killed in car crash leaving lots of money type of scam so I haven't bothered posting her first email.

Here goes

From: Mack Truque
To : Susan Yehuda

Hello Susan

I am intrigued, please tell me more.



I got a standard second email full of guff about the lawyers etc.

And a second email in the same day (24.01.07)

Dear Sir,

These are my personal Photos, actually I have never given my personal Photos to a complete stranger but you are the first person in my life that I am giving out my personal Photos.
This is for the sake of my assistance request from you and building up of a long term trustworthy relationship between you and i.

I want you to send me your personal Photos as well including your personal details.
Yours truly
Miss Susan Yehuda Yairi.

The pics are here

I reply on the 24.01.07

Hello Susan

What a lovely Nubian goddess you are! Your husband is a very lucky man.

I do not have all of the info you require readily to hand, though looking at your pictures something else is. I will attach a picture of myself and my ex-girlfriend in happier days before the unpleasantness.

My name is Mack Truque, I am Canadian and now living in New Zealand, 42 years old and have no bad habits, but I do have a good sense of humour.

My bank is

Rush & Butcher
Garrot Road
New Zealand

Bank code 41-19-88
Account number THX-1138-01

My name is Mack Truque

My address is

Silage Row

I am fascinated by your proposal, please tell me more.



I don't have a scan of my passport etc, but I can get it soon if it is really that important.

I also added a pic I found online of a persona
but she is still on script the next day

Dear Mack,
Thanks for your prompt reply mail in fact I have been expecting your urgent prompt reply since this matter required urgency.
As for your comment regarding my marital status, please I am very much alone and not yet married and you are a nice guy.
My late father Dr. Yehuda Yairi is a God fearing citizen of Israel, and He was able to introduce me and my late mum into deep christianity.
My dad, throughout his entire life time never allowed me to go into relationship with men except that, He personal advice me to complete my education first before getting married.
Please scan your International Passsport and send it to my lawyer Barrister Attive Mensah of the ATTIVE MENSAH & ASSOCIATES CHAMBER.
You must also forward your Direct Mobile Phone No. to my lawyer.
My lawyer email contact: [email protected]
Direct Phone Line to lawyer : oo233-244-l28-392.
Please do this urgent, I must complete the transfer process of all my late father's funds to your Bank Account and join you in your country within the next two weeks ahead, in order for me to restart a new life, since I lost my parents far back and I have no one here anymore.
Awaiting your urgent response,
Yours truly
Miss Susan yehuda Yairi

So on the 25th I try again to woo her

Hello Susan

Wonderful to hear from you, I didn't hold out much hope of hearing from you. I would have thought that a gorgeous woman like you would have men queueing up to help you, and a has-been bodybuilder like me would have no chance.

I don't have a mobile phone due to a bodybuilding accident where a barbell landed on my head and I lost my hearing due to a brain injury. As for the passport photo I will get one sorted out soon, I am away from my office for a few days and I don't have the passport with me. But don't worry I'll get it done as soon as I can.

I think your pictures attached to your last email were wonderful, do you have any more you could send me? I have some of myself when I was in training so my physique looks pretty good. I'll send you some of me if you do likewise. Here is another of me just to keep you moist. The thought of us being together in two weeks is very exciting.

Affectionately yours


My wonderful physique can be seen here (wish it were mine!)

I now got pretty standard letter form the lawyer that I shall not bore you with. The upshot of it that they want $350 to make up the legal bills so far, Susan it seems has borrowed $500 to pay for the bulk of it. That was good of her, wasn't it? I wrote him a charming letter in reply on the 26.01.07


Hello Barrister Memsahib

Thanks for all the emails, you must be a very good barrister to create so much paperwork.

As I have already told Ms Yehudi I do not have a phone due to a bizarre weightlifting accident two years ago. I am unable to forward a copy of my passport because I am away from my office on business for a few days and I did not bring it with me. I will get onto it as soon as I get back, have no fear.

My bank details are as follows

Rush & Butcher
Garrot Road
New Zealand

Bank code 41-19-88
Account number THX-1138-01

My name is Mack Truque, short for Maxwell.

My address is

Silage Row

I hope this helps a little, I feel a bit of a fool for not having more information to hand.

On a lighter note, do you know Susan well? I think she is lovely, and since my last girlfriend left under a bit of a cloud I have been on the prowl so to speak. What do think my chances would be of a bit of slap and tickle when she gets to NZ?

Cheers queers


Susan seems to be getting a bit tetchy now:


Dear Mack,
Thanks for your mail.
Please do whatever the lawyer asks you to do urgent I beg you.
Yours truly
Miss Susan Yehuda

But the love struck Mack blunders on like the blind fool he is


Hello Gorgeous

I have attached another picture of myself, it isn't a very good quality shot, and I am not quite in that form anymore, that was just before a big competition. I think my arms look pretty good there.

About the details, I have already explained that I do not use a phone due to my hearing problem, don't you remember, my dear? I shall send the scans of my passport as soon as I am back in the office in a few days time. I do not have it with me when I am visiting clients. I should be back in the office in 3-4 days, unless something comes up and I have to shoot off somewhere else. It is a busy life being a salesman for customised adult toys, the demonstrations can be very tiring. In fact that is what cost me my last few relationships.

The $350 is confusing me. If you could afford the other $500 why do you not pay the small sum of $350? I will repay you if necessary, but it is not easy for me to send money like this, I have never done it before. I don't know what to do.

I am looking forward to being with you, I have never tasted brown sugar. Please hurry, two weeks seems like such along time.

All my love


Whoops, I think I already sent her that picture!

The lawyer is not being quite so friendly:


Attn: Mr. Mack Truque,

Thank you for your honest,polite expression I am in fact Ok with your compliments.

However I must advice to please go now and send $350 as ATTIVE MENSAH & ASSOCIATES CHAMBER'S Consultation Fees.

This will enable our Firm to conclude all arrangement with the Chief Judge of the Ghana High Court of Justice, in view of the legalisation/notorisation of the Power of Attorney and Agreement Copy.

In pursuant to Section 342 Ssubsection 23, Act Cap 9 of the 1992 Constitution as amended in 1999 Republic of Ghana Laws and Constitutions, which stipulates making an INTERIM ENTRY in the Ghana High Court of Justice in view of transaction/matters like this.

I have visited the Chief Judge of the Ghana High Court of Justice this morning who is the only Public Government Certified Judge to Notorized/Legalize this Agreement and Power of Attorney after all Party involved has fully signed their column.

Based on the Republic of Ghana Constitutional requirements which stipulates an initial deposit of One Million and Two Hundred Thousand Cedis total amount for both Power of Attorney and Agreement cost is Two Million and Four Hundred Thousand Cedis on each Agreement, this is Ghana local currency but in USA Dollars the value is about $350.

Please send this amount $350 through our Secretary Mrs. Benemor Oghenetega whose details was earlier on given to you, as this will facilitate good working relationship with you.

As for your request to know much about your partner Miss Susan Yehuda Yairi, She is the only surviving daughter of the late Dr. Yehuda Yairi who is an Israeli citizen.

Miss Susan Yehuda Yairi is a Christian, honest God fearing young lady who actually took after his late father.

She is single according to her Profile here on our Law Firm Records Files of Clients.

Our Law Firm Management is awaiting the details from the Western Union Money Transfer Or Moneygram in your country, you used to send $350 Consultation Fees to us.

Thanks for your anticipated co-operation,

Yours sincerely

Barrister Attive J. Mensah

Principal Attorney


I thought I had cleared this up with the lovely Susan



I have written to Susan, and I think she will be bringing the $350 to you soon.



Apparently not, so Susan tries honey instead of vinegar


Dear darling Mack,
Thanks for your reply mail your Photo is such a wonderful one I really love your well build sexy figure.

I love to join you soon so that you and I can have alot crazy sex, I love to scream in your well build body in your bed, I knew quite well that you will drive me crazy in your bed as soon as I arrived in your country after the final transfer of my late father's funds to you.

Mack my darling love, if truly you love me then please send the $350 Consultation fees to the Law Firm, other wise the Law Firm will throw away my matter from their Office Record.

Believed me my love I do not have this amount I would have pay it long ago without bringing you in, after all $350 is nothing to a darling of your class.

Please my darling love Mack, remember that I have no one here in Accra Ghana I am all alone except the Church of Pentecost where my late father Dr. Yehuda happened to be an active members before his death, they are the people taking care of me right now.

The Church Members even lend me the initial $500 which I paid to the Law Firm, please my love do not delay in telling me your position, just feel free and let me know if you will not send the money to the Law Firm then let me look for someone else to help.

I am a young happy girl, how do you expect me to continue remaining in happy mood when my problems are not taken care of?

Do you love a lady and see the lady in pains without helping her out of her difficulty? No this is never love.

Please in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, send this money $350 to the lawyer, the Law Firm have threatened to quit my Case if I failed to comes up with this amount.

Once this transaction is completed and all my late father's funds arrived in your Bank Account No. I want you to married me so that you and I can be together for the rest of our life.

I love you, no man has open up to me in life like you do, I will forever remain yours for the rest of my life, no one will comes between us.

Please help me to send the $350 to the Law Firm urgent today and do not delay any further.

The Law Firm urgently need this amount hence I instructed them to give you Western Union Money Transfer Or Moneygram option of sending this money to them, other wise the Law Firm would have given you their Bank Account No. to send this money through to them, Bank Account transfer normally take long time.

Western Union Money Transfer Or Moneygram are very fast and reliable, they takes just a single minutes to get the transfer amount to the receiver, my late father uses this mean to send money to me and my late Mum in Liberia far back and nothing has ever happened to our money, we received it instantly and safe.

I love you my darling Mack.
Yours truly

Miss Susan Yehuda Yairi

This Mack fellow is a hopeless dope and gives in straight away:


Hello my Nubian Love Muffin

If you are sure that the WU is the best way to send money then I shall sort it out. Will $350 be enough?

It is a holiday weekend here in New Zealand and I will not be able to get the money transferred until Tuesday at the earliest. Plus I am still out of the office giving demonstrations of our selection of fine adult toys to various women. I shall give you an extra long demonstration, in a hotel room where we don't have to wipe up afterwards.

I keep getting lots of very official emails from bankers and lawyers in Nigeria, and they seem pretty impatient. I hope Tuesday will not upset them too much, my love.

Please send me more pictures of yourself, I think you are the most exciting molasses I have ever seen. I will send you lots more pictures of me when I get back home in a couple of days. My poor old fella has been having a bad time of it lately, the friction is starting to show.

Lots of love


Whoops again, wrong country! More muscles than sense, eh?



Dear Mack,
Thanks for your mail in fact I must first of all warn you against any transaction with Nigerians.

After the Death of my late father I went through hell trying to get a reliable foreign trustee partner in abroad, all this suffering of mine to get someone to help me in this transaction is as a result of various fraud mails going to people all over the world from Nigerians fraudsters popularly known as 419 mails.

Based on this above fact of mine you warn to decist from having any dealings with Nigerians, they are nothing but bounce of dupes.

Ghana as a country is known for good records and crime free, this was while my late father Dr. Yehuda Yairi came here to set up his gold exporting business.

The out going United Nations Secretary General MR. KOFI ANNA is a citizen of Ghana, apart from this, Ghana has the best stable Democratic Governance in Africa.

I some time regret why I happened to come from Liberia and Israel, I love to be a Ghana citizen because of their good records in the International Community.

According to our lawyer Barrister Attive J. Mensah, He told me that, Society General Social Security Bank Management will be contacting you today.

This is as a result of the meeting between our lawyer and the Bank Management today.

Have you received any mail from the Society General Social Security Bank Management?

If you have received any of such mail, please do according to their instructions, Banks in Ghana are not dubious like those Banks in Nigeria been use for their criminal activities.

Please send the $350 to the lawyer before Tuesday this is very important for the speedy completion of this transaction.

Yours truly
Miss Susan Yehuda Yairi

Phew! Thanks for the head's up about the Nigerians, Susan!

I did get an email the same day from the bank, a standard cut & paste effort. I told them I wasn't ready to talk to them yet, cos the lawyers were dragging their feet. Besides I was having too much fun with Susan.


Hello My Wonderful Pot of Brown Sugar

As I cannot do any more about the money for a couple of days I thought I'd just write a love letter instead.

I have attached a picture I found on my laptop, I forgot I had it here. It shows me from behind, and is a particularly picture of my bottom (we call them glutes, in bodybuilding short for gluteus maximus). I think you have nice bottom too, I love African womens bottoms. They are so big and round, not like the women here who only have small bottoms. I have a particular liking for bottom sex, do you? When we meet at the end I would like to spend a weekend in a hotel with you doing this. Could I have more pictures of you? I would really like to see your bottom, it doesn't have to be naked (though I would REALLY like that).

That all sounds very forward and crude, I'm sorry if this offends you. I am a very sexual man, and if we are to be together after I send the money on Tuesday then we will have enormous amounts of sex that will please both of us.

Thanks for the advice about Nigerians, I keep getting emails from Nigeria and I know that they are all scams, but yours is from Ghana. I thought that Koffee Anan is from there and none of his family are crooks, so it must be alright to email you back.

Anyway, I just thought I'd write and tell you how good you make me feel, and how much I look forward to having you in my great big arms.

Bye my love


PS My ex-girlfriend tells me I'm hung like a black man, so you won't have worry about missing out.

Am I allowed to say that?
Anyhow, here is the pic I attached:

Come on Susan, you are getting off script here, pull yourself together!



Dear Mack my lovely darling husband,
Thanks for showing trust and love for me most especially your decision to accept the fact that Nigerians are known in the World of scams.

I took 6 Copies Photos this morning all because of you, I hope the Photographer will get them ready before two days time and I assure you I will send all new 6 Copies Photos to you unfailily.

Please make sure that you send the $350 to the Lawyer on Tuesday 30th January 2007 based on your assurance.

I have just contacted the Lawyer Barrister Attive Mensah this morning based on your Tuesday assurance promise, I beg the Lawyer to please give you till Tuesday that you will not fail to send the money to them.

Please do not make me look like a liar to the Law Firm, Ghana is a country of Laws and Order, where whatever you say is recorded against you.

If you fail to send this money to them on Tuesday, then I am already a liar to them all, ATTIVE MENSAH & ASSOCIATES CHAMBER and the Ghana High Court of Justice.
I am waiting for your prompt reply,
Thanks my lovely darling,
Yours truly in love wife,
Miss Susan Yehuda Yairi

The big guy won't be swayed though, and the thought of another 6 pics is driving him wild


Hello You Juicy Thing!

Don't worry about the money it is all under control. I will have to ask the lawyers how I go about sending money to Ghana as I have never done anything like this before. I might need their bank account details so it can be wired straight to them. That would be the quickest way, but I'll have to ask them on Monday, if this what they think is best.

More importantly, the promise of the pictures has me very excited indeed. I can't wait!!! Thank you very much for the trouble you have gone to to get them. Are they sexy pictures? Are you smiling for me? I feel like I'm going to burst! You must care for me very much to have gone to a photographer to get the pictures done. Thank you.

Your biggest fan


PS Should I stock up on tissues?

But on the 29.01.07 the lawyers go and spoil the moment


Attn: Mr. Mack Truque,

Please send $350 (Consultation Fees) through our Secretary details below :


Country : Ghana

Zip Code : 23321

Occupation : Personal Secretary ATTIVE MENSAH & ASSOCIATES CHAMBER.

Our Law Chamber does not accept the sending of small amount of this manner through its Corporate's Bank Account.

Sending small amount of this manner will takes alot of time for it to be cleared here, this was why our Law Firm strongly advice to go to either the nearest Western Union Bank Or Moneygram in your country and send this small token amount (Consultation Fees).

Apart from this, Western Union Money Transfer and Moneygram are the fastest and reliable modern mean of sending small amount of money to any part of world within a minute.

Monday 29th January 2007 is the day set aside for our meeting with the Bank Management on your behalf, we are surprised up till now you are to forward a scan Copy of your International Passport to us, this is one of your vital document required here by the Bank Management to approved the transfer of these funds to your Bank Account in New Zealand.

In this regard, our Law Firm will quit it representative legal services in this matter if you fail to send our Consultation Fees of $350 latest by Tuesday 30th January 2007.

This warning message has also been relayed to your Partner MISS SUSAN YEHUDA YAIRI.

Thank you,


I reply with a typically all-brawn-and-no-brains email


Hello Barr Mengele

It is a public holiday here today so I cannot go to the Western Union until tomorrow.

I have never used WU before and I would really appreciate it if you could send me instructions on the way you would like me to carry out the transaction so that it is perfect for you. Do I have all of the information I will need to fill out the forms at WU? I would hate to make things difficult for my future wife Susan, by making a mistake and delaying the payment.

Please send me very careful instructions. I apologise for the trouble this may put you to, but I want to make sure I get this right.



Now they get downright condescending


Attn: Mr. Mack Truque,

As a matter of fact sending money through Western Union is one of the easiet task.

All you have to do is to proceed to any Banks in your country that has Western Union Services.

Tell them you want to send a token small amount of $350 to Ghana for your future wife little problems settlement.

The Officials there at the Western Union in your country will demands for the details of the person who you are send this money to.

These are the details which you must present to them :

Name of Receiver : Miss BENEMOR OGHENETEGA

Country of Receiver : Ghana

Country Zip Code : 23321

Occupation of Receiver : Secretary (LAW CHAMBER)

Once you are able to follow this instructions, then you have no problem sending the little token $350 (Consultation Fees) to the Management of ATTIVE MENSAH & ASSOCIATES CHAMBER.

After finishing sending from your Bank, you will be give a (10 Digit No.) which is also known as the CONTROL NO. you will also be present your own Text question and Answer which you must send to us after you have finished sending the money from your Bank.

Once our Law Firm Secretary Miss Oghenetega Benemor received the CONTROL NO. Text question and Answer from you, She can then received the same out here in Ghana within 5minutes time.

We hereby advice you to proceed to your Western Union Bank in your country now and send this money.

This is a matter of urgency the Bank Management is waiting for us now.

Thank you,

Yours sincerely

Barrister Attive J. Mensah

Well, I can be snippy, too you know.


Hello Barr Minge

I thought I didn't have the details I required. I future please make sure you supply such info before I have to ask for it. I have no experience of these transactions and I do not want to inconvenience my Susan because you have not done your job properly.

I shall email you as soon as I can after I have made the transfer, I'm not sure how immediate this will be, though.



Boy, these guys really don't have a sense of humour, do they?



Attn: Mr. Mack Truque,

Our Management does not tolerates giving legal services to people who cannot take advice.

Sending money through Western Union is not a big task, 16yrs old girl or boy can simply do it.

We will not tolerate your making jokes of our legal firm, from now till 12:00pm Tuesday 30th January 2007, please forget about contacting our firm if you failed to come up with our Consultation fees.


Barrister Attive Mensah

Well, I'm having a bad day, too, mate.


Barrister Whatever your name is

I am extremely offended by your last email and shall be contacting my fiancee Susan Yehuda advising her to use the services of another law firm. I had made the US$350 transfer two hours ago, but I have contacted Western Union and instructed them to place a hold on the payment. I will be getting Susan to use another law firm and changing the name of the recipient.

I will not be spoken to like that by people that my money is employing to provide a service.

Good day to you

Maxwell Truque

Maybe Susan will back me up, so I forward the email to her.


My Dear Susan

I just received this email from the law firm you have been using. I don't know if the translation has made it worse but I find this email extremely offensive, and I do not want to use this firm any more. I have no idea what I wrote to offend them, I simply expressed annoyance with them for not giving me all of the info I needed to make the payment before now. I had to ask for the information, which is not my job, they are supposed to send it to me without being asked.

I don't care if it costs more I would like you to find another firm to sort out the legal part of this business, I will pay for it, don't worry. They have offended me so much I stopped the Western Union transfer. The money has been deposited with WU and they are waiting for me to give them new recipient details for the money.

I am so desperate to be with you my darling Susan, and this delay is going to make things worse, I know. I'm sorry.

I am still really looking forward to squeezing that gorgeously rounded bottom of yours, I bet your skin is so smooth and firm it looks like a ripe plum. I very much want to hold you to my chest and smell your hair, and feel the contours of your back. Please send the pictures you said you had taken, they will keep me going through the night.

Always your loving


Sadly a bit of bluster doesn't do the trick


AttN: Mr. Maxwell Truque,

You should have not put a hold on the $350 (Consultation Fees) you claimed you sent two hours ago, if really you actually wanted to prove us wrong to Miss Susan Yehuda Yairi.

This show that you never sent any money, well it is left for Miss Susan Yehuda to decided on the manner of people that She is dealing with.

As far as this Law Firm is concern, we regard you as a mere criminal.


Mrs. Oghenetega Benemor


Maybe I can salvage this


Hello Barrister Meningitis

I think you are a very rude man.

Do you have sex with goats? You can admit it to me, I won't tell anyone.

Lots of love


I probably should have worded that better,eh? Still, there is always Susan to help talk the lawyer round, isn't there?



Mr. Mack,
Who do you think you are? an animal? who do you think you are making foul of? your mum?

How many time will the Law Firm give you Mrs. Oghenetega Benemor as the details to send through to them?

You can foul your hopeless mother and father but not me Miss Susan Yehuda Yairi.

Please do not contact me again animal, never you in your life try to contact me again because already I have blocked your mail address from coming to me.

Any way I am the cause of all this, How can I have trusted an animal like you in the very first place.

What do you mean by the word Barrister MINGE?

If not that you are making mockery of your bastard father.

Maybe not, then. So on the 31.01.07 I sent my last email


But Susan, what about your bottom? What am I to do now? I need your firm skin rubbing against me.

The barrister never told me the name before, he is a fool, you should not trust him.

I am broken hearted.


That was fun. Who's next?

Nigeria x3 United Kingdom x1 Czech Republic x 1

It will be better if you can give me your mother to have some nice sex with her - Mosola Mickelson
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 01, 2007 12:37 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

That was a good read Nick Wink I loved the name changes you gave the Lawyer.

I thought this was funny and good sig material:



Just a suggestion, if you want to try and salvage it. Kill Mack off and open up the bait to Susan again from The Executer of Macks Will. I'm sure that there must be loads of 'pervy' Lawyers you could think of Wink

Just keep me informed...then I can inform on you!

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