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PostPosted: Wed Jan 31, 2007 2:10 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I have some openings for a simple check cashing contractor. all you will have to do is cash checks and keep a percentage of the proceeds.

This job is offered by a very nice gentleman in Nigeria. he has asked me to find independent contractors for him.

If you are interested in the job opening please PM me and I will see that you get set up.

Here are some emails. This went on for quite awhile and I sent this email to him.

I guess by now you realize that I was just fooling with you. I feel very ashamed to deceived you like that. What I did was cash the check and went straight to Los Vegas and gambled. I really had a good time with the money, I had hookers and took in all the shows and with the money from the check I hit the jackpot and came home with $2,000, 000.00 I had quite a good time and it was really hard to keep from telling you about it.

You know, you have really impressed me. You have a really good thing going there and there is a lot of money to be made with something like this. Unfortunately, I was aware of what was going on right from the start and knew how to react. What I did was deposit the check. took out all the money from the bank, since I had been a customer for ten years with so much money flowing through their bank and the teller knowing me, in the biblical sense, they trusted me enough to let me withdraw everything before the check cleared. I knew it wouldn't clear, because like I told you before, I knew you were trying to scam me.

Well anyway it worked out really well for me and you really didn't loose anything since the check was phony in the first place. I really did come down here to Mexico and am having a really good time here on the beech with a beautiful Senorita. I can live like a king here with all the money I have now.

Well, Like I was saying, you really impress me and I think we could probably do some good work together. If you want to give it try, get back to me and we will see what we can work out. I have a lot of connections in the States and I fly up often, in my private jet.
I can get some pretty good mailing lists, which include some really good marks. some with a lot of money and would be pretty easy targets.

It is just a thought, I thought I would see what you thought about it. I think I will do something along that line regardless of whether you want to work with me or not.

Again, sorry for all the run around, I guess we are about even, you were trying to scam me and I was playing games with you. If you want to start over on the right foot we will see what we can do together.



I want you to know since you have all these in mind why don't you come out in your real person and we will know how to work the job instead of acting in that kind of funny way to the buisness,well i want you to knw now that i will be greatful to handle so much buisnes with you so far you can always get in contact with me and here are the basic things that i will need from you to move along these buisness ok

Can you get me mailing lists, which include some really good marks. some with a lot of money and would be pretty easy targets.

Eliot i wan you to know i will be so great if you can get me all those current email addresss so i can walk on them and we will go on percentage on the fund as soon as the fund from the client are ready ok Eliot,Alos i want you to know the check that was send to you cos me alot of money to get that done and forward to you ok Eliot so i want you to kindly get some fund send out to me as soon as possible and i want you to know i will be great to have some percentage from the fund you have oin that money so i can have all other jobs move out to the above address in hand and i want you to give me all connection that you have in state to make more money so we can have more buisness life together



Top of the Morning to you. I am very pleased that you have agreed to work with me on this, I am sure we can make a killing here with the contacts I have in the States.

As far as sharing with you on the check I cashed, You must be kidding, I figure that we are even on that, how much could it have cost you to make a phony check?
That should be the easiest part of the whole operation and the postage is not much, so how much could the cost be? Plus you tried to scam me and I beat you at your own game so I would say we are even.
I'll tell what I will do, I'll give you the entire proceeds of the first check to make up for the one I got. How does that sound to you?

Then I figure that we can start at that point and go 50-50. You already know how to do the checks and I know how to get the marks, so it should work out really well for us.

May I suggest that you send all the checks to me and I get them to the perspective clients and that way I will know the action so I can calculate the 50-50 portion of each deal.

Would it be best to give you the addresses or would you like for them to contact you directly? Which ever would work for me as long as I was involved with the actual deal.

I will be waiting to hear from you.

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