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 Off script - gotta love it

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 30, 2007 10:08 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Damn if I didn't know better I'd think she really does love me - er him Smile
And she/does read my mail She has referenced every one in context. What a gal- I figure she's twigging but the phone number she gave doesn't work.

All characters and the bait are fairly done so I haven't edited names much etc. just a / here or there.

Oh Damiens last name is Thorn (666)

Dear Damien my future husband love,
First I must thank God for your safe arrival back home, I have been praying seriously to our Lord Jesus to grant you a journey mercy back home safely.

First some time now I travelled back to my late mum home town in Liberia to get assistance from the people there.

It was a disappointing journey, this is because I could not even get $20 from them, they all complained of recovering from the Liberia civil war which lasted for years.

Even some of them there were even hoping on getting money from me, I came back this morning empyty handed.

Up till now your so call Partner Mr. Fatin/ma Hand has failed to send the money to the Law Firm.

The Law Firm now look at me as a liar, a lady who cannot keep to her words, all this because of Fatinma who has disappointed us.

Now the Bank is requesting the Law Firm to present all APPLICATION FOR CLAIMS DOCUMENTS to their Management.

How will the Law Firm process these various Documts without their fees?

My darling Damien please if truly you actually love me, then wipe the tears from my eyes by going now urgent to your Bank and send $800 to the Law Firm.

The Law Firm has only one Secretary who is in charge of their Account/ Finance Department.

Here is the Law Firm Secretary details which you must send this amount of $800 through to them:
Occupation of Secretary : Secretary in Law Firm
Country: GHANA
Country Zip Code : 23321

My darling you might be wondering on why the amount has to be $800 instead of $350, well it is as a result of the out come of the meeting between the Law Firm and the Society General Social Security Bank Management yesterday monday 29th January 2007.

According to the Law Firm, the Bank Management is demanding for some Documents which are very expensive to get from the Ghana Finance Ministry and the Economics Community of West Africa.

The Law Firm is very angry right now over Fatinma behaviour of pushing them here and there without proper commitment to the Law Firm policy.

Even the Law Firm told me this morning that they will not contact you or Fatinma again, this is because they believed you people are making jokes of them.

I even have to go on my knee this morning at their Corporate Office begging the Law Firm to help me carry on this matter since the real person is now back home to see to this matter who is my future husband and Partner.

Yet the Law Firm gave me up till tomorrow 31st January 2007 to get the $800 to them other wise they will inform the Bank Management that they are no longer representing me any more.

Please Damien my love, do not let this happen to me, leave whatever that you are doing right there and send this money amount $800 all total to the Law Firm through the Secretary details above.

You talk of love, you talk of taking me to the beach, but you never imagine how you can complete this ongoing matter urgent so that I can join you there.

Send this amount to the Law Firm and call to inform me that you have done so, that is the only way you can prove your love to me.

Forget about Fatinma and Secretary for now, think about us, I mean you and me, and not other people affair.

Thanks and Welcome back home,
Yours truly in love wife,
Miss Susan Y/ ehuda Y/ airi

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 30, 2007 10:40 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Oh dear, that "Law Firm" don't sound like very good negotiators! Can you sack them and get a new legal team in? Very Happy
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