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 More funny lads,

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 29, 2007 11:16 am Reply with quoteBack to top

This lads are really not very clever, this one that claims to be from Orlando, Florida wants me to send "her" money to Nigeria, and she also neds a B.T.A (basic travel allowence) first time I hear about that.
At the end when I get get tired and send "her" to hell yiu can appreciate the intellectual capabilities of this Mugu.
I am so scared because of the bad JuJu he sent me Smile

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:39:39): I need to go to canada next month
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:39:43): want to come with me
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:39:52): and from there I will go mexico
anny atwal (29/01/2007 00:40:03): That will be nice
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:40:07): yes I believe dreams come true
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:40:17): so let me arange for a trip for you here
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:40:29): can go to my travel agent in the morning and arrange it
anny atwal (29/01/2007 00:41:0Cool: Thats not a problem but who's going to pay for my B.T.A
anny atwal (29/01/2007 00:41:1Cool: you know i have never been to france before
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:41:22): BTA ?? whats that
anny atwal (29/01/2007 00:41:36): Basic Travelling Allowance
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:41:44): gthats no problem
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:41:5Cool: you do not need it if I invite you
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:42:14): and for US passports it is not requested
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:42:29): all USA national can have free entry in france
anny atwal (29/01/2007 00:42:56): I just will have to renew my passport
anny atwal (29/01/2007 00:42:56): Okay
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:43:16): where will you renew itr
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:43:20): in teh embassy ?
anny atwal (29/01/2007 00:43:59): I can arrange that with my travelling agent but i don't have money to pay for that
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:44:09): and how much is hat ?
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:44:12): that
anny atwal (29/01/2007 00:44:1Cool: $150
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:44:25): so cheap
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:44:26): ok
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:44:34): and where do I send it and to who ?
anny atwal (29/01/2007 00:45:03): You can send it to my Mom or the travelling agent,which ever one you wish to
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:45:21): up to yiu
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:45:26): that's all you need ?
anny atwal (29/01/2007 00:45:57): Thats all i will need and you can arrange the ticket yourself
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:46:02): ok
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:46:0Cool: to who do I send it
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:46:12): and where
anny atwal (29/01/2007 00:46:35): UGO WILLIAMS
anny atwal (29/01/2007 00:46:39): 7 park road
anny atwal (29/01/2007 00:46:43): city--ikoyi
anny atwal (29/01/2007 00:46:44): state--lagos
anny atwal (29/01/2007 00:46:51): country/zipcode--nigeria/23401
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:46:59): ok
anny atwal (29/01/2007 00:47:00): text question--who's the money for
anny atwal (29/01/2007 00:47:05): text answer--anny
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:47:07): and who is UGO WILLIAMS
anny atwal (29/01/2007 00:47:39): My Mom
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:48:33): ok
anny atwal (29/01/2007 00:48:40): How are you sending the money?
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:48:42): I will do it first thing in the morning
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:48:5Cool: how do you want me to send it ??
anny atwal (29/01/2007 00:49:09): Thats up to you
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:49:14): ok
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:49:19): what is the best way ??
anny atwal (29/01/2007 00:49:44): You tell me what is the best way for you to send the money down from spain
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:49:55): there are all the ways
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:50:07): moneygramm, western Union, bank transfer
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:50:10): whatever
anny atwal (29/01/2007 00:50:32): why not send online now through western union or money gram?
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:50:59): no need to do it in the Western nion office in the morning
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:51:09): ok
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:51:24): will do it at 9i in the morning
anny atwal (29/01/2007 00:51:45): Okay
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:51:57): do you ahge any sexy photos of u
anny atwal (29/01/2007 00:52:12): are you just looking for sex?
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:52:32): also
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:52:43): of clourse not, but sex is nice also
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:52:51): I am looking for a wife
anny atwal (29/01/2007 00:53:10): ohh
anny atwal (29/01/2007 00:53:13): i understand
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:53:1Cool: kis the
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:53:24): is that bad
anny atwal (29/01/2007 00:53:50): No
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:53:59): then send me some photos please
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:56:00): very small
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:56:12): and they are normal
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:57:32): hello
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:57:35): you busy
anny atwal (29/01/2007 00:57:42): No
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:58:07): you silent
anny atwal (29/01/2007 00:58:33): Well yea lol
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:58:39): ok
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:58:49): then I leave you
anny atwal (29/01/2007 00:59:0Cool: I'll like to know more about often do you get online to chat?
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:59:25): not a lot
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:59:26): you ?
anny atwal (29/01/2007 00:59:45): Alot
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 00:59:52): realy
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:00:01): and you did not sednd me yiur sexy photios
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:00:05): you are cruel
anny atwal (29/01/2007 01:00:32): I don't have anymore sexy pictures
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:00:42): ok
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:00:49): I will take yo a few
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:00:52): if yo let me
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:00:59): so when do you wnat to fly ??
anny atwal (29/01/2007 01:02:24): WHEN DO YOU WANT ME OVER THERE?
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:02:57): asap
anny atwal (29/01/2007 01:04:04): same here
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:04:32): so then is ok
anny atwal (29/01/2007 01:04:39): ok
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:05:31): so let me send you this money and how lonfg will it take to get passport ?
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:05:59): and whjat is your full name to book ticket and they will ask me also for a phone number
anny atwal (29/01/2007 01:06:3Cool: I'll give you all that once i get the passport done
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:06:52): ok
anny atwal (29/01/2007 01:06:57): I still maintian the money can be sent online now
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:07:0Cool: but I can also book ticket in the morning
anny atwal (29/01/2007 01:07:17): I still maintian the money can be sent online now
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:07:19): no
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:07:27): do not have my credit cards here
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:07:36): need to go get them in the morning
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:07:4Cool: lost my wallet and bank is issuing new cards
anny atwal (29/01/2007 01:08:0Cool: You can also send from your bank account via western union
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:08:13): nlo
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:08:20): not in France or Spain
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:08:25): only with credut cards
anny atwal (29/01/2007 01:08:2Cool: Thats why its the fastest,safest and easiest way to send money worldwide
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:08:42): unless you have an account with WU and I do not have one
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:09:01): I can send yo via my bank to your bank at once
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:09:07): that I can do via swift
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:09:13): but only to a banj
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:09:24): bank accouny
anny atwal (29/01/2007 01:09:53): ok
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:10:26): so if you give me a bank account I can make a transfer straight away
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:10:51): but for more than 150 $ becaue it is cheapeer to transfer more money
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:10:55): it is silly
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:11:05): but you pay more oif you send small amounts
anny atwal (29/01/2007 01:11:26): Go to
anny atwal (29/01/2007 01:11:33): create an online account and send the money
anny atwal (29/01/2007 01:11:43): its very simple
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:12:00): no
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:12:14): You can not open without a credit card
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:12:2Cool: because they cab not verify that I have money in my account
anny atwal (29/01/2007 01:13:00): ok
anny atwal (29/01/2007 01:13:07): talk to you tomorrow then
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:13:13): ok
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:13:15): bye
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:13:19): ahh by the way
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:13:3Cool: confirm me the name and adress as I will put it in the money order
anny atwal (29/01/2007 01:14:02): what money order?
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:14:23): for you in the morning with WU
anny atwal (29/01/2007 01:14:54): i already gave it to you before
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:14:5Cool: ok
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:15:31): just wanted to make sure so that when I send it over to the federal plice of Nigeria the do not catch the wrong MUGU
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:15:43): bye bye stupid scammer
anny atwal (29/01/2007 01:15:50): lol
anny atwal (29/01/2007 01:15:55): i sent you a fake name
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:15:59): ok
anny atwal (29/01/2007 01:16:02): scammers don't use real name
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:16:11): we have your IUP and that is how we track you
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:16:16): we are the Cyber police
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:16:23): take care you poor idiot
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:16:41): but your IP is not fake and that is how we wil track you
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:16:45):
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:16:49): have a great evening
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:17:02): you see you are not so clever
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:17:03): bye
anny atwal (29/01/2007 01:17:22): YOU WILL RUN DOWN
anny atwal (29/01/2007 01:17:25): IYAAAAAAAAAAAA
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:17:32): and you will go to jail
anny atwal (29/01/2007 01:17:32): WE WILL RUN YOU DOWN
anny atwal (29/01/2007 01:17:36): UP SCAMMERS
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(29/01/2007 01:17:44): stupid fool
anny atwal (29/01/2007 01:17:47): WE WILL SEE ABOUT GOING TO JAIL......
anny atwal (29/01/2007 01:17:52): UR PAPA STUPID NIGER
anny atwal (29/01/2007 01:17:55): OGUN KILL YOU
anny atwal (29/01/2007 01:17:59): I DEY GO BABA TOMORROW
anny atwal (29/01/2007 01:18:05): I GO TIE YOU FOR TREE
anny atwal (29/01/2007 01:18:0Cool: UR PAPA MAGA
anny atwal (29/01/2007 01:18:11): MAGA
anny atwal (29/01/2007 01:18:13):
anny atwal (29/01/2007 01:18:1Cool: SEE UR HEAD

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cmiriel wrote:
anny atwal (29/01/2007 01:17:59): I DEY GO BABA TOMORROW

They even got the sheep in on the game!

It's all Rock and Roll to me!
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