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Joined: 05 Dec 2006
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 07, 2007 3:55 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I haven't done YIM baiting in a looooong time. Fun to get back in the scene.

[19:30] baiter: hi
[19:30] lad: yea
[19:30] lad: can i know u?
[19:31] baiter: yeh
[19:31] lad: ok
[19:31] lad: location?
[19:31] baiter: the UK
[19:31] baiter: f/uk/26
[19:31] baiter: you?
[19:32] lad: how do u got my ID?
[19:32] lad: i am male
[19:32] lad: single from nigeria
[19:32] baiter: i got it off the internet I can play the same game you play, lad
[19:32] lad: ok
[19:33] lad: what is your name?
[19:33] baiter: christina
[19:33] baiter: and you?
[19:34] lad: simeon
[19:34] baiter: ok
[19:35] lad: are u married?
[19:36] baiter: no, why?
[19:37] lad: i am single
[19:37] lad: u?
[19:37] baiter: i already told you real smart lad
[19:37] baiter: i'm not married
[19:38] lad: ok
[19:38] lad: are u schooling?
[19:38] baiter: no, i'm working
[19:38] lad: ok
[19:38] baiter: what are you doing?
[19:38] lad: that is very nice
[19:38] lad: u are welcome
[19:38] baiter: working, or going to school?
[19:39] lad: i am going through my degree
[19:39] lad: in aaccounting
[19:39] baiter: ok
[19:39] baiter: how long have you been going to school?
[19:40] baiter: hello
[19:40] lad: i told u i am going to finish my degree couse in accounting this year
[19:42] baiter: that's good to hear
[19:42] lad: yea
[19:42] lad: what type of a job do u do?
[19:43] baiter: i'm a mason
[19:44] lad: mason?
[19:44] lad: what type of a job is that?
[19:44] baiter: cks
[19:44] baiter: i lay bricks
[19:45] lad: ok
[19:45] lad: ok
[19:45] lad: hope u end up with a nice salary he's fishing to see if he's caught a rich maga...
[19:45] lad: ?
[19:45] baiter: sort of
[19:45] baiter: i get by
[19:45] lad: ok
[19:46] baiter: ok
[19:46] baiter: ok, what?
[19:46] lad: what did u mean?
[19:47] baiter: never mind that
[19:47] lad: so how was the weather overthere?
[19:48] lad: have u ever being here in nigeria?
[19:48] baiter: no, i've always wanted to travel to africa though
[19:48] baiter: have you evern been to the UK?
[19:49] lad: no
[19:49] lad: only japan
[19:49] lad: south africa
[19:49] baiter: oh, that sounds fun
[19:49] lad: egypt
[19:49] baiter: how was japan?
[19:51] baiter: hello
[19:51] lad: nice
[19:52] baiter: that's all?
[19:52] lad: very nice
[19:53] lad: water fish different type of jungle
[19:53] baiter: what kind of fish?
[19:53] lad: do u ever hear about mirow fish?
[19:54] lad: or sand fish
[19:54] lad: or apple fish?
[19:54] lad: or jungle monkey?
[19:54] baiter: no, i've always liked monkeys though the baiter who gave me the lad's YIM id told me he's into import/export scams so I thought I'd give him an opening
[19:55] lad: i have 5 monkey in my house now
[19:55] baiter: it must be pretty noisy
[19:55] lad: yea
[19:55] lad: do u like one?
[19:56] lad: do u want me to send u one? bingo, there ya go
[19:56] baiter: if you have an extra monkey, that'd be nice
[19:56] baiter: how much do they cost?
[19:57] lad: some of them here they sell them 300
[19:57] lad: 500
[19:57] baiter: 300 whats?
[19:57] baiter: pounds?
[19:57] baiter: dollars?
[19:57] lad: yes yes, what?
[19:57] baiter: euros?
[19:57] baiter: which one is it?
[19:57] baiter: hello, wake up
[19:58] lad: poun
[19:58] baiter: what the devil is a poun?
[19:58] lad: euros
[19:59] lad: 300 euros
[19:59] baiter: first you say pound, then you turn around and tell me euros
[19:59] baiter: make up your mind
[19:59] lad: it dipending of the monkey u want
[19:59] lad: we have wite money
[19:59] baiter: what do you have?
[19:59] baiter: what sort of monkeys?
[19:59] lad: black too
[20:00] baiter: i don't want to know what colours you have I almost forgot to slip the extra "u" in the word color...I'm British tonight
[20:00] baiter: i want to know the species
[20:00] lad: i have 3 wite monkey and 2 black
[20:00] baiter: like i just told you
[20:00] lad: ok
[20:00] baiter: what's the different species? second time asking him that
[20:01] lad: they cheeper prices is 300 pound
[20:01] lad: the wite is 500
[20:01] lad: coz they are too beautiful
[20:01] lad: and sweet to look
[20:02] lad: which one did u like? white or black?
[20:03] baiter: can you flippin' read at all?
[20:04] lad: what do u mean?
[20:04] lad: oh
[20:04] lad: ok
[20:05] lad: everything will cost u 900 to 1000 if u really need a beautiful monkey sigh
[20:06] lad: female and male will cost u 900 to 1000
[20:07] baiter: ok, that's nice
[20:07] baiter: what different breeds of monkeys are there? fourth time asking him the same question
[20:07] lad: what did u mean?
[20:08] baiter: go look in the dictionary, sweetie I start hitting on him, for my own amusement
[20:08] lad: are u really seriuse about this? hypocritic, isn't he...I'm not serious?
[20:08] baiter: yes
[20:09] lad: interested of the monkeys?
[20:09] baiter: yes
[20:10] baiter: are you serious?
[20:10] lad: yes
[20:10] lad: i am
[20:10] baiter: good, let's get to business then
[20:11] lad: yea
[20:11] baiter: shut up and talk I love saying this to the lads
[20:11] lad: can i give my phone number to u?
[20:11] baiter: yes
[20:11] lad: can u call me?
[20:11] baiter: not tonight
[20:11] baiter: maybe later
[20:11] lad: ok
[20:12] baiter: what's the #?
[20:12] lad: +<# removed>
[20:12] baiter: ok, good, i'll save that
[20:13] lad: ok
[20:13] baiter: maybe we can do more than just talk
[20:13] lad: ok
[20:14] lad: i will help u for this
[20:14] lad: i will make sure that i ship them to u save
[20:14] lad: becoz one day i will be there with u to know how UK is
[20:15] baiter: yes, that would be sweet of you
[20:15] lad: your again?
[20:15] lad: do u have cellphone number?
[20:16] baiter: no, but i'm getting a cell phone this weekend
[20:16] lad: ok
[20:17] lad: u sound nice
[20:17] baiter: thank you
[20:17] baiter: you sound like a sweet, hardworking person
[20:18] lad: yes
[20:18] lad: i always sound good to those who are good to me I like that quote
[20:24] lad: hello
[20:24] lad: are u there?
[20:26] lad: Buzz!!
[20:27] baiter: yes, but i have to go soon
[20:27] lad: ok
[20:27] baiter: it's really late in the UK and i have work tomorrow
[20:27] lad: this my email [email protected]
[20:28] baiter: ok
[20:28] baiter: my email address is [email protected]
[20:28] lad: let me have urs
[20:28] lad: ok
[20:28] lad: what about your yahoomail?
[20:28] baiter: i don't do yahoo mail
[20:29] lad: ok
[20:29] lad: i will send u mail ok?
[20:29] baiter: only on [email protected] , ok?
[20:29] lad: ok
[20:29] lad: i will
[20:30] lad: u know my name right?
[20:31] baiter: yes
[20:32] lad: wht is my name?
[20:32] baiter: my goodness you must be confuesed
[20:33] lad: your name christina
[20:33] lad: what about me?
[20:33] lad: tell me?
[20:34] baiter: <lad name>
[20:35] lad: yea
[20:35] lad: my father name is bulus
[20:35] lad: then my name is simeon
[20:36] baiter: ok
[20:36] lad: pls don't forget my number ok?
[20:36] baiter: ok
[20:36] baiter: i won't
[20:36] lad: good
[20:37] lad: i will send u mail later ok?
[20:37] baiter: ok, i will look later
[20:37] lad: thank

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Fanny Plunge
Granny Pawn

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 07, 2007 4:41 am Reply with quoteBack to top

This Lad seems to be pretty simple and selling black n white monkeys for a grand on YIM confirms this for me anyhoo..

So would you agree by picking holes in his methods and pushing him for answers to prove you are smarter than him is counter productive??..Think about it..He now knows that he needs to have different species names and more info for his back story to convince his future vics..

A super dumb Lad like that needs praise and cooperation for his modalities..Not education..IMHO.. Very Happy

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Joined: 05 Dec 2006
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 07, 2007 5:27 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I'm not sure he'd learn from that...I got him off another baiter who told me he'd been baited by everybody from the Yahoo groups.
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Joined: 05 Dec 2006
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 13, 2007 7:26 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

[10:55] lad: hello
[10:55] lad: are u there?
[10:55] me: hi honey
[10:55] lad: how are u doing?
[10:55] lad: i hope u are doing fine
[10:56] me: i'm doing well, thank you
[10:56] lad: i was on line yesterday when your ID was on
[10:57] me: yes, i saw
[10:57] lad: ok
[10:57] lad: maybe u were busy right?
[10:57] me: something came up though so i couldn't talk then
[10:57] lad: ok
[10:57] lad: what your the monkeys
[10:58] lad: i finally when to the place they sell them to comfarm
[10:58] lad: all will cost u $900 to 1000
[10:58] lad: like i say the other day honey
[10:59] lad: @};-
[10:59] lad: :-*
[11:00] : Buzz!!
[11:01] me: i'm still here baby
[11:02] lad: how did u want me to do about the monkeys?
[11:04] me: allright, i want two of them
[11:05] lad: ok
[11:05] lad: so when are u sending the money so that i will get the monkeys then i ship them to u my love?
[11:06] me: i'm not sure...i don't have enough money right now
[11:07] me: can you send it after i get my next paycheck?
[11:07] lad: my love u know i can do that for u but i have make use of my money my love
[11:08] lad: if u can get half of the money then i can help u to complete the rest ok? awww, he's sweet, isn't he
[11:08] me: ok, that would work
[11:08] me: the only thing is
[11:08] me: my boyfriend and i have a joint bank account my "boyfriend", who's another baiter, is a bit possesive. I'm considering having the boyfriend get abusive. Christina, my baiting persona, will flee to the US with some of his $$$, and the boyfriend will follow her. I'm not sure what I'll do after that...I've found a two thousand question form that I want him to fill out, but haven't worked that into the bait yet.
[11:09] lad: ok
[11:10] lad: when am i expecting u
[11:10] me: i'm sorry?
[11:10] lad: sorry for what?
[11:11] me: i mean, waht do you mean?
[11:11] lad: i mean when are u going to be ready?
[11:16] lad: hello my love
[11:16] me: hello
[11:17] lad: i am here
[11:18] lad: tell me so that i will go and get the monkeys ready ok?
[11:19] me: so, right now i owe you 1,000?
[11:19] me: ok, i will see about getting the money without my boyfriend noticing more hints that I've got a controlling boyfriend are being dropped...
[11:19] me: it may take a few days though
[11:20] lad: ok
[11:20] lad: i will go there tomorrow and get the monkeys ready ok?
[11:20] me: he wanted me to do the direct deposit thing, so i don't actually get a check
[11:20] lad: ok
[11:20] me: he always wants me to ask him for the $$$
[11:21] lad: ok
[11:21] me: that's how he keeps track of what we do with our $$$
[11:21] lad: ok
[11:21] lad: are u at home ?
[11:21] lad: or work?
[11:21] me: i'm at home right now
[11:22] me: he's at work
[11:22] lad: ok
[11:22] lad: i promise i will get the monkeys tomorrow ok?
[11:23] me: ok, but i can't promise i will have the money by then
[11:23] lad: ok
[11:24] me: is that ok?
[11:24] lad: any how u said is ok by me
[11:24] me: ok, good
[11:25] lad: just want to assist u
[11:25] lad: coz u sound nice
[11:25] me: yes, i know, and i thank you for that
[11:25] lad: thank u too honey
[11:31] lad: @};-
[11:31] lad: :-*
[11:31] lad: >Very Happy<
[11:31] lad: Mad
[11:31] me: so, tell me about your life
[11:34] lad: i am simeon my name
[11:34] me: yes, you told me that
[11:36] lad: a student of bayaro university study account
[11:38] me: what else do you do?
[11:39] lad: i have a bussiness
[11:40] lad: selling electrical equipment
[11:42] lad: u?
[11:42] me: i work in a masonary company
[11:43] lad: what type of masonary?
[11:44] me: laying bricks and stuff
[11:45] lad: ok
[11:50] lad: u sound nice
[11:50] lad: i promise i will help u
[11:50] me: Smile
[11:51] me: thank you
[11:51] me: i don't really love arthur any more but i don't know what to do
[11:52] lad: what do u mean honey? duh
[11:53] me: the love is gone
[11:54] lad: what love? duh
[11:54] me: the love that i had for my boyfriend
[11:55] lad: why? oh, geez
[11:57] me: i don't really know why
[11:57] me: it just...left
[12:00] lad: u mean he don't love u anmore?
[12:01] lad: are u there?
[12:01] me: no, he still loves me sigh
[12:01] me: i don't love him
[12:02] lad: ok
[12:02] lad: why u don't love him? just shoot me now
[12:03] me: i told you already honey
[12:03] lad: do u love me?
[12:03] me: i like you...i haven't talked to you much, but i do like you I'm taking it slow...
[12:04] lad: how i my going to be sure that u like me?
[12:06] me: oh!
[12:06] me: my boyfirend is back, i have to go now I had to go back to RL then
[12:07] me: sorry
[12:07] lad: ok
[12:07] me: he might get jealous that i'm talking to you
[12:08] lad: ok
[12:08] lad: i will be waiting to hear from u
[12:09] lad: i will see u tomorrow
[12:09] lad: then u will hear from me about the monkeys
[12:09] lad: @};-
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