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 Piano lesson scam

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Narcissa Malfoy
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 14, 2007 4:05 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Standard check scam. Result of posting my fake Craigslist ad for music lessons (my original inspiration for joining 419Eater, as I keep getting these emails from lads through the real ad I run.) Thought I'd post the bait so far. Lad's apparently going to send a check for 1/3 of the total amount due for the moment. My question is, when should I tell him I got the check? And should I tell him I cashed it and have hit it big in Vegas? (Or something along those lines...)

Dear Sir/Ma,
I am very glad to contact you, my name is Robert Sm1th, and presently I'm in UK (London) with my family. I saw your advert, which facilitate my purpose of contacting you.

I just mail to confirm if my 12yrs old/ 7th grade twins (Paul & Peter), that will be back soon can join you in your tutorial so that you can help me offer them lesson. I so much would love their dreams to come true as they will love to become the best two in whatever they love doing and I am ready to support them morally and financially.

I will want to know little about your background and your current resume if available. Also, will like you to give me the price of the tutor per hour. Note that they once had a teacher, who lost his wife in a car accident and decided to stop teaching in order to take proper care of his family.

Additionally, please give me your address, so that I can have idea of where the lessons will be taking place.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,
Robert Sm1th

Robert Sm1th? As in The Cure? *giggle*

Dear Robert,
I would be happy to instruct your sons. I am sorry to hear about the tragedy which befell their previous instructor. Incidentally, you mentioned that you are in the UK; I am in the United States, so I am wondering if you are planning on moving here.

Which instrument are they interested in taking lessons on? I offer piano, guitar, and trumpet. How often would you like them to take lessons?

I look forward to your response.

IP addy comes out as Nigeria.

Dear Instructor,
Thank you for your prompt response and your readiness to tutor Paul & Peter, my sons piano. They have elementary education and speaks good english, they are fresher (beginners), just enrolled for two weeks with the other teacher, I mentioned this in my first email., so they are freshers. At the moment I want them to learn for 6 months, thereafter we shall know what next line of action would be, but definately they are going to go further. Paul & Peter are ready when you are and I am equally ready to give all my support. I spoke with a teacher in Brugge School of Music and she would suggest twice a week lesson for a beginners like Paul & Peter, so I want us to settle for this.

I will like you to give me the specific address where lesson shall be taking place as I have to send it to my Cousin Steve, that stays in your location , he shall be driving Paul and Peter to the lesson and will be picking them up after each class; he is presently out of state to Australia and he should be back any moment from now and will come together with Paul & Peter for the first lesson.

As for the price it is not a problem, please let me know how much you charge per hour and send to me the total amount for six months (twice a week), name to write on your check, the address to send it to and your phone numbers. I guess a US bank certified check is alright. My sons will be ready to live the moment am able to conclude this arrangement with you, that is finding a good teacher for them.

Like I said, I am presently living in London due to work, I travel a lot and would like to conclude the whole arrangement before my sons would come down, only Paul & Peter would be coming down and will stay with my Cousin. It is good for me to send the payment to you from here, as soon as I have the details from you I will do just that and the children will commence with the lesson immediately.You can reach me on 0032487314801 should you have any question(s).

Looking forward to receiving your response.

Best Regards,
Robert Sm1th.

Dear Robert,
Twice a week would be fine. I assume they would be taking a lesson together, so I would recommend at least an hour for each lesson. I normally charge $100 per hour per student (so $200/hr. for 2 students), but I would be willing to charge a reduced fee of $150/hr. as they would be sharing a lesson. Assuming they do an hour lesson twice a week for 6 months (26 weeks), the cost would come to $15,600. As they will be taking long-term lessons, I would be willing to round that figure down to an even $15,000.

A U.S. bank certified check would be an acceptable form of payment. You may send this to:

Baiter Name
5666 Bas1l1sk Drive
[email protected], FL 33419

My phone line is currently inoperative, as there was a hurricane in the area a few weeks ago (as you may have heard from your cousin), and phone service has not yet been restored to this area. The phone company has informed us that we can expect service to be restored in the next few weeks.

Thank you; I look forward to your reply.

Baiter Name

Like the Harry Potter-esque address? Wink

Dear Baiter Name,

Thanks for your time and response. Hope you are doing great over there.

I did hear about the hurricane from the news but it's call of nature, there is nothing one could do about it.

By the way, the payment for the first two(2) months out of the six months should be forwarded to you soon and you would be informed when Steve gets back and my sons available soon.

Have a nice weekend.

Best Wishes,
Robert Sm1th.

Got to love the fact that he heard about the "hurricane!"

Well, that's it's so far...any suggestions are welcomed.

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Moved Very Happy


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