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 Baiting until I get bored

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Herb Sewell
419Eater is my life

Joined: 19 Aug 2006
Posts: 406
Location: Atascadero State Hospital for the Criminally Insane

PostPosted: Mon Dec 25, 2006 8:39 am Reply with quoteBack to top

This is an example of one of my baits. Basically, I just

string along , torment, and insult until they twig. By then,

I have already started baiting him through another

character. I have been beating the shit out of the same 5

or 6 scammers for the last 4 months it seems. It should

be noted that Paul sent every friggin email twice. WTF

is up with that ?

Paul Bonge to Me:

Dear j anysteeen,
Thank you very much for your urgent reply to me

concerning my request to you and I am very happy to

hear you saying that you are very interested.

How are you and your family and how is business doing

as well, hope not bad. Jennifer, this is a family that is

asking for your assistant to help us in transferring our

money, left behind by our late father who was murder

early last year and today we have made up our mind to

transfer this money for investment.

I do understand that your interest is from the bottom of

your heart but what I do not understand is that of your

being involve in other kind of business which those not

favor you as you likely stated. Please Jennifer has some

one before ever promise you of such proposal and

what kind of deal was that because this is deferent and

the money belong to my family and me.

What is most important is that we should have trust in

each other and my family have to trust you very well

before we can transfer this money because it is our only

hope. I would want you to tell me more about yourself

and the kind of business you do Jennifer and donít

forget to send me your private phone. I will let you

know more about my family and the next step to follow

as soon as I receive your reply and always have this at

the back of your mind that this money is risk free and it

belong to my late father.

Thank you once more concern over my family and I

hope to hear from you as soon as possible.
Best regard to you and your family,
Yours sincerely,

My reply:

Hi Payul, I am a 32 yo widoer in Walnut, CAlifornia.

I will attach My details, send a picture of your family.

Do you want to be a part of my church? You should

sign up and you get payable benefits. Anyways tell me

about your family, etc. Go on, now !!


Paul Bonge to Me:

Dear j anysteeen,

Thank you very much for your reply and your concern
over my family and I can fill your godly mind over us.

How are you and family, also how is your business as
well, I hope ok.. Jennifer please tell me are you
married because you said that you are 32yrs already
and what kind of business are you doing in California
and I need your private phone and fax number because

treid to send you this email yesterday but due to the
rainfall the internet in my area was not working but
if I have got your phone I would have call you to let
you known. Please dont hesitate to send me your

for easy communication.

In regard to your question Jennifer, my family and I
are from Zimbabwe and we move into South Africa
immediately our father was killed by Robert mugabe
government which is still in power till tomorrow. My
father was a very rich farmer in my country, before
the government introduces a land reform and my father
is not from the province of our president and does not
equally belong to the ruling party of the government,
This all affected my father and he was killed.

My father foresaw this danger then he decided to take
some of his money to south Africa were he deposited it
in a safe security company as a valuable goods instead
as a money for the company not to know and today we
his family is ready to transfer this money out side
Africa were we can peacefully invest our money and

are ready to offer you a percentage for your

We are happy to hear that you are christen because my
family is also a strong christen and we believe in
only true God. We would like to be part of your church
in future as will progress in one family and as soon
as the money is transfer out of hear. By tomorrow I
would be going to the banks hear in South Africa to
start inquiring on how will can transfer the money
without problem.

Note: I attach a copy of my picture, photo of my
mother during the time my father was kill and also my
three sisters of which one of them was shut along with
my late father who later died after three mouths.
Please send me your picture with your family as well.
God bless you and your family.

Yours sincerely,

He attached 3 generic ďfamilyĒ photos.

My Reply:

I will attach my picture. I see yopur family. It is funny

that Your dad get killed. You must feel verry sad but

are laughing that You are alive. ALIVE ALIVE !! Yell

it out from the top !

I must tell you, other people say that they work with

You. Do you send people to my inbox?? I will kill you

if You do that. I do not like to deal with laywer. From

now on use secret saying in letter. That way I know it is

you and not liar. You are not liar, correct? From now

on always use code word Boo Kakey

Jennifer Anysteeen
I LOve Boo Kakkey

I attached a pic of some unremarkable chick at this

point. Along with a 800k trash file.

paul bonge to Me:

Dear anysteeen,
How are you today, I hope fine.
I receive your reply to me but what surprise me is that

you saying that the death of my father is funny (what a

joke from you my dear sister). anysteeen, I you telling

me that I am happy for my father to be killed and live us

for ever.
I cant imagine you asking me if I am laughing over the

death of my own father and what do you mean by

saying that other people said they work with me and tell

me who do I send to your inbox also you donít like to

deal with lawyer?. please anysteeeen can you explain to

me better because I do not want to die as you said you

will kill me even when the money have not yet be

transfer to your account and my family wouldnít want

to lose me either.
I trust you and I thought you said you are christen. But

to your reply, we are now afraid and we donít want to

lose our money because is our only hope of surviving.

Explain to me better if you are still interested in assisting

my family. And the pictures I ask you to send to me,

you do not send (while) donít forget to send it to me in

your next reply.
I was hoping you are going to ask me how I went at the

bank today because I told you I will be going to the

I hope to hear from you as soon as you receive my mail

to you.
My regard to you and your family,
Yours sincerely,
Code: Boo Kakey

My reply, letís see if I can rile him.

You should be happy and all you do is complain. I do

not have time to deal with explanations of different

customs. If you do not know how to laugh at American

Humor, you should go back to cleaning toilets for a

living because you will be laughed at behind your back.

No one in America cries about losing their dad or mom.

They celebrate ! Because we always inherit millions

from our dead parents. You want to complain about

you dead father? Go back to grass huts if You can not

understand American Humor. I want to do business

with You but I see that you are an emotional tampon,

someone who is always whining and moaning about

how bad your life is. I have maids and butlers who

work for me who complain then they find out how

much they want to complain because I will not pay for

their children's medicine. They shut up quickly. I hope

your servants know how to work hard !!! Then You

probably beat them. Good for you !! Sing out !

Lets move this deal forward so I can get my hands on

your cash. Quit playing and make this happen Now.

Jennifer Andysteed

pault bonge to Me:

Dear j anysteeen,
I received your reply to my mail of yesterday but donít

blame me if I cry over the death of my father because

our culture is quite different from your own America

culture were people rejoice over once death due to the

wealth he left behind. All the same Jennifer I still want

to no from you if you are ready to help this family

because I still donít understand the reason while you

refuse to send me your private phone and the picture I

demand as well from you. send them to me please and

if there is nothing you do not understand please dont

hesitate to ask me.
Since the beginning of this week I have being so busy

going from one bank to other to inquire how I can be

able to transfer this money. But the whole banks came

out with the same reason and that I can not be able to

open account in my name nor my family because we a

refugee and our status dose not permit such issue.
But I am happy that my father knows a banker here in

South Africa and I equally met with him and discuss the

same issue with him and he said the same thing as well

but he advise me on what to do so that we can be able

to transfer this money with out problem. This morning

before I wrote you this email I went to met him and he

ask me to look for some one that I trust to come and

help me to open account in his name were we can pay

in the money before onward transfer can be made.
I ask him a lot of question about the transfer and he

promise to assist us but I must look for a trust partner

to come and open a non-resident account Jennifer, I

know it not going to be easy for you but please my

family is inviting you to come to south Africa and open

this non-resident account in your name were we can

paying this money. The banker, promise to help us in

opening the account and the transfer as well if you

You are 100% free and there is no risk in the money

because it belongs to my family and i will never invite

you to come to south africa for problem.I would be

glad to hear from you that you will come as soon as

I hope to hear from you soon.
My greeting to you and your family,
Yours faithfully,

Jennifer Anysteeen to pault:

Paul I want you to listen to me. You wrote an e-mail to

me yesterday, or maybe it was day before yesterday.

You told Me that I did not send You my contact details

or my photo. But in your reply to me the attachment

that I sent to you YOU SENT IT BACK TO ME.

OK, you tell me I did not send a picture but obviously I

did, where did you get it to send to me? From your

ass? So I have to wonder now, I say to myself

"Jennifart, this guy Paul is either lying to me or he is

stupid." I begin to question how much I am really

helping a family? I do not know anything about YOU.

Who ae YOU? Are you Able to operate a computer or

are you a masterming super smart criminal only acting

dumb so I think I am talking to an idiot?

Look. I want to help your situation.

Tell Me exactly how much money are we talking about

now. Whay are you ANTING?






Tell your lawyer to quit e-mailing Me. I do not like him.

Jennifer Anysteed

pault bonge to Me:

Dear anysteeen,
I receive your email of yesterday and may be you do

not understand me, I did not say I do not receive your

own personal picture but I was asking of your family

picture as well and your private phone.
I receive your picture and you are so beautiful but your

insult to me is as if I am your child, how could you do

that to some one you have not see in your life before

and you intend me to trust you and do business with

you, (What a surprise).
I am not going to insult you because it dose not take

any thing away from me nor my family but all we pray

for is for God to help us, Amen. At the beginning I

thought you were responsible when I receive your first

reply to me or you thought I am joking that is while you

are not serious with this matter. I no you said you were

involve in a deal before which went badly but please

Jennifer this is deferent I promise you.
Things money belongs to me and my family and we are

going to transfer it weather you assist us or not because

I can see you doubt me. But if you fill you are still

interested in assisting my family.
1, I want you to come to south Africa and open a

non-resident account in your name were we can

deposit the money before onward transfer can be made

to your account in your country and I told you the

reason why in my last email to you, We love you and

we believe you can help us.
I hope to hear from you as soon as possible because

time is not on our side if this money can be transfer this

My warm greeting to you and your family, and have a

happy weekend.
Yours sincerely,

Jennifer Anysteeen to pault:

Thank you for your flowery attempts to sooth my mind.

I am not going to insult you because it dose not take

any thing away from me nor my family. I am most

serious, sir. I already have a bank account in ACCRA.

You will have to come to me and we will get it on.

How is your lovely family? Do you have a young son

that can stay at my hotel room when we get together??
Jennifer Anysteed



pault bonge to Me:

Dear Jennifer,
How are you today, I hope you are fine. I got your
message of yesterday and I can see the change of mind
and your wiliness to assist my family.
I am so surprise that you did not receive my picture I
send to you before, I am so sorry jenny and I which
you told me earlier then yesterday I would have send
it again ever since. But today I am sending it along
with this email and please confirm it to me in your
nest email to me if you get my picture.
Jennifer, I know it is not going to be easy for you to
come over here, but we are asking you in the name of
God to please do every thing possible to mike sure you
come to south Africa before the end of this month
(November) Because of the holiday season that is
coming soon.
My mother sends you a warm greeting although she is
not to fine presently but she beg you not to live us
but be a kind sister to us. Try and see if you can
confirm your date of coming this week and let me no so
that I should also arrange over here because I
wouldnít want us to waste any time if you arrive.
I promise your safety and there is no problem about
the money also whatever amount of money you might in
cure as par your coming to South Africa, you will get
it back.
I hope to hear from you and stay bless,
Yours sincerely

He sends the same 3 pics agin.

pault bonge to Me:

Dear Jennifer,
How are you and the family, I hope every one is fine, if

so thanks be to God.
What is hap penny jenny, since on the 18th I wrote to

you, I did not hear from you I hope there is no

Please send me email and let me no what is hap penny

because we are waiting for you and we hope in you.
My regard to you and your family and I hope to hear

from you as soon as possible.
Yours truly,

Jennifer Anysteeen to pault:

Hey you stupid shit. What am I supposed to do? You

send the same e-mail over and over. Are you a homo?

Suck your dads dick tonight? What the fuck do you

want? Send the money or fuck your mom you dumb


pault bonge to Me:

Idiots are you waiting for me to tell you that your puce

is as wide as Kuwait oil wells donít you, Funky beach

Jenifer Anysteeen to pault:

I do not understand. Where is my money !
Jennifer Andysteed

Of course I had to set that last seed of doubt...?

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Herb Sewell
419Eater is my life

Joined: 19 Aug 2006
Posts: 406
Location: Atascadero State Hospital for the Criminally Insane

PostPosted: Sun Jan 07, 2007 12:03 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I have re-baited him sucessfully. Using the same e-mail address and the same name. That's pretty funny.
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