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 Lad losing his love

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(EDIT) Subject line
Romance scam through skype and YIM
Supposed to be in South Africa with mum, wrong,
lied to me. The leg deal is I hurt my legs and have too
wear leg braces to walk,
This has been a fun romance scam, It's not over,
He wants money for plane ticket, and money for
new gowns for nights out with me, I'm from UK but in New
York as of now, The lad feels he loosing the money.
I'm playing as Walter Karmichael, 5000.00 is what he is
geeting. I got him to send me an emails, he has not ask one
from me, nor will he get one.
First mail

hello honey
how are u doing today i hope fine, i was sleeping when u came online
that why i did not see u ok am on line now and will like to talk to u plz
can u come online so we can chat i miss u baby i fill like talking to u
all day i fill like holding u wit my hands honey u know what am in lone
wit u bye for now ok see u when u come online ok love u
from rose larry

Second mail
hello walter
am sorry for what i did am very sorry for not telling u the truth that
ma in lagos i came to lagos to the tiket office so when thay collet
the money i can get the money for the were u as me to buy and i
can take a plan to the state ok cose lagos is a big city ok i cant lie
to u houney plz talk to me i need u in my life ok talk to u later
rose larry

YIM (this Morning)
rose2005143: hello huney
rose2005143: how was ur nigth
walter karmicael: I don't beleave you love me anymore
rose2005143: i do love u ok
rose2005143: and plz dont think like that any mor huney
walter karmicael: Three things
rose2005143: i love u
rose2005143: ok
walter karmicael: 1. you don't want me too hear your voice
rose2005143: how i do
walter karmicael: 2. You Lied too me about your where abouts
rose2005143: i call u
rose2005143: the other day
rose2005143: i know
rose2005143: i say am so srry for that
rose2005143: ok
rose2005143: i dont just wan tto tell u that
rose2005143: plz
walter karmicael: 3. Went to WU yesterday and this Jackson name is on the WU fraud list, so I could not send money
walter karmicael: Now, whats going on
rose2005143: how
rose2005143: jackson
rose2005143: we have meny jackson
rose2005143: ok
rose2005143: ok can u send to me
rose2005143: send it to me
walter karmicael: Jackson woodword is on fraud list at WU
rose2005143: i dont now how ok
walter karmicael: so i can't send money
rose2005143: what is the 3rd name
rose2005143: for the jackson woodword
walter karmicael: I think your trying to scam me out of my money
rose2005143: on the list
rose2005143: no huney
rose2005143: i did not ask for all that u know
rose2005143: ok
rose2005143: i ask for just a plan tiket
rose2005143: to u
rose2005143: ok
rose2005143: but u wanted to send me all that
rose2005143: am not here for ur money ok
rose2005143: its u i need ok
walter karmicael: sure, then why fuck with jackson guy
rose2005143: i dont
walter karmicael: I'm pissed, broken hearted now
rose2005143: am sorry ok
rose2005143: i still love u huney
walter karmicael: Do you really love me?
rose2005143: yeah i do ok
rose2005143: dont think about that any more huney
rose2005143: ok
rose2005143: so how are u today
rose2005143: hope u are doing good
rose2005143: and how is ur legs
rose2005143: hope is ok now
rose2005143: are u there
walter karmicael: yes, this is what I want from you?
rose2005143: that is what i will give u when am there
rose2005143: ok i will show u true love
walter karmicael: Wite me a letter telling me how much you love me, make me happy again, can you do that
rose2005143: ok
rose2005143: i will do that

rose2005143: so how are u doing now
walter karmicael: im ok, just hurt
rose2005143: that good love that
rose2005143: why do u ask me how i am doing too
walter karmicael: why, dont understand
rose2005143: ask me that too how are u
rose2005143: u have not yet ask me that
walter karmicael: how are you hun,
rose2005143: am fine now that am talking to u
rose2005143: any time i talk to u i feel happy very happy
walter karmicael: Then why do the things you do too me
walter karmicael: I'm still hurt, that letter will bring me back to loving you maybe
rose2005143: ok
rose2005143: am sorry
rose2005143: ok
walter karmicael: I want you deepes't symphty
walter karmicael: I will be gone most of the day, you write me a letter, ok
rose2005143: so are u still sending it todat so i can come soon
rose2005143: to u
rose2005143: huney are u there
walter karmicael: no,. not till you show me how much you love me, and I can't use that jackson name at WU, got it
rose2005143: ok
rose2005143: u will send it to me ok
walter karmicael: what did i just say, are you hearing me
walter karmicael: I have no name of you to send too
rose2005143: yeah
rose2005143: i just want to meet u soon ok
rose2005143: that is it
walter karmicael: ok, write me a letter and we go from theit, ok
walter karmicael: their
rose2005143: ok
rose2005143: wit my info ok
walter karmicael: ok
rose2005143: have u eating this mroning
walter karmicael: I'm starting too beleave you again
walter karmicael: no
rose2005143: just do that ok
walter karmicael: ok, write me soon
rose2005143: why have u not eating
rose2005143: ok
rose2005143: i will
walter karmicael: I just woke up an hour ago,
rose2005143: when u go offline
rose2005143: ok
rose2005143: i will writ u
walter karmicael: ok, well I need to go eat ok
rose2005143: ok love u huney
walter karmicael: wtl you
walter karmicael: later
rose2005143: later

Third mail

hello walter
how are u doing today hope u are fing and good and how is ur legs i
hope is fine i just want to tell u that i love u i will spend all my life we
u i will give u all the careing i will give u all my love so meny things
just wait when i come so we can start life ok
i love u
ok this is my info ok
ZIP CODE; 23401
so u are going to the wu soon talk to u later

Not a very good letter, he will redo it, I want sympathy,
I want to know how much he really cares for me.

Very Happy Very Happy

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