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 I am from Fecal County, Arkansas

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Hello I'm New here!

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Dearest One,

I pray that this message meet you in good state of
health and may almighty be with you and your family .
Mysteries has gone in my life. Life has become
restless for me in this western part of Africa. 29th
September 2004 later in the night the murders come
without a pity without a mercy they kill my father in
front of me.

My father was a wealthy merchant.The trouble began
early last year when my father's associates started
suspecting that my father is not giving proper
accounts of all the tons of cocoa being cultivated by
local farmers in some villages. This mistrust deepens
between Jul-Aug 2004 when they discovered a very big
some of money my father deposited with one of leading
Bank here in Abidjan Cote D Ivoire.

As a result of this discovery and the enviness of the
money ,he was killed by his associates.Before this, he
revealed to me the reasons of his being hatred.He
directed me where to get the documents of the said
deposit, he told me that he enrolled my name as his
next of kin for the deposit, being the only child. He
advised me that I should not stay in the country
because his enemies might equally kill me to reap all
his wealth hence my mother died five years ago of

He instructed me that if he dies, that I should look
for a foreign partner who will help me to transfer the
money into the person's account and the person will
help me to invest the money in his or her country. My
father finally died on 29th of September and since
then I was out of school and went into hiding because
of my father's associates.

All the relevant documents of the $8.5 (eight Million
Five Hundred Thousand dollars) that was deposited in
a security company are intact with me now.

My name is Martins Koli, I am 22yrs old and a
student. Please I would require your urgent assistance
so that I can move out from here before they kill me
as they are tracing my hide out.I agreed to give you
20% of this money ,if you can help me bring out this
fund from the Bank and transfer this money into your
account for onward investment in your country.

Please contact me immediately with my E-mail address
and include your telephone and Fax numbers in your
response to enable me send you all necessary details
as regards to the procedure of securing the fund out
from the Bank and transferring the fund to your end

Please be rest assured that this transaction is 100%
risk free.

I'm waiting for your urgent reply .
Best regards,
Martins Koli.

MY RESPONSE #1-He deserved a response, so he got one from an illiterate trucker. This should have sent out alarm bells, but he proceeded.

Chet Suabo wrote:
Dear Martins,

I is a poor man. I is a truk driver. Give I money. Good.

Chet Lincoln Suabo I

Dear Uncle Lincoln Suabo ,

Thanks very much for your kind and urgent respond
to my proposal. I am very happy to hear that you
will champion this transfer. Even if you are a
poor man, all what I want is for you to help me
transfer this money to your account. And when the money
comes to you, you can be rich. Besides,We don't have any ideal of any bussiness that we can invest this money into in the first
place, talkless of managing the bussines. Already
our late father on his sick bed warned me not to
have anything in common with any person from my
country, if not, I could have looked for someone
to assist me from here.

He also asked me to look for a foriegner to
transfer this money into his account so that he
can help me invest this money wisely in a lucrative

Based on this, I contacted you so that you can
assist me in transfering this money into your
account for an onward investment. Note importantly
that you will be the person to manage this
bussiness till the time that I will finish my school.

Of which we have to agree on an investment percentages as we proceeds. Please , kindly understand my situation in this
matter, I don't want any of my late father's
enemies to know the movement of this money or mywhereabout till the money moves out of this country. Even I
am now into hiding just to be free from my late father's enemies, for them not to kill me as they
killed my father.

Therefore,please kindly forward to me your FULL
DETAILS where you wish this money to be transferred
to, so that I can submit it to the bank first
thing Tuesday morning to enable me acertain the bank's
mode of transfering of this money to you and let them start the transfer processing in your favour.

Upon the receipt of these informations from you, I
will then send you the contacts of the bank so
that you can contact them directly to acertain their mode
of transfer.

With these requested informations, I will be able to
officialy introduce you to the bank as my late
father's foreign partner that I want the money to
be transferred into his account.

Please kindly note that this deservers urgency
because this country Ivory Coast is presently
having some political problems, ofwhich I don't know what
might happen if this money is not moved out of
this country on or before their election which is likely
to take off very soon.

Therefore, please kindly help me, make out time to
transfer this money out of this country for me
before then.

I awaits for your urgent response.

MY RESPONSE #2...Time to turn it up a notch.

> Chet Suabo wrote:
> Martins,
> Martins, can you please writ me in Ivory Coastian
> cuz
> I want to see how yer langwige is writtin. Yer teams
> orange jirseys in football are nise.Drogba is reel
> gud
> ! My father is a bizness man and likes to travel to
> Africa. He likes the ladys there. Thats how I know
> about Ivory Coast. My father ses we can invest $5000
> to get the millyons of dolers. Our bank is the
> Federal
> Bank of Fecal County in Fecal, Arkansas. We are
> Americun cityzens. God Bless the USA and Prezidint
> Bush. My fone nummer is 504 345 5409.
> Yer frend,
> Chet

MESSAGE # 3..Did he phone me ? He won't respond in "Ivory Coastian" Is he being deferential or is he really from Cote D'Ivoire ?.

> Dear Uncle Lincoln Suabo ,
> Hope all is well with you sir?. Please kindly note
> that I am still waiting to hear from you as per the
> finalisation of this transaction.I've been calling
> you since all this while but it is on answering
> mechine, Why?.
> I awaits your urgent response.
> Thanks,
> Martins

MY RESPONSE # 3.....OK, time to make him squirm. He is dealing with a hick pornographer's son. But no, Uncle Chet, is still of interest.


I am sorry that you have not reeched me yet. My
father is a verry buzy man. He makes hi-qwality films
you may have seen befor such ANAL AVENGERS 3,THE
2004. Do you get good qwality porno in Ivory Coast ? I
told him abowt you and he will try to call but the
porno bizness is reel big in Fecal County, so hes buzy
lots. Be pashent, Marins.

C. Lincoln Suabo
--- Martins Koli wrote:

MESSAGE 4...I have not responded. Any ideas ?

Dear Uncle C. Lincoln Suabo,

Uncle, If you are still interested in this transaction,could you please start clearly to me your info as indicated below:







Upon the receipt of this informations from you, I will then submitt it to the bank here where this money in question was deposited by my late father tomorrow morning so as to ascertain the bank's mode of transfering of this money to your nominated bank account.

Again, kindly tell your father that I will like it best if he can come down here, if possible with you. Uncle please how many are you in your family?. And how old are you?.

I awaits your urgent response.

Thanks and God bless.

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Master Baiter

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 06, 2007 9:11 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Hi! Let me be the first to say "Welcome to 419Eater, and bait safe". That's a good bait you've got going there. I recommend that either you completely change the subject (for example, your father could invite him to star in one of his films), or simply give him some bogus info.

I don't fall for 419s. 419s fall for me.
"YOU ARE THE BIGGEST FOOL I HAVE EVER MET IN MY ENTIRE LIFE PLEASE DO NOT WRITE ME AGAIN." "Me." - C0||inz [email protected] and "H3c+0r Br0ck|ebank", respectively
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