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 How to frustrate your lad in 153 easy steps.

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mr. mugu
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 23, 2006 7:46 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Warning in advance: This is a very boring bait. I pretty much only straight bait and with the exception of the character in this bait being an R&B star, it's done very straight. However I thought a section of this bait would be helpful to the newbs out there that want to string a lad along. I've often seen he's asked me for the Moneygram number, now what do I do?, so I thought it would be an interesting experiment to see how long I could keep a lad running to the Moneygram office. The answer was a little over two months before I got bored with the experiment. Mind you, this is an exceptionally stupid lad. I've been baiting him since July of 2005 and I continue to bait him to this day. He started trying to scam me by telling me that his mother needed a liver transplant, but that failed miserably when my doctor could google medical terms better than his doctor. Smile So his mother made a miraculous recovery and the scam went on from there. So this works well if you have a really stupid lad and you are a famous R&B star that of course does not go to the Moneygram herself, she has other people to do those things. The relevant bits of the bait here are from April to June of this year. His mail will be in red and mine in green.

The plot starts with the evil Dr Fink (who went to South Africa to personally supervise the liver transplant and had all the money) running off to Botswana. I tried to get the lad to safari, but this is an exceptionally lazy lad. So we needed a plan B.

hanks baby for your mail, it is so sad to read about Dr. Fink and what happened to the money, well i hope you find him, im so happy to read that you're doing well it is so good to know that, cos i really care about you, my mom is doing well and stable, she only need her treatments, please help us to pay off this bill from the doctors, so that they can continue treatments on her.

Yes you can send the money to us by (MONEYGRAM) the thamos cook, as there is no weastern union here in south africa, i did arrenge with one of our family relatives on this, please send the money by money-gram with his names,the money will get to us immediately and safe, so that i can register for my studies and also take care of my mom,

Send with: MR TEDDY C. ONYEMA,
No 212 arntol avenue sandton, johannesburg south africa.
then you can send to me the refrence numbers to enable him get the money for us.i'll let you know immedaitely i get it

Okay, I've had one of my people send the money to Teddy.

Thanks Baby for your mail, please im waiting for you to send me the reference number and the names of the sender of the money, so that My uncle Mr Teddy c. onyema can get the money out from the local office of the moneygram here. Thanks so much for all your effort and kind assistance, i'll let you know immediately i get the money here,

Okay, Martin has sent you the money.

Thanks for this mail, but please you said that the money has been sent by martin, but there is no way he my uncle can get it without the refrence numbers and the full names of the sender, please send me the refrence numbers today, with this he can get the money out, waiting.
(He basically sends me this three times on April 20, and he's got a few days to wait before I reply.)

Franklin, I'm not sure of the number I'd have to check. The sender
was Martin P******

Thanks again for your mail and all your effort, according to my uncle, please the refrence numbers are always 8 digits, that is all he needs now to get the money out here as you already send the sender's name, please ask martin to check with the office he used in sending the money, they'll give him the refrence numbers.

My heroine cools her heels for a few days...

Hope you're ok baby? i know you're always busy, but pls baby solve this problem once for us, please am still waiting for you to send me the ref. numbers, to enable my uncle recieve the money here at the moneygram office, waiting.

Hope you're ok Baby? i thought you said the money has been send to us by martin, please confirm this and let me know what is next, you need to send me the ref. number to eneable my uncle get it out, Dear sister you know that i can not speak to you on phone,

Please make out time and solve this for us once, with this amount i can get back and complete my studies and also be able to look after my mom,

she is stable till date, waiting for you.

And now she gets back to him, but she's a busy person, so she gives Frank Martin's personal pulver number (or was it a pay phone? I forget now.)

Sorry but our internet connections been out the last few days.
Martin's number is 714-***-****. I have a concert over the weekend,
so I'll check back with you next week.

Now why am I not surprised about the next part?

Thanks for the mail, i did call martin's number but
can't get to him, well i hope you have great weekend,
pls could you call him and ask for the ref.numbers,
i'll wait to read from you.

So we've now gone about two weeks (it's now the beginning of May) and he thinks that I'm finally going to give him the reference number.
Hope Baby you're back, How was the concert you had over the weekend? please i have tried many times to reach martin with phone numbers you gave me, but can not get through, please sister solve this once for us, as you said that he has sent the money to us by moneygram, please try and get the reference. numbers from him and send them to me so that my uncle can get the money out here, hope you get this mail today.

Okay Frank, I'll ask Martin to send you the reference numbers.

Good to know that you're back, please Baby ask martin to send me the reference numbrs of the moneygram you said that he did sent since last 2 weeks, so that my uncle can get themoney out here, according to my uncle the numbers are 8 digits, Thanks for everything.

Hope you get this mail, still waiting for you to send me the reference numbers through, is there something else?

A good tactic here. Always make the problem someone else. Then you don't look like the one stalling.

Has Martin called you with them yet?

Thanks, pls if you could get them from him and send to me, Dear sister try to understand our situation here, if you really want to assist me and my mom, you know what to do, the only way you can get this money to us is by moneygram, please use the names that i sent you,

send with,
Teddy c. onyema,
112 anthol eve, sandton johannesburg south africa,
then send to me the reference numbers, with this way he my uncle can get the money out, hope you can do this for us soon,

Okay, I tried to catch Martin today, but he's gone home for the day.
I left a message on his voice mail telling him to call you Monday
morning and give you the number.

Oops, it appears that my heroine forgot no one has Franks number!

Thanks but how will martin contact me? does he has my phone number to call or will he email me the reference numbers, how will he get to me, please baby why don't you just get them from him and mail to me, if really he did send the money.

hope you're okay, im still waiting for you as you promised to send me the reference numbers of the moneygram you said martin did send to us, waiting.

This is another tactic I love. I love to make them try to find a land line since they almost always use mobiles. Most will refuse to do so, but it's a good stalling tactic.

Franklin, you gave me your phone number a while back, that's how he'll
call. However, he's telling me that your mobile doesn't pick up. Can
you get me a land line number that he can call you at? Otherwise give
him a call and he can give you the numbers.

Thanks baby for your mail, my phone is always on, it's +27-**-***-****, he can call me any time, i did call the numbers you gave me to reach him, but no one to answer, Pls could just get the numbers from him and mail them to me, Please sister just solve this problem for me once,

Martin can't connect to your mobile number. Do you have a land number?

I do not have any land line, as it is very expencive,
pls baby, try and send me this ref. numbers as you
said that martin did send the money, please do this
once for me and my mom, waiting.

Okay, so now it's been four weeks. Maybe I should give him the first set of bad numbers? Another nice tactic used here, use nine digits and a lot of repeats.

Alright, I just got the numbers from Martin. The number is 808873311

Thanks Baby for your mail, please note that my uncle
went to get the money you said martin sent, but the
moneygram office here said that this numbers are
incorrect, they said that the Ref. numbers are always
8 digit numbers not 9, here you sent me 9 of them,
please try and check the numbers and send the correct
ones, i do not know what else to do, please i know you
might be busy but pls correct this mistake once.

Please Baby try and understand our situation here, as
till date my mom is doing well, please all im asking
now is for me to just get back to school please, i
know it has been such long time with you,

Please if really you want to assist me and my mom,
kindly do this once for us, only GOD can pay you back
you know, cos i can not, as you said that martin did
send the money through moneygram, please send me the
right Ref, numbers to enable my uncle get the money
out, hope you get this mail, waiting for you.

Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I've been in the studio and
I also haven't had an internet connection for 2 days. Also sorry that
I typed the last number in twice. There's only one 1.

Oh, it can't be that easy, could it?

Thanks for the mail, but please Baby note that i just
got back with my uncle from the office of the
moneygram here, and they said that no money was sent,
they siad that the sender names and the reference
numbers do not exist, im really shocked to hear this,
is there any thing wrong baby please let me know.

That's the number Martin sent me. Are you sure you're using the right
sender? It's not me, it's Martin P****** or P*****, I forget which.

So he goes back because he thinks the sender's name is wrong....

Thanks baby for your mail, But still the moneygram
office here confirmed again that no money was sent, we
did give them all this informations you sent me, as

Sender names; martin po****** or p****,
Reciever names: Teddy c. onyema,
Reference numbers: 80887331,

still with this they said that their system does not
read any money sent with this information, Dear Alicia
im really confused here, i do not know what to do any
more, please Baby your know our situation here, like i
told you ealeir, my mom is stable all i need right now
is to get back to school, please find it in your heart
to assist me and my widowed mother in this

Franklin, I'm not sure why this problem is occurring. I will talk to
Martin first think tomorrow morning to see why the number isn't

Okay! i just want to thank you for your effort and
also giving me some of your precious time, becuase i
know preety well that you're a busy person,

I'll wait for you baby to correct this problem,

Martin's wife had a baby this morning, so I'm unable to get hold of
him for you. I'll take this up with him on Monday morning.

Hope you had a lovely weekend, i got your mail, please
baby i hope you'll ask martin to see what is the
problem with the moneygram and hope he'll correct it
this time, thanks for everything,

Hope baby, you did get my last mail yesterday, please
i hope now martin has been able to correct the money
send by him with the moneygram office there,pls let me

Hope you're doing well, As i have not read from you
since last week, please baby could you spare i little
time and resolve this for me once, pls let martin
re-send the money again or if they can correct any
mistakes, waiting,

Now he's hoped for a week, only to find out he's back at square one.

You need to go check again. I checked with Martin and you have the
correct number and spelling.

Thanks for your mail, But pls still they confirmed
that no money was sent, that the name and the ref.
numbers you gave me are not in their system, truly i
do not know what alse to do to deserve your kind
gift,pls let me know what to do.

pls baby try to assist me get back to school, that is
all im asking now, i promise i will never disturb you
about money again,for my mom she is doing well now,
Thanks to GOD, pls help me,

Western Union? WESTERN UNION?????

Martin assures me that he sent you the money using that control
number. He is checking with Western Union to see if they can tell him
what happened to it.

Thanks again baby for your mail, but remember i did
let you know that "WESTERN-UNION" is not here in south
africa, they do not operate here, pls ask martin to
get the money back and send it by "MONEY-GRAM
that is the one that we have here in south africa.

Pls ask him to send the by moneygram with this names,

That is the only way you can get the money to us,hope
he can do it soon.thanks for everything and GOD bless.

I thought Martin said Western Union, but I'll check with him to make
sure that he sent it by Moneygram.

Hope you had great weekend, pls Baby i hope you can be
able to ask martin to send the money to me by
moneygram today, with the names i gave you earlier.

I talked to Martin and he gave the job to someone else. To make a
long story short, they sent it by Western Union. The person that took
the payment didn't understand that Western Union wasn't available in
South Africa, so it's just been siting there. I had Martin promise to
personally take care of it today.

Thanks Baby for your mail, but pls, there is no
western union in south africa, so i do not understand
when you say that they're seting it there? i do not
know how long i need to explain this well.

Please if you really want to assit me and my mom, to
send me this money that you wish , pls ask them to
send it by moneygram only, that is what we have here,

Okay, everything's been fixed now, right? Oh darn, there's that stupid nine-digit number again!
It's now June.

Martin sent it out by Moneygram this time. The number is 133714922

Thanks for the mail, we did check again still they
confirm no money sent, well you sent me another 9
digit numbers, the moneygram office here cofirmed that
moneygram ref. numbers are always 8 digits, so i do
not understand.

Pls baby if you do not want to assist me and my mom,
just let me know, it been very long im in contact with
you, i can't believe you could treat poeple this way.

Sorry, the keyboard sticks sometimes. There's only the single digit at the end.

Please baby, i wish to let you know that they
confirmed that no money was sent at all, well i do not
know what else to do for you to assist me and my mom,
maybe you know well the situation of me and my mom,
since this year,when we asked for ur help, but still
till now notting, you did promise to send a doctor,
but non came, you did say that you'll send us some
money thru ur doctor "Dr Fink" still none,i just
beleive that you do not want to assist us at all, and
why don't you let me know?

Like i told you a month ago, my mom is doing well, but
still she needs treatments, and im still not back into
school, all becuase of money, if you change your mind
pls find a place to assist us,

If you can only send to us this amount of $8700,i'll
not boder u about money again, i believe with it i'll
get back to school and also be able to get my mom some
treatments, hope you'll understand our condition,

Thanks for your mail, they still confirm that no money
sent, and there is no way we can go to the bank, as
there is no money sent, why not let me know you can
not assist me,

For a bit of brevity, I'll leave out the next 5 emails he sent me on this.

Hope you're doing well,pls did you get my lastmail i
sent yesterday? pls find it in your heart to assist

I'm on my way to New York from Durban, but I took a moment to check
with Martin. He called Moneygram and verified that the money has been
transfered and is waiting for you. Are you going to the same place or
something? Maybe they can't get an international money order? Maybe
try a bigger bank or something like that.

Hope youare back? please why don't you let me know
that you can not assist me and my mom, why keep
promising us all this long for notting.

I just personally got Martin on the phone and we conference called
Moneygram customer support. They took the information (tracking
number) and verified that it is waiting for payment. I forget if I
had already asked you this, but are you going to the same place each
time? Maybe they're incompetent or something. Try checking at
another place.

Martin tells me that you should be able to go to any Rennies Exchange
and pick this up.

Finally it looks like the seeds of doubt have been sown. I try to get a road trip, but this is a very lazy lad.

Thanks for your mail, they still confirm that no money
sent, and there is no way we can go to the bank, as
there is no money sent, why not let me know you can
not assist me,

Thanks baby for this mail, hope you had great trip,pls
but still we have been at the rennies but they said no
money was sent please i do not understand this well,
how can you say that martin send the money to us but
still they can't find it in their system, how did he
send it then?

Franklin, Martin sent you the money the way anyone would do it. We
called Moneygram, placed the order and had a courier come pick the
money up. We've called Moneygram on several occasions and the money
shows as waiting for you to pick it up. The people on this side show
that it's in Durban with no problems, I don't know what else I can
tell you. If you have any ideas as to what to do at this point, I'd
be more than happy to listen.

Thanks for your mail, pls note that i sty in jo'burg
not durban, and also the moneygram here confirmed that
if money was sent really, they can pick it up nomatter
where it is sent to and from only if this ref. numbers
are really from them, Dear Alicia pls try and help me
send this money to us,

Like i said ealier you can get someone send it by
moneygram with this names, it will get to us as it is
my uncle's names,

Franklin, I keep telling you that the money's already been sent. I
don't know what else I can do for you.

Thanks for your mail, but why don't you ask your self
why i keep saying no money was sent, or you just want
us to keep talking about it more and more, well that
ok, so what is next.

The problem is that I have no idea what else to do. We sent you the
money, Moneygram is telling us that it's there to be picked up, and
you keep telling us that you can't pick the money up. What would you
like me to do?

Now there's a couple of days of correspondence where he tells me the money is not there and I tell him the money is there and we pick back up on the 23 of June.

Hope you did get the last mail, you said that the
money is here, but why they the moneygram office here
can't find it, and also the rennis exchange, i wonder
why, well i must tel you again and thenk you for given
me some of your precious time baby, i'll keep writing
you, may you'll understand me well, pls can i call you
on phone i really want to hear your voice,

Okay, I just called Martin and told him to pull the transfer and
resend it to you. See if you can get it once I get a new number.

At this point, I got bored with the experiment and started down a new track...

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Harry Bawls
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 29, 2006 1:38 am Reply with quoteBack to top

WOW!!! And I thought the lad I'm working is stupid. Good tips in your post. I can't wait to see how far it goes.
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 29, 2006 7:24 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

The thing that is really strange is your lad shows his address as Sandton Johannesburg, South Africa. I am from SA, and Sandton is a highly upmarket area, will probably compare to Beverly Hills, yet he needs money for study and his sick mother. HA HA HA HA Laughing Laughing
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