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 Love scam work in progress....

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 22, 2006 1:32 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Got the third e-mail but pretty sure the lad is still on script.

Ian, Fairly to tell, I knew that you will write to me! I felt it! It
really brings to me pleasure, that I have received the answer to my
letter! I want to tell at once, that I also have written to two more
other men. However they yet have not written back. Probably later they
will write to me. I hope, that you not against I wrote not only to
you. I could not speak about it. You have written to me to the first
and consequently I shall concern to your letter especially closely! My
first letter to you was short. Whether I do not know I can write to
you much. I do not know, that to you to tell. Our dialogue on mutual
questions and answers will be probable. Besides I want, that you told
to me about your life! Ian, whether I want to know you understand my
purposes of our acquaintance? I want to explain to you the purposes of
my acquaintance. To me now 26 years also are good age to create
family. I search for mine soulmate. I want to marry For the American.
I want to live in America and I want to have happy family. In the USA
I can give more to my family and children. For this reason I want to
live and work in the USA. America is the beautiful country. I want to
trust, that our purposes coincide also you also want to be married by
the man. I shall hope, that you also search for love and happiness. I
shall hope, that both of us want to live a worthy life in love and
happiness. It was about my purposes and I probably should speak now
about me. I shall write only the truth about me. I do not think, that
there is a sense to speak a lie. You agree with me? Both of us search
for love. I want, that my love was strong, pure, true and up to the
end of my life! The Internet featureless and I shall hope only for
your honesty and I shall trust you. I in general have got used to
trust people. I do not trust the Internet however, but I heard many
happy histories of other people. Those people spoke, that found each
other on distance of several thousand miles and fell in love. Now they
are happy and live together. My work allows to use to me a computer
and I found time to read about it. I at all did not represent as many
people search for love on the Internet!!!! It is a lot of web sites
which suggest to find people. I could write independently from my
computer to you. It costed to me approximately 30 dollars to be a
member and to write to you
. I wanted to open again today site of
acquaintance but it spoke, that I again should pay money and I refused
service. I cannot send the letter any more and consequently I hope,
that you will write to me! Otherwise it will be again necessary for me
to pay 30 dollars! I want to speak you so many things! Please excuse
me if I cannot speak you much today. We shall have still time to
speak! Before us still it is a lot of time to learn each other! Today
I had a lot of work. We shall soon have meeting and I should prepare
the report. By the way! I have told nothing to you about my work. I
work in company " GAZTEHSERVISE ". Our company is engaged in sale of
gas to consumers. I work as the senior head of a sales department of
gas. I on this post 1,5 years! My work pays to me good money. I have
worthy residing. I work, I to get tired on work. I receive fair money
for the work. Ian, tell to me about your work. You are pleased with
your work? It is important to love the work. Today I want to send you
some pictures. Later I shall send you of more pictures. I have also a
computer of a house and there is present more pictures. My computer of
a house is not connected to the Internet and consequently I can send
you my pictures only from work. I shall take measures to send you more
than my pictures. OK? And I want to see your pictures also! Well, I
shall wait your other letter. You probably already have more questions
on me?

Write soon! Heave nice Day! Nadejda.

In the subject line it said "I have no sexual pictures" Sorry it's so long but she never answered my initial questions. which were:

What a lovely picture of you, is it cold there in russia? Do you
celebrate christmas? I like girls in nice underwear, do you have any?
I have always wanted to visit there.

just seeing if i can get "her" off script. The bold letters tell me she's going to hit me up for the 30 bucks soon.

Waiting for a good quote.....
first pic!
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