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 My First Bait (2 months worth) -FINALE

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 17, 2006 1:23 am Reply with quoteBack to top

From: Chippy Coster To: O. Solomon Oduyemi

Dear Sir,

I have been having troubles with this Mr. Spiff. What kind of an idiot have you associated yourself with? He has screwed this transaction up at every step.

I have sent him instruction on validating the money orders. I only hope he can finish this deal smoothly. I will be glad once it is over.

Chippy Coster

From: Chippy Coster To: Dr. Michael Spiff

Dr. Spiff,

I have not heard from you since Saturday. Have you sent the ATM card? Please respond immediately.

Chip Coster

From: Dr. Michael Spiff To: Chippy Coster


Your grandfather's unpaid claim has been suspended by the Board of Governors Central Bank of Nigeria.

No match of the fake MTCN NUMBERS as sent in the Western Union Money Transfer's Computer Network here in Nigeria.

Contact O.S.Oduyemi (234-1-7230908) for further briefing.

From: Chippy Coster To: O. Solomon Oduyemi

Dear Mr. Oduyemi,

Regarding Central bank of Nigeria Code of Conduct Ref. Number: Cbn/atmscxx0x5x9x3x06
I have sent the required amounts to Mr. Spiff on November 12, 2006. I have not heard from him since. I am worried that he may have taken the money for himself. Please respond immediately as I feel I can trust you. I need your advice before I jump to any conclusions and involve the appropriate authorities.

Chippy Coster

[Tired of this one. I’ll throw some random gibberish at them.]

From: Chippy Coster To: O. Solomon Oduyemi

Dear Mr Oduyemi,

Good day to you. Why have I not heard anything back from either you or Mr. Spliff? I have discussed our transaction with my friend, Inspector Jospeh Tribiani of the National Department of Fraudulent Behavior. He suggested that you are not a government official, but a 419 scammer. I am now thinking he is correct. I also think you are a complete and utter piece of shit. You are a fool, your credentials are rubbish. You have the thought process of a retarded fucking goat. Oh yeah, you also smell like a semen filled anus.

Your disgusting behavior brings to mind Deuteronomy 32:35

It is mine to avenge; I will repay.
In due time their foot will slip;
their day of disaster is near
and their doom rushes upon them.

I have contacted a witch doctor who lives in the desert here in New Mexico. I am glad to say they have put a terrible curse on you.
"Vos es stolidus , valde stolidus. Vestri matris nidor amo humus. May diabolus eat vestri pilosus testis. Vado iuguolo vestri."

I suggest you get your shit together, find a hole to climb into, and kiss your stupid ass goodbye.

Best wishes,
Chipman Coster


[With all the screw ups, I doubt they’ll reply. We’ll see.]
From: O. Solomon Oduyemi To: Chippy Coster

Date: November 15,2006.

Central bank of Nigeria Code of Conduct Ref. Number:
Your e-letter date 14th day of November 2006 is well received by my office and I wish to also inform you that the Central Bank of Nigeria have suspended your late grand father's claim and the out-right suspension / cancellation order has been endorsed by the Office of the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Your character as a person is very much questionable .
Yours faithfully,
O.S. Oduyemi.
Tel. /fax: 234-1-7230908.

From: Chippy Coster To: O. Solomon Oduyemi

Dear Solomon Gundy,

My character is questionable? I'm afraid I do not understand, can you please clarify? You are the one who tried to steal money from my late grandfather. You are the one who imposed nonsensical deadlines. You are the one who cancelled the alleged "ATM Swift Card". I seriously doubt that you even work for the CBN. You have given me no proof validating your outrageous claims. You are probably some sort of a male prostitute who gives oral pleasures for $1 a shot.

What about this MR. Spliff? Does he know of your scandalous ways? Probably not, since he can not even cash a simple western union order. Maybe you two are both fraudsters working together. Not that it matters because you only have half a brain cell between the two of you.

Chip Coster

PS: You smell like poo
PPS: Please don't forget about the curse.

From: Chippy Coster To: Dr. Michael Spiff

Dearest Michael Quiff,

What kind of fool are you? So, you and Oduyemi tried to rip my grandfather off? Well I have news for you. I outsmarted the both of you. I figured out your insidious plan! First you pretend to not be able to cash the WU orders. Then you probably get some friend of yours to make a claim and you keep the money for yourself. Well I have reported you to the Center for Unvestigating Nigerian Transactions. They are on to you, and you will be arrested promptly.

Please be aware that Oduyemi had been cursed by a witch doctor from the ancient Chimichanga tribe. I suggest you steer clear of Solomon or you to will share his fate! OOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo........

Chip Coster

PS: You are a little bitch
PPS: You too are now cursed, thanks for coming out.

The end.[/b]

"What is ''mugu''? and who are you calling mugu?" Francis Alisson

"The rate of dishonest and fraudulent act been perpetrated by persons of dubious intent is quite alarming, perhaps it is due to Economic Pressures and financial constraints, but it is outrageous that some persons could get indulged in such mischievous and unlawful act." Michael Spiff
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