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 Authentic Russian Babe Gibberish.

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 13, 2006 4:30 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Ok, I know they try and have to use an Online Translator but honestly, can anyone tell me just what in THE hell this person is trying to say to me please? I suspect she/he/they/it are trying to profess their persona and their attitudes or something but really, it's gotta be some of the best most confusing authentic gibberish I have ever read -

from Corina <[email protected]>
to Roger U Deeply <[email protected]>
date Nov 13, 2006 9:35 AM

Hi Roger! In the beginning I inform I do not know English, and I use by the interpreter. As has appeared, it is far from being so simply - to sit and to write the letter. The letter, which will be clear, which will come at the necessary o'clock, and will comprise what so for a long time someone can waits. I simultaneously both am afraid, and I am not afraid to disappoint you Roger. I do not know about what to write how to write, but at the same time there is very much that I would like to tell. To tell about itself, about the life... First, from your permission I shall pass (proceed) on "You", so it is easier to communicate and more easy to find general (common) language. Besides I by the order am tired from these formalities, and it would be desirable simply to have a rest (in good sense) from norms, rules, morals and that of similar things. Who I? The good question, answering on which, me is necessary very deeply to reflect on itself. About the one who I am, as I am seen by (with) the people, with what wants to see me you. All these parts practically do not differ from each other, difference only in my attitude (relation) to the world, environmental me. Under the large account - attitude (relation) cool, I do not expect from the people of the good attitude (relation). And itself not so I believe to the unfamiliar people. That the man became close to me, that I have let it (him) in the internal world, pood is necessary to it (him) with me salt съесть, and not one. However, there are also exceptions is when I simply want to be with the man. I from those people, which give back, give back all not requiring (demanding) in exchange almost anybody. To the man, which to the on - right will name me to the favourite woman, I shall be always correct. I am excited with his (its) material rule (situation), rule (situation) at work and a little. But I know, that I shall appreciate always and to preserve in it to the man - his (its) soul. And it is not necessary too much, only simple, but indefinitely eternal human values. For now I give back the care, love, tenderness to the friends And I do not present the life without an opportunity to somebody to help. " Not the one Is rich who is avaricious. The one is rich who is generous ". In this world, where as if banish all from mind (wit), having was mad on money, work and entertainments these are overlooked (forgotten) simple, but indefinitely eternal human values. Which nothing cost (stand), when them to give back, but become invaluable, when itself receive them from someone. And if nothing to give, anything also will not receive in the answer.. I, unfortunately, too not exception - I live in the country, which I love (that she (it) such what is. That I live in this country), but in which is compelled to survive, instead of to live. And consequently, whole a part (I hope, what not large) me is engaged in ideas on money and work. But it whole empty, it not the present values, they do not bring anything except for material advantage (benefit). They are false, and they are illusive - do not force to think, to reflect, and especially самосовершенствоваться. And for the sake of the Man it is necessary To change. In general I - was started talking. Wanted to write to you about itself. That you could me present, understand that I from yourselves I present. I do not love the uncompleted businesses, and also to throw begun. I do not love hypocrisy and лож. I prefer the open attitudes (relations), instead of "шушуканье" behind a back as these attitudes (relations) under the Internet. I am rough, polite, aggressive, malicious, kind, magnanimous and indulgent. I prefer to speak the truth in eyes. I write something reminding prose. Recently I test an attack of sharp loneliness and melancholy. Is lonely not because there are no people around of me, that is why that there are no friends. Because is not present understanding (gentle, fond " it is possible and simply sympathizing !!!) Man for soul and heart Many consider (count), that at me I am a lot of friends, that all completely cheerful and happy. But... I know, problem not in "friends", she (it) in me. It I am necessary to them, and they to me not so I Am simple максималистка, or FRIEND, or what for then? And the word the friend for me means something especially, not that now in him (it) the people put. Certainly there were at me friends Actually I very well treat the people, and, know, I am able to forgive. It can badly, and can... Simply I always shall trusts in the man and to love it (him). This letter was written from pure (clean) heart, and, probably, deserves, that above it to think. And if then will want to write write. I shall wait.

Now, when they say, "I am rough, polite, aggressive, malicious, kind, magnanimous and indulgent." that just doesn't make me go all gooey inside, yanno?

"I did send my photos that you now anonizm on them!!".
"Please do not write me again I do not like you morely".
"You think I Scammar? I not Scammar I lover of menthings".
"FU, I have understood, that you do not wish to help me!
I will ask the help from other man!
P.S Those photos not mine!
They are completely made program PHOTOSHOP!
Good luck the unfortunate pervert!"
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 13, 2006 10:55 am Reply with quoteBack to top

She is a "максималистка"? I think that means she wants EVERYTHING! So she should get the works.

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 14, 2006 1:37 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Good grief, I think my brain has just imploded from tryng to read that Shocked

I haven't got a clue what she's blathering on about... somehting to do with people biang generous yada yada yada... but surely in the midst of all that guff there must be some decent sig-material? Wink

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Lex Dura
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 22, 2006 7:13 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I s'pose you guys have never read "For whom the bell tolls"? It's obvious that the person who wrote this has Spanish as his/her native language! Cool

"..the numbering information you gave is not correct making me a joker in the presence of people in the bank at that moment i came to withdraw the money.."(Abdulaziz Idiris)
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