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 My first Attempt

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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 24 Apr 2004
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PostPosted: Mon May 31, 2004 7:32 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

1. I have used many ww2/russian references which some of you may not understand - I'll explain them as they come in bold letters
2. English is not my first language so excuse the grammar/spelling.
From Pikka Saaiman ,
Blah blah - someone died - you are receiving zillions of dollars - blah blah.
Dear Pikka Saaiman,
My name is Boris Akunin - a wealthy Russian theatrical coordinator for the Colonel Von Luck company. I have at my disposal 17 theaters throughout Russia, 6 in Moscow, 3 in St.petersburg, 2 in Normandy, 5 in Petrozavodsk, and 1 in Tehran. The theater troupe is doing very well and we are now expanding business to Lithuania, Peru, and Omaha Beach. I am interested to know more about this transaction as I am excited about this deal very much.

Please reply soon, God Bless.
Boris Akunin.

Hello boris ,
Thank you for your mail.I have taken the liberty to explain the perfected
modalities to consumate the object of this project.First i have to
reiterate my resolve to carry out this transaction within the jurisdiction
of both local and international laws and it is for this reason that i have
decided to acquire the necessary documentation with regards to the
funds.With all relevant documents in place,the issue to receiving the
funds will not pose any risk to all parties involved.
For clarity i will outline the perfected modalities:
1. The preparation of the legal papers will be carried out by an attorney
which i will employ.He will prepare the "WILL"and Testament bequeathing
the assets of the deceased to you and this includes the deposited funds
with the bank.Infact after reading your mail,i have commenced discussion
with this attorney on arrangements to draft and prepare this "WILL" making
you the sole heir of the inheritance,which he has agreed to do.He has
promised that he will deliver this "WILL" in two or three days time after
receiving the necessary information from you.
After the drafting and notarization of the "WILL"at the notary public,he
will then go ahead to procure the "LETTER OF PROBATE".This document is the
final document that gives you legal authorization to lay claim to the
funds and also gives you the authority to request for the transfer of
these funds into your nominated account.I will be sending you a copy of
the "LETTER OF PROBATE" for your perusal and filing when the attorney
concludes.I will pay the charges of the attorney.
The basic requirement of this transaction from you is for you to set up an
account with a private bank which is my bank's affiliate bank in
Europe.The reason fo this is that since the september 11th saga,all huge transfers by my bank to any individual or corporate body is been
transfered through our affiliate bank This a matter of bank policy. In doing this, you would have to activate the account with a required minimum opening balance like other banks to enable it host the said amount of funds.
I do not want a situation whereby we would have to pause after we have
started due to lack of funds to activate the account. Whatever amount
spent in activating the account would still remain in the account as your
Another reason for setting up an account with the affiliate bank is that i
want the funds to be taken out of my bank without raising any eyebrow. You
must understand that this is a deal and we must make sure that we do not
leave any stone unturned. I worked out the modalities for this transaction
and i am very positive that if we work together following these
modalities, we would be successful and have course to count our blessings
as soon as possible.
I would like to hear from you soonest so that we can proceed further. It
is very important that you understand that the future of my family depends
on the successful conclusion of this transaction hence, i would not
entertain any form of laxity once we commence but would prefer if we
follow up this transaction vigorously to make sure that we achieve our set
out goal immediately.
I appreciate your decision to partake in this transaction with me and be
rest assured that we would be together soon for further investment
opportunities in your country.
I would require you to send me your personal details as listed below so
that the attorney can commence the documentation process.
1.Your full name and personal address
2.Your date of birth
3.Your place of birth
4.Your phone and fax numbers
5.Your Occupation

Please, do respond back as soon as possible.
God bless and my regards
Mr Pikka Saaiman

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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 24 Apr 2004
Posts: 13

PostPosted: Mon May 31, 2004 7:37 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Dear Pikka Saaiman,
I am honored that you have chosen me as the sole heir to the funds in question. I will gladly tell about myself. My full name is Boris Lovyuzhulikov Catch Scammers Akunin A very VERY famous Russian mystery novel author and my address is as follows.
01943 Kurskaya Kursk street house number 69. We have a large office on the 4th floor next to the Zhukov Strategic Decisions Incorporated (ZSDI) – a new Russian-only company with headquarters in Helsinki. The Von Luck Theatrical company Referring to Hans Von Luck - a famous german kampfgruppe commander even mentioned in Saving Private Ryan has a large stage on the 3rd floor. In fact, Russian performers Kutuzov, Suvorov, and Gannibal All are 18-19th century Russian generals all participate in our shows
I was born 1st February 1943 Date of 6th german army surrender in stalingrad in a small Russian village called Skazki Fairy tales – with my parents being Kolobok Akunin and Baba Yaga fairy tale characters - Ball of dough and Evil Witch . The address was 8113 Izbushka Na, Kuryah Nozhkah House on chicken legs , Russia.
I regret to inform you that due to heavy snowfall and cold temperature in Arkhangelsk, the telephone wires have all been frozen and the only communication we have with the outside world is by satellite internet with the laptop I have brought with me from Moscow. I hope we are able to continue our business transaction via email and I am able to control the Von Luck Company’s bank accounts from this location too.
I am a coordinator for the Russian Theatrical Company Von Luck. We are currently working on a new performance about the ancient battle of Borodino between the Sioux Indians and their hated Kazakh enemies. The performance will open up in Moscow later this year and we hope it will be a spectacular success!
I wish to know more about this transaction dear Pikka Saimman. Let me know what to do!

God Bless – your business partner – Boris Akunin.
Hello Boris,
Thank you for your prompt response,
I have given you details to the attorney for the processing of the
documents that will make all this possible.He said they will be ready
on thursday.I had agreed to pay him the sum of $29,500 for his services
including the payment of all the statutory charges to the various government
agencies responsible for the issuance ofthese documents hence the charge.
I have given him an upfront payment of$24500 and we have agreed that the
balance of $5000 will be paid when he delivers the documents.I also promised
him $100,000 when this deal is concluded offcourse it will be from my part i did
that so that i can be sure he will do everything effectively.He will also be responsible for filing
in the necessary applications on your behalf to my bank that will make the
transfer possible.
I am now financially exposed in this project to a large extent so i
will require your full dedication in this project.
We have to be trustworthy,dedicated and transparent to ourselves for this
project to be successful.I have put in a lot of time and effort into this
and will only accept the same from you.
I will tell you about myself.I am 57 years old with a wife, five children
and an aged mother to care for.I have worked for land bank for 8 years now
but i have been in the banking industry for 26 years so you can understand
that i have a lot of experience with banking regulations.I hope to retire
soon after the completion of this project to a quite location outside my
Considering the magnitude of the funds involved in this transaction,
it would be in our best interest for the funds to be taken out through
one of my bank s correspondence bankers. My bank has correspondence
private bankers in Zurich that operates online.
Success is inevitable in this project if we stick to the processes i have
explained to you.
Once the fund has been credited to your account then you can take out the
funds in small amounts to your regular account. This you can do yourself
This is best way for us to execute this transaction as I had to combine
the experience of my attorney who is also a financial law expert to arrive
at this idea and decision. I have arranged things this way because I
cannot transfer the funds electronically out of my bank directly to your
account to avoid eyebrows from rising but i assure you that it is very
safe this way.
I cannot do this alone successfully as my job would not permit me hence i
sure do require your assistance and be rest assured that this transaction
is of mutual benefit to both of us on the conditions that "You guarantee
that you would make the funds available to me when needed" and to keep
this deal strictly within us till we conclude.
As soon as you confirm to me that your account has been credited,i will
travel down to meet with you so that we can share the proceeds in the
agreed manner. I am alone in this project and i would advise you to keep
it strictly confidential as i am still a serving staff of my bank and i do
not want to jeopardise my position.By the time the attorney concludes with
the documentation,you will now be perceived by my bank as the sole
benefactor/heir of Late Mr.paul bryson and the funds will then be
transfered to your account.
I do hope you understand perfectly well what i have just explained to
you.Feel free to ask questions if you are not clear.
I will be expecting an update from you ASAP.
Kind regards and God's guidance

My dear Pikka,
I will patiently await the funds and I would be delighted to share them with you upon their arrival. How are things going for you? Here in Russia it is still cold. In fact it is exceptionally boring here, and I am glad to have this laptop to keep me company. For entertainment, I usually visit Beria’s KGB/NKVD leader Political café. It is a rather small, stark place and the waiters look more like jailers, but the food there is good. If you have any Russian restaurants in your neighborhood be sure to ask for “Hui Sosat “ To suck <expletive> and “Korovye Gavno” Cow dung .
Yesterday me and my friend, Chernenko soviet premier went to see a new Russian movie called Politburo – it was about a 16-17 year old soviet commander who has to defend USSR from the American invasion. In the movie – the Americans land in a remote town in the desert near a high school. The kids in the movie run away to the desert and fight the Americans as they try to spread capitalism throughout the country. The Americans were killing civilians left and right and the kids, known as the wolverines, had to stop them. All in all – the film ends well and the kids kill the American in charge of the invasion force. In reference to Red Dawn - a hilarious american film about soviets invading a high school in the middle of a desert
Once again my dear Pikkachu , I am ready for this profitable transaction, just tell me what to do!

God Bless - Your Business Partner
Boris Akunin

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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 24 Apr 2004
Posts: 13

PostPosted: Mon May 31, 2004 7:49 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Hello Boris,
Attached is the LETTER OF PROBATE.
The attorney has filed in an application for the approval of the inheritance for transfer and he will soon be needing the account of our affiliated bank in Zurich,this is very urgent.
I await your urgent attention to this.
I await your response.
Kind regards,

Dear Pikkachu,
I apologize for the lack of updates, but my friend
from the soviet navy had just passed away. For the
past week I have traveled to Murmansk, Andorra to weep
at the man's grave. Henrich Lehmann-Willenbrock Film name of captain of Das Boot was my
dear friend in the submarine service. The last time we
were at sea was in 1981 year das boot came out , but we kept in touch for past
few decades. We had countless adventures at sea, my
favorite was when we participated in Convoy PQ-17 In reference to a doomed allied convoy in te arctic and
fought off the capitalists.
We have taken many trips around the world, and
took daring missions in the submarine (I have a photo
of myself from those times). One time we took the U-96 Das Boot's Film submarine #
through Gibraltar and the capitalist british never
noticed us. Another time we took the submarine up the
Mississippi from the Gulf of Guatemala to Lake
Inferior and out Hudson's exitchute. The americans
never noticed us once. Yes - I miss the good old days.
And now I had to participate in my friend's burial.
His wife, Blumchen famous german techno artist , was heartbroken. Henrich was a
very gentle fellow, he survived numerous attacks and
even a gang of spitfires, the name of a famous english
soccer hooligan group. Since the man was in the navy
we had a firing squad give honors to the departed.
Well now I am back from the trip and can continue
with our modalities. I will gladly give you access to
my passport, it will be attached to this mail. However
I cannot continue due to a certain think Blumchen
(Henrich's beloved wife) told me. "For the past 6
months, Henrich was disabled due to a diving accident
and could not walk anymore. Our family was poor but
the president (Vladimir Putin) helped us in our
difficult times. He specifically ordered that we were
given a full disability commission of 400,000 roubles
per year. The man helped us with great merit and I
would like you to honor his memory in the future".
The widow's words hung with me, and I have decided
that in order for our business to proceed you must
become a member of the APC - African Putin Club, a
high-class dedicated organization where people honor
the Russian president. The forms are very simple and
you must show proof that you are indeed a fan of
Vladimir Putin. Without this membership, I am afraid
our deal will have to be null and void. However, if
you decide to become a member, I will quickly dispatch
any necessary modalities that may be needed in order
for the transaction to occur.

God Bless
Boris Akunin
Von Luck Theatrical Coordinator.
The attached images are of Jürgen Prochnow, actor who played the captain in Das Boot
hello Boris,
I will do anything to conclude this project.what will it take to become a member of APC.I will also like to let you know that you are the person holding back this project and we need to conclude ASAP.
I will need to furnish you with another affiiated bank to us as the first one i furnished you with is merging with another bank and as such are not opening new accounts fr now.
Please get back to me ASAP.
My dear brother Pikkachu,
The first part of the initiation is very simple.
Just fill out this form and send it back to me as soon
as possible. When I have received the signed form I
will tell you the final requirement in order to join
this exclusive Vladimir Putin community.

God Bless
Boris Akunin
Von Luck Theatrical Company

(I attach a legal document which basically says)

I, ________ hereby wish to join the African Putin Support Community. I swear eternal loyalty and maximum support to mr Vladimir Putin be it by working until I vomit or by cracking my head open because i think too much about how Mr. Putin could have even more success.

I will distribute the art of the Russian Language and the mighty power of being Russian , and if I wll have the chance I will immediately convert to Russianism.

If I will get an order from Mr. Putin personally, I will obey it and
kiss his feet until my tongue is getting rough.
This must be a sick joke.i thought i was dealing with a serious minded man,you have exposed me a great deal financially and i will have to find a way to remedy it or i will be ruined.I do not know what to make of you,but i want you to know that you have wronged me greatly.

Pikka Saaiman
Awww bushman unhappy? Eh maga scammer ? That's ok I'll try a different name - different email - different country - I'll get ya - if not me - then someone else Smile

Oh a few things of course

1. The email address routs the email to 2 different mail servers before arriving at a fake email site I have created just for you pikkachu.
2. I am from Ukraine, not Russia (would be hard for you to mix in that population I'll bet)
3. The IP address to that email site is routed through 4 different proxys.
4. The address I gave you in Russia is from a children's book
5. Boris Akunin is a famous international author - but I am sure you mugus do not read - not enough intellect.
6. Von Luck is a famous military leader - not that bushmen learn history.
7. You cannot trace me.
8. Threatening me with FBI is pointless since I am from Ukraine.
9. Interpol will arrest YOU first and reward me - I love it when you mugus threaten but really cannot do anything.
10. Are you pissed off now? Good - there is nothing you can do Wink

Well I have to go - it is 4:19 here and I got more mugus to catch.

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Master Baiter

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PostPosted: Mon May 31, 2004 8:37 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Loofy, what can I say, I love this bait - especially because i was lmao at the references, especially Kolobok lol!

"dear Josef Stalin why you do this to me i put big wood stick in my mouht and you say it's wrong stick why you do this to me why? i cry all night" - Robinson Oja
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