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 Really short bait on the side

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PostPosted: Tue May 25, 2004 12:56 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Normal beginning letter, skip this if you wish Smile


No 7 VSD Drive, Opst Oxford
Avenue Johannesburg
South Africa.


Dear Sir/Maddam,

My name is Dr John Larry, and I work in the
International Operation Department in a Bank
here in South Africa...
( You know the rest. I didn't even read the whole e-mail myself )

Best regards,

Dr John Larry

I started this one while I was still waiting for Gabe Sankoh to respond in my other bait


25% of 36 million dollars... wow, today is my lucky
day! I would love to help you out, but I'm a little
confused by the e-mail. Which bank account details did
you want exactly? And do you want me to use my
existing account or create a new one?

Damn, my heart is beating with excitement here. Ever
since my home business tanked I've been in desperate
need of cash. Write back soon!

Jamey Hendricks

So he writes back the usual first letter:


Dear James,

Thank you for your mail, considering your positive
responses and in my anticipation of a strong and solid
cooperation from your side in this business, infact I
am very much interested to know whether you will be
capable to do this business with me in full confidence
trusting that you will never let me down in future,ok.

You can send me an existing a/c information so that I
can start the processing of the transfer into the a/c
information and also to get all the approvals ready in
your name before the fund will be transferd.

You should not tell your bank that money is coming
until I finish processing of all documents to show
your bank that this money is clean money from genuine
source. To avoid your bank asking you early questions
that you may not be able to answer so you should not

After the processing of all Foreign Payment documents,
and when the money is ready to be paid into your A/C,
after the final Approval in your favour by the bank
you be required to come in person or go to Foreign
Payment Office to sign the Foreign Payment vouchers
preceding telegraphic TT to you’re A/C or you can
appoint a Lawyer here to represent and sign on your
behalf under special arrangement. At the Foreign
Payment Office you be required to fill the payment
Order chart specifying schedule of payments to
beneficiaries A/C.

However it is my intention to be with you at least
2-3days ahead of the money going into your A/C then we
will sign the binding agreement, after your bank must
have been satisfied with the original documents which
I will bring along with me to your country to show
your bank or it's correspondence bank that the money
is legal.

Now I need the A/C information and your private tele
nos so that I can be able to call you as a need may
arise either to call you in the day or night as
occasion warrants.

You should state the a/c informations as stated below:

Bank Name:........
Bank Address:.....
A/C Name:.........
A/C Number:.....
Swift Code:.....

Finally you have to be following instructions which I
will be getting from the “OUR’ insider’ in the bank
who is the main Key to the success of this business.

I will be waiting to hear from you with the a/c


Dr John Larry.

But by then Gabriel Sankoh had responded and I was much more interested in him. Besides, Dr John Larry wanted my account number right away so I didn't really know what to do with him. So I just left him alone. Then one day:


Dear James,

I have not heard from you why ? what is the problem if
you are serious about the business pls you should try
to send me your a/c informations so that I can proceed
for the transfer into your a/c, and also send me your
phone number so that I will be calling you.

I will be waiting to hear from you soon.

Dr.John Larry.

So I just decided to screw with this head, not really worrying whether it would work or not: (note: I stole this particular tactic from something I read on the forums, so I'm not claiming to be original here, heh)


What are you talking about? I sent a message back to
you with my account deals, then you e-mailed me asking
for $2000 for legal fees and then I sent it to you by
Western Union! That WAS you, right? I'm getting really
concerned now.

Not quite the effect on Dr John that I had planned, but cool anyways: (note: subject line of the e-mail is "I don't know u")



i did not understand what you mean you did not send me
any money but if you said that you send send me the
informations of the western Union so that I will know.

Dr.John Larry

So now I decided to just go for a complete nonsense approach and deny everything up to this point...


errr.... I don't know you either. What's this you're
saying about sending money? I didn't send any money to

Now I got his head spinning a bit...



I want to know who you are because I understand from
your first mail that you recievd my proposal and want
to know the proceduce I want to know if you are ready
to do this business with me or not so that i will look
for another person who is willin and capable to handly
this fund in his or her a/c.

John Larry.

And now for something completely different:


Oh yes. I know who you are. So my answer is yes. I'd
like to order 500 copies of the film, on DVD if
possible. Don't tell anyone!

He probably scratched his head for a couple seconds, then finally decided that I'm just screwing with him. Notice however that he still holds out a little bit of hope:



Psl I want to let youknow that am not a small boy to
be playing with you in intenet. ( sigged! )

If you are ready to do this busness withme sendme your
a/cinformation so that wecan start the transfer into
your a/c .

Dr Larry.

So I figure the game is over and I put him out of his misery Smile

Awwww, but playing with 419 scammers is so fun! Meh,
whatever. I'm bored of you. Bye!

He hasn't e-mailed me back but I'll be so amused if he starts threatening me and insulting me and stuff Smile

PostPosted: Wed May 26, 2004 4:32 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Wow. I thought he would just go away but he just doesn't give up!


Dear James Hendricks,

Thank for your urgent reply ,I thought that you
trusted me with all your heart the way i reposed my
full confidence in you and your amily,i did not dream
that you will ever compare this business with any
other after spending all my money to get all the
relevant approvals in your name.Under normal
circumstace an amount of this magnitudecan never be
approved by e-mail alone, without your
physicalappearance for intensive interview with bank

But because of the money i have been spending as tips
and due to the involvement of the top bank cial,normal
protocols were not observed and yet approval was given
in your favor without questions.According African
context scam is associated with foreigners
collaborating with corrupt Govt.officials to syphone
public funds out of the country to over eas,statistics
shows thatat times this people normally succeed but in
most cases the always loose money if the Apex bank or
the Ministry of Finance,Foreign Exchange Control Unit
refuses to issue fund release order form for
international remittance or external payment.
Generally Nigerian Scam is connected with the looting
of public funds by Govt,officials with foreign
partners but the business i have with you is purely
inheriting what was left behind for nobody.

Also you should know that i'm not a Nigerian and i
will never associated with Nigerian business men
because they are very wicked and deadly, so you have
to seperate the 'wheat from the charf'See: There is also scam
in all over the world both in Canada and America,see
U.S. customs service: http// or you
check Royal Canadian Mounted Police:
http// I want to let you know that i am an
old man,a true christian believer and i want to inform
you and your family that the business i brought to you
is genuine offer devoid of any problem what so ever
and it will benefit both families mensely,even
generations yet unborn. But if you are no more capable
to continue not hestitate to inform me on time
because time is no more in our favour.


Dr John Larry.

I think this one might turn into a long bait, no matter how much I try to shake him off, so anyway, I continue...


I would like to apologize for my earlier behaviour. I
now realize that you are legit and would be very
interested in continuing this business deal with you,
despite the thousands of warnings in my heart that say
"THIS IS A SCAM!" and the fact that there are
thousands of other similar business deal offers that
sound exactly the same as this one (several dozen of
which are in my e-mail inbox at the moment)

So, just one question: which account numbers in
particular do you want, and where should I look for
them. My 4-digit PIN number for interac purchases is
4938 ( note: no, it isn't ) if that helps, but you're probably looking for
one of the longer ones, eh?

PostPosted: Sun May 30, 2004 11:04 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Got a weird e-mail, this time from a different e-mail address:


Dear James Hendri, ( silly mugu doesn't even spell my name right )

Did you receive my mail, you should let me know the situation of things on your side. Let me hear from you.

Best regards
Dr.John Larry.

I think the scam got passed either up or down the ladder of mugus to another person, but anyways here's what I wrote:


I received your mail, but I notice that you're writing
from a different mail account, so how can I know that
you're the same person? Send me transcripts of some of
the previous e-mails I sent to you to prove that
you're you.

Perhaps his existing account was shut down or hacked by another baiter?
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