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 Scammer talks a lot about scams to me

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 31, 2006 12:21 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

XXXXXX, I think that I can trust you. For this reason I want to tell to you one story. I want to tell to you how I have been scammed. I corresponded with one American. He seemed to me very decent person. We were going to meet already and we discussed how we shall meet. But suddenly he has ceased to write to me. I did not hear from him within 11 days. I very much worried. I did not want to think that he has forgotten me. I have called him but his phone has been switched - off. I have heard from him in 11 days only. He said he has very serious troubles as money from him credit card have been stolen. He said also that he need 350 USD urgent to pay off to bank. I had saved about 350 USD and he knew it. I planned to buy mobile phone for this money. He asked to send urgently to me him this money. I have made it as I trusted him. Also he promised that repay it to me as soon as will sell one of the cars (he had two). I have asked why he not sell a car right now to pay off to bank. He has told that sale of the car takes long time. This was last letter which I received from him. He wanted to steal my money only. It were very hard earned money. I saved it within 11 months. It was an awful trauma for me. I was upset not because of the lost money but because of a mean deceit. I did not think that the American can act so meanly. Now I know that scammers are available in any country even in so safe as the USA. I wonder what you think of it? I would like to know your opinion.

Dear XXXXXX, I want to tell to you about one unpleasant letter. I would like to know your opinion on it. I have received that letter today together with others about 20 letters including your letter. It was the spam letters and also the letters from other men I corresponded earlier with. Usually I ignore these letters. But I was interested with one letter which had heading " You need to read this letter ". This letter was from Bob I corresponded earlier with. But he was not serious and I asked him leave me alone. He have promised to take ones revenge upon me and I did not hear from him since then. And today I have the letter from him again. He has told he will scamlist me if I shall not send him naked photos of me. Also he has told he cooperates with the Russian scammers now and will ask them to revenge me too. I would not pay attention to this letter if he have not mentioned the Russian scammers. I understand that he is far from me and cannot harm me except for to scamlist me. But I know scammers gangs relate to the Russian mafia and I am afraid very much. I know from telenews recently some scammer gangs have been arrested in Russia. They had contacts everywhere including police. For this reason I very much am afraid they will harm me. I understand you cannot help me therefrom. I just want to know your opinion concerning it. I have addressed in police today but they have told they cannot make something as Bob is the foreign citizen and is under jurisdiction of other country. Also this e-mail cannot be the proof him faults as he did not threaten to kill or cripple me. I do not know what end this story will have.

Dearest XXXXXX I hope you do not think that I concern scammers. I was always fair with you and I shall be very sad if you doubt me. Also I should tell to you you will not hear from me anymore if you even once suspect me in scam.

Ok, I shall go now. I hope this gloomy letter have not upset you. I shall look forward to your response. I shall try to check up my mail as soon as possible. I again attach photos of me which have been taken during New Year's holidays. I hope you will be like them.

PS: I inform you Bob's email address just in case you could know villain's email address. It is here: [email protected]

This one's kind of interesting. Every few letters I get something like this. I have to wonder about the "blackmailer's" email address though. Someone that rumbled the scam maybe?

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 01, 2006 8:22 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

^ I have alse received similar mailings and I would say you are correct about the "blackmailer's". I baitied Elena Volkova simultaniously from 2 addys and played one cool and the other as a total wad. She sent me my other address when I questioned her about any "problems" she has had with on-line dating. She referred to me as a "spinster" and "villian".....

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