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 Yahoo IM madness

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 04, 2006 10:21 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I've been reading everyones baits for the last 6 months and enjoying every minute of it, but I thought I'd share the following. It happened over the period of about 2 hrs earlier this evening.

It's not a bait, but just some IM hijacker in nigeria (so sorry if this shouldn't be in the "Publish" area - but it made me laugh)

I accidentally started an old yahoo IM that I haven't used in 3 years and an old contact immediately got in touch. I used to work with the guy - well the guy who owns the account anyway - obviously not the scammer who had hijacked his account Smile. The account is throwaway, contains no personal data, and I'll never be using it for personal use again - so I ran with it.

I might see if he's online again tomorrow Very Happy

mm: = me
ig: = old workmate (a.k.a. faker)

(both renamed from originals to retain privacy Cool )


ig: who was your day?

[kind of weird – haven’t had an IM from ig since we worked together before we were both made reduntant 3 yrs ago. Also – just didn’t feel like something anyone would ask - for one thing "who" was my day ??? ]

mm: day fine was

[thought it was him and thought he was messing around so I replied in fashion]

ig: ok
ig: where are u now?
mm: london
mm: why you be asking how my day was? strange question, monkey boy.
ig: lol.... why do you call this a strang ques?
ig: what can of work is that?
mm: it's the kind of thing you ask your wife when she gets in from work
mm: where you these days ?
mm: wow. hot home.

[this is making no sense. Starting to realise it's not ig]

mm: you make no sense. sober up.
ig: what do you mean by that
mm: where u working at now?
ig: i have no work now will you get me one?
ig: i want home

[now 99% sure it's not ig!! I think he wants a job, or maybe a home ???]

mm: which company?
ig: what company?
mm: yup. where you end up at after the redundancy? and how's the kid?
ig: they are fine

[confusing - i asked about the "kid" and I know ig has two, but he says "they"]

mm: what did you name the new one ?
ig: man can you get me a invitation letter i want to send it to send it to a friend ?

[100% sure now .... and - eh? Invitation. This isn’t ig. Lets see what the smeg is going on. Is this someone pretending to be ig, or just crossed IM wires somehow]

mm: I have no idea what you're talking about. Is this ig? Used to work with me?
ig: yes

[liar, liar, pants on fire]

mm: what is an invitation letter?
ig: why do u ask that?
mm: because I don't know what one is and how can I write one for your friend if I don't know what it is?
ig: in mean invitation letter for visa

[but ig lives in London – why does he need a visa ? ]

mm: but ig, you're a citizen already - why would you need a visa ?
ig: no i have told you that i want to send it to a friend who want to come and visit me
mm: ok. i'll send one to your usual e-mail address. should be there in 10 mins.
ig: ok thanks and he is in nigeria
ig: ok
ig: thanks
mm: ok. i'll use your work address. I can't send mail to yahoo.
ig: his name is Salewa Ayokunle Akande
ig: this is his address
ig: Name:Salewa Ayokunle
Address:No 4 olatunbosun close beside seventh day advesry Agodi GATE

[wow - igs new friends are in Nigeria – he must have travelled the world after getting laid off]

mm: I can only send documents to authorized addresses. You’ll just have to accept it at your work address.
mm: but I know you're in work tomorrow so you can pick it up then.
mm: I'll make sure it's got an official customs stamp on it. The one with the penguin motif. It normally means less hassle for visa applications

[god I hope he tries to apply for a visa with a homemade penguin stamp on it Smile ]

ig: ok
ig: thanks
ig: so help me send it to his address
ig: do u got the address?
mm: I'll e-mail to your work address. It's the only address I can e-mail to.
mm: Or I could drop it off at your office on the way home tonight.
ig: pls do it for me noow
ig: pls send it to his address
mm: But we used to work together. I'll bring it round to you. I haven't seen you in ages.
mm: it's the least I can do after those problems you had at our old company. I hope they never dig up the patio.
ig: ok but i want it to be send out fast to him pls where you going home to nite pls post it to him
ig: thanks
mm: I'm NOT posting it. I will bring it to you on my way home. It's on the way. You're still at the same place that you went to after we used to work together, and it's on my way home. So I'll bring it to you in person at your office. I'll be at your desk by about 6pm. Is it still the desk with the Scroat-U-Like poster ?
ig: ok but am not at office now that is why i said you should send it out today ad i will come to you tommorw
ig: is what you can do for me plz do it

[lets throw some money into the equation to see what happens]

mm: I know that you are not at you office, but I'll leave it on your desk. I know you are in work tomorrow so you can pick it up then. I'll leave it by the Beef Curtains in the Flange. You'll have it tomorrow morning when you get to work. I'll even leave a cheque for the $1000 I owe you.

[and start insulting his wife - sorry real mrs ig!!]

mm: You know. The money for the wifes BJ that I still have to give you.
ig: NO pls what will this do you if you leave it on my desk and i told you i want it out fast pls go and post if out for me or do need posting money you can take it out of the $1000 and use it to post it out for me.
ig: pls for the posting money take it out of the $1000 and post if out today
mm: Hang on. I've just remembered - your wife is still working down the “Poonani Diver Diner”. I can go to her in the next hour. She'll be so happy to see me. After all - that BJ was fantastic.
ig: yes

[I'm glad he agrees]

mm: That makes it easier. I'll give it to your gaggin' wife tight and she can give you seconds tonight. You'll have it in 2 hours. Phew. That makes life easy.
ig: but is what you can post out for me why are you doing like this and i have told you that for the posting money you should take out of the money you owe me
mm: I actually owe it to you wife - for the BJ - so I'll take it round to her after work (since it is actually hers and she might let me felch her squelchy bits again). I'll also take the invitation (with the penguin motif stamp) to her so she can bring that rind to you.
ig: just to post a letter out i can see you do,t want to help me out with this and is what you want to know..... i will let you know how i no you can give my wife but i dont want her to know so pls do it for me
ig: post it out where you going home
mm: But the money BELONGS to your wife for the BJ last crimbo. She had that cute red hat on and even ice-cubes in the gob. Amazin'. Anyway - I owe the money to HER so I will give it to her (in every way) in about 40 minutes now. You should come down too. Your wife might do threesies again.
ig: man i have told you i don,t want her to know about the letter plz post it out today for me is what you can do pls
mm: Ok. I'll leave the letter on your desk and you'll have it tomorrow. That’s quicker than the post since, with the current postal strike, a letter would tale about 8.43 days to reach you and you only live 30 minutes away from here !!! If I leave it on your desk then you'll have it in 12 hours. Much better than 8.43 days.
ig: so you can not post it out for me
ig: and if is you i will
ig: pls do it for me
mm: Why would I post to your home address is London (taking 8.43 days) when I can bring round in person to your office and hand it to you directly (12 hours) ??? It doesn't make sense.
ig: i have told you i want ti to get to him fast tha is why i said you should post it to him and this is his address:Name:Salewa Ayokunle
Address:No 4 olatunbosun close beside seventh day advesry Agodi GATE

[address again ?? keep trying]

ig: pls post it out when you going home today
mm: I'm NOT paying for the postage there. I'll bring it to you and YOU can post it all the way there. It costs me nothing to bring it to your desk today, but lots to post to nigeria. YOU can post it from work and pay the postage. I'm already going to have to give that ho of a wife the 1000 bucks for the rimming.
ig: what do you mean by nigeria can you post it out to hime in nigeria but it cost you nothing
mm: I'll have to put at least 27 clit stamps on the letter. You can pay for all those clits and lick them / stick them onto the letter but I'm not.
ig: pls i will give you all the money it will cost you and don,t want mu wife to know that is why can can not say you should take out iof the money
ig: ok
ig: pls post it out
mm: So, i'll bring the punani money to your wife ($1000 cash) on the way to you office today. Your wife will never know about the penguin motif invitation since I'll leave this just for you on you desk by the flange flaps. You can buy the clits and lick them and send the letter to your friend. And everyone is happy Smile
ig: pls...... post it out i have told you tomm i will give you all it cost you i mean money pls i want it out today
mm: You can post it out tomorrow yourself and then there is no money to worry about. By the way - did you ever finish building that sauna extension for the “special services” home business you were going to get started? You wife is well worth the $1000 price tag so would be a good start for the special services sauna stable.
ig: so you can not post it out for me you mean?
mm: I'm too busy. You will be able to get your secretary to do it so it won't take you any time at all. (and perhaps ask her to join the stable. she looks like a go-er) What would you like the invitation to say? Kiddy party? S&M Night?

[nice choice sir]

ig: pls do it as i say pls post it out
ig: pls
mm: Great. Do you need any of the S&M gear too ? I could attach some pictures if you're short of ideas.
ig: help me with that
mm: you need to tell me what gear you need. and no second hand S&M gear. It's just wrong.
mm: You want to be a Dom or a Sub (for the S&M Party) ?
ig: ok can you you email it to me and i email it to him will that be ok
ig: yes
ig: DOM

[a good decision]

mm: Yep. I'll e-mail it to your work address. As I said - I can't send to yahoo or any free e-mail services - only to registered domains. So you'll have the e-mail in your work inbox in 20 mins.
ig: will it be ok if you mail it to me and i email it to him
mm: I've just said that. It'll be sent to your work e-mail address in 20 mins ([email protected]
ig: no send it to [email protected]
ig: ok
mm: I can't send to that address. Read TWO messages up. ONLY to registered domains. NOT free e-mail services. My work stops anything to FREE e-mails
ig: Confused
mm: it's not a problem. I know that you can pick up your work e-mail from home so you'll have the S&M Party (role = dom) invitation in your hands in 20 mins. And your wife will have the $1000 and a homemade pearl necklace in about 30 minutes.
mm: I've just had Alk on messenger (remember - we all used to work together) and he also said he hasn't seen you for ages. Can you make it out for a drink on friday? We are meeting at the "Fist 'n Fetish" bar/restaurant at 9pm. Please say you'll come. And bring your wife. She can do the line-ups again.
ig: send it to my yahoo emaill address if you no you want to help me out with this
ig: i can pick it up at home send it to my yahoo email address
ig: ok

[ermmm. again]

ig: but you no am the own of that two addresss and i want you to send it to my yahoo address if you no you want to help me out with this

[and again !!!]

ig: will you email to him @ [email protected]
ig: so send it to him and i will email him now

[insult time]

mm: ig - I don't remember you being this effin stupid. You were clever as a she-goat when we worked together (although stupid enough to let me do your wife). Please read what I have already written !!!!
mm: I sent that a few messages up. Hotmail is also a free e-mail service.
mm: Are you going to come for a drink this friday? Fist and fetish pub? All the old gang will be there.
ig: ic hot maill is free and is not free and his account is not free
ig: so send it to him
mm: I've now sent it to your work e-mail "[email protected]"
ig: do i give you his fax number and you fax him
mm: Maybe I can transfer it directly to you using IM.
ig: i can not get it
ig: ok
mm: why not?
mm: why can't you get it?
ig: send to me using IM

[tried sending him a renamed .dll file 'cos I wanted to see what IP address it would end up at, but IM send failed]

ig: THIS IS FAX NUMBER 206-309-7187
mm: ok.
ig: 1 206-309-7187
mm: OK - I will IM it to you.
ig: OK

[ooo. he *is* DOM. Send still failed. Lets see if he's stupid enough to give me his IP address]

mm: I'm trying but my desktop firewall is blocking it. I'll need to add you in locally. Can you go to and tell me what the number says?
mm: I just spoke to Alain. He can't wait till friday night for some fisting.
ig: he said no preview available

[nope - he's too stupid to use a web browser]

ig: why can you fax it to him
mm: i have no fax machine. what do you mean "no preview available" ? do you have a web browser and internet access?
mm: try this web-page instead
mm: Alan was reminding me of the time you browned yer caks at work and had to go home early. Sooooo funny.
mm: We can re-tell all the old fisting stories this friday
mm: or this address :
ig: whrn going home,kindly fax to the no i gave to u
mm: I cannot FAX it you as I cannot dial international from office. I'll fax it to your office in London.
ig: pls an not there now
ig: so get it fax to him
mm: Where are you?
ig: pls
ig: or you cant no do that for me again
mm: Are you at home? With the kids? And the nanny (whoo-hoo) ?
ig: no am with a friend
mm: who? does Ivanahumpalot (remember - your wife !!) know you aren't with the kids? Who is looking after them? I'll have to phone your wife now. I'm worried for all the little budding neds. Are they at home alone? They are only 2 years old !!!


ig: am going home how
ig: i just want yo to fax it to him
ig: ok
ig: so if you will i will go home now
mm: So who is looking after the children now !!! You are supposed to be at home.
ig: is dave

[dave?? where the hell did that come from?]

mm: Dave? He only got out of prison last week. And you've left him home with the children? He killed a man and goaded rhesus monkeys. My god!! I can't believe you are even still talking to him (after what he did to your first wife with the melon and cream - but we won't go into that)
ig: sorry,i have to go now.ensure the letter is passed to me.
ig: am going home
ig: plz fex him
ig: fax him thanks

[some more insults]

mm: i'm leaving now to do your wife. she'll be moist when she gets home. see you on friday. I'll bring the invitation with me - the S&M Party (role=dom) one with the penguin motif.
ig: no... fax it now

[and let him think that I've faxed it direct to his house]

mm: I've just sent it to your home fax number (luckily I found the number) and it's just successfully been sent. That was cunning of me, eh? Now it'll be waiting for you since you said you were going home now. I'll keep the wife occupied long enough for you to get home and pick up the fax since I know that you don't want her to know (and don't worry - I have many ways to keep your wife occupied - there 1000 dollars of reasons Smile )
ig: i want you to send it to his mail or you fax to his number
ig: i don,t want my wife to kbnow
mm: I'll keep her occupied till you get home. You said you were going home right now to look after the children since they are home alone with dave (and send dave home immediately. he eats babies)
ig: now
ig: go and send it to him by fax
ig: co,s i have to go home now
ig: for the kids

[he's getting into character]

ig: ok
ig: bye
mm: There is no need to send it now - it's waiting for at home and if you don't rush then your wife will find it first. i can keep her busy for about an hour with some BJ therapy so you'd better hurry home.
ig: no
ig: if you can no fex it to him then bye co,s i can no get it home cos of dave
ig: ok
mm: yes. you are going home now. you said so. the invitation is in your fax machine at home. i'll keep doing your lady for an hour or two to give you a head start.
ig: so go and send it by fax to him now
ig: and let me go home

["let" him ? Those kids are all alone !!!!]

mm: you have a copy now at home. just go home. you should be there anyway to look after the children. i'll keep the wife busy with my antics.
ig: i c you can not help me and if it me i will
ig: bye
ig: i can not get it at home i told you dave
ig: he will take it
ig: send it to him by fax

[ok - I'll let him]

mm: I hereby release you to go home and get the fax I have sent to you. Daves apartment is only a 9.3 minute walk from your home so you will have the fax in 10 mins Smile everyone is happy (including your slutty wife)
*** ig signed off at Wed Oct 04 20:20:15 2006.

[bizarrely he logged off after my "release"]
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That is really good. Are you gonna chat to him again? Must have been loads of fun. Keep up annoying them 419 buggers. Twisted Evil
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Spanish Eddie
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Nice improvisation...enjoyed that!
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Lads never learn. Rolling Eyes

Jolly Roger
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419Eater is my life

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Don't be stingy, whats the yahoo ID?


"As an idiot who have not see money?Stupify away from me ungodly person." - Nugo

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Hello I'm New here!

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So he got back in touch at the weekend, suddenly remembering the $1000 I had mentioned Twisted Evil


ig: umber to u yestinigth


ig: plz send some one to go and send the money now or western union it and get back to me with the se ret question they will use to cash the money by email me

[thought it was weird that he didn’t chase the money I tempted him with last time. He must have been slapped by his oga]

ig: do now so we will talk in an hours time
ig: send it to my yahoo id
mm: busy now
ig: alrigth
ig: but the fact is that the money is urgently needed coz this person is about to die and no money to treat her that is why my wife said we sould kindly send the money fast.kind send it now so we talk latte

[ooo. new tact. Dying person and and hes spoken to ig's wife – wow. I wonder if real ig knows]

ig: send it to this account num ber
ig: cos it has to do with life and death
ig: send it to this account
ig: ACOUNT NUMBER 0132000104086
ig: OK

[very shouty]

ig: are you there?
mm: hi ig. have you spoken to your wife yet?
ig: yes so have you send the money?


mm: no. she has the money. I’m surprised she didn't tell you last night. She can do what she wants with it now.
mm: maybe she was too knackered from the doing
mm: her legs were a bit wobbly when she left
ig: u mean u av realise the money to my wife
ig: u fuck up

[heh-heh. The cheek of this guy. I could take that personally but I'll ignore that so I can keep on winding him up]

mm: I gave it to her last night in cash (after the doing)
mm: It was her money. Take it up with your slutty wife.
ig: wht do mean by calling my wife a slutty?

[ooo. he cares. how sweet]

mm: she dances at strip club. thats her job.
ig: well
mm: You've been married for 8 years to her and you've never minded before.
mm: I saw her last night at her work and gave her the money I owe her.
mm: And I faxed that S&M Invitation to your home number.
ig: l have heard you

[doesn't seem all that bothered that I called his wife a slut]

ig: i need a urgent help nowwwww
ig: that woman in west africa is dying
ig: i need some money now to take care of her

[dying woman again]

mm: Ig - weren't you at work today? Didn't you get my mails?
mm: Well ask your wife. You said that she wanted to give the money to the dying woman - well now she can!!! She has $1000
mm: in cash
ig: attach to ur yahoo email box and forward it to my yahoo,email box

[attach money ???]

mm: I can't attach cash, and anyway - your wife has it.
mm: And I told you yesterday that I can't send e-mail to free e-mail services.
ig: i mean the invitation letter

[god - back to that old grindstone]

mm: did you not go home last night? it is in your home fax machine.
ig: i know that my wife will send , but can you borrow a sum of 1,000usd pls
mm: Yes I can borrow that from you. How will you transfer it to me?
mm: And thats very generous of you to borrow me $1000. Thanks

[cool - he's going to borrow me some money!!]

ig: i need the money from u
ig: some one is dying
ig: a life need to be saved
mm: So your wife has the money - she said she wanted to save the woman. Now is her chance. She was always a big giver. Big blouse bunnies too.
ig: i ant it too be confidencial btw u and i

[now he ups the ante]

ig: and i need 2500 but my wife has only 1000 with her
ig: so it cant do solve anything
ig: plz i need to save this woman and u no that friend in need is a freind in deed
ig: so how much can u borrow me
mm: I can borrow from you as much as you want to give me. How will you transfer the money to me ?
mm: You could send me cash
ig: men stop all this shit

[heh-heh - he's getting annoyed]

ig: i mean i need some mone from u
ig: i will return it btw 5day
ig: 5days

[insult time]

mm: Ig - you have changed since we used to work together. did you finally get the sex op?
ig: ok let clear the invitation first

[ok? op or no op??]

ig: attach the invitatiion leter with ur yahoomail box and forward it to m uahoo box
mm: you have it at home !!!! and - please read carefully ... "I CANNOT SEND E-MAIL TO A FREE ADDRESS"
ig: attach it with ur yahoomail mail box that u ae using to chart with me now,use it to send it now
ig: its urgent
ig: are you there?
ig: are you there?
ig: have you send it?
ig: the invitation

[finally decided to send him a renamed dll. the IM account hasn't been used in years - just one of those thats configured in trillian. BUT i also make sure I use a traceable mail service ( - free trial Smile ) ]

mm: it is sending now.
ig: i got it
ig: back to our discussion
ig: cahow much can you borrp me
mm: whats a borrp ?
ig: how much can you borow me

[e-mail trace came back - details in message below - but also final proof that he actually sitiing online in Nigeria - kind of obvious by now but nice to have the proof]

mm: Ig - Are you OK. You were in London yesterday. And the return receipt on that e-mail just said the following:-
mm: Opened 4-Oct-06 at 18:25:18pm (UTC +01:00) - 4mins32secs after sending
Location , ibadan, Nigeria
Opened on (

[didn't tell him i'd put a tracer on his e-mail - just left it vaguely about the header]

mm: It's got a street address as well

[big fib. trace only gives region or country]

ig: i travel 4 some deal
mm: but it's a 12 hour flight. you said you were here last night.
mm: Wow. What deal ?
ig: that is why am am in ibadan nigeria now
ig: it just 4 hours fligth
ig: i want to be inportin some nigeria food and dress

[nice. can't get enough of that Nigerian food]

mm: Why? You're a programmer in london.
ig: money is ni nigerig food
mm: what food do they have in nigeria?
ig: if u are inportin it u will make ur money
ig: they have eba rice iyan and beans
mm: thats a big change from programming. you were only in the office yesterday. did you quit your job ?
ig: yes but that is not the issue now
ig: the issue is how can i get back to london now
ig: coz am stranded
ig: that is why i told u to borow me some cash
ig: plz do it now
ig: thru wester union

[So now he's stranded and thats why he needs the money. What happened to the dying woman??? I forgot to ask :@]

mm: I have the address from the e-mail receipt. I'll forward it to the british embasy and they can tell the police
mm: I'll e-mail them now
mm: they will be able to help you if you're stranded
ig: no no no
ig: i want u to send me some cash and i will return it tomorow when i get back to london
ig: ar u there or u ar thinkin abt the amount u will send to me
mm: sorry - I missed the last couple of messages. I have just e-mailed [email protected] and [email protected] with your problem. I'm sure they can help. I gave them the address of the internet cafe you are in.

[again lies. i made up the embasy one and got the nigerian one from the web]

mm: They will be able to provide assistance and get you back to good old blighty for a pint of mild
ig: just send me th money ,i dont care about that
mm: e-mail is already sent. I'm sure the embasy will do anything to help a stranded citizen.
ig: u are mad

[I'm mad ??? he's the one trying to impersonate my friend - how mad is that?]

mm: i'll let your wife and kids know you are ok.
ig: send me money
mm: embassy = help
mm: thats what they are there for.
mm: They'll probably get the police to come and see if you are OK.
ig: men am ok bu i need some cash
ig: just westerunion some money
mm: i'll call your wife at your house now. she can transfer the $1000 for BJ she gave me. I'll go phone your house now.
ig: how u go do that fuckin thing
ig: she didnt no about my trip
ig: never tr that
ig: and send me the cash now

[bored bored bored - time to close it down]

mm: i'm bored now. it's been fun but getting very very boring now. goodbye mr NOT ig.

[copied straight from forums


You are a goat, for real. You can write whatever you want, but let me tell you, one day you would be caught. You are a thief. Please, when you are done, go ask your mother who your real father is. Take a good look at your sibling and you would realize that your mum cheated on your father when she concieved you. Your mother is 5 naira whore. May you be caught by the police. ]

ig: mom iya sup?
ig: gini ki n le gbu

[oops. he's slipped out of character. no idea what he's saying....]

mm: U dey crazy maga na ur father abi na ur brother? mugu reply me i go bicus of say u dey work am i no go continue my own? dey work ur own make i dey work my own

[Again from the forums: You're a maga and your incestual relations have confused who is your father and who is your brother. Reply to me about this mugu and I'll go off on my own. You do your work and I'll do mine. ]

ig: thunde na pu pa gi
ig: oye osi
ig: omo you dey there?
ig: omo iya talk now

[again, no idea ....]

ig: i will see u when i get to london tomorow and let stop all this insulting word
ig: byeeeeeeeeeeeeee

[but stll coming to london ????]

mm: ok. http://<zoy_link_to_mega_bad_bad_porn_popup_site>

[removed from post above so no-one clicks but lets see if he clicks it]


[guess he did Razz .... not seen him online since]
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