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 My Bait - And A Virus Modality Twist!

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 29, 2006 2:53 am Reply with quoteBack to top

All right ladies and gentlemen... This is my first decent, and long running bait. It started the first of this month, and so we're about to enter in to our 2nd month together! He is the cutest, sweetest lil lad from Lome... Lest some of you worry about the title of this post, I did not send my lad a virus... The other way around, and boy am I getting some legs out of that... But I'll give you some backdrop.

I'm 69 years old, and after a youth of rock concerts and marijuana smoking, I am near to deaf. However, if my lad really wants to talk, he is more than welcome to call my freedigits and have me yell "WHAT?" over and over... I insist I'm still a completely capable man, as age and ability have nothing to do with one another.

Being that I'm so old, I've been having the worst time with all this newfangled computer stuff. Printing and scanning our agreement note took us almost two weeks. I've really been able to get a lot out of my technical inexpertise.

Like most lads, this guy is ridiculous. I know for a fact one of you out there are baiting this guy, I actually picked him up off of here... And in the same day he told me he was in Lome, later that day he accidentally sent me this message (Which I almost assume was for one of you):

, you never met me but you are insulting me like this , how can i know and send message to your job that is why i asked you .

i am in west coast , am presently in london 004470318941**
take it easy brother

And then immediately afterwards:



Needless to say, he was henceforth slapped, and I got some more mileage out of making him explain his sudden movement from Lome to London. He spun his wheels for a while explaining this to me, and then just as we're getting to the point he wants me to be at - that great money phase...

I open my mailbox, and am getting TONS of viruses from the guy. Needless to say, I'm an old man and I do not want my computer getting me sick. My health insurance is through the roof as it is, and I don't need any of that west nile virus or ebola. I don't know if my HMO would cover it. Now, of course, I didn't really open these emails - but he doesn't know that Smile

I got him to start a new mailbox to email me from, and made him apologize for infecting my computer. However, I'm an elderly man and making a trip down to a public terminal every day is really wearing on me, and if I can't get my computer fixed then I'm out a thousand plus on equipment, and I just don't know if we'll be able to stay in touch and complete this deal, but I'll start looking into travel arrangements anyway... In the meantime, I requested he fix my computer by purchasing me the software some local computer geeks had recommended to me.

After much protest, he insisted that I simply buy the software and then get reimbursed out of the money that is waiting for me. After all, the only money he has on him are for the demurrage fees. Big mistake on his part telling me that... I'm an old timer, and I only do business with men - and men clean up the messes that they make. It says a lot about a person if they don't clean up their mistakes or apologize for spreading disease, so I sayz Why don't you just western union me the money for the software and I'll take care of the demurrage fees once my computer has been fixed. After all, the demurrage fees must be much more expensive than the cost of some software... I've never received a quicker reply, and to my amazement it was:

wonderful papa, let me know the name of the soft wear and wear it can be bought on line , i will see what i can do

Now, nevermind the slap he gets for not calling me "Big Papa", as he knows to do ("I even snuck in a P.S. I love it when you call me Big Papa... Biggie Smalls anyone? Smile)... Now I've got him locked in. I'm not proceeding until he cleans up this mess he has made. I reply with a link to Norton's site where he can purchase their software and provide me with a link to download it.

Now, I'm not sure if he will really proceed at this point, but he does believe I'm in for some skrill. I figure he will try to get me to pay the demurrage fees before paying for the software, but he has already caved in and I won't go back, and rightfully so methinks... But the question becomes - if he does purchase this for me, I almost assume that it'll be with a stolen credit card or the like, how should I proceed if he does this?

Any other feedback on my handling of this would be nice.

Thanks guys,


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