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 My poor confused ladette, she knows not what I say.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 20, 2006 9:55 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I thought I'd put two exchanges from my ladette on here. I think I may have her a trifle confused.

She also doesn't seem to mind all the euphamisms for breasts, or she simply does not understand them, and a whole lot else either.

Pumpkin Jugs,

Hello, how are you? I was unavailable for the last several days. I had to take an emergency trip to help my brother. He had fallen and couldn't get up. He was at work at the Springfield Power Plant, when he fell off a ladder because it broke while he was standing on it. He broke his leg and his arm and a few ribs and his coccyx. I can tell you, that one was a real pain in the ass. Anywho, the doctors advised me to stay a few days and help him out. It was rough, because not only did he miss his rub and tugs, they don't make house calls either. And guess who had to take matters into their own hands. It wasn't so bad, it was easier than I thought. I just thought of myself, and that made it go easier. Except that I have left handed twist, while he has a right twist, which was little awkward for me, and I accidentally gave a left twist, so now he's got a double twist going.

But I digress, I just flew back in a few hours ago. It was a hell of flight. First the flight was delayed by 3 hours, then I missed my connecting flight, then I had to wait 6 more hours, and then when I finally got here, they lost my luggage. I think it's in Albuquerque, I knew I should made that left turn. I'm sorry here I go again. I have to take my medication again, it helps me keep organized.

So I wanted to let you know that I need you to have the security company contact or give you the forms I need. As soon as you get the forms to me, I can begin to make the arrangements for my trip there. I want to come and see you as soon as I can. I would like to meet your mother. Do you know a what a stinkfinger is? I would like to bring your mother some kind of gift. Is there anything she likes? I would also like to bring you a gift too. Also, do you know of any accommodations I can stay while I am there?

So I ask you to get these documents and forms I will need from the security company to release the packages that your father left. Will I need to pay any type of tax or fee to do this? I will also go to the bank again today, and see what I can do about having your name placed on the account.

I' Like Bukkakke

Dear Bukkakke,

Thanks for your mails,Well,you know that when ever am reading your mail,i always fall down on laughter,you are just a very funny man,i will love to see you.

So your brother fall down and could not get up,He broke his leg and his arm and a few ribs and his coccy,infact you are too funny,so yopu begin to arrange all the broken parts,i laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.You miss your flight,lost your luggage.

Welcome,i thank God you are back safely,without any problem.

Regarding to the business,i told you that you should contact the security company as the consignee,i can not do my own and do your own,they told me that you should contact them officially,as my fathers partner,i have explained everything to them,they take it as a joke,listen this consignment what millions,you have to be bold enough and contact them,let them know you what the contain of that consignment and ask them what are their requirements,also let them know you will need a visa from them,advice them to get back to you with all the necessary informations that may be important you.I think this is a simple something,contact them immediately,i will resend you my skeleton of the letter to them.

Please come as soon as posible,very important.Regarding to gift,anything you feel is good for me,i think i will like it also,but i will like you to buy for me a good handset(nokia).My mother does'nt need much,anything is good for her all she want is this consignment out from the company.I dont know what a stinkfinger means,most of your slans(language)i dont understand,America has there own tough,so i dont understand.

There are good hotels here,depending the level of hotel you may like,there are the once for $400,$300,200,$150,$100 etc,depending on the one you want.good hotels are here,you know here is a very peaceful country,it is a smal country but decent.Regarding to the account,if it is not possible to have my name in the account,there is no problem about that,go ahead and open it with your name is the same.

Take medications oky,regarding to your trip,sorry for all the troubles.


And this one too

Sweater Puppets,

You didn't answer some of the questions I asked you about being a princess. Did your parents have crowns? Did you have a crown? Also I wanted to know if you father had a throne. I have 2 small ceramic thrones, but I'm sure they are not as nice as your father's was. Also did you ever have any court jesters? I just want to know these answers because I never have known a real life princess. I have been in the Royal Room at the local Gentleman's Club, but I don't think that's the same.

If you could answer these simple questions I would be happier than a crack addict in the Velvet Club on drag night.


I' Like Bukkake

My Dear,

Please typing is a work to me,listen every HIGHNESS has a crown,i feel when you come we will be face to face and talk all this,you are not runing,take it easy,you will see most of things with your eyes,not by writing,i will take you arround,dont worry your self.

There is PALACE,you call royal room,i dont like all those partner,they are called old schools,my fathers always respect me because of my feelings towards all this traditions,it is not my style,but you will see my dress like one,dont worry your self till you come.

Princess .

That last response may require a slapping.

Oh yeah, BTW about every other email I send her is like this.

Ilike Bukkakke i dont cere fuck you and your mother you are a bed man you are the one who kelled your wife and you duogter fuck your motheras - Esther Kamara

Thanks for your mail,infact you are a very funny man,i dont stop laughing when i read your mails some time,well,you can start the adoption,as it pleases you,but you would have wait till when we see first. - Princess Nafisa
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