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 Cyber Love's Illusions has changed it's marketing strategy

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Welcome to the Internet Home of Cyber Love's Illusions

Before You Send ANY MONEY to Someone You Have NEVER MET in Person! READ THIS BOOK! Your Emotions and Your Wallet May be at Stake!

If someone YOU HAVE NEVER MET IN PERSON wants you to cash a personal check, business check, money order, Cashier's Check, or even a Postal Money Order, YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK! IT HAS KEPT SOME PEOPLE FROM BEING FELONS AND SERVING TIME IN PRISON!

If You Have a Friend or Loved One Who Has an Internet Friend, You Both Need to READ THIS BOOK!

Even if You Are Not Being Scammed and Don't Know of Anyone Being Scammed, THE PROBLEM STILL CONCERNS YOU! Read the book now and learn why West African Scamming is MORE THAN A PRANK!


Osama bin Laden's Real War on Terror!

Osama bin Laden

West African Scamming Syndicates are looting the West to the tune of 20 to 60 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR with NO end in sight. When Osama bin Laden responded to President Bush's declaration of "War on Terror" on December 27, 2001 on Al Jezeera Television, he stated via Video Tape:

“It is very important to concentrate on striking the American economy with every possible means. Hit the American economy at its heart and its core.”

While everyone in the United States was looking for bombs and airplanes, Osama bin Laden and his Islamic Terrorist counterparts first announced in 2003 that they were interested in West Africa (specifically naming Nigeria). Then, they moved into West Africa and wrested control of the Nigerian Scamming and Drug Industries. While the average Line Scammer in the Internet Cafés may not realize the difference, the Scamming Syndicates noticed a difference. While they were forced to pay tribute to their new masters, they also discovered that their masters were more than willing to make several "investments" in their business. Osama realized that if he wanted to reach his goal of destroying the American Economy, he has to systematically destroy the American Dollar. Read further to learn his plan.

Osama bin Ladin's First West Africa Investment - Romance Scamming

Osama's first investment in West Africa was to retrain the 419 Scammers to do Romance Scamming. Expanding upon techniques developed by the Soviet Union's Secret Service, the KGB, Osama sent Hezbollah trainers into Nigeria to teach the scammers how to do Romance Scamming. Learn how the scammers employ modern computer technology to win the hearts of people and get them to do their bidding. The book exposes the psychological techniques employed by the scammers to win control of their victims and get them to make "direct contributions" to the cause of International Terrorism without even knowing it.

Osama bin Ladin's Second West African Investment - Forgery Factories
One of their investments was the development of "Forgery Factories," designed to create millions of pieces of fake personal and business checks, Bank Cashier's Checks, Bank Money Orders, Postal Money Orders, and any other fake financial instruments the Line Scammer might need. Cyber Love's Illusions explains how the Line Scammers convince their innocent victims to take these fake instruments to their bank and cash them. The book then explains what happens to the victims when their bank discovers that the financial instruments the victims cashed ARE FAKE!

Osama's Third Investment: Phishing for Credit Cards - Freight Forwarding
To further dilute U.S. Currency, Osama's operatives have set up "Phishing Farms" to gather credit card numbers and other personal information. When they have collected a block of information, they distribute it to their other operatives in West Africa, Kuwait, the Balkans, and other parts of the world. These operatives in Nigeria then use these stolen credit card numbers to "purchase goods" mostly via the Internet from U.S. mail order houses. However, since they cannot get the merchandise shipped directly to Nigeria, they have the merchandise shipped to Romance Scam victims, who in turn forward the merchandise to their scammers in Nigeria. Scam victims must realize that Law Enforcement Authorities are aware of these scams and will not hesitate to arrest people, whether they know or don't know, that they are attempting to reship stolen merchandise to West Africa. The book will tell victims how to avoid the scammers' traps and keep themselves out of prison.

Don't Fall for Osama's Traps and Support Islamic Terrorism
Read Cyber Love's Illusions and learn the truth now.

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