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 my first scambait ever

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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 12 Jun 2006
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 13, 2006 4:36 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

First he send me this
Dear Friend Forever

Thanks for your mail,infact i am happy to hear from you.however the proccedure is quite simple,hence you comply with me and follow my directives.You have nothing to be affraid of because i believe that my
involvement in this is with enough experince you are to do is to abide and follow my instruction so that there will not be any mistake from our both side.

Hence you co-operate with me there is nothing that will jobadise this transaction because i believe any thing that may come out like questions from the bank side i am here to update you about the response.

All i want from you is to be sincere with me so that we dont have any negative thought on ourselve.Because this is like our life project and we have to be serious with it for us to achieve what we are aiming.As for me i will always try to reach you always to know what are the development on the ground.

while i will be expecting to hear from you always,note once we start we must finished this together because this need to be confidential because of the nature of my job,because right now i am still serving in the bank and i would not want the bank to be aware about my involvement in the transaction.That was why it need to be secret within us.

But before we can procees i will like you to send me this details so that it can enable me to send you text of application which you use and apply
to the bank for claiming of this fund 11.5million United States Dollars into your account so below is what i need from you.

However really the money will transfer to your account but first you will contact the bank for the effect transfer of this fund to your account ,
am here to forward you all the information regards to this transaction.

1*Your Nationality?
2* Your Occupation?
3*How Old Are You?
4*Are You Married?
5*Are you capability Of Handling this transaction?
6*your photo copy of your passport.
7*Your personal Telephone number.

immediately i received this information about you, i will do as i promised forward the application to for you to sumbit to the bank for the release of the fund.

further more we are now like partners in this transaction and i would like to hear from you before i can be sure of you for the next step to be

thanks for your concern.

Best regards,

6*your photo copy of your passport. niftly litle rascal aint it

So i send him this

Plz excuze my rudeness but i must ask that you scan
and send me the blank Bank check so that i can
complete the transaction.Some ID would be nice too.

Sensirly. Lucas Smith

And he send me this Shocked

Dear Friend Forever
I think that trust is the foundaton of ever parternship,Now listen i am a french man but hears and write english well and i am Prince by name and has done everything possible to see that this transaction is sucecssfull done i want you to know that trust is the foundation of any perfect partnership as i said before. That is why I am sending this mail along with a copy of my pictures I take few today and the document that covers the money in this our bank, here is attached file it frout page with my internationaI passport copy,I am expecting yours picture.

Regarding the transaction, the most important thing is confidentiality, you can easily guess that if the bank knows my involvement that will jeopardize the transaction and I will lose my position in the bank, that is why the bank does not have to know that I am the one feeding you with the information’s these funds.

You have to be very careful with people around you because you can never know who among your friends is against your success. I am a believer and I believe that God is the one who joined you and me to champion this transaction. Nobody except you is aware of this transaction because I do not believe in people around me.

I, in the bank will be backing your claim secretly in order for the bank to approve the said claim and transfer the funds into your nominated bank account. As soon as the bank transfers the funds into your account I will take the next available flight to come over there in your country for the share I would also like you to call me on my direct line so that we can talk deeply regarding this transaction here is my number 00-225-0819-6860

Just feel free, do as I instruct you this money well be transferred to the account you will provide in this form ok. Please call me so that we talk this transaction is 100% risk free.
Best regards
Prince Bankole

TEXT OF APPLICATION TO BE FILLED AND SENT TO THE BANK BY FAX or EMAIL THE BANK: Fax: 00225.22425049. /Tel 00225.0584.4089 Email: [email protected]
My Full Name:
My Address:
My Email:
Tel :

ATTN: DR.Collins Kamara, Director of Operations Remittance Department,IFB.
Une Nouvelle Manière De Vivre La Banque.
Tel: 00225.0584.4089
Email: [email protected]

Dear Sir,
Application for the transfer of $11.500.000.00 Million (Eleven Million Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars) From Account Number: IFB. CI: 212298 Acc. to a new Account as will be detailed bellow:

My Bank Name:
My Bank Address:
My Bank Account Number:
My Bank Swift Code:
My Bank Tel / Fax Number phone:

This is the money left behind in your bank by my Deceased cousin, Mr.ADOLF SPEAR who died at the World Trade Centre, following the attack in New York and Washington on the 11th September 2001 with his entire Family. He was a German national, he owned Ste ADOLF & Brothers Sarl IMPORT AND EXPORT ABIDJAN (Cote d’Ivoire)

I am his next of kin with all Documents of proof. I wish as his heir apparent to Claim and instruct that the above-mentioned amount be Transferred into my nominated account as shown above.
I shall bear the cost of fund transfer. Please accept this late application, as it was due to family
Logistic problems consequent upon his funeral rites.
I hope you will expedite action.
Thanks for your cooperation.
Yours faithfully,

Name and signature.

with this in attachmentImage

so i sent him this
Dear Prince Bankole

Im sory to say this but that passport is obisly fake
and edited.If you plz send me the real scan so we can
do busyness

Sensirly , Lucas Smith

and he sends me this
thanks you sound like an exconvit so i can not contiune with you
thanks so far by forever

> ----------------------------------------
> Sender: dodgeme dodgeme
> To: prince bankole [email protected]
> Date: Jun 13, 2006 8:16 PM GMT
> Dear Prince Bankole
> Im sory to say this but that passport is obisly fake
> and edited.If you plz send me the real scan so we can
> do busyness
> Sensirly , Lucas Smith

so i sent him this
Im sory but are you insulting my Inteligent or
something.You can obiusly see that the passport you
send me is fake and edited n FREEKING MS PAINT.PLZ
send me the real thing OR FUCK OF.

Yours Truly, Lucas Smith

i think i wont be hearing from him anymore.if anyone wants to bug him heres his email [email protected]
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Baiting Guru

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 13, 2006 4:41 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

He didn't last long did he?

One thing we try to avoid here is tipping off the lads that the documentation and identification that they're using is crap. While there's a very good chance they'll keep using it anyway, some of the more industrious lads might try to get their hands on better fake paper -- which just makes it harder on the real victims out there.

So, you'll often hear other members telling people: "Don't educate the lads!" While it gives you satisfaction to yell at them and point out how pathetic they are, it will only serve to make them better scammers, in the worst case scenario.

Always milk your lads along -- ending the bait too soon just lets them off the hook and gets them searching for fresh meat. That said -- I'll take a swing at your lad.



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Baron Von Raschke
Master Baiter

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 15, 2006 6:15 am Reply with quoteBack to top

@ Dodgeme - spell check is your friend

Ijere wrote:
"I am not rejecting working with you because of your disability; my instinct tells me that you are not saying the truth."

Barr. Uche wrote:
'you did'nt not tell me of the the proper MTCN numer again!'
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