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 So much bad English...

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PostPosted: Thu May 11, 2006 8:44 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I don't know where to start...
Hello my lovely XXXX, my most dear person on light. I want to tell you about the ideas in the letter. I very much miss on you my most, most. I want to feel your body, want to fall asleep and wake up in your embraces. Want to
hear as you you breathe, as your heart is beaten. I frequently present at night of us together practically I feel your body, your heat... And when all this disappears... I do not want to live, do not want to live without you. The
reality seems so monstrous and sulfur that drives to a throat eiiie.
It would be desirable to die, disappear, will fail through the ground.... In my forces to make it, but I know that you are in this world and sometime will
understand me, and I want to live at this time. I want all that is connected to you. My world in you as you may not understand it? You and only you and anybody except for you will not force me to live high-grade life, life where there
is no you... I ask you only about one, be with me and never leave me I ask you? I want to become again the small little girl which would trust in miracles and the grandfather of a frost and then I would write to him the letter in
which would ask him that you always were a number. I very much love you. And let you do not believe in love but I know it are and will live in my heart always..
When you will be near to me, you will feel all depth of my Love. When you will be near to me, you will understand, that she has borders, however you can not reach its coast, will not reach its bottom. Because my Love, being exhaled
by a silent key, is spilled by the rough mountain river running into the immeasurable sea. But also the sea is a drop of water at ocean.
And when you will be near to me, you will lower the legs in a salty bath of my Love, will make foam it, leaving circles on water, not reflecting, whether they will exasperate an opposite coast, whether will lift silt from a bottom.
When you will be near to me, you will scoop a moisture a palm to freshen the person, and will understand, that salt of your tears only an easy reminder on the ceased storm.
When you will be near to me, you to be narrowed eyes from light billion the Sun jumping on waves of a calm. And the head yours will be begun to whirl from senseless recalculation of their number.
When you will be near to me, easy breath of a breeze will drug you the freshness and carelessness. The wind will whisper tenderly: I do not know whence you, I do not know whence I, but I want, that you were near to me.
I believe, that all this will be, when you will be near to me. I very much want, that you were near to me. I wait, when you will be near to me. I hope, that sometime you will tell to me: I with you.
For now let my love beats a pure key, filling with itself the blue chasm merging on horizon with infinity of the sky
Behind a window new day comes. I am one. Alone with the ideas.... I dream of you.... To me it is sad that we so is far
From each other... But me it is joyful that you at me are.... Each your letter brings I drill positive emotions, I am glad.... And anybody except for me, does not know those strong feelings,
Which you are at me in soul, in my heart, XXXX to me so roads....
I very much love you... And I to be ready always beside that was....
Ours with you feelings have not changed.... Me it
So pleases.... I know, that sometime there will come that day and hour, which
Will present us a meeting.... Gentle a sight.... Gentle embraces... Most
Gentle and passionate feelings.... We shall be so are happy..... To us it will be together simply wonderful.... And then we can admit each other
In those sincere feelings for that we so long waited,
Thank, that you at me is.... I continue to live and hope....
You in a number of - and this main thing.... And the greater also it is not necessary for me......
I very much love you...
Whole, I embrace.... Present and smile.....

Pure gold. Laughing

Me still to similar government a pie of honey - Lena Something-or-Other
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Stepan Fetchit
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PostPosted: Fri May 12, 2006 7:00 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Summary: send me money and I promise I will screw you.
That's actually not as bad as some them!
How you, my road baiter? How you affairs? If I had the tube of phone, you could cause me! You the most road baiter on ground!
My director say the safe way to send the money is by the western union. You know of such western union my road baiter?
I simple russian virgin girl who want to do you. I know of nothing about the western union, except you must send the ten digit number, and no send on the weekend. The line at bank too long on the mondays, but that is just what my director tell me. I know of no such things. I poor russian girl who Is the virgin and has not waited in the bank line the many times until the foot sore!
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