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-----Original Message-----
From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Wednesday, March 08, 2006 10:37 PM
Subject: From Princess Fayad Bolkiah

Dear Friend,

I am contacting you for an urgent assistance to mobilise a business
transaction and further to have explicit investment information about your
country from you. I am Princess Fayad Bolkiah, the wife of Prince Jefri
Bolkiah, former Finance Minister of Brunei, the tiny oil-rich sultanate.

I will save your time by not amplifying my extended royal family history,
which has already been disseminated by the international media during the
controversial dispute that erupted between my husband and his stepbrother,
the sultan of Brunei Sheik Muda Hassanal Bolkiah. As you may know from the
international media, the sultan had accused my husband of financial
mismanagement and impropriety of US$14.8 Billion dollars. This was as a
result of the Asian financial crisis that made my husband's company Amedeo
Development Company and government owned Brunei Investment Company to be
declared bankrupt during his tenure in office.

However my husband is in jail now, his bank accounts and private
properties including a crude oil export refinery have been confiscated by
the sultanate.

Furthermore, during this unfortunate period i was advised to evacuate my
immediate family outside the sultanate to avoid further prosecution from
the sultan and his security operatives, but luck ran against me on my
attempt to escape.I am now kept under house arrest by the Sultan and i
have no access to a phone but I have a Palm V hand-held computer from
which I am sending you this mail. Before my In-castration, I went ahead to
dispatch the sum of One Hundred Million United States Dollars US$100
Million under special arrangement into the custody of different Trustee
companies for safe keeping abroad.This action was on the orders of my
husband to me to enable us start a new life.

The money were splitted and kept in the following countries in this
proportion:US$28 Million is in Euroupe, US$20 Million is in Middle East,
US$15 Million in Africa, US$20 Million in the U.k and US$17 Million is in
Asia respectively. Hence I seek your good assistance to invest these funds
into profitable investment in your country to facilitate future survival
for my family abroad.I have decided to offer 12% of these funds to you as
compensation for your strong cooperation.

Please I count on your absolute confidentiality, transparency and trust
while looking forward to your prompt reply towards a swift conclusion of
this business transaction.

Many Thanks & May God's blessing remain with you,Amen.

I remain yours sincerely

Princess Fayad Bolkiah

My Reply

Subject: From Princess Fayad Bolkiah
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2006 10:51:26 -600 Status: Normal
From: "Karsan Oma"

Princess Fayad,

I regret very much hearing of your husband's imprisonment and your own subsequent
house arrest.

However, I feel obligated to tell you that in my job as an airframe mechanic with Sikorsky in Stratford, CT, I built several helicopters for his Majesty, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, may Allah smile upon him. I have always considered his Majesty to be a fair and courteous man, and a pleasure to do business with when constructing and servicing his Blackhawk helicopter fleet, and I would consider it a personal injustice to do anything that might jeapordize my company's relationship with his Majesty Sultan, may Allah smile upon him.

I have thusfar considered the sultan to be both wise and considerate of his
people. Perhaps you should review more closely your husband's business dealings.

Thank you,

Karsan Oma

Karsan Oma
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