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 Cold feet or the one that got away.

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Rusty Shackleford
Wannabe Baiter

Joined: 07 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 20, 2006 11:02 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

It would seem I may have scared away my second lad or he has cold feet.

Perhaps I have done something wrong during the bait. However it was fun thinking up all this nonsense.

Dear Sir,
I received encouraging information about you and how trust worthy you are. I am delighted
with such a useful information. I am interested in the partnership investment program with
your corporation. First permit me to introduce myself I am the personal assistant to
MOHAMED OULD NAFAA (The Minister of Construction) of the Western Sahara State in the
democratic Republic of Sahara (A tiny country in the Desert). Being the personal assistant
to the minister of Construction of my country, I awarded the contract of IRRIGATION to
Portuguese Firm worth several millions of dollars. In the execution of that project the
Portuguese firm discovered large amount of gold in one of the contract sites. I collaborated
with the Portuguese firm on a mutual agreement on the proceed of which I have received my
share of $14,000,000.00 (Fourteen million dollars). As the personal assistant to the
minister of this Tiny country, I cannot introduce or circulate this funds into the Sahara
banking system onsidering my provisional duty and considering the fact that I earn less
than $1,000.00 monthly coupled with the code of conduct guidelines and regulations for
Public Civil Servants.right now my country western sahara is in a civil crisis with morroco
because of our struggle for political independence.the crisis is intensfing everyday i
decied to leave with my family once i am able to move my money out from western sahara.The
above situation prompted my decision to solicit your co-operation to take delivery of this
funds into your custody for my proposed investment as you will be adequately conpensated
with $2 000,000.00. I will arranage all necessary procedures in ensuring a smooth process
for the funds to get to you. I will appreciate you contact me once you receive this mail
via e-mail account indication your capability and willingness to enable me to give you
more details of my modus operandi of getting this money to you hitchfree. This matter
requires your urgent attention and confidentiality whatever your decision or you can send
your reply through my email
Best regards,
Western Sahara

I respond
My name Is maury finkle.
I am a small business owner here in the U.S. and specialize in home decor.
I have received your business proposal and must admit you have my attention.
I am always looking for business opportunities and would be willing to allow you to tell me more.

Why don't you go ahead and send me some more information for me to look over. Perhaps we can make big $$ together.

I must warn you now though I am not an easy man to please. If you are honest with me and work hard I believe we will have a happy business relationship.

Please tell me more as soon as possible.

Maury Finkle.

Then I get this.
Dear Maury Finkle.
Thanks for your response,i have to inform you that i contacted you because of the poltical crisis that has ravaged my country and also because i am a top government official,so i cannot have investments in my country at this time.
i am right now in Austria(vianna)where i represent my country in a united nations conference for conflict resolution and my direct phone number is 004369910516340,you can call me so that we discuss more details or send me your direct phone number.
i have deposited the funds in a security company in my country for safe keeping as all the banks are all closed down because of the crisis,if all is okay for us,i will make you the new beneficairy of the funds so that the security company where i deposited the funds will deliver the funds to you through there delivery company agents(international diplomatic delivery company)this company delivers cash and other valuables around the world.
please note that this transaction is legal and official as i have all the documents for the deposit,all that i need from you is your trust and confidence in this transaction.
i will send you a copy of my international passport for your perusal in my next mail.

My responce
Very well salim

I look forward to hearing from you.


Then he sends me this

Dear Maury,
see a copy of my international passport in the Attachment for your perusal.please note that this transaction will only take two weeks before the funds will be delivered to you once all is okay between us.

After a few more emails of him asking for my Phone # I send him this.

I will not be sending you my direct phone number ever. Do not ask for it or my shipping address after this correspondence. Now read the following very carefully

I have placed an order with an "acquaintance" who supplies me with untraceable secure mobile world phones. I would only be speaking with you on these phones. These phones will work in nearly any region of the world where cellular service is available.

Once my contact has the phone activated and has delivered them to me I will then contact you. At this time I will need a secure address for you. DO NOT SEND THIS INFORMATION UNTIL YOU ARE ASKED TO PROVIDE IT.

Once you have relayed your secure shipping information I will then ship you a phone.

This is how we do business. We take many precautions and I am sure you understand the reasons for doing so.

You will receive further instructions at a later time.


It would seem he understands and sends me:
Dear Maury,
i recieved your mail and i understand what you say.i wait for your futher instructions

A day goes by then I send:
I have received instructions from my phone contact and will be picking up the units shortly.
I do not need an address but do need to know what country you will be using the phone from so that it can be properly programed. once I have the phones I will then contact you for and address. I have also in the past sent the phones by secured Currier depending on the country.
From you I need a country and city from where you will be in the next few days so i can arrange the shipment.

Apparently he doesnt understand so I email him again.
Hello. The phone and security unit is ready.
. I have gone to some expense for these units and would be very upset if this proves to be a fruitless venture.

I have enclosed a photo of the phone and security unit. The unit on the right scrambles the signal so it can only be heard by the phone I have. A set of detailed instructions will come with the package. This phone should only be used so that I may contact you.

I now need a secure shipping address where I can ship the package.

I would also like for you to forward any documents to me which you have pertaining to the deal.
Once I have the documents and the address I will ship the unit and notify you immediately of which carrier has been used.

It is of the utmost Importance that you are not caught with this phone. Perhaps your government would not know what it is but in my country it is highly illegal. However we feel it is necessary to use to protect our investments. You must guard this unit well as it will be out only direct link of communication. Do you have a safe or vault to which you have easy access?

Please send the information needed now so I may start this process.

Along with a photo I found on google which I like to call the "Trace Buster 2000" Laughing


After a day he sends the following:
Dear Maury,

I appreciate everything you are doing and want to assure you that I will do my own part to make sure that make good and successful partners.

I have already had my Attorney prepare the relevant paper work. I will scan and email them to you by tomorrow for your consideration and subsequent action.

Meanwhile, I am sorry for taking so much time to provide you with the delivery address for the phone. I will be leaving for Nigeria in West Africa by Friday Morning. So, I have made all necessary arrangement to receive the phone there. I have taken necessary prcaution and advise that you send the package by UPS (Universal Postal Service) to the name address below.


It is a secure address and everything is gauranteed. As soon as you send them, do email me the tracking number on the slip.


He also sent some papers to be signed.



At this point I had planned to have the lad attempt to pick up the unit from a mothel or some other place where it would be being held for him.
However after getting some good input and thinking on my next move I went with the following.

I have received both emails and will move forward with the paperwork and shipment of the unit expeditiously.

I appreciate your efforts in the partnership.
I will contact you tomorrow

Then the next day I send the this email which I think may have scared him out of the bait.

have signed the documents and kept a copy for my records.

The unit will not be shipped using a regular shipping service. We will use a special courier company that specializes in transactions of this nature. This service does not deliver as a commercial service would. I am sure you are familiar with these types of services as you are a worldly man. I also do not doubt you understand that I can not have this unit delivered by fed-ex, ups or any other commercial shipping company. The high cost and nature of the unit require that it passed between as few people as possible. This service provides us with an assurance that our package will only see three pairs of hands. My hands, the Courier's hands and your hands.

The following is how the delivery must take place in order to assure the safety of the Courier and shipment. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY

1. I will contact the Courier company and arrange the following.
A. Shipment weight.
B. Destination.
C. Pickup location.
D. Time shipment needs to be at destination.

I will then be given transit options depending on the shipment size and weight. In our case the unit will be transported in a metal attache case which the Courier will always have in his possession.

I will then be informed if the Courier can have the item at the destination when needed.
Unforeseen issues such as flight delays and security will always be a factor. And can be dealt with on the go if need be.

I will then be told the pickup time. It is very important that the unit is ready on my end as the Courier company works on a very tight schedule and does not linger.

With an item such as this the Courier service usually wants to make the hand off at a secure public location such as an airport or Hotel Lobby.
The airport is preferred as any flight delays can be taken into account. If there is a delay the courier service will contact me and adjustments will be made to the pickup time.
Delivery to private residences and other non public locations is extremely expensive and not needed in this case.

It is very important that you are at the designated hand off place on time in order to receive the shipment. The Courier will only stay at the designated area for a short amount of time.
In our case the courier will be easily identifiable. He will beholding a sign at the gate his plane is to arrive at as well as the attache case which I will have a description of once they have picked up the unit.(most likely black and metal)
Once you have identified the courier you must give him a password of our choosing which I will also give him at the time of pickup.
It is very important that you give the proper password or the courier will not hand over the the package. Obviously this would be very bad.
I will inform you what the couriers sign will read once we have made arrangements for the shipment.

If this is the first time you have used such a service it may seem confusing. It really is not. The only thing you need to do is.
1. Be at the pickup spot on time.
2. Know what sign the courier will be holding.
3. Know the password.

Once you give the courier the password he will hand over the case. At this time he will also give you what is usually a 3 digit number combination which will unlock the case. It is very important that you remember this number or you will not be able to open the case till I have contacted the courier company and they give me the number.
It is also important that you are able transport the case to a secure location once you have taken possession.
Please arrange secure transportation on your end as your safety as well as the safety of the cast is a priority.

Please understand that I will be paying for the security courier service. If the transaction does not transpire I will have to pay extra to have the courier return or stay at a secure location in order to deliver the case at a later time.

I have used this company before so please do not worry. Just follow the instructions and everything will be fine.
It is imperative that this transaction goes smoothly. The courier company does not deliver for the general public and a bad transaction could cause problems down the road when I need to use them again.

Salim I need to know for sure before I go any further that you will be able to follow through with what we have discussed.

Please contact me so with this assurance. I assume you or an associate will be able to be able to make the pickup soon. I will contact with possible arrival date and times soon.


At this point I think I will have this ladd running all over town looking for someone that does not exist. Perhaps I moved to soon or he doesnt want to be bothered with having to pick up the attache case from the courier as he sends me this email...

Dear Maury,

I am sorry, your arrangement is not acceptable here. If you cannot send the package by regular mail to be delivered at the address I gave you, then you better forget it entirely as we can still conclude this matter without the speacial phone unit. Why were you requesting a safe address, when you knew the unit will not be delievered there. I am worried and very uncomfotable with all these. Afteral, the fund in question is mine. Please, send unit by UPS or forget about it.


WTF.. lazy bastard..
So i let him have it.
First of all you contacted me with a request for help. Am I not to protect my interest? I am starting to doubt your seriousness in this entire proposal. Perhaps you are some joker playing games. I have already spent $2000 U.S. Dollars to send you phone free of cost. The courier service is another $1000 us dollars plus the cost of the flight.

Do you think I would just send an expensive package like this to any address using a delivery company like ups? It would be inconceivable to allow this unit to bounce from truck to truck being thrown around by low wage workers as if it was a sack of potatoes.

Why do you think I would go to such lengths? Since you obviously cant not see I will tell you and try and make it clear.

The reason we go to such lengths to protect our self in these business transactions is that here in the U.S. the government sends people like me to jail for doing the things which you ask of me.

I am sorry I must have mistaken you for a player. It would appear to me that you know nothing of big dollar business. Are you sure the money amount you stated in the original email is correct? For that amount I should be asking you to fly and meet me to discuss arrangements.

Perhaps you are not the one in charge of this deal? I think that maybe you should let your boss talk to me and work this out. I think that if whoever is in charge of you knew you were letting this good deal pass by you would be in big trouble.

My advice to you is to be a man and make arrangements to pick up the unit so that we may communicate properly and move forward.


I also send him a email from another account I have and claim to be an "associate" of Maurys.
My name is Charles Edward Chess. I am an associate of Mr. Maury Finkle. We belong to the same "family" of business men. Our organization has family ties which are very long and date back to the old country.
I have been going over the details of the agreement between you and Maury and understand you now have cold feet concerning the transaction.
I would like to assure you that we have no intentions of defrauding you of your money.
Our organisation goes to lengths to protect our self as it would be a great boon for the government here to put any of us behind bars.
We do not use regular phones here in the U.S. as at any given time the officials may have our lines tapped and be recording our calls.

We feel that it is your best interest to move forward and be at the yet to be determined pick up point in order to pick up the communication device which i have arrange for you.

I would hate to see anything unfortunate happen to Mr. Ngweso. The world maybe large but Lagos is a mere 18hours away from us by plane.

I would appreciate you contact Maury and giving him the go ahead with the shipment as soon as possible.

Boss Chess.


At this point I am pretty sure he is gone. He seems pretty lazy and doesnt want to be bothered with anything besides what he has planned whatever that may be.

Any advice here would be appreciated.

Control for smilers can't be bought.
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Noah Vale
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 21, 2006 2:49 am Reply with quoteBack to top

very good and complex scam bait Rusty. I hope you either give him the shits or scared him into having the shits.
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