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 The Nazi Bait

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Larry Flynt
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 20, 2006 5:25 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

DISCLAIMER: If you are reading this in Germany, you will probably be arrested. Sorry. I happen to believe highly in free speech, but I can certainly understand how this subject matter might be a conversation killer at a Munich cocktail party.

ANOTHER DISCLAIMER: Before one of you goddamn busy-body politcally correct do-gooders has a coniption fit, lets get something straight. Nobody is more pro-jewish than me. I dated a jewish girl in college. My kids have some little jewish buddies and I think Jackie Mason is hysterical. What pisses me off is when some shit eating goat rapist lad decides to use the Holocaust as a scam modality. You want bad taste, mugu? I'm worse than orange juice after brushing your teeth, maga! So in that spirit...


I am klaus jacobi, an executive member of
Independent Committee
of Eminent Persons (ICEP),
Switzerland.Reference the website below for

charged with the responsibility of finding bank
accounts in Switzerland
belonging to non-Swiss
indigenes, which have remained dormant since
World War
II.It may interest you to know that In January 13 2005,
Swiss Banker's Association published a list of
dormant accounts
originally opened by non-Swiss
citizens. These accounts had been
dormant since the
end of World War II (May 9, 1945). Most belonged to
Holocaust victims.

The continuing efforts of the Independent Committee
Eminent Persons (ICEP) have since resulted in the
discovery of
additional dormant accounts -2700 in
july, 2005.

The published lists
contain all types of dormant
accounts, including interest-bearing
savings accounts,
securities a ccounts, safe deposit boxes, custody
accounts, and non-interest-bearing transaction
accounts. Numbered
accounts are also included.
Interest is paid on accounts that were
bearing when established.

The Claims Resolution Tribunal
(CRT) handles processing
of all claims on accounts due non-Swiss
A dormant account of NEUMANN ECKSTEIN with a credit
of 11,000,000 US dollar plus accumulated interest
was discovered by me.
The beneficiary was murdered
during the holocaust era,leaving no WILL
and no possible
records for trace of heirs. The Claims Resolution
has been mandated to report all unclaimed money for permanent
closure of accounts and transfer of existing credit
balance into the
treasury of Switzerland government as
provided by the law for
management of assets of deceased
beneficiaries who died interstate
(living no wills).

Many people who have full records of their
bank details h ave successfully claimed their inheritance
paid in full. List of claimants who have been paid are
listed on the
website for verification.Visit the website
below to see the list of
claimants who have been paid:

Being a top executive at ICEP, I have all secret details
and necessary
contacts for claim of the money without any
PROBLEM. The money will be
banked in the Carribean Islands,
being a tax free, safe haven for money
and we can share the
money and use in investment of our choice.

to the sensitive nature of my job, I need a foreigner to
HELP claim the
money as the beneficiary. All that is required
is for you to provide me
your details for processing of the
necessary legal, and administrative
claim documents for transfer
of the money to you.Provide me with your
full name, address, and
telephone/fax. The money will be transferred to
a secure
account in your name ,because you will be acting as the next
of kin to the deceased person that can claim the money with
documents in your name in the Carribean Island, and you
can now start
accessing the money gradually and transferring
to your country and
other banks of choice in the world. The
banks in Caribbean Islands have
internet banking and telephone
banking facility with electronic wire
transfer feature through
the internet and also anonymous ATM debit
card. All these features
mean additional security and convenience, so
that you can stay in
your country and access the money.

My share will
be 60 percent and your share is 40 per cent of the
total amount. THERE
IS NO RISK INVOLVED.You can find additional
information about unclaimed
money through the internet at the
following websites:www.

The Holocaust Claims Processing Office has
allocated the money for
payment to the beneficiary awaiting submission
of valid claims for
necessary disbursement.

I find myself priviledged
to have this information and this is a
great opportunity for a life
time of success without risks.

Due to security reasons, reply to me
via email,
([email protected])

Thanks once more for co-

klaus jacobi.

Dearest Klaus:

Mein name is Joe Mengele, and I am a retired physician here in Paraguay. I read your letter with extreme interest as I believe that I had many experiments, and by that I mean relatives, perish during the unfortunate incidents of 1939-1945. I would love nothing more than to reclaim the funds lost by the families of the lampshades in my office. Please write me back so that we may arrive at a final solution for the lost funds.

Jos. Mengele, M.D.


I feel happy that you are interested to cooperate
withme in this venture for the processing of the
inheritance claims from holocaust processing.

The process will be totally funded by me as i have
mortgaged my house to ensure that all payments are
handled by me.

Service integrity, honesty and dedication to success
is my primary focus. I have worked out perfect
modality to ensure that your integrity is not
compromised and that of mine is not compromised too
as i occupy sensitive position in my office and
respected within the christian community.

I have also made arrangement to ensure that all
expenditures will be borne by me for legal charges,
government duties and all financial requirements for
holocaust claims litigation in switzerland.

The holocaust claims is being paid out to confirmed
claimants and i have all the details to make this
work out without encumberance.

No document will be officially signed by you, hence
no legal liens on you. I have appointed a notable
lawyer who will handle all legal aspects.

Fund transfer will be through carribean islands.

The banks in caribbean
islands offer confidential banking services with
legal bank secrecy laws to protect the identity of
all their customers.

The banks also offer anonymous ATM
debit card and international business company

All i require to commence processing through my

Your full name
full address
secure private phone(for my contact to you)
Your identity document (either drivers license,
id or international passport)

For privacy, i will obtain new anonymous prepaid
phone for our communication.
My cell phone is listed and my residential phone is
networked and served through PABX by operator.

Please obtain new secure email address from or

Let us communicate privately

Looking forward for your reply


klaus jacobi

Dearest Klaus!

I was delighted to read of your concern for security. God only knows when the Mossad or other agents of the Zionest elders will be listening to our conversations. You asked for my information: my name is Dr. Joseph Mengele, MD. I currently live in Paraguay- My legal address is 666 Chingatumadre Strasse, El Molesto, Paraguay. I have also enclosed my picture from medical school at the University of Sobibor. I have not been out of the country for at least 60 years so I do not have a passport. Additionally, I let my aryan man-servant Hans chauffuer me about in my 1967 Mercedes 600 when I need to go into town. I do so love that car- It was a present from my old Obergruppenfuhrer before the slavic animal hordes overran his camp. But don't get me wrong- I was a dentist during the war and had nothing to do with Zyklon B. So don't mention it again and we will get along just fine!

Sieg Heil!
Dr. Jos. Mengele.

The murdering shitbag in the flesh.

Dear Patner,
In respect of our transaction on holocaust fund, you
are to be briefed that you are delaying as you have
not send your identification for the Holocaust
Processing Center to start an effective documentation
for the transfer of this fund to the proposed Bank in
Caribbean island{Barbados}.
The following information's is required from you in
urgency to this transaction;

1} Full name

2} Full street name

3}Full scanned page of your international
driving licence,or national identity card.

4}Operational bank.

5} Working Phone number.

Your quick compliance to this instruction will easily
help us as i will make some payment to the commission
and to the lawyer in respect of this transaction.
Thanks for your co-operation,



I have already sent you the information to the best of my ability. It is not I who am delaying this transaction. I purposely did not leave a paper trail for the Mossad or Simon Wiesenthal to follow up on. For God's sake, I don't want to end up like Eichmann!

As far as my bank, I have several unnumbered Swiss bank accounts that were entrusted to me by 'friends' in the SS before they met with unfortunate "accidents". Additionally, I have a no load mutual Roth IRA account under the name "Alfredo Garcia" in the First National Bank of Kanssouri in the accursed United States. How such a jew infested country defeated us in the war, I have no idea. That would be the best I think, because many of the Zionist rats are probably monitoring my Swiss accounts at this moment.

If you wish, you may call my untracable satellite phone at 206-495-6510. If I am not there, please leave me a voice mail. Use the code phrase "Patton is a fairy" so that I know the message is truly from you and not a bait from Weisenthal.

Thank you for your help. I will send you an autographed copy of Mein Kampf at the successful conclusion of this transaction as my little way of saying thanks!

Sieg Hiel!
Dr. Jos. Mengele, MD

A couple of days pass.

Subject: Vat ist the delay?
To: [email protected]


Why are you delaying in getting back to me? I am a busy man, and I can hardly take time out from cloning the Fuhrer, and by that I mean care for patients, to circle jerk with you.

I have sent you all my information. Please get back to me so that we can recover the jew funds!

Strength Through Joy!
Dr. Joseph Mengele

Banks I have hit in the groin with oranges... United Kingdom x1; Lads on safari Safari Safari Safari

Thanks Mr Larry, I dont need any kind of monkey. -Jurgen Sterk

...and moreover the name is Wesley Harry and not Hairy Weasel. -Barrister/Bannister Curtis Davis

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unimaginable bastard pig
unimaginable bastard pig

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 20, 2006 5:49 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Perhaps I'm just a sick f*ck, but I have not laughed this hard in a long time. You are a terrific and creative writer. "cloning the Fuhrer..." Hahahahahaha

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 20, 2006 6:54 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Larry Flynt wrote:
DISCLAIMER: If you are reading this in Germany, you will probably be arrested. Sorry. I happen to believe highly in free speech, but I can certainly understand how this subject matter might be a conversation killer at a Munich cocktail party.

Damn, I read it and wasnt arrested. But I have to go now, somewhere in my house I heard a window breaking Very Happy

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Noah Vale
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 21, 2006 2:42 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Is this scam dead ? well even so I sent this spam mail to excite the lad.

Dear sir
Attention of Jacobi
Your award of $2056 US dollars has been forwarded to the Municiple
Council of Lagos, Nigeria. Central desk.

The cheque is made out to 'Mr Jacobi' and you should collect this
payment as soon as possible.

Please bring ID and passport for this procedure of assertation.
Just identify yourself to front desk to claim your award.

Thank you.

British Emassador
Consul of Foriegn Affairs

please reply as to your time and date of intended visit within the
next 48 hours to claim your award.


just an oppurtune one to fill my time. I'm like that and have sent 65 or so things like this in mugu mail.
mugu means as thick as shit in Nigeria. I like mugu's but I could not eat a whole one !
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Master of Master Baiters

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 21, 2006 10:26 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I am jewish. And I am VERY amused by your bait! Keep it up...and don't let mossad catch you!

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 21, 2006 11:05 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I'm half Jewish. I've got a twoskin and wear a triangle around my neck.

Mortar x56
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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 22, 2006 12:02 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Mr Flint Sir,. once again another fine piece of work,
You gotta ask him if he knows "The Boys From Brazil" & if he has any idea if "The Eagle Has Landed", tell him your working on "The Great Escape" and does he know where "Schindler's List" is located ?
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