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 Sleeky Don v The Fudgepackers Boatyard boss...

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Tommo Shanter
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 28, 2006 8:17 am Reply with quoteBack to top


This bait arose following a post by fellow 419Eater, fcs, whose father was almost scammed with a fake check when he tried to sell his boat. The usual overpayment check scam. The amount overpaid being US$5,000.

The Characters

Sleek D0n - his email name. I never did find out his real one. A relatively intilligent mugu, with an unhealthy interest in the Google search facility

Peter Pip3r - Owner of The Fudgepack3rs B0atyard, Caram3l-by-the Sea, CA, USA.

The bait

After reading fcs's post concerning his father's near miss with this lad I decided to introduce myself.

I just wondered what has happened to your cheque regarding the property
I advertised? I have heard nothing from you.

It has been a few days now and I have other people who are interested,
so your prompt attention is essential.

Pete Pip3r

He replies almost instantaneously

I thought you were the one that wasn't interested when i did not get your address in email.pls reply with address

I let him sweat over the weekend, then send him this...
Thanks for the response. Sorry for the delay, I have been away for the

Of course I'm still interested. The boat is still her awating your

The check should be sent to me at:

The Fudgepacker5 B0atyard, On The Waterfrount, Marl0n Brand0n Boulevard,
Caram3l, California, USA.

Please e-mail me to confirm that you have posted the check, so I can
look out for it.

Cheers buddy

His response

I just got your address sorry for the delay i will post post out the check tomorrow through standard mail so it should take a lil while will send you a day that i'll come and check it out personally

Sorry how much is the boat again?

This throws me a bit, so I just bounce it back on to him
The same as it was when I initially advertised it.

However, I would point out that I have just had an offer for the same
amount for it from somebody in my locality, so you need to move fast if
you want to clinch the deal. Get back to me ASAP.

He doesn't respond after two days, so I decide to give him a price for the boat.
As we agreed previously, the price is US$9,500, buyer to collect.

I have other people interested, so you need to move quickly. Let me know
when you send the cheque, so I can watch out for it.


Pete Pip3r

He waits two days before sending this
I need you to send me full address please as i tried to mail out the check today but it wasn't correct send me address with full post code

I re-send the address details with zip code, which is for the FBI office in Carm3l.
Hi again.

Thanks for your latest e-mail.

Here is my full address and zip code:

The Fudgepack3rs B0atyard, On The Waterfr0nt, Marl0n Brand0 Boulevard,
Caram3l-By-The-Sea, CA 93923, USA.

I look forward to receiving your payment. You need to move fast, as I
have other people interested in the boat.

P. Pip3r.

He sends me this
Its on the way i had to send 2 checks to make up for the amount you'll get it early next week hopefully but be rest assured its been sent

And then he notices his mistake.
I just realised i made a mistake when sending the check i sent 2 seperate checks the amount i sent is a lot more than supposed to you should get one or both today or tomorrow email when you get the check

Take care

I reassure him that it is not a problem, and that I will repay the difference to him when I receive the checks.

He hits me with the numbers. Effectively, he has double paid for the boat, US$19,000.
Sure i will do the first one is a 15 which i thought was 5 and the second is 4 thats hell a lot more right??i'm sorry it was a simple mistake so i will really appreciate it if yo could send via moneygram and there's one more thing i will still be coming to pick it up but it wont be until early next week some important business to attend to.


I confirm the overpayment
Hi again,

Thanks for the e-mail.

The boat is US$9,500. You have overpaid by US$9,500, right ? I will send
that straight back to you, no problem. anybody can make a mistake.

As I am not familiar with Moneygram, so I will send it back to you by
Western Union tomorrow - Thursday. Please let me know the correct
recipient name for the payment.

Let me know when you can collect the boat.

P. Pip3r

In hindsight, I should have stuck to the Moneygramm modality, as payments cannot be checked online. You live and learn.

The lad has been busy and has been on mapquest checking my address, sends me it as a link and then asks me to confirm its location. LOL!
Thanks for the email i really appreciate this does this mean that you've got the checks?I am in the uk right now and thats where i will like the money sent to but i dont want you to send everything yet because i will be sending my PA to collect as i will be very busy and because he just started working with me i can't risk all the moneyi will like you to send just $4000,when i collect that then you can send the rest or i can collect it when i come over next week i have already checked the gps map on my phone and i have saved your address i will be able to get there without any problem

This is the location my phone downloaded from mapquest:

just click on street when you open it

check it out and tell me if thats correct or not so we'll know if you'll give me directions you know this things (Gadgets) can't be depended on all the time

The Name to send to is 0lanekan 0gunmekan


United Kingdom

Email me the info when you've sent it


He arranges to collect the boat.

I'll be coming for the boat next week Wednesday i will be back in the states on tuesday email back if you are still sending the money tomorrow with a definite time so i will know when to check my email and send out the guy

I tell him that the checks have arrived and I have banked them and also confirm my ficticious address.
Hi there,

The two checks have just arrived in this morning's post. I have banked
them this morning. i will organise the WU transfer for US$4,000 as you
requested as well, this afternoon.

You have the right location regarding my address. I look forward to
seeing you soon.

He now starts hassling me to make the WU transfer.

I let him know that I have made the transfer, and that I'm off to Las Vegas for the weekend. Little does he know its to blow his money Laughing
The WU information you require is as follows :

Recipient - 0lanekan 0gunmekan

Mtcn - 41922O6O6 <9 digits>

Test question - Can we push the boat out yet?

Answer - Yes. The champagne is already on ice.

Please note, I'm flying off on vacation to Las Vegas tomorrow - Friday -
for a few days of R & R. I will be back home on Tuesday. I am
contactable if you have any problems.

P. Pip3r.

Oops! The MTCN only has 9 digits. Sleeky wants me to send the rest of his cash before I leave for Vegas. He's probably got his weekend all mapped out spending it.
Thanks for sending it out,I will like you to send out the remaining amount before travelling,if you can send it out today its all good and if not you can send it out tomorrow,email me the info after you do,I will need to send out my PA to colect the money early tomorrow morning so i would really appreciate it if you could send the full MTCN number of the first money sent

Hi the mtcn number is supposed to be 10 digits,it isn't complete

I give him the last digit and tell him I will send the balance of his dosh when I get to Vegas on Friday afternoon. That should piss him off.

Suprise, suprise he can't collect his money
Hi i called customer service to see if its available and tried tracking it online but its not going through,they said nothings available on that name and number can you check that out for me please?

I introduce him to the joys of the WU International Secure (payment) Service
I forgot to tell you, the money was sent by the Western Union
International Secure Service which will require you to go to a Western
Union office in person to verify the transaction. You will need some
form of ID. The test question and answer remain the same.

Because it is a secure payment,for security reasons, it cannot be
tracked online. This is to prevent scammers and fraudsters hacking the
computer details and stealing the money. This method was recommended to me by the man at the local WU.

Having checked the WU receipt again, I appear to have transposed two of
the digits. The actual MTCN is : 4192026O6O.

I will send the second payment later this afternoon when I get to Vegas.
I am currently at the airport waiting for my flight.


A couple of hous later he replies with this.

They asking for your details like address and phone number,is the address thesame?send me your phone number so as to fill on the recipient form

I give him what he wants along with my K7 phone number. However, he won't be able to contact me as I'm just about to board the plane.
Who are they?

You already have my address, and yes it is the same. What is the
recipient form for?

My mobile number is 2O6-222-2I2X. However,I am just about to board a
plane for Vegas in the next few minutes, so you may not be able to
contact me for a few hours.

P. Pip3r.

He seems to be cracking a bit. I received the follwing three e-mails within the space of seven minutes

He's still having no joy with the MTCN. He now wants me to scan the receipt and send it to him, and he is not exactly enamoured of the WU Secure Service either.
really appreciate your help and your time, i really do but the bank says the MTCN number is invalid could you scan the receipt so maybe we could show it to them?i also need your details and also when you send the second payment send it through the regular channel because that seems to be stress free i should have no problems with hackers because my PA will collect the funds immediately after you send the money.


They as in western union

And the recipient form i what you fill when you want to recieve some money

My PA is still at the bank he can't get through,they say the MTCN number doesn't exist,email back as soon as you can

He's now getting a little desperate to collect his money before the WU closes on Friday night. Of course I'm on a plane so cannot respond until later that evening
I'm still expecting your reply if you early enough i'll still be able collect it today

Thank you

My response from Vegas. Sleeky's weekend is ruined when he gets some very bad news indeed.
Thanks for your e-mails.

What I'm about to tell you now is beyond belief.

Firstly, let me tell you that I cashed your two checks for US$19,000.

The bad news is that I never intended to send any money back to you via
Western Union. That was just my little joke. I took your money and
gambled it all here in Las Vegas. There were plenty of attractive young
ladies prepared to share my champagne with me and hit the tables and

You wouldn't believe how easy it is to lose that amount of money in such
a short time!

Anyway, you won't believe this. Down to my last 12 bucks, at the Cann3ry
Casino and Hotel, it was shit or bust. I stuck it in the Megabuck5(R)
slot with a jackpot worth US$2O,519,O25.
[this exact amount is nearly my undoing, as you will see shortly]
Four pulls of the slot handle later the jackpot hit. My new lady friend told me,
"Megabucks(R) is going to hit". I couldn't believe it. I had won.
A cleaning lady in the casino pointed to the big jackpot and said,
"You just won that." Yes. I'd won US$2O,519,O25!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow-wee.

I'm going to use some of the winnings to pay off my mortgage and
possibly buy a new car, and also another big fuck off boat and sail
round the world. Incidentally, I also sold my old boat yesterday for
US$40,00O to somebody locally.

I don't need your money, and I don't need you.

Must go now, got to book into the penthouse suite at the MGM Gr4nd and
count my winnings with a bevvy of cocktail waitresse and prostitutes.
It's a hard life.

Be lucky!

Pete Pip3r
[Las Vegas]

Sleeky knows I am lying and he tells me so.

He also appears to have Googled the amount I won

It was won by a 64 year old retiree. As sleeky points out to me
A 64-year-old Las Vegas retiree won a Megabucks(R) slot jackpot worth $20519025 today at the Cannery Casino & Hotel in No.

I had Googled it myself before including the exact amount in my previous e-mail to him.

Sleeky also wants his money back.
I always knew you were lying so sorry to dissappoint you did not fool me ever since you said you would send the money without recieveing the check and ever since you said you recieved the check in the morning whereas it was 8 hours behind in CA the time in carli was around 3 or 4 am in the morning there was no way you would get a mail @ that time and also the amount u said u won was won on 06/05/06<American date format>

at cannery

Since u won some money why not send my money to me?

I then get this -twice in a minute. Laughing
I dont believe you cashed the check because its fake

I put him straight on a few things.

sleekdon, or whatever your name is.

Thanks for your lastest three e-mails, they made interesting reading. I
do hope you slept well after my last e-mail? I din't. I was too busy
partying. The girls in Vegas are a blast, I can tell you!

If you knew I was lying, then why did you continue with your pathetic
attempts to scam money from me via the Western Union? You had no
intention of collecting the boat, all you wanted was my money. By the
way, the boat doesn't exist, I just invented it to wind you up. However,
with my winnings I can now buy one. A big fuck-off ocean going yatcht I
fancy.Perhaps I could come and visit you where-ever you are?

I never said I would send the money before I received the checks. That
would be both inprudent and foolish. Whatever you want to think, the
fact is I received the checks and the bank honoured them. If they are
fake as you say, I will report that to the bank on Monday, together with
your e-mail address and previous correspondence. I will also honour the
checks personally from my winnings and also report you to the FBI and
interpol. I'm sure both will be very interested in your activities.

Regarding the Megabucks Jackpot, the US$2O,519,O25 won pay's out once a
month. You are quite right, it was won
by a 64 year old in May<not!>. I won the same amount in June, and some other
lucky punter will win it some time next month.

Now why should I send any money to you, when I can use it to light my

Got to go now, got to see a man about a boat.

P. Pip3r

Sleeky gets all repentant, begs for foregiveness and some of his money back.

All along i thought you had not recieved the checks that was why i said all that and i thought if i told you that it was fake you would tear it when you get it but i just checked the account and the amount cleared out of it for real,i guess i'm not as smart as i thought,i am sorry for everything i said to you and i am not stupid i know i can never get the money back even if i try so i will be smart about this and beg you to please give me some of my money if you cant send all,the check is not fake i just thought you never got and you were just playing with me i never even thought you never lived in carlifornia that i just sent it to a wrong address,Please i beg of you have pity on me and give me some of my money you won some giving me my money will come as good luck to you to win even more next times

I give him one last chance, but he doesn't seem to want to play ball anymore. I think he's slung his hook.
You are indeed one lucky man.

As yet, I have been too busy partying here in Vegas to report you yet to
the FBI/Interpol. However, time is running out. I will be contacting my
bank tomorrow in order to cover the shortfall arising from your fake
checks. They are bound to ask some awkward questions. I just hope my
check for US$20,000,000 will pacify them and the FBI, for your sake.

This is what you need to do to get your money back. Read this
carefully...I have no faith in Western Union or Moneygram. Send me your
bank details - Name, Bank, Account Number, and I will arrange an
electronic transfer of the funds into your account.

We can then both walk away and get on with the rest of our lives. You
have 24 hours, the clock is ticking.........


If you want to get acquainted with Sleeky his e-mail address is : [email protected] Have fun.


£1,052,334.30 (=US$2,121,125.60) lads fake cheques out of circulation (at 11/6/2008)
Closed lad accounts x135 (at 26/9/2008) Easter Egg 2013 Cellphone x138
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