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 First Bait, and i loved every minute of it!

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 06, 2005 10:43 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

This is my first bait and although i didnt get a photo i did get him to fill in a form!
I am pretending to be a spoilt rich kid who works for his dad and has a lot to prove
I know its a bit boring in parts but i was desparate to make this work.
Thanks for reading

> To: [email protected]
> Subject: Bussines Transaction
> Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2005 17:09:34 +0000 (GMT)

> Dear Sir,
> My name is Richard Johnson.I am the Regional manager
> of
> International Commercial Bank, Takoradi branch in
> Western region of Ghana. I am a man of peace,
> with two lovely kids. I never want problems in my
> life, it was just because of my present financial
> situation that I have carefully planned to utilize
> this opportunity that came my way, and I only hope
> can assist me not to persecute me. If you don't want
> this proposal, can you kindly forget that I ever
> contacted you. I will be glad you did for the sake
> my job.
> I have packaged a financial transaction that will
> benefit you and I, as the Regional manager of the
> International Commercial Bank, it is my duty to send
> in a financial
> report to my head office in the capital city, Accra,
> at the end of each business year. In the course of
> last year 2004, business report, I discovered that
> branch in which I am the manager, made one
> hundred US dollars (US$1,600,000) which my head
> is not aware of and will never be aware of. I have
> placed this funds on what we call escrow call
> with any beneficiary.
> As an officer of this bank, I cannot be directly
> connected to this money, so my aim of contacting you
> is to assist me receive this money in your bank
> account and get 30% of the total funds as
> There are practically no risk involved, it will be a
> bank to bank transfer, all I need from you is to
> claim as the original depositor of this funds, who
> made the deposit with my branch so that my head

> can order the transfer to your designated bank
> account. If you accept to work with me, I will
> appreciate it very email is as above. email
> if you think we can work together so that we can go
> over the details. Thank you in advance and may God
> bless you and your family.I will provide you with
> the necessary documents on how to go about this
> transaction.
> Regards,
> Mr.Richard Johnson

I got this in my catcher account

Hello yes i
am interested in doing some buisness with you.
contact me again on my other email account :
[email protected]
and we can talk further
hope to speak soon, Pikey

Lets see if he plays along i think

richard johnson <[email protected]> wrote:

Hello Pikey.
I am most delighted that you are willing to assist me
in this transaction and I must once more promise you
that this transaction is 100% risk free as I have
taken considerable time to weave this deal together
for the sake of the business as to achieve the desired

Due to the numerous illegal and fake articles
circulating the internet of late, it is important that
I state and clarify that this proposal is 100%
authentic. It is important that you read this proposal
carefully for a better understanding. Please stand
informed that this business proposal remains genuine,
and we maintain that this is no scam or any way

The strategy is to use my position and influence as
the Head of the bank and Personal Account officer to
present you as the original depositor of this funds,
who made the deposit in our branch. I want to assure
you that I have concluded all local modalities for the
successful completion of this within 10 banking days
of your agreement to proceed with me as the required
assistance is perfected to be 100% risk free. Once the
funds have been transferred into your nominated bank
account we shall share in the ratio of 70% for me, 25%
for you and 5% set aside for any incidental expenses
incurred during this transaction. If you are not
interested, please delete this letter so that I can
scout for another competent partner to conclude this

Please, to facilitate the conclusion of this
transaction if accepted, do send promptly via email
the basic requirements provided underneath to commence
registration processes:

Full Names,
Contact Address,
Telephone/Fax numbers
Account details.

Thank you for your time and God bless for your

Your sincerely
Richard Johnson
Mobile +233 24 21 66878
Please call me as soon as possible.

100% risk free wow arent i lucky!

Hello Richard
I am pleased you replied.
You need some money "moving" and i am your man to help you "move" it
First i shall tell you about myself.
I am a director at my fathers company which is the UKs leading janitorial supplies wholesaler.
Although i am only 21 years old i think i will be a good buisnessman but my father doubts me quite a lot, and for this reason he MUST NOT know of this buisness transaction.
I can use my fathers many bank accounts for "moving" money around
but he must not be aware of this.
Before we start swapping bank details Richard i need to know EXACTLY how much this will cost in expenses
I would also like a little more information on you Richard like why are you prepared to risk everything for a mere $1.2million?
Hoping to hear from you
Pikey Mullet

The janitorial reference was to try and getting holding a mop and holding a sign saying "Jizz Mopper" but it didnt happen

richard johnson <[email protected]> wrote:

Hello Pikey Mullet

I really thank you so much for your mail which is in
response to my letter and also for the interest shown
so far to make this business a good suceess,As a
matter of fact, I shall not want to talk much stories
about this until you see things happening .I
would not want us to waste much time as far as this
transaction is concerned as the year is running to an

I am 45yrs old,married with two lovely kids.I never
want problems in my life, it was just because of my
present financial situation that I have carefully
planned to utilize this opportunity that came my way
stated previously,

I know that this amount may look small, but soon
after this transaction matured, I will pull a much
bigger one before I go into retairment for a better
living and if we do not avail outselves of this
opportunity, then some other official will,the funds
will never go into the bank Debt Re-conversion
Department account without being channeled
elsewhere.Actually I must also inform you that it is
true in much of the world, and is a great opportunity
that many international bankers seize upon.

The size of this fund is good in a way, that it is so
small, as it will be much easy to transfered into your
father's account and not require many fees and
certificates and permissions by the bank/authority,to
transfer the funds because I am speaking from
experience,I must tell you the true fact of it because
bank to bank trasfer, which is indeed a very good way
to handle these matters,

Furthermore,I would want you to understand also that
in the banking/Financial trust houses,chances or
opportunities like this are common but not spoken nor
heard off.Though,very rare.People put their fund in
banks and some of these accounts are either coded or
confidentially operated,Therefore,when such people die
what do you think that happens to these fund when
nobody comes for their claims,both relatives and
friends neither a next of kin to claim their fund?
Well,this is one of the numerous avenues good free
fund are made within and amongst the bankers and the
management sends the fund to the Debt Re-conversion
Department and the account is closed.

To explain myself properly,I am not rich, therefore,if
I have this opportunity and throw it to the
wolves,then I must be the most Foolish-person that has
ever lived.It was in the course of
last year 2004, business report, I discovered this
fund.(US$1,600,000) which my head office is not aware
of and will never be aware of that is why I have
placed this funds on what we call escrow call account
with any beneficiary.Infact.I could have started this
transaction and conclude it all alone but because of
the fact that government workers in this country are
not allowed to operate foreign account and I cannot
claim this fund out from my bank without the
assistance of a foreighner who will act as the
original depositor hence I decided to contacted you
based on the trust and sense of purpose that you will
not denied me at the end of this transaction.

Finally,to my own banking experience,this transaction
would not cost us less than US$1,950 for the
registration process,once more,
we hall engage a services of an accreditted attorney
who will secure some covering documents on your behalf
from the ministry of finance and that of justice
couple with an affidavit of claim from the court of
law here in accordance to the requirements of our bank
here where the fund is being depositied for effective
release of the fund to your designation.I guarantee
that this will be executed under a legitimate
arrangement that will protect you from any breach of
the law and be informed that this must keep
secrecy,you dont need to seek council from any person
because this transaction does not required public
ttention/ is our humble prayer that the
information as contained herein be accorded the
necessary attention, urgency as well as the secrecy it
deserves please.

Do send promptly via email the basic requirements
provided underneath to commence registration
processes,afterwards,I will get back to you:

Full Names,
Contact Address,
Telephone/Fax numbers
Account details.
Your Passport Picture.

God bless ypou for your understanding and call me on
my phone as soon as you sent your details because we
need to talk to each other on phone to hear each other
voice because I will be sending my picture to you as
soon as your replied.

Sincerely yours
Mr.Richard Johnson.
Mobile.00233 2421 66878

Is his where i got him "off script"?

Hello Richard how are you?
Ok lets get to buisness
My Name: Pikey Mullet
Address : 48 Cloud Cuckoo Street, Skank Road, Robbingham , England
Mobile : xxxxxxxxxx
We will be using this bank account:
Credit suisse group
Ac number 0955852565/MUL
You will find a copy of my passport in the attachment
Thats all done then Richard
I will get the money transferred to cover " expenses"
I am now going on a long weekend , i hope to speak soon i want to run some ideas past you but that can wait until next time Richard
Have a nice weekend

The passport is a .dll file and it looks like i forgot a digit on my moblie phone.. Oh dear

Hello Pikey Mullet,

Thank you for the information forwarded, I could not
write you on time because server was slow here, than
God it has improved now. I promise that certainly by
next week, this fund will be in your account and we
shall meet for sharing,be assured that I have 100%
trust on your person as you have given me your full
details but your telephone number is not
incorrect,kindly resend your mobile number to enable
me call you immediately.

Secondly,I will advise you to send the processing
charges fees of US$1,950 immediately to enable me
start commencing registration processes at
once,afterwards,I will appoint an accreditted attorney
who will secure the relevant documents from the
ministry of justice before the foreign remittance
department will commence the transfer as soon as they
confirmed your details to be true to the account in
other to effect the tansfer before tuesday 29th
Novermber 2005,I would have started the registration
process today but due to it's holiday and our bank
does not operates on saturday's untill monday.I
therefore advise you to act swiftly and send the
charges fees through western union Money
transfer/money gram with the name of my secretary:

PHONE +233 24 2166878.

Finally,mail me the control number,name of the
sender,text question and asnwer as soon as
possible.Please I am counting on you as this is my
hope and life-line,I am planning my annual leave
(holiday) as to give me chance to be with you there as
soon as the transfer is effected by telegraphic
transfer(T/T)It will take three working day to be
creditted into your Credit Suisse group bank account.I
may repeat that you are to benefit 30% of the total
sum involved take note because I dont want any problem
immediately the total sum is transfered to your

I have attached my picture for your refference and
keep it privately and resend your passport picture
once again because the previous one you sent was
(blank picture)resend again.
I assure you of security of this transaction as i am
looking forward to receive from you.

Yours sincerely
Mr.Richard Johnson

The photo he sent was of him and his wife dressed in orange garbs
its probably not him anyway, but i can feel a slap coming!

Richard what are you doing?
I have been away for a long weekend why are you ringing me?
Do i disturb you by ringing you?
No i do not!!!
Then you tell me you cannot open a simple attachment?
Are you stupid?
I am starting to doubt whever or not this deal is a good idea if you cannot do the most simple of tasks!
I have the transfer details from Credit Suisse ready to move the money but i really am thinking of dropping the whole bloody deal.
Contact me on this number : 07092875109
I am sick and tired of working with amateur so called business men!!!
Your reasons had better be good Richard or forget it do not contact me ever again

That should wake him up, the new number is a voicemail number

Dear Pikey Mullet

Infact I am total confused and feel like embrassed
after reading your documented note.I was wondering why
you stated such word to me (STUPID)Look this deal is
not by forcing deal,as i told you previously that it
required private notice,I tried calling on the
previous number but it proves abortive means that the
telephone you gave was totally wrong,have I done any
evil thing by telling even your attachment wasen't
disaplayed as a picture.

Please kindly call me or do what I instructed you to
do otherwise you better forget about this deal because
I did not see any reason why your calling this
business amateur business but whatever be the reson,i
dont want it to be a detriment over this deal because
if we start counting on when this fund will be
transfered to your account,you will see that it will
indict this transaction because of today's date,please
I beckon you with the name of God to coperate fully in
this development to enable us achive this goal hapily

Kindly use the previous name I gave while sending the
fee by tomorrow to enable me start registration

Awaiting on your update


Yeah whatever mugu

Hello Richard
I have been panicing that is why my last email sounded quite rude
I did not mean to offend you.
Its just that i have been away with my girlfriend and i told her of our business arrangement and she went mad with me, she said i must not do the deal with you because you might be a scammer 491 or something?
You are not a scammer are you Richard?
Please reassure me Richard , i need assurance that you are not a evil man , but that you are a good family man.
please reply asap

I know its a bit lame but this was all i could think of at the time. I spelt 419 wrong so he thinks i dont know what one is.....Honest!

Hello Pikey

It was a very big surprise to me to have receive that
mail from you, infact I amm desolately disapointed in
you! how dare your wife open her stupid mouth and
called me a scammer? I told you that secrecy this
business deserves and still you went ahead to disclose
it to your girl friend why why?infact I am totally
disapointed even to apreciate my piture which I sent
to you last time,you did not say anything about my

What sort of assurance do you need from me? In the
first place, you never told me all these from the
beginning for proper arrangement to be made in regards
to this but you gave me the impression that you are
capable of handling this issue even after sounding to
you several times that this transaction will cost
money. I spent a lot of money bringing this
transaction to this extent and it will be a very big
disappointment on my side to lose this transaction at
this point when we are counting down to the day the
fund will hit your account.

You know very well that the first quarter of this
financial year is fast coming to an end and any delay
from today will be disasterous since it may lead to
delay of this transaction till next quarter and I
believe you know that it takes a long time for Banking
system to stable its financial position before
commencing transfer of such amount of money which is a
treat to this transaction.

Finally,you should send the money immediately to
enable me start registration process but where that is
not possible,I intend to bring a sponsor who will use
his account to receive the fund and sponsor me. in
this case we will give him your share(30%).I am verry
sorry for this development but we cannot help it since
we do not intend to delay the transfer because of
money. it is dangerous to delay and we cannot delay so
it is upto you to decide which option you prefer.

Please mail immediately or call.

Richard Johnson.

"Stupid mouth!" i am going sulk now!

Hello Richard
I have not mailed you for a few days as your last message had an insult directed at my girlfriend.
I demand an apology before we take this deal any further
I must warn you i am growing tired now of this i want this deal completed before christmas or forget it. The ball is now firmly in your court

I put the onus back on him now

Hello Pikey Mullet

I am very regrected of ever being involved you in this
business transaction,actually to allow peace reign in
this our project,sorry for any embrasement my previous
mail might have caused you and your girlfriend,but she
first insulted me thats annoyed my spirit because
heaven and earth knew that the business I proposed to
you is real and no way related to scam,it was how
worker are sulfering here that is why i saw that as an
opportunity and decided to shares this great
expectation to someone who is reliable like you based
on your religion background.

I am an average man with intergrity and had explained
to you the full details of this deal,our bank has been
waiting for your transfer request letter which I
promised to send to you after the registration process
but uptill date we have not yet achieve any
thing.Anyway,if i had offended your girlfreind please
accept my apology and let us proceed together to
enable us conclude this project before the end of this
week.I therefore advice you to move forward and send
the fees by western union with the previous given name
of my secretary and mail me back for the control
number,text question and answer

Thanks as wait your update.
Richard Johnson.

i am apologised to your girlfriend < wrote:

Yup thats his apology right at the end! Goddam mugus

Hello Richard
It takes a man with a big heart to apologise and we have both been very childish.
Let us now put this behind us.
I would prefer a straight transfer of the cash to an account of your choosing this is the way i normally do business. Do you have the capabilitys for this Richard? I would assume so as you are a banker.
If you dont have this capabilty please explain Western Onion to me i think i know how it works but i dont want $1950 going missing because i made a mistake.
My Girlfriend is here she says hello and says she doesnt want to cause arguments.
Her name is Fanny Batter she is only 19 years old
Reply soon Richard

Its now i try to introduce my pretendy girlfriend by name this was again for photo purposes

Dear Pikey Mullet

Thank for the co-operation and understanding you and
your girlfriend accords to this transaction,I am glad
and sincerely apologise for my inability to write you
on time now because of my position held in the bank. I
promise that certainly by next week, this fund will be
in your account and we shall meet for sharing by the
power of God.Note your money will not lost
alright,just go to western union money office and they
will help you and direct you how to send it.

Due to the nature of our business now coupled with the
short time we have to conclude this deal,moreover,this
is the final month in which I have to send financial
report to our headquarter,Please understand,sending
this fees through my bank account will delay the
registration process and cannot help us because it
takes complete 2weeks to be credited to my
account,therefore,I advice you to act swiftly and send
the money today or tomorrow morning through WESTERN
UNION MONEY TRANSFER to enable me receive instantly
and start registration process immediately ,so that my
bank can approved it and transfer the funds to your
account before tuesday next week. If we are not able
to receive this funds before this quarter ends, we may
face defficulty receiving this fund as soon as we
enter the next quarter since the bank will assume a
new fiscal quarter where they may need some time to
stable transaction before transfering funds, you know
very well that delay will not favour us.

shorest,most fastest way of sending money abroad and
it takes only 10/20mins to recive it here,it will help
us alot because sending through my bank account will
take to two weeks to credited into my bank
account.Please I am advice you to go to any nearest
the counter that you want to send money TRANSFER to
your friend in Ghana and give HIM/HER the below name
and address,then they will show you what to do and the
money will be send immediately,after sending it,they
will give you control numbers,secret question and
answer,after that mail me immediately or scan a copy
of the western union money transfer receipt to me via
email in other to receive the fees here and commence
the registration ok.

Send to the name of :
TEL/ +233 24 21 66878


Well that seems pretty straightforward, what could possibly go wrong?

Hello Richard
I think i understand what i have to do
My father and i will be choosing our new cars tomorrow ( mines a BMW X5, full leather ,electric everything!!!!)
Fanny Batter my girlfiend will go to a Western Onion outlet near our town tommorow and will send the money to you.
I will send you the details when i get home.
Fanny Batter wants a photo of you for her friend (she really likes African men!!!!!)
She said she wants a photo of you pretending to blow a kiss , holding a sign saying " I LOVE .. ITIN MIBRUNPYPE " Her name is Itin Mibrunpype if you wasnt married Richard i would give you her phone number!!!!!!
I can not show her the one you sent before as i deleted it when we was argueing
Do this for her friend Richard please tomorrow ok
Well i cant wait until tommorow new car, new money , new life really
Until tommorow

So Fanny Batters going to WU tommorow and her friend Itin Mibrunpype digs African men!!

Dear Pikey Mullet,

Thanks for your prompty respond and brisk
understanding towards the realisation of this deal,I
will be really appreciate to receive the detail from
you today.

Kindly inform her that I will send her a new picture
but not today maybe by next week and moreover,tell her
not to worry since I will be meeting her over there
latest before xmas been my annual leave period,i think
we would have a longtime to enjoy our selves over
there in england this xmas period as soon as the
transfer is perfectly done.

Mail me the western uinon money transfer details
immediately to enable me cash it today and proceed on
monday morning so that this transaction can be
concluded before tuesday next week.

Awaiting for your prompt reply

Richard Johnson

He can almost smell the money , but not the onions it would seem

Hello Richard
How are you? Fanny Batter paid the money in yesterday but she took it to Moneygrim instead of Western Onion she said she got confused ( whoops!)
The lady at moneygrim told her to send this form over to you it needs filling out before they will send the money!
Itin Mibrunpype still wants her photo please do not let her down with it Richard
I chose my car yesterday i didnt get the X5 but instead i chose an BMW M5!!!
When you come over to England i will take you for a ride.
Hurry completing this stupid bloody form Richard and we will get this deal finished
Speak soon

Well would you belive it! also he doesnt have to come to England to be taken for a ride. This is Richards form

Dear Pikey Mullet

Thank for the form sent,but to my own understanding,I
never experienced this partern before,anyway I had
asked my secretary to fill the form and he has done
it,enclosed the attachment and proceed
immediately.Note there was a question there which
says,what do we intend to do with the money? I
instructed my secretary to fill it as family affair.

This is a deal and we dont need to disclose the nature
to any third party for security reasons and again
there was another question asking how many people is
aware of the transfer? my secretary filled it three

Try to get everything done before tomorrow morning so
that we can accomplished this deal before
tuesday,kindly inform Itin Mibrunpype to relax because
I am sending him my picture soonest.
Contact me back with reference number and name of the
sender as soon as possible.

Richard Johnson

Itin Mibrunpype a he? Aslo Richard has missed some questions out hes going to have to do it again!

Hello Richard
The form is incomplete Richard i took in what you completed to MoneyGrim but the lady said all the form must be completed for transaction to continue!
You have to complete ALL the questions
Hurry now Richard i want this deal completed as soon as possible.
Awaiting your response

Does Richard like forms i wonder?

Dear Pikey Mullet

I am disapointed and can not continue with you like
this,I am a banker and had 9yrs experinced,tell the
lady to go to hell ok,before you sent any money from
there you dont need to fill and form,i knew that you
are joking with me,infact kindly forget about this
deal if you can not send this fee by western union.I
can decide to look for competient partner to conclude
this with


Obviously not!

I do not like the tone of voice you are taking with me.
If you had filled the form out fully first time this money would be
on its way to you by now.
I am getting tired now Richard tired of working with an amateur
business man
If we had done a bank transfer as i suggested these problems would
not have happened.
Remember Richard I did not create this situation but its me that has
to deal with it.
Tomorrow i will send Fanny Batter to collect the money from Moneygrim
You say the form is a joke? Do you realise that the United Kingdom is
full of terrorists, moving money out the country to fund terrorism.
The form is there for you to fill out for a reason but you are
obviously too stupid to realise this.
This is the first time i have done business in West Africa and i will
not be in rush to do more.
Good bye!!!!!

Thats what i sent him tonight but i know when the games over,
I want to thank Shuntbuzz my mentor for the help
also Scam patroller for answering all my nooby questions
and BarneyG for the form i used
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Not quite a Newb

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 07, 2005 1:55 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Nice read., now I would say pas along his email. I promise I wont sned him any letters of interest. Twisted Evil
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Not quite a Newb

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 07, 2005 7:10 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

[email protected]
I hope no one sends him anything rude!
Im still talking to the Mugu please dont flame him just yet!!
Thanks Ralph

Last edited by Ralph on Thu Dec 08, 2005 10:24 pm; edited 2 times in total
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Not quite a Newb

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 07, 2005 8:50 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

its a good read, ive jUst mailed him too, im new to this but ill give him a try
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Not quite a Newb

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 08, 2005 10:22 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Hes still talking! i receved this today:

Dear Mr.Pikey Mullet,
How are you, hope you are doing fine. Please forgive
me if i have sound rude to you ealier it's just that
i'm so confused and i don't know what to do.
Please pardon me and kindly senmd the fees to enable
me move forward.
Mr. Richard

I responded with this, i figure if he thinks hes been tested for bigger things i might get my photos , or if not a couple of new suckers in my inbox i can be sure of that muhahahahah!!

I have wasted enough time on this now
I did want this deal to go ahead not for the money you understand Richard
but to prove to my father i have got what it takes to be a good business man.
Your way of doing business is different to mine and i think we would struggle to do serious business together which is what this deal is all about Richard, i wanted you to be a business partner with me , i need contacts in West Africa to supply the goods for the janitorial business my father owns which i hope to become full partner next year.
The money transfer was purely about making trustworthy contacts in West africa
I took it upon myself to find the right people and i am so sorry Richard but you just are not the person we are looking for
Yours sincerley
Pikey Mullet Director
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419Eater is my life

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, 2005 6:14 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I just got my first, "This deal is off because I got a new partner" last night. I dangled $26,000 in front of the lad and it was back on by the next morning. He must have burned the keyboard out typing. I'm letting him stew for a while now.

They figure you are desperately eager to get that money so if they try to pull it away you will break down and follow the script once again. A good slap and a dangle of a little extra cash seems to bring them back to the table again.
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