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 Poor "College" mugu needs $$$ for a conference in

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 19, 2005 6:04 am Reply with quoteBack to top

and [url=Ąt=RevAPBearer.jpg]ME[/url] being a nice generous Reverend, can probably help this kid....I receive the following email from the kid (Emmanuel #1...His friend also named Emmanuel is mentioned later but plays a small bit part but not important to mention other than he wouldn't send me the completed Church application I requested...but Emmanuel #1 did Laughing )

First email was a basic plea for money so he can go to some conference in the states...Needs money

My response is the following:

Dear Mr.Okonkwo,
> >
> > I received your email and I may be able to help. My name is Revered Adam
> P.
> > Bearer and I am a part time reverend for my church (Church of Louis Prima,
> > Sam Butera and the Witnesses) located here in Des Moines, Iowa. I am also
> > the Chief Financial Officer for BOSSMAN Industries (real listed name of the "bossman" and the working authentic website started by a fellow member here has been changed in this public forum for obvious reasons)
> > ( and although I am financially secure
> myself,
> > I enjoy donating money to various organizations and individuals who have
> the
> > need and the determination to further their educations and the drive to
> make
> > the world a better place. I am an entrepeneur who started a relief
> > organization approximately twenty years ago with the support of BOSSMAN
> > Industries owner Arthur BOSSMAN, a man who has donated an enormous amount
> > of time and money helping others. He is truly a blessed man and I thank
> God
> > for him every day. Without him, we wouldn't be able to help so many people
> > in similar situations as yourself.
> >
> > Please only reply to my offer of help if you are true to your word and
> > honest in every way. There are numerous scam artists on the internet and
> we
> > have dealt with our share of them. Please be willing to prove that you are
> > honestly seeking assistance for legitimate reasons. If you are willing to
> > do this, then the money is yours.
> >
> > All we require in order to apply for the money is that you complete a [url=Ąt=newchurchmember1.jpg] NEW CHURCH MEMBER APPLICATION/QUESTIONNAIRE (PAGE ONE)[/url]and [url=Ąt=newchurchmember2.jpg]PAGE TWO[/url] and you would need to send us a photograph of yourself
> > holding a sign with either my church's name on it or the name of our
> > company. This is simply to protect ourselves and it tends to discourage
> the
> > scam artists who are attempting to obtain money for less than desireable
> > reasons. If you are willing to complete these two tasks, then the money is
> > yours.
> >
> > We only ask that the amount you request be greater than $1,000 and less
> than
> > $20,000 because one thousand dollars is the minimum amount we donate to
> > needy individuals and $20,000 is the maximum amount for individuals.
> > Organizations with proper credentials are able to receive up to $100,000
> per
> > year as long as a financial report is submitted yearly to continue to
> > receive the grant.
> >
> > If you wish to speak with me, my work telephone number is 206-203-0401
> >
> > I hope this email finds you in good spirits!
> >
> > God Bless!
> >
> > Rev. A.P. Bearer

His reply:

Hello Sir,
> >
> > Thanks for even replying my mail.thanks for wanting to be of help to me. i
> > really am in need of the fund to enable me attend the conference in usa
> this
> > november,its almost near now sir.
> > why ask me to go into hard process in other for you to help not
> scam,
> > i told you before that am not scam,if you need my pictures, i will start
> to
> > email them to you. i dont lie or cheat people. i fear God almighty. i
> really
> > will be happy if tommorrow i will be able to help others in need,as i am
> > now.
> > Sir,my number is +2348027569949, do try calling me,i dont have money to
> > call now, i told you i am poor.please sir cant you help me with going
> > through this hard process,i dont have money to go and take picture with
> your
> > company sign or your church sign. i will send you one of my pictures when
> > you reply me.
> >
> > sir,please you can call me. i need urgent help now sir, i just need $3,500
> > us dollars for my travel to attend the conference in the usa. Sir, i beg
> of
> > you with the name of God almighty to please do hel me out with the fund.
> >
> > Do reply me soon.
> > Thanks.

He apparently didn't catch the "photo holding a sign" or "complete my application" part, so I gently remind him:
Mr. Okonkwo,
> I am still waiting to hear what your decision is regarding the
> required paperwork for the $3500. As soon as you send me either the
> required photo or complete the required questionnaire, I will be able
> to send you your $3500.00 via electronic funds transfer. Please hurry
> because your conference is coming up very soon
> God Bless!
> Rev. A.P. Bearer

His reply:

> You are a Rev,why such questionaire is required tell me,or you want me to be
> member of your church,what kind of church is your church,if i fill that
> form,hope i wont get any trouble or pain.i know i have to be in that
> conference,but not by that such means as i dont like any thing affecting
> humans, i respect humans alot.
> if i fill the form today can i get the money through western union money
> transfer today,hop you aussure my safety,but what really do you want me to
> join ur church.hope i will still be free when i fill the form. hope i wont
> be member of your church ,do brief me more.
> and send me the form, i can only try to fill the not really assured.
> do reply me include the form,cos i did not get the form you sent me before.
> thanks,
> God bless you.
> emma.

Who the hell is "Emma"??? Rolling Eyes This guy mixing up his scams??

Here's my reply:

Yes...The form is required to receive any money from our
organization..I am sorry but those are the rules we have to follow in
order to give out large amounts of money. No, you won't be a full
fledged member of our church but a half member...This is merely a
formality...Yes, I can wire you the money today via Western Union as
soon as the completed questionnaire is received...That will be no
problem at all...I know you need the money immediately because the
conference is coming up very soon!

God Bless!

Rev. A.P. Bearer

THis idiot has trouble opening the attachments (the forms) several times
His reply:
Hello Sir,

Do send me the form so i can fill it and return it,my time is running out for the conference, i havent yet applieed for visa or international passport. i need to get them fast,by the way a friend is also interested you can email him at: [email protected]

Do attach to me the copy of the questionire again. i really have to go apply for my visa return the forms later today,so i can fill it and return it.

Thanks for being of help to me.
God in heaven will continue to reward you.
there's this Emma crap...He then complains and asks me if he can send the answers on an email instead of having to print it out, write his answers in, and then scan it back to me..LOL...I love costing mugus money!

My answer:..Simple and straightforward..See what happens!

Attached please find the required application/questionnaire for any
grants between $1,000 and $25,000. Please complete and return the
questionnaire within five days and your money will be sent to you upon
completion of the requirements

God Bless!

Rev. A.P. Bearer

He is hemming and hawing of course...Whiny bitch that he is...Here's his reply:
hello sir,
we have been trying to fill the form,but cant,here we cant just printout the form like that,because this is public place,we dont have computer at home,can we just answer the question in yahoo compose and email it back to you.
people will look at us,if we print it out here.
so do reply me. sir,

Too funny!...Lazy mugus...

Uh...NO....Little bastard will fill out that form or no Western Union wire transfer will be sent....LOL

He sends me several unimportant emails telling me that it will be sent very soon...This goes on for two days and then finally, after crying about how expensive it is for him to scan, print, and scan, etc, I finally get (TAADAA!...A NICE TROPHY!!!) his completed application (got nothing from his friend)
for the [url=Ąt=completedapp1.jpg]Church of Louis Prima, Sam Butera and the Witnesses church located in Des Moines Iowa (PAGE ONE AND TWO LOCATED IN THIS PHOTOBUCKET ACCOUNT)[/url] ..... I gave him the address of the church..actually the address I gave him is for

A few days later, I emailed him and sent him [url=Ąt=westernunioncompletedslip.jpg]THIS[/url] Twisted Evil

His reply:
Hello Sir,
> I tracked the western union online at Sir, i did not
> find any money transfer, i want to go to bank but i was afraid of
> insult,dint know if you truly sent the money as promised. Sir,now i have
> become part of the church i hope that you wont lie to me.did you really send
> the money sir?
what if i go to bank and they told me you dint? sir, i really
> need the money for my conference, i already told friends i will be going
> that i have found good help, i hope you keep it good like that sir.
> Sir, please tell me what kind of western union did you use to send the
> money,because the western union you send me,dint have a question,and answer.
> sir,do reply me.
> urgent sir.
> God bless you sir,
> Emmanuel okonkwo.

Now the Reverend is pissed off!...This guy just questioned a reverend's honesty!!!...How dare he??!! Twisted Evil

My reply:

I used the Western Union about seventy five miles away from my home in
Sheboygan, Iowa...It's a small town but one of only three Western
Union offices in the state. It was sent on the 14th of November. Do
you really think that as a Reverend and as a god-loving minister, I
would commit the devious sin of lying to my fellow man?...I am
appalled and ashamed that someone (especially you) would think this of
me...I am only trying to help you in your dire situation I hope that
God will forgive you for your impure thoughts Emmanuel.
Twisted Evil
I called the lady at the Western Union Office and this is what she
told me: The transfer number will not be in the computer system for
another week at least because they are a "sister location" and only
send out the information to the main branch in Wyoming once a week. (SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD LINE OF BULLSHIT TO ME..LOL)
She also told me that they completed the transfer (although like I
said, it won't be in the computer for a week), you can pick up the
money at the Western Union branch located in either "Makurdi or
Honin" (TWO RATHER FAR CITIES FROM WHERE HE LIVES..LOL..CAN YOU SAY "MINI-SAFARI"?), wherever that is...I hope those locations are close to Benin City (NOT!)
Let me know when you get the money!

God Bless!...I hope you have a safe and blessed trip!

Rev. A.P. Bearer

His can almost here the violins playing:
am sorry if i said any offensive words to you,of wish i know i dint, i am just asking.
sir,what kind of western union is this, a money tranfer,or a quick collect. you used account to send it. no question and answer, i hope they wont ask me all this when i got to back to collect the money.

sir,will you offer me membership id card as member of your church,cos i cant wait to be one soon.
how are you family hope all fine sir.sir, i really will like to meet you someday,cos i havent met such a nice person like you since i was born in this world. just offered fund to someone you dint know before,someone you just met on net.sir, i will ever be faithful. Twisted Evil Twisted Evil

do reply me sir urgent,cos i will go to bank tommorrow,please sir,just make it clear to me so i wont get confused (DEPENDS ON HOW STUPID YOU ARE..LOL) when i get to the bank.

am waiting your kind reply sir,
my friend told me,he has sent you the forms again.did you get it sir. (NO...TO HELL WITH THE OTHER GUY...NO FORMS, NO "MONEY"!)

sir,am waiting your urgent reply.
God bless you,
Emmanuel okonkwo.

my answer...I've calmed down now...His buddy is sh*t outta luck


I believe it was called a "money transfer"....It was a standard
Western Union office...Go to the Western Union and give them the copy
of the slip I sent you. It will not be in the computer until next
week according to the lady I spoke with but you will be able to
withdraw your $4,000

No...I still have not received your friend's application. Please tell
him to forget it...I am an elderly man who cannot drive 75 miles again
to make a money transfer...I'm getting too old for long drives

God Bless!

Rev. A.P. Bearer

His reply:

Hello Sir,

My friend told me today from school,that he has filled and submitted the forms.

Sir,please do help him.

Sir, i went to bank today to collect the money but they told me to provide the TEST QUESTION............... and ANSWER........................ and they said it is a must to provide the question and answer from the sender including your phone number and address include your postal code.

Sir,am waiting urgently for you to provide me with this infos.

Do reply me urgently.
God Bless you,
Emmanuel okonkwo.

Test question and answer huh?...OK!
Here ya go!
My reply:

Please tell him to forget it...I am an elderly man who cannot drive 75
miles again
to make a money transfer...I'm getting too old for long drives.He
should have sent his information in before when I asked....I can't
drive there again, with gas prices being so expensive..I'm sorry but I
just can't afford it.

The only "security question and answer" I see from my paperwork is the

Question: "What is the name of my cat?"

Answer: "Eye mac rook"(GET IT?...I'M A CROOK!)I didn't think you needed this information..I thought it was only for
the sender.

My name as you already know is Reverend Adam Paul Bearer....address
and phone number is the following:
7401 SW 9th Street, Des Moines, IA 50315....515-285-4722 (THIS IS THE ZOO PHONE NUMBER NOW..LOL]
God Bless!

Rev. A.P. Bearer

his reply:
Oh,Sir Thanks alot for providing me wth the details,sir immidiately i collect the money tommorrow i wll give you a call to let you know that i have collected the money. (GOOD LUCK!..BWAHAHAHA!)

I pray God to give you more good longlasting life on earth,as you do good to people that how i will do good to people who also need help,when i have money.i will follow your part to also help the people that need help,fund and surpport.

Sir, ii am down on my kweens pleading with you sir ,please do help my friend ouut,he is in diifficuult situations now,he his writing exams,he need to pay school fees and other fees in school and house.he needs your help also sir.

He pleaded with me to please help beg you to help him out.if only this once,that he will be ever greatful. sir,he has already emailed you iis filled forms since yesterday.he needs your hel sir. (HE DIDN'T EMAIL ME SHIITE!)

Sir,wow you have a cat,nice name your cat have,how are your chldren doing,hope they visit you always.

Siir,please do consiider him my friend just thiis time,just help him not just in my sake,but iin the sake of God almighty. you know God loves and helps is chiildren,that how also he wants iis children to help each other in tiimes of need and pains.

Sir,as soon as i collect the money tommorrow from bank, ii will give you a call.
Sir,please try and go send him the fund,he needs it,do send iit today sir,ii am leadng for him him,it will hult me if you hel me and not hel him as we both are in needs.

Siir, i think i should stop here for now till tommorrow when i go to bank and collect the money i will give you a call.

God Bless you Sir,
Emmanuel Okonkwo.

P.S: Sir,are you black american?

My reply:
I got something from your friend but I was unable to open it...It's in
a "zipped" file, whatever that is.

I'm sorry but seventy five miles is too far for me to drive again. I
cannot do it because I am simply too busy to make a second trip and
too old due to my poor eyesight...I told your friend several times to
send me the application so I can make one trip and ONE trip only and
he chose to wait...I cannot do anything about that...Gas is very very
expensive here ($3.00 a gallon) and I cannot afford to drive there

No...I am not African American...I am German/Polish-American
descent....My parents were killed in the concentration camps in Poland
in 1944.

and of course, he doesn't listen and can't take NO for an answer for his loser slacker "friend" Twisted Evil

Yes sir,please do help him,he needs the help sir. (UH....NO!)
Sir,hope i can now go and collect the money from western union.
sir, i hope all you gave me are all correct,what is the MTCN control number.................

Sir, i will call you today when collect the money.
hope you are ok.
i did went through your company website ii saw your picture and that of arthur the owner of the company and that of other staffs of the company,that must be a big company, i hope to work there someday ( THIS IS A WHOLE NEW ONE..LOL!)

sir,do reply me soon.
God Bless you Sir.
Emmanuel Okonkwo.

The MTCN appears to be 1694198245...It's smeared on my copy so I may
be off by one or two digits

God Bless!

Rev. A.P. Bearer

Surprise!...The Tracking number is not working...LOL

Sir, i went to the bank today to collect the money,they tried to bring the money out,but it seems the western union you sent me is not in i was asked to inform you properly to know if you really sent any western union to me.

the bank think i am a lier that am fake,so you have to prove to them that am not fake,its in your hands,you have to get the real copy of the western union,and dont forget if its not on net,they cant give me any money,because it is not on net. do call the western union agent you sent the money from,tell them to put it on net,so they can track the money on net. to enable me collect the money. Sir,but am not really sure yet if its real.but why did you include my friends sure name in the western union you sent me. (MY ANSWER WILL BE BELOW IN MY REPLY)
My friend still needs your help,he is crying to me,to help beg you to send him the money.

am waiting your reply Sir.
God Bless you.
Emmanuel Okonkwo.


I included your friend's surname because at the time, I became
confused since both of you are named Emmanuel.

If you doubt my sincerity, then we are finished
communicating....Doubting a messenger of God is grounds for death in
my church...and now you are a member

Rev. A.P. Bearer

He's getting upset...LOL

ok sir, i got your message,but the MTCN number you gave me is wrong, i went to the bank today to collect the money but the bank said that the MTCN number ,,,,,,is not collect.i dont really know if you are really telling the truth.are you really real and good person i think you are.

You said you sent me money ,you gave me western union payment receipt,but not sent to me,but that is the western union paper you used to collect payment,you scanned and gave to me.tell me please,if you are truly truthful and real man of God then tell the truth,did you really sent me money,if yes where is the real details you used to send it.because details and paper you gave me are all not real.

please sir,do update me.
God Bless you.
Emmanuel okonkwo.

My reply..getting more heated:
You are doubting me??...A man of god?...I feel very sorry for you my
son...God will punish you for not having faith in a messenger of the
Why would I send you a copy of the receipt I filled out to send the
money?...How do I know that you are telling the truth?...You may have
received the money but are trying to get MORE money out of me and my
company for all I know...I am starting to think that you are playing
me for a fool...If this is the case, I will contact Western Union
tomorrow and (if you haven't already taken the money), I will withdraw
the money and cancel the wire transfer since you doubt my
sincerity...I have wasted a lot of time trying to help you and you
show no gratitude.

Now, I find out that you are trying to get money from my boss (Mr. Art
BOSSMAN) by emailing him and attempting to extort money from
him?...You will rot in hell Mr. Okonkwo if you are who you seem to
be....I pray for your soul and hope that God will show mercy on you

Rev. A.P. Bearer

Sir, how can i lie to you, am i not a registered member of your church,why would i lie, i went to western union ,and there is no money there,the bank dint see anything. am not sure if you sent the money,before you gave me wrong MTCN number............
am begining to think that you not really real,because if you are truly man of God you said you are,you wont lie to me,by telling me that you sent me money and went to give me fake western union payment form.
abeg tell me you bi maga,if you bi maga tell me make i know ok dey disturb me well well.

do reply me sir.

Then I get one more message from him:

oh really,then why dint the bank see the money,the bank tracked the money but no money. i know am member of your church,but as a member you are surppose to give me good things (REALLY?...SO NOW HE'S A BEGGAR..LOL).am not doubting you,but you told me you sent me money ,but the bank cant trace any money.

since there is no money there,what you want me to do now.
do reply me.
urgent. am almost late now for the conference.

My reply:

You are in fact a registered member of our church since you submitted
your application, remember?....I was talking with Mr. BOSSMAN
yesterday about you and (please don't tell him I told you...This is
confidential information...He should be contacting you soon) I
recommended you for a position at our company that pays very well and
has a lot of growth, and he agreed and will probably be offering you a
position with the company....Now that I see how you really feel about
me and questioning my allegiance to our Lord, I think I need to speak
with him tomorrow and tell him how you really are Sad I'm sure he will
reconsider giving you the job.

God Bless

Rev. A.P. Bearer

so now that he's not getting anywhere with me, he decides to go over my head and speak with "my boss", Mr. BOSSMAN from BOSSMAN Industries Twisted Evil

I got some info from "Mr. BOSSMAN" that he received an email a few days ago from Emmanuel!!

Here it is!
Sir Art (Art is a knight now???..LOL) ,

i am delicted to mail you,i really am a young fellow up coming volunteer,writer,poet, i am from nigeria in africa.sir, i got ur contact from your comanies site. i like to work for you siir,or if you can fund the publishiing of my book. (ON WHAT???..SCAMMING FOR FUN AND PROFIT???)
Sir, i need your help, will be travelling to usa this november for conference, of which i already got help from rev bearer.he is a good friend to me.

Sr,i will be greatful to hear from you.

God Bless you.
Emmanuel Okonkwo

Mr. BOSSMAN'S reply:

Mr. Okonkwo,

I have spoken to my colleague, Mr. Bearer, about you and your talents. I believe it is in the best interest of the company to not only assist you with your publishing and travel, but to also consider you for hire. As you may know, our company pays high-level employees very handsomly, including full benefits and bonuses. If interested, please reply back to this email and I can send you the application for hire and the documentation needed to apply. We would love to consider you for a PR position or something else related to your writing and poetry skills. We are always looking for new talent in that department.


Thanks again "Mr. BOSSMAN"!!!

Sooo....that's where it stands after three weeks...this is now evolving into a whole new scam that myself and another very generous member here are working on...Again, I changed the BOSSMAN's listed real name and website, company name, etc since this scam is evolving into a new one and this is a public forum that mugus can easily see if they join up...the website info when replying to a mugu and being listed on the website as a Chief Financial Officer with full biography and accompanying photo is priceless!!!!..LOL

We will post more about the evolving scam regarding employment with the firm later and/or if I hear from this idiot again regarding the money! Twisted Evil

Rev Ass, I never knew you were such an unserious imposter, i knew from onset that you are an impersonator.. I got job to do. Eat shit and die.mother fuckerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.--Angry Mugu who learned that all of his month-long hard work was for nothing Very Happy
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